10 X A4 Clear Laser Printer Transparency Film Sheets Transparent Adhesive Labels

10 X A4 Clear Laser Printer Transparency Film Sheets Transparent Adhesive Labels

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10 X A4 Clear Laser Printer Transparency Film Sheets Transparent Adhesive Labels:

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Item Description

Transparent / Clear Self-Adhesive Stick on Labels / Glass Stickers

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Each sale is for TEN A4 SIZED LABELS
(Each measuring 21cm x 29.7cm, totaling 6237cm^2 for 10)

These are for LASER PRINTERS only.
(See our store for inkjet versions and A4 sized labels)

These labels are blank, so you can print your own designs on them and cut them to size.

These Stickers empower you to create your own:
Window Signs / Advertisements / Notices (even on car windows)
Metal / Ceramic / Tile / Glass Printing (Aluminium/gold foil, Metal, Ceramic, all smooth surfaces, etc)
Name Plaques / Glass Trophies / Certificates and Awards
Glass Displays and Store Notices
Wine bottles, Aluminium cans, Wine glasses, Cylindrical Glassware,
Adding on Designs / pictures to previously unprintable surfaces like wall tiles,
Projection Lighting Effect style Promotions
Product showcase brands / Logos,
Even as a removable base for otherwise permanent adhesive hooks!
and much more!

These printable adhesive labels / stickers are easy to use and very heat tolerant !.
Just print out using a laser printer, cut to size, peel off the backing layer, and stick it on carefully.
Just follow the instructions below.

These labels use special adhesives that make them almost as clear as glass if adhered correctly.
Unlike other stickers, these will Not blur the image in the background. They are clear and are based on the same technology used to create high quality screen protectors.

With a transparent backing, It's almost like you can print nearly any smooth surface! glass / metal / crystal / ceramic / mirrors, etc! Imagine the possibilities!

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Crystal Clear! Almost as glossy as smooth glass

Unlike other cheap low quality adhesive labels, these labels are thicker and can therefore maintain a glossy glass like appearance. They are not tinted and will appear clear even if you stack 5 sheets on top of each other (you must peel off the adhesive backing first to see the clarity). If you had cataract before (an eye condition) , you may understand what we mean by directional anti glare - Imagine shining a piece of glass that is slightly diffused(frosted glass, for example) with a bright spotlight beam. No matter which direction you look, the glass will appear white and will block out the background behind it (ie; like a windscreen covered with snow. But these adhesive labels are as clear as glass; they are not frosted; they do not diffuse light, and look as though they were part of the glass itself (with the exception of the borders).

Please Note that there may be fine hairline scratches on the surface across the surface as a result of the manufacturing process or movement in transit. These are very fine and usually cannot be felt by the hand. As a rough guide, more than 99% of the surface area will be scratch free; this means1% of surface area may consist of scratches crossing the entire sheet and or grouped together in spots, but 99% light that passes through will at least be un-affected by scratches, Anyway scratches are generally invisible when used as a projection slide behind a light source, and are only visible on close inspection or by reflecting light. They will not affect the printing process as they are finer than most laser printer toner particles). Scratches can be removed by plastic scratch removers or by pouring lacquer or clear resin over them.

Suitable Surfaces

These printable stickers/labels work best on clean, dry, dust free surfaces that are flat or curved along 1 axis.

The maximum suitable curved axis would be a cylinder or circular pyramid no wider than 5cm in diameter. If the cylinder is smaller than 5cm in diameter, the curve would be too sharp and the label 'may' start to peel off if you do not glue it in place.
If you want to use it on cylindrical objects with diameter under 5 cm like handle rails or large pens or markers, you should apply additional glue to hold these stickers in place or else they may peel off over time due to their internal rigidity.

Most aluminium drink cans, wine bottles, and glassware are wider than 5cm, so these labels would work just fine with them if their surfaces are smooth so the labels can cling onto the surface and stick well.
You can also use these on pyramid V shape cocktail glasses, as they are also curved along one axis, and the sticker can fold around it without warping, however the label must not be placed near the sharp tip of the pyramid where the curve is very sharp. This same logic can be applied to other similar objects.

These stickers should not be used on moist, oiled, waxed or adhesive retardant surfaces like candles, wax / baking paper, unless they go a full circle and stick back on themselves like a belt.

Surfaces with micro grooves such as matte antiglare LCD screens are also okay; the adhesive will fill in the micro gaps and make it look like a glossy flat shiny surface, although the traction will be less.

Officially, surfaces that curve along 2 or more axis are not suitable for these labels unless the curve is very mild (like a windshield), and only if you use a small sticker. We have no exact specifications regarding this; so this will be up to trial and error. These labels will not work on spheres. For example, if the sticker is cut to a smaller size, eg: 10cm x 10cm, it should work on a large windscreen even if has a 2 axis aerodynamic curve because the curve is not very noticeable to a small sized sticker and the sticker can bend very slightly to accommodate the aerodynamic curve on a windscreen. These labels will not work on heavily curved spheres / balls as it they will not be able to stretch sufficiently to evenly flatten itself on the surfaces of spherical /bumpy objects.

Advanced Adhesive, Residue free, and Washable

These sheets do not leave residue on your surface once removed, and do not damage your walls, unless your paint is itself loose. The adhesive used is not like a paper sticker or sticky clear office /packing tape adhesive. It is designed not to leave residue (as long as it is not significantly overheated). If done properly, it does not leave a tell tale mark when applied on glass, and the labels looks like a single layer with the glass as though it is not there at all. The adhesive is partially embedded into the actual label's hard polyester layer, so it doesn't wash off. It is applied onto the film in a layer and manner that allows it to create a seamless bond with the surface if there is no dust or protrusions. It doesn't dissolve in water, so the label may also be run under soapy water to rid it of dust, and can be re-applied without affecting the adhesive if done carefully. (Scratching the adhesive will usually ruin it). Instructions to wash the labels are stated below.

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Adhesive Strength

To give you an approximate understanding of the strength of the adhesive, we ran an adhesive strength test on the labels. A strip of 5cm wide labels, about 20 cm long was applied a glass panel on the ceiling to mimic the smooth surface of a LCD screen. We hung a 500 gram weight from the corner of the longest end of the labels, and the weight peeled the labels off the glass panel at a rate of around 1cm per second. the labels also peeled off using much lighter weights, but at a much slower rate. Hopefully, with this data you can gauge the strength of the adhesive in your mind to see if it is suitable for your screen. We estimate a 10cm wide labels will require double the strength mentioned above, and a 25cm wide labels will require 5 times the strength etc...,Much less force strength is required if you want to peel this labels off more slowly, which is recommended to prevent damage to the applied surface. Please note that different surfaces will vary the adhesive's strength, and this is just an approximate guide.

Durability / Rigidity / Limited Ink & Toner Scratch Resistance

How durable are these adhesive labels and the printed result?: The labels are made of medium hard polyester sheeting and is stretch free. This means that there is little chance of bubble formation or crease formation due to you pulling the labels during application. It is about as rigid as 7 to 12 layers of standard clear tape (also known as packing tape, sticky tape scotch tape etc...) stuck over each other; not that hard, and not that Soft either. These labels are smooth initially and do absorb impact or scratches. Therefore as they absorb a lot of damage, they have limited scratch resistance. However, for the ink and toner printed on it, that depends on your printer and toner. If your printer uses low heat printing the toner might stick poorly or may not stick well. Individual printers and toner brands will have different durability results, and if you scratch the laser printer toner off the surface off these labels using strength or sharp surfaces or your nail, it will obviously come off (It is similar to printing on an overhead transparency). To solve this or improve durability, simply cover the printed result with another layer of these blank labels as stated below. That way, the second clear layer will cover the toner and prevent it from being scratched off.


These labels are new and unused and mostly over 99% scratch free.
To keep things economical and affordable, there may be tiny flaws and minor imperfections on the label here and there caused by the manufacturing process.

When you first see it, do not mistake the labels / stickers to be damaged / blurry / foggy; that is just the backling layer; when you peel the backing layer off, the actual label / sticker itself will look alot better.

It is normal and you should expect there to be small, and sometimes very tiny faint scratches or micromillimetre dents due to movement and friction while in transit (or rough handling by the post office).
You should not purchase this item if you expect flawless perfection from these very low cost labels. Sometimes, there may be 1 or two tiny dents caused by the postman grabbing or bending the labels sharply, but those are isolated and very small and you must be willing to accept these as part of this sale. However, if the labels are badly damaged beyond acceptable levels, contact us for assistance and we'll probably be able to send you a replacement for free.

These are not our screen protectors; those are manufactured differently using a careful high quality separate manufacturing process; these are labels, and are mass produced via a different method at lower cost; they are not perfect.

High Temperature Tolerant!

Unlike other cheap flimsy clear inkjet labels that melt, our labels are High Temperature tolerant!. They have been tested to survive being under a house iron for a few minutes on 200 degrees C without melting! However, they are best kept at under 80 degrees C to facilitate easier removal in the long run, otherwise the adhesive might harden making removal difficult. Because of this temperature tolerance, these labels may be used to create "Warning, Do Not touch" Stickers to attach to hot window surfaces on moderately hot food displays (~60*C).

INSTRUCTIONS: How to use these labels:[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)

- Instructions are online only to save trees and so you can get this incredibly low price. (feel free to print a copy from here)
- When you first receive it, its initial appearance will be blurry, the actual label is clear when you peel off the backing layer.

What Equipment would I need?

0. A Design you want to print (plan your design colours carefully!; remember, many printers don't print in white.)
1. A Laser printer / Pen / Marker.
2. A flat surface to stick the label on
3. scissors, sharp blade or pen knife, ruler or sliding paper cutter etc... (if you want to cut it to size)
4. Some spare tape to peel off the backing (optional)
5. A few drops of water, oil or lubricant to go between the surface and the label if you are a lot of trouble with bubbles when applying labels (optional, not required)

The following instructions are a guide only. Think of these as transparent stickers. You can follow these basic instructions, but if you have your own way of applying these sticker/labels feel free to use it. We do recommend however, that you read the additional hints that come after the instructions as they may come in handy. Most importantly, keep the intended target surface and the adhesive side of these labels free from dust, avoid bending it sharply prior to application which may cause a crease to form permanently, and avoid touching the labels's adhesive side with your hands. See the instructions below for how to wash the labels if you ruined your first attempt.
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

Which side of the plastic is the adhesive side?
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
When you first look at the labels after receiving it, it isn't obvious at all which side is the hard plastic and which side is the thin film covering the adhesive. At first glance, you might accidentally think it is just a piece of transparent plastic - It is not! There are actually two layers which can be peeled apart to reveal a sticky adhesive side. See the instructions on how to identify and separate the layers

Note: It is normal for 'Faint' micro air-lines to appear right after application but they should disappear after 24-48 hours.
Please perform the application very slowly and carefully.

How do i wash / clean the labels?

If there is dirt, stains or or glue residue on your labels when it came from the factory, clean with water and a bit of soap using a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing hard on the labels, and avoid bending it or folding it sharply.

If you get Dust and dirt on the sticky side of the labels.
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Firstly please DO NOT attempt to pick off the dust and the dirt with your bare hands or tweezers. You can wash the adhesive side several times, but one significant scratch or dent/crease will ruin it forever. To clean the sticky side, 1) Soap your hands and fingers and pour some very soapy water onto the labels's sticky side till it all covered with soapy water (no detergents/chlorine; Liquid hand soap works well). 2) The soapy water will deactivate the sticky adhesive temporarily so nothing will stick to it, including the dirt, dust, and your hands. 3) Now use your soapy fingers to gently rub and wash the dust and the dirt to release themselves from the sticky part. Keep the labels fully soaped at all times, and do'nt scratch the sticky surface. One scratch will ruin it, but a couple of soap washes won't; so it may take some time.... 4) The sticky coating generally should not wash off at all unless you are using chlorine/bleach or some super type of soap that we don't know about. 5) Once all the dust and dirt is removed, hold the labels by the very edge and briefly rinse it under clean soap free water to get rid of the soap. Be careful as it will get sticky again very soon. 9) Hang it up to dry with a clothes peg in a dust free place or box. 10) Collect it again when it has dried to reattempt the application..

Pressing the label onto the surface:
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
You do not need to remove all of the adhesive protection layer before applying the labels to your surface. You can remove a corner first that is covering the adhesive side, stick that corner to the screen, then slowly remove the adhesive protective layer as you press more and more of the labels onto the screen. This prevents the screen from sticking out of shape or accidentally sticking the protector to your hands, or sticking to the screen prematurely. It is rarely required, but you can also use a little drop of lubricant or oil or perhaps even water (depending on what screen it is) between the screen and the protector to allow you to get rid of bubbles or air pockets or tiny dents. Smear it all over the screen before putting the protector on. Oil or Water based lubricant may work and evaporate leaving the labels in place nicely with no bubbles giving an good result, while oil based may allow you to reposition it easily well into the future since grease/oil evaporates extremely slowly and the adhesive may not be effective. Obviously, this is up to you and if you wish to do so, you must know the risks involved of putting any form of liquid or lubricant, especially water or oil on your device- it may lead to rusting, corrosion and perhaps short circuits, which is rare with new age materials and circuitry, but still possible. We generally don't recommend you do this at all.

Common ways to separate the thin adhesive protector film from the labels involves using your fingers to rub the edges perpendicularly and one side should come off - just like you separate a badly prepared sticker from its wax backing. The best and easiest method is to use a bit of tape as shown below in the picture. You can also use a pen knife or blade to scratch (but not cut), the side of the adhesive protecting film that is about 1mm from the corner of the paper. Scratch inwards on the adhesive layer (the side protecting the sticky part of the labels), and the rest of the film should be able come off easily. Only scratch the very very edge so you don't ruin the protector sheets.

How do i peel off the labels?

Peel off at a corner very gently, at a slow speed. pulling it off too quickly may cause the surface it is sticking on to tear off or it may leave residue if you tear it off too quickly.
Although residue is unlikely, any residue caused by excessive heating / melting can can be cleaned off easily using turpentine / other adhesive removers.

How do i prevent the toner (ink) from scratching / coming off?

If your toner is coming off earlier than expected or is being scratched off, you can improve the durability of your ink / toner by covering your printed result with another layer of these blank labels. By doing this, this second layer of clear labels will cover your toner / printed result and will protect it very well from being scratched off, just like a laminating machine.

What else can i do with it?
[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
You can use it to protect a surface/screen, although not as good as our screen protectors, they may be used in a similar manner.. This includes Touch screens, Tablet PC's, PDA's, Pocket PC's, Car GPS Navigation screens, Mp3 players, mobile phones, LCD Screens, Touch screens, Watches, Monitors, Keypads, digital cameras, laptops, or pretty much any surface really. If the surface is hard, the flatter the surface, the more incredible the crystal clear glass-like the result). Using it on paper will be similar to laminating it. Although these are not self laminating sheets (the adhesive is totally different, and requires larger borders to remain watertight). You can use them as such if you really want excellent results on the spot without using a laminating machine, or if you have a super large document to laminate. The advanced adhesive stick quite well to each other, looking similar to a laminate sheet.. There are usually no bubbles present and a clear see through result is achievable. As stated earlier, you may be required to leave a larger border around the laminated object when you cut it to size if you want it water tight, not like the one shown in the picture, which is just for general tear protection.


Extra application notes + What we think about its quality[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

This is one of the best labels we have ever seen in terms of flatness and smoothness and clarity for such a low price, and we are impressed by the incredible size they come in. It is smooth on sight and smooth on touch. It is really smooth to write on and marker pens glide over the labels easily like they do on window glass and background images come through really sharp and clear. We prefer these compared to the flimsy rubbery, high friction stick on labels that we had in the past. It is not too flimsy and not too hard. Its rigidness is just right for easy handling,

Potential bad points may include the fact that they don't come with a tab to help separate the layers or indicate which side is which, This wouldn't be much of a problem as the difference in thickness is very obvious when you manage to separate the layers with your fingers. It took us under 5 seconds to separate the layers on the first attempt. Just try to peel it from another face/side if you have trouble, or use the methods mentioned in the instructions.

If they come into contact with objects or are touched or rubbed frequently, it is normal to expect that these labels can accumulate scratches over time and the printer toner may come off. Rubbery labels are more resistant to scratches, but can come with problems of warping, or stretching, uncomfortable excessive friction or drag. So, at the expense of scratch resistance, this labels is harder, thicker and has much less warp, stretch, or cause drag or friction when stuck on. Please consider if you see this as a good thing or a bad thing when offerding. Also, because it is adhesive, it won't fall off easily (while using it on a car for example).

The labels should be used on a flat surface and must not be used on highly curved surfaces or surfaces without an even axis. eg: Don't use it on coke cans which are highly curved, and don't use it on a circular sphere or mound. You can use it on the flat curved surface of a car window, as it is relatively flat.

We also like it since it can be washed, although it must be done carefully with soap so as to not damage the adhesive coating- the adhesive coating can be damaged by scratches. It doesn't have micro grooves or bumps on the adhesive side like some other stick on labels. This makes it very clear and flat. This makes it more susceptible to bubbles. We feel that the professional glass-like invisible results outweigh the need for microgrooves to rid of air bubbles. - so please decide if this is a good or bad thing for you before offerding. Air bubble problems are easily solved compared to a potentially blurry image other older labels can give.

We recommend you apply the labels carefully, and slowly, for the very best effect. We reocmmend using the zigzag method with application;

Faint micro air-lines appeared but disappeared after 24 hours as with all our other screens.

Also, do not mistake its initial appearance as blurry. Once you sperate the labels from the adhesive protective layer, the actual labels it is much clearer. When stuck onto a flat surface, you could see your reflection very clearly and sharply in it, like in the pictures above.

Technical Information [Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Feature Specifications - Dimensions of each sheet - 297mm x 210mm (Note: 1 inch = 25.4mm) - - Sheet Thickness - Each sheet is around 0.18mm thick (0.018 cm) - - Usable Area - Full area - - Usable Temperature - Avoid exposing the sticker to temperatures above 80 Degrees C, otherwise residue may remain after removal - - Colour - Clear, Transparent when backing is peeled off. - - Approximate Weight per sheet - Around 10.2 grams in per sheet. - - Material - Clear Polyester - - Surface Adhesive - Yes, special adhesive and doesn't leave residue on most surfaces - - Surface Texture - Smooth, no grooves or bumps or ridges or synthetic micro texture. -

Accessories - Items Included or Not included
Item Qty Included Remarks - A4 clear adhesive labels as described - 10 sheets - The main items on sale - - Instructions - Online Only ( see above ) - Instructions are Strictly Online only to save paper so you can get this low price!; - - Tax Invoice - Available on request - Tax invoice is available upon request on payment. -

Optional Accessories: postal tube ($3.60 ; higher for overseas shipments)

Larger quantities, sizes and bulk orders are available at our store. Please view our other items or contact us for more information.

Postage and Handling (Shipping, Packaging & Extra Services) Shipping Options Shipping and Handling Fee Based on Weight Estimated Delivery Speed from Dispatch Date - Local Services in Australia -
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- Other Additional Optional Services

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The basic shipping and handling fees described above includes handling / dispatch record fees as well as postage fees using a simple water resistant plastic layer, pretty much the same way most magazine subscriptions are shipped; they almost always arrive in great condition (there may be slight dents/ creases or folds, but they flatten out again during the printing process. This default method significantly reduces the chances of the paper and delivery slip getting wet by the rain, or damaged because of 'hard/sharp folds (when packed with cardboard that gets folded sharply). This default method also allows for faster delivery compared to boxed parcel delivery services, and is very cost efficient.

We usually ship these labels by either of 3 methods below (but you can request other methods); Choose carefully, as there are advantages and disadvantages for each shipping and packaging methods (stated below).

Method 1) By default, your transfer paper will be sent to you inside a transparent sealed plastic layer, with a single layer of corrugated board at the back.
Method 2) For an extra $0.65, your transfer paper will be sent to you inside a transparent sealed plastic layer, with 1 layer of corrugated board backing.
Method 3) For an extra $2.80, your transfer paper will be sent to you inside a thicker box or very hard box thick cardboard pack..

