100oz Electric Furnace For Gold & Silver Melting Making Jewelry + Bars 3kg Kiln

100oz Electric Furnace For Gold & Silver Melting Making Jewelry + Bars 3kg Kiln

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100oz Electric Furnace For Gold & Silver Melting Making Jewelry + Bars 3kg Kiln:

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100oz Digital Precious Metal Furnace

Quick Melt Pro is Made right here in the United States of America

with EXTRA replacement heating coil + High Temp Welding Gloves!!!!!

Melts:Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Sterling, Tin, Zinc & more!

Perfect for beginners or experts of Jewelry and Bullion Casting

With this Furnace you can create amazing items such as:

Bars, Ingots, Rounds, Bangles, Rings, Pendants and much more.

We repair and have used every unit out there. This is the only entry level unit assembled here in the USA!

The Quik Melt Pro heats up faster and has a higher Max temp than any unit in its class.

Hands down this is the best value on the market!!

Trust us, we use it everyday!

This unit is a regularly stocked item andusually ships the day after payment is cleared.

We have professional packaging and shipping insurance so your purchase will arrive safely.

This package comes with all of these features listed:


1. 100oz Quik Melt Pro Digital Precious Metal Furnace

2. High Density Graphite Crucible 100oz (3,100+ grams of GOLD)

3. Digital Temperature control to2200f / 1204c (Hottest in its class, Other units top at 1150c making gold and copper tough to cast)

4. Blue light cooling fan on separate power supply to allow your unit to cool properly

5. High Temperature Resistant Gloves (may be different from picture, always leather)

6. Tongs for pouring crucible

7. Ultra Fast heat up time (8 minutes- most units 25-45 minutes- saving your most valuable resource... your time)

8. Spare replacement heating coil- get yourself back up and running when your coil goes out (video available or we can do it for you)

10. USA Manufacture Warranty w/instructions

11. Weighs 8 pounds, has handle and is very portable

Check out our other package deals loaded with equipment!

We make custom stamps and molds. We are your one stop shop

This Furnace can be used for melting, casting, and pouring.

Melts Pure Jewelry grade Metals such as: Gold 8k-24k, Silver (coin,sterling,fine), Copper, and more.

This furnace meets the needs for individuals who are melting small to medium jobs. The unit is light and compact for easy travel.

This furnace can run for 2+ hours before needing to rest.

This unit is designed for casting clean metals and is not built for ore or significant refining practices(do not melt Fingers). Please contact us for information on refining products such as AR systems, fume scrubbers and metal refining and recovery.

We recommend you use separate crucibles with each metal you melt. These are graphite crucibles designed for melting and pouring, not for extended contact with molten metals. Replace crucibles often, looking for change in shape or cracking. The coil and T.C. will need to be replaced around every 6-24 months depending on use and treatment. This units has inexpensive and easy to replace parts. We even provide videos.

Please know what you are doing before you melt. Make sure to be in a very ventilated area preferably with a fume hood, using all the proper safety equipment. You should always know what you are melting, each metal reacts differently. Some metals need fluxes, some need treated crucibles. Do your research from a trusted source before you start melting.

This is the best digital melting furnace for quality and efficiency on the web anywhere. American Liberty tested, uses, and backs this product.We have worked closely with the team at tabletop to ensure this unit will exceed your expectation.

If a company doesn’t test it, how can they truly say it is quality?Most Chinese units break quickly with hard to find parts and service.

This unit is made right here in the USA and we will gladly service your unit or provide you will all the parts and information.

This furnace is quality and works superbly, we know you’ll love it. Plus if you buy from ALGC you have a family of service reps to help you out.

Some of our response:

Great kiln I love this thing !!! AAAA Seller and fast shipping too !!
Works GREAT!!! Seller was QUICK and packed WITH MUCH CARE...A+A+A++Great machine at a great price! A+++
awesome service after sale! works great. This is going to be much fun Thanks
Great company to deal with. Knowledgeable and helpful. Great prices & stock.
Team isknowledgeable ,no question is dumb, give them a try ,repeat cust.
The most down to earth people I've EVER dealt with,honest,real,personable !
Superb service, lightning fast shipping, quality product!!! AAA+++ ers!


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We may charge a 10% restocking fee.
After use, we provide part replacement with instructions.
We also offer refurbished swaps at a fraction of original price.
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100oz Electric Furnace For Gold & Silver Melting Making Jewelry + Bars 3kg Kiln:

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