100 Piece Real Jewel Beetle Wings, Blueish, For Craft & More For Sale

Real jewel beetle wings
for crafts, earrings or any more.The wings are original not drilled but easy to make.

Quantity : 100 pieces.

we guarantee your satisfaction with the item.

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100 Piece Real Jewel Beetle Wings, Blueish, For Craft & More

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100 Piece Real Jewel Beetle Wings, Blueish, For Craft & More:

Be2407 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam picture
Be2407 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam

Be2610 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam picture
Be2610 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam

Be2409 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam picture
Be2409 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam

Lu0933 Lucanidae Beetle Vietnam picture
Lu0933 Lucanidae Beetle Vietnam

Be1092 Beetle Vietnam picture
Be1092 Beetle Vietnam

Lu1682 Lucanidae Beetle Vietnam picture
Lu1682 Lucanidae Beetle Vietnam

Be2401 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam picture
Be2401 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam

Be2476 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam picture
Be2476 Rutelinae Beetle Vietnam

Be2424 Beetle Vietnam picture
Be2424 Beetle Vietnam

Lu1681 Lucanidae Beetle Vietnam picture
Lu1681 Lucanidae Beetle Vietnam