Reasons for and against hard board backing/ corrugated board include the fact that when hard cardboard gets bent by the postal service, the bend is very hard and sharp; this cause permanent tears to the coated sheets when they are squeezed into small mail boxes / PO boxes in a rush, or if they get crushed (we experience it first hand). By comparison, the default method without corrugated board, often follow any bends gradually without permanent tears or creases, easily making its way into any mailbox, but may risk impact marks if the postal service is very rough. Thicker boxed packages are generally safe but at the expense of weight, significantly increased price and slow delivery time. Boxes don't usually arrive with daily mail / letter deliveries as they may be sent via a parcel service van, it is also very expensive to send boxes overseas. However, if your letters or magazines often arrive torn, punctured, or heavily damaged, you should consider requesting a different postage method than our default method; it's your choice.

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Payment terms and conditions: You must not offer or purchase this item if you do not agree to any of the following conditions: Payments must be made in Australian Dollars and must be able to be cashed or tendered in Australia. The only method of payment accepted for payments made outside of Australia is by Visa or Mastercard or through all payment methods accepted by PayPal. Placing a offer on this item is a contract to purchase it. We will send you an invoice automatically or manually within 24 hours of your purchase. Unless otherwise stated, payment is due within 14 days of purchase to a maximum of 28 days (for combined shipments only). Payment deadlines can be reasonably extended upon request to a maximum of 28 days. If payment is not received after 14 days, we have the right to cancel the transaction, re-list the item for sale, sell it to another person, return you your payment (excluding costs) if it is received later, file a dispute, and or utilize a debt collection agency to collect any amount you owe. An item is not paid for unless the payment has cleared. Clearing times are estimates and we do not guarantee clearing times. We only dispatch goods after payment has cleared in full.

If you purchased this item and no longer want it, please let us know and we will consider cancelling the transaction for a small fee without penalty. This is to cover the 's listing fee and or administration costs.


This item comes with 2 months very limited warranty from date of delivery. This is an expendable product, so special conditions apply in regards to returns (stated below). You should perform the test sheets prior to use to prevent unnecessary problems.

In the event that we receive a request to refund sheets that have already been used, you will be required to submit photos of the physical failed attempts as evidence in digital format via eMail or in hard copy. This is not required for unused sheets or if the sheets are printed but have not yet transferred. Therefore, do not discard any failed attempts as they will be required as evidence if we are consider a refund of any used sheets. As a fraud prevention measure, we will also not refund more than 4 'used' or 'partially used' sheets; because 4 sheets, including test sheets, would be reasonably more than enough to determine whether the batch you received is faulty or unsuitable; (if 4 sheets fail, you should stop using the remainder and contact us because something may be wrong). This limit doesn't apply to unused sheets, or if we have told you directly otherwise.

Please select your packaging method carefully, as we do not usually provide warranty for damage in transit as there are too many factors involved (but let us know and we may be able to assist you). If your order arrives damaged or does not work well, we will usually help you repair / replace / fix it out of courtesy, but you agree that you shall not blame us for any such fault of the postal service. We also pack exactly as advertised, so if you don't like the packaging, please don't blame us, because we informed you in advance how we would pack it and also gave you the option to choose your packaging if you were not happy with how we pack it (stated in the postage section above).

Although we usually replace damaged goods out of courtesy after warranty is void; to prevent abuse of our courtesy, we will officially state that the following is not covered under our warranty: Damage and or problems caused by the misuse, abuse, negligent handling of the device from its original purpose, attempts at repair, dropping or extreme wear, and deterioration, loss, injury or damage occasioned by, or as a result of the misuse or improper storage, intentional or accidental, as well as any apparent defects or lack of functionality or performance that has already been noticed by our staff and stated in the listing. We reserve the right to replace or repair the appliance within the warranty period. Postage fees are only refundable if the post office agrees to do so.


We are not present to actually make or apply the labels for you, so warranty does not and will not cover anything that you use these labels with. Please perform small test sheets first and follow the instructions to reduce the chance of ruining your labels or ruining expensive materials. You accept all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using these labels and any information or material available from us. To the maximum permitted by law, we exclude all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using these labels and any information or material available from us.

