10k Solid Yellow Gold Mariner Link Chain Necklace 20" 2.2mm 2.30 Gram

10k Solid Yellow Gold Mariner Link Chain Necklace 20

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10k Solid Yellow Gold Mariner Link Chain Necklace 20" 2.2mm 2.30 Gram:

Diamond Education Why Buy From Us Store Policies Advanced Loose Diamonds Search: Select Shape All Shapes Round Princess Emerald Marquise Oval Pear Heart Cushion Select Color All White Diamonds » (D-F) Colorless (G-I) Near Colorless Color Diamonds » Champagne Pink Purple Yellow Blue Green Black Red Other Select Carat All .01ct - .07ct .08ct - .17ct .18ct - .29ct .30ct - .49ct .50ct - .99ct 1ct - 1.49ct 1.50+ Select Clarity All White Diamonds » IF VVS1 - VVS2 VS1 - VS2 SI1 - SI2 Color Diamonds » VVS VS SI 10K Solid Yellow Gold Mariner Link Chain Necklace 20" 2.2mm 2.30 gram PRODUCT DETAILS- Metal:
- Length:
- Weight:
- Width:
- Clasp:10ktYellow Gold
20 inch
2.3 gram
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What factors give the diamond its extraordinary beauty?
Diamonds are valued according to the 4C's of Diamond Grading namely, Cut, Clarity , Color and Carat weight. »DIAMOND CUT The cut of a Diamond determines it's Brilliance, Dimensions and Finnish.
The CUT of the diamond is the single most important diamond characteristic. Even if a diamond posses good color and good clarity but has a poor CUT, the stone will appear DULL and LIFELESS.For example, if the Diamond is cut too DEEP (deep pavilion), light will escape from the side, or if it is cut too SHALLOW (shallow pavilion) light will escape from the bottom. The idea is to buy a Diamond which has Excellent to Very Good proportions in relation to the table. Symmetry and Polish are two other very important characteristics of cut. Polish refers to the smoothness of the facet cut and Symmetry refers to how well those facets are aligned with each other. Light refraction will be distorted and hence cause the light to leak out of the sides of the stone, if these are not carefully polished. For the most beautiful diamonds with appealing Brilliance and FIRE, look for the EX (Excellent) or VG (Very Good) grading. »DIAMOND COLOR The less color in a diamond, the more colorful the FIRE and the better the color grade. The most expensive Diamonds will carry a D-F color grade. A Diamond which has excellent color and EX-VG cut, will allow you to sacrifice on the clarity characteristic as the refraction of light will make up for a lower purity. »DIAMOND CLