1000+ Websites New Business Opportunity

1000+ Websites New Business Opportunity

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1000+ Websites New Business Opportunity:


We SUPPLY you WITH 1000+ Websites

We not only provide you with 1000! Sites but we also give you Books and Videos that can show even a Beginner how to upload a site.

As a PLUS! We give you Key Information to Promote your Site and INCREASE YOUR


You Will Receive

1000+ Turnkey Websites and PHP Scripts

Video on How To Upload Web Sites

Link Directory Submit site to 100 Search Engines

7 eBooks on How To Market and Enhance Site

Go To LSCARE.com to get 500+ Free Visitors

"Instantly OWN the Resell Rights
to the 'Net's Hottest, 100% Pure Profit
Turnkey Websites and Php Scripts, eBooks, and MORE!"

* Brand New & Updated for 2012! *

YOU can sell these turnkey websites and PHP scripts
individually, or as a complete package!

YOU will keep 100% of every sale!


Earn money from top-paying banner ads with Google Adsense Publisher Program. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of those ads you will be paid. The visitor doesn't even need to buy anything! They just click and you make money. Google Adsense pays anywhere from a few cents to several dollars per click, depending on the popularity of your site! See the table below to learn about the potential of this revenue stream:

Example of Income Stream: Google Adsense

Paid per Click

Clicks per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Month










Earn revenue every time a visitor purchases something from your website through Amazon Associate Program. You can receive from 4% - 10% with the Amazon Affiliate program. Your affiliate code is embedded in your site, so when anyone clicks on any of the Amazon links and purchases that item, you will receive a commission. The more they buy, the higher your commission up to 10%.

Example of Income Stream: Amazon Associate Program when selling 20 items per day

Sales Commission

Approximate Revenue
per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Month










Earn revenue from ClickBank. There are a lot of ebooks that your visitors can order. Each downloadable ebook earns an average of $25.00. Here is an example of how much you can earn on average with this income stream:

Example of Income Stream: ClickBank

Sales per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Month










You can earn sales commissions up to 80% by linking your visitors to any of over 75,000 PayDotCom products and services.

Example of Income Stream: PayDotCom

Sales per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Month










You can earn a lot of money with the Partner Network, by driving high quality traffic to . Partner Network has some of the most generous affiliate commissions on the web. With Quality Click Pricing, the amount paid for each click varies depending on the quality of the traffic sent to - the higher the quality of the traffic you drive, the more you earn per click. On average across Partner Network, publishers make between $0.06 and $0.21 per click sent to . Note that this varies among programs based on the economics of each program. Publishers sending high quality, targeted traffic can make much more. has hundreds of publishers earning more than $0.40 per click.

Example of Income Stream

Paid per Click

Clicks per Day

Approximate Revenue
per Month










You can also earn a lot of cash with Commission Junction, with your own custom affiliate links and Resell Rights Products system! Your opt-in email facility allows you to generate subscribers, being able to push a button, send an email and make $100, $500 or even $1000 within a few hours is something many people can only dream of.

THAT’S JUST Profit from Ads, and Affiliate accounts. If you sell a actual product on your site you can make even MORE!

Check Out Sites That Can Help You Here!

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Modeling Website

View The Demo

"You will never have to buy web design stuff again!!"You will get 12 + GB...

1000's of Highest Quality Web Templates
Just a few examples...

Clickon any Template and see fullDEMO!

Clickon any Template and see style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; text-align: center; line-height: normal;" class="MsoNormal" align="center">

It's no secret...

There are only 4 keys to making money on the Internet:

1) You’ve got to have a valuable product to sell

2) You’ve got to have a Website that sells your product

3) You’ve got to know how to promote your Website

4) You’ve got to accept credit card orders online

This Package gives you all that and a whole lot more...

Glen Shaw From Birmingham Wrote.

Wow, i have just purchased the 750+ turnkey websites package from topscripts4u.com.

I am in total amazement at what i have received for my money.

Kyle this is such a great package you have put together, i recommend it to all!

You Are About To Discover How You Can "Grab-Up" a Professional,
In-Demand 100% Pure Profit Web Business in the next 10 minutes
-- worth thousands of DOLLARS --

for a special "discounted" price of ONLY $0.99!

YOU could be taking orders for yourself by this time tomorrow!

Here's just a few websites in the package...

Health Care Website

Multiple Membership Website

Virtual Properties Directory

Affiliate Directory

Affiliate SmS Website

Article Directory

(Includes Several Huge PLR Articles Packages)

Multi-Vendor Downloads Marketplace

Domain Trader With Parking Website

Software Index Directory

Software Index Directory 2

PPC Advertising Website

Info Store

(Includes 40 Ebooks & sale Tools)

Fully Stocked Ebook Store

(Containing 150 Ebooks)

Ebook Store


Affiliate Casino Website

Image Hosting Website

Revenue Directory

Music/Mp3 Affiliate Website

Cashflow Website

Downloads Stores

Banner Exchange

Favicon Website

Scripts Directory

Scripts Directory 2

Media Sharing Website

Ebook Store

Paid To Click Website

Paid To Click Website 2

Gaming Directory

Exit Exchange

Hosting Website

Hosting Website 2

Hot Or Not Website

Careers Directory

Careers Directory 2

Careers Directory 3

Guestbook Website

Models Website

Remind Website

Legal Form Website

Mens Health Website

Reviews Website

Host Index Directory

Link Directorys

Search Engine Submission Websites

sale Websites

Adult Personals Directory

Business Websites

Gaming Website

Recipe Website

Recipe Website 2

Licence Creator Membership Website

Affiliate Travel Directory

Affiliate Ringtones Website

Home Business Directory

Home Business Directory 2

Fully Stocked Slimming Ebook Website

Domain Appraisals Website

Domain Appraisals Website 2

Affiliate Toolbar Website

Credit Repair Website

Flash Business Website

14 Cloned Websites Package
(Youtube, Myspace, Imageshack, Upload Galaxy, Yousendit, Rapidshare, Hotscripts)

170 Niche Adsensed Article Directorys MRR!

90 Adsensed Wordpress Blog Themes

78 Cgi & Php Scripts Package

114 Power Scripts Package

83 Scripts To Spruce Up Your Website

40 Adsensed Article Directorys

Ebiz Gallery Pro

Easy Clickbank Store

Vip Helpdesk PLR!

Vip Shopping Cart PLR!

4 Photo Rating Websites

Membership Juggernaut
(Professional Membership System)

4 Dating Websites

Affiliate Template Store

Dynamic Heading Creator

Reseller Powercart

Halloween Websites

Membership Site Manager PLR!

No More Grey Screens

My Downloads Area Script

Logout Script

Login Manager Pro

Joke Websites

Diets Website

Home Automation Website

Anti-Virus Website

Wedding Website

Plasma Tv Website

Yoga Website

Seo Website

Treadmills Website

Online Business Website

Parenting Website

Piano Website

Hairloss Website

Home-Equity Website

Jewelry Website

Gardening Website

Golf Website

Guitar Website


Domain Names Website

Baby Website

Auto-Insurance Website

Bipolar Disorder Website

Bee Keeping Website

Choosing Alternate Fuel Website

Banish Bad Habits Website

Definative Guide To Buying Homes Website

Simple Form Builder

Clickbank Ads Genie

Clickbank Automation System

Pro Safelist

Protect Url

Intelligent 404

Dynamic Form Generator

Paid For Clicks Script

Rebilling Pro

Only Rotate
(Free & Paid Website Rotation Membership System)

Auto Site Creator


Traffic Convertor Pro

Affiliate Master

Power Effects V1 & V2 MRR!

Exit Prophet Pro

My Viral Lottery

Multilingual Profit Generator
(Creates Amazon Stores In English, French, German)

Ads Rotator

Easy Jv & Affiliate Manager

Instant Download Form

Google Sitemap Maker

Mail Giant Pro

Ads Tracker

Digital Product Management Script

Audible Store Generator PLR!

Context Generator

Downline Builder

Data Manager Pro

Paypal Money Making Safelist Script

Site Comments Pro

Web Poll Pro

Flea Market

Script Installation Video Guides

Expired Domain Finder Script

Youtube Video Sites Generator

Google Adsense Logger Script

Mobile Phone Stores

Ecommerce Stores

Movie Stores

Baby Stores

Electronics Stores

Starwars Stores

Body Jewelry Stores

Advertising Membership Blog

5 Casino Websites

Image File Hosting & Sharing Membership Website

Pixel Website

Harley Davidson Stores

Mega Portal

Music Stores

Mortgage Websites

3 My Space Resources Websites

3 Atkins Diets Websites

Banner Advertising Websites

5 Traffic Reseller Websites

Site Counter Website

Payloan Websites

Freelance Websites

Giftstore Generator

3 Clickbank Stores

Pet Nutrition Websites

Golf Stores

Encryption Website

4 Poker Websites

Web Tools Website

Website Builder Software

The List Goes On And On...

This Turnkey Business Package Will
Totally Blow You Away!

Byron Horde Wrote.

I must say that you have put together quite an amazing package here.
There is just so much to look at and that's a good thing. Almost wish I had discovered it sooner. Thankyou

Tony Parker From Gillingham Wrote.

This has to be the best package of websites ive ever bought, this package is a total give way, i recommend it to all.

Glen Shaw From Birmingham Wrote.

Wow, i have just purchased the 1000+ turnkey websites & php scripts package from Ivshark.com.

I am in total amazement at what i have received for my money.

Kyle this is such a great package you have put together, i recommend it to all!

Ok, so you have Obviously seen the HUGE VALUE
in this Amazing turnkey business package!

So go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button
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1000+ Websites New Business Opportunity:

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