Officially, In addition to any warranty provided, to give you peace of mind, we also provide an extra personal guarantee that all of our products will work as advertised on arrival. This is our non dead upon arrival warranty, and is useful if your item doesn't come with warranty. Our personal warranty does NOT cover problems directly caused by physical damage in transit. To be eligible for our personal Non-Dead on arrival warranty, you must test the item and inform us if there is a problem within 3 days of receiving the item. You should then mail it back to us within 7 days of receiving the item, and include everything we sent you; such the packaging and all parts and accessories, in order to be eligible for a Full 100% Refund (excluding shipping). If you do not do this, we are not obliged to entertain any refund requests. However, you are still entitled to the original warranty service if it is available for your item.

We are not responsible for items getting damaged or lost during transit in any way whatsoever. You must purchase insurance if you require financial protection against damage or loss in transit. You must purchase additional insulation protection if you require additional protection against possible physical damage such as from shock or rough handling during shipment. If it does get lost or damaged, you will be able to arrange insurance compensation with the postal service or by using the warranty provided by item's manufacturer.

Device failure can be caused by many reasons, and it is extremely difficult to decide who will be held accountable, and sometimes neither buyer nor seller is at fault as items can get damaged in transit through the postal service or through other unexpected non physical circumstances (eg; failure due to electromagnetic radiation / Excessive high or low temperatures while in transport / security xray scans etc..) Therefore, if insurance compensation cannot be arranged from the postal service, both seller and buyer agree to share the shipping obligations for getting an item replaced. If an item is damaged and its warranty is not void or expired, the buyer agrees to pay all shipping fees to return the item to us. Likewise, and we will also pay all shipping fees necessary to send the item back to the place the buyer sent it from. If you do not agree to this, we recommend you select and purchase shipping insurance and additional protective insulation.

About Us

INTERNETional Business And Logistics
branched into in October 2005 as an experiment. We aim to be informative, efficient, organised and professional, as well as having good trade relationships with honest customers and suppliers locally and overseas.

We always believe customers should always make an informed decision.
So we take the time to describe everything about our products, including the postage methods and warranty services honestly and in great detail.
If our customers know exactly what they are getting, we save time and money from dealing with misunderstandings and complaints, and we pass on the savings to our customers.

Our aim is to bring high quality as well as budget quality products previously available to large businesses directly to buyers. We are a Registered Business in Australia and Do Not profit by evading tax, quoting outrageous shipping costs, unfair trading practices. We help report and prosecute fraud, extortion and criminal activity to help keep safe for honest customers (and hence keep prices low).

Our sales is managed professionally by our administrative staff who have past work-experience in a supply and logistics company overseas and have very good experience in managing sales and combating online fraud.

Help support Australian Businesses here in Australia. Buying from us is generally faster, cheaper and safer than purchasing items from sellers overseas. Warranty returns are much easier and you do not get charged extra customs duties and taxes upon importation.

Contacting Us

Before you contact us, please view the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of this listing if you are unsure about anything.

Kindly keep questions short and avoid ambiguous questions that could have many answers. We may not reply questions that are already answered in the FAQ or on the listing due to the large number of emails we receive daily.

If there is something important to this purchase that you are unsure about, please contact us to clarify it. Do not assume anything that is important to your purchase.

We usually reply all emails within 1-2 business days. Response time may vary depending on our circumstances and our internet service provider's service status.

If you do not receive a reply, it could also be due to email being blocked by your/our spam or virus filters. Alternatively, you may have provided an incorrect email address. Please ensure your email address is up to date on before contacting us. We advise you to use 's messaging system to contact us as it will help us to identify you. Please do not hide your email address from us using 's messaging system, as it will delay response time, and may result in our reply being sent to 's auto-delete address instead of going to you.

Terms and Conditions

If you are not satisfied in anyway with this transaction, please contact us first via the Messaging system to resolve the problem (as per 's Guidelines). We will always try to help customers to rectify any problems within fair and reasonable limits and we will provide refunds or replacements if appropriate. Depending on the situation, we may still entertain warranty requests even after the warranty period has expired. However, we are not obligated to do so. If you are pleased with your purchase, please leave us positive response and we will automatically do the same for you.

