100% Genuine 101 Airborne Helmet Battle Bulge, Original

100% Genuine 101 Airborne Helmet  Battle Bulge, Original

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100% Genuine 101 Airborne Helmet Battle Bulge, Original :

this helmet is a 100% original american Airborne helmet, i bought it in the mid 1990ths directly from an attic in Manhay a village in the Belgian Ardennes.at that moment i had no idea that this helmet was so special and rare as it is . it was the period before band of brothers was on Tv, and Us ww2 related items were certainly not that interested as it is today specially not in belgium. i made one mistake when i bought it, i just took one and not the 2th that was available and was in the same trunk on the attic. i did pay that day 4000 Bfr (around $100) for the same price i had the chance to take the 2th, i thought many times why i did not do it. becouse i returned a day later offcourse it was soldwhen i had the helmet i still did lived with my parents and it was on a shelf on my room next to a german helmet that i kept for years.
long time after i get the helmet it and the hype to collect us military items started after band of brothers, i realised that this was a very special catch
when i purchased the helmet there was no painted decal visible, but there was since the beginning a strange lighter spot green on the place where the decal belonges.
after a long time i did try with a bit of thinner and the light green paint immediately did get of the helmet on the decal area and the spades came visible. you can still see traces of the light green paint around the decal. maybe it was wrong to remove it, but i did and now you see the spades, it is very easy to remove all the green around the decal but i leave it as is so im sure do not touch the white paint.i placed some pictures of this helmet years ago on german helmet walhalla , if i find it i shall place it it was by everyone who see the pictures and had a bit of knowledge about these helmets a genuine piece. and there wzs someone who showed a picture of the paint that was used to cover the spades , it was a special very thin paint for a special use but i forgot where it was used for, if you find the thread on the forum, there was a whole discussion
in the time it was on the forum , an Ameriacan historicus did contact me to ask if it was possible to use some pictures of the helmet, to use in his book or work about the history of airborne helmets, and he did so possible you find here and there some pictures of this helmethere is the old discussion about the helmet, if you copy this in your browser
i look forward to find another was the story of the helmet since i have it immediately from that attic, so i can say for sure that nothing on this helmed is messed with (apart from removing the paint)
the place Manhay where it comes from is located in the Belgian ardennes, and maybe you can find exact what companys were there during ww2. normally i never had the intention to sell it, and i had many offers in the period that i showed it on the forum, also the author of the book or study asked me to contact him when i deceid to sell it, but i did forgot his name and emailadress, so i do it in this way
now is the time to let it go with pain in the hearth, now my wife and 2 kids come on the first place, and we can use the money for other things, so i will let this go and im sure that the helmet ends with someone who can show it, and not puts in a trunk for years, i do not put a reserveprice, im sure that it gets the right price.again this helmet is real and i can not say that i did see one for sale on ,
for shipping, i do it insured on the way you want, dhl, fedex, all what you want, the shippingprice depend from the value on the insurance, so the shippingprice on indicates the price, and can chance on the options you take, if you plan a trip to Belgium, you also can pick up this helmet , it is located 100 miles from eindhoven (holland) and 100 miles from Brusselsome small details: the liner is inside market with a circle with W and laying 8 in it and 12D above. also in the liner is a inkstamp, U6214, this number is stamped 2 times , in the rear is a larger stamp, 3 lines, starting with (not sure if it is complete correct) CODW 648 the rest is a bit difficult to read
im not sure that i pictured the right details that you want to see, but if you need any specific pleace ask and i shall send other pictures

On Jan-29-13 at 13:42:03 PST, seller added the following information:

i had many questions about this helmet.
i know it is difficult to beleeve this helmet is real, but it is, i give 100% money back guarantee on originalitysome points i did not placed in the discription and are askedabout the original green color, you see on the pictures that there are places were the green came of the steel shell, it was this way when i did found it, it is not polished or something, it is as it was. i checked this on wartime pictures, and if you look right, this was already during the war visible in some pictures. i can not say the reason that this is, but it is for sure never polished.cracks in the steel shell: typical for us helmets are the vertical cracks or tears in the steel. this helmet has just one crack or tearhelmet is front seamanother question that is asked; why is there not a spade on the liner? in my opinion: becouse of the overpaint of the spades on the shell, im pretty sure this was a re-used helmetshell, first used during dday or/and marked garden, later spades overpainted and used with another liner for the battle of the Bulgei took today several detailpictures, so if you send me your emailadress, i can send the pictures to youanother thing, if this helmet does not reach a decent price 12hours before the end , it is possible i remove it from , and put it back happy offerding

100% Genuine 101 Airborne Helmet Battle Bulge, Original :

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