To help keep a Fair trading platform for both Buyers and Sellers, legal action may be taken against you if:
1) you request or suggest or desire us to act illegally or in any way outside the Australian / Federal Government's ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) guidelines, or
2) you fail to contact us via Messaging regarding any unsatisfactions before leaving negative response, or
3) you fail to file an or PayPal dispute and escalate it to a claim before leaving negative response, or
4) you leave negative response when and or PayPal rejects your claim and or decides in our favour, or
5) you refuse or fail to remove any response left for us if and or PayPal rejects your claim and or decides in our favour.

Please offer and purchase this item through the Australian website only (http://www..com.au). You are NOT permitted under ANY circumstances to offer or purchase this item through the USA .com website (http://www..com). Purchases made through the USA site are not covered by our business insurance policy so we cannot assist you properly if your order gets lost or doesn't arrive as advertised. If you purchase the item through the USA .com website, you have violated the contract terms and have you make it hard for us to help you, and you agree not to leave any negative comment and rating, and agree to forfeit all your rights to any dispute, claim, refund from us, otherwise we (and ) may sue you for violating the contract terms and causing malicious damage. By offerding or purchasing this item, you declare that you only have an intention of purchasing the item, and are not seeking personally confidential or identifiable information to be used in anyway shape or form whatsoever at any point in time, for fraud, scams, password phishing attempts, spam, and or any other illegal issues that will result in a legal battle, a loss of time and or money. We will report any such activity to the relevant authorities. We will not ask you for your password or credit card number. You must always read and understand the item description carefully before offerding or purchasing this item. We follow the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission's guidelines for refunds. For more information, on your rights to a refund, contact the ACCC Information centre.

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The terms "us", "our" or "we" used in the listing refer to the owner(s) and staff member(s) and applicable entities trading under the business name of "Internetional Business And Logistics". This listing contains registered copyrighted text, images, trademarks and or registered trademarks of Internetional Business And Logistics and their original creators. Please do not use any of the text, logos, trademarks or images unless you have our, or their written permission.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: There are scratches on the surface!
Answer: Scratches are normal as part of the manufacturing process and as advertised at the top of the item descriptionb and do not generally affect projections. Scratches may span accross the entire shet, but be sparse enough so they will block less than 0.1% of light. If they block enough light to cause a distortion over 0.1% when used in an overhead projector on a movie screen, contact us with photos within 3 days of item arrival showing the distortion on the sheet itself.. Note that reports of scratches after 3 days of arrival may be treated as possible mishandling at your end.

Question: I received the sheets with creases / bubbles / ripples down the centre of my sheets. Can i still use them?
Answer: Such creases are usually of no concern and are not the actual sheets that is creased. It is usually temporary since the adhesive side is covered by another layer of thin plastic, if there are ripples between the label and the adhesive protective layer, it does not indicate that the labels are damaged. After you remove the layer covering the sticky side, the actual label is usually nice and flat and free of ripples, bubbles and creases unless it has been exposed to a sharp impact or a bend that causes a sharp permanent crease. Damage usually isn't identifiable unless the label has actually been separated from the adhesive protective layer.

Question: My labels are curved / warped.
Answer: After separating the labels from the adhesive protective layer, there should be no visible warping. The warping occurs due to two different surface materials stuck together at different temperatures. (The labels and the adhesive backing). At different temperatures, materials expand at different rates, so as one side expands faster than the other, it bends. This disappears after removing the protective layer.

Question: I only received a plastic sheet. it isn't sticky or anything. It won't stick by static.
Answer: Since the labels are meant to be adhesive, it is covered by a layer of adhesive protection film which is very thin. The quality adhesive obviously ain't going to separate easily from the thin film protecting it, and it demonstrates how flat and smooth the adhesive is, so much that you may find it hard to tell it apart and might make you think it is one sheet. If the labels are just barely foggy on sight, there are definitely two layers for sure. one is adhesive and super clear, and one is slightly foggy for protecting the adhesive on the labels. Please see the instructions above for how to separate the layers.

Thank you for your interest in our items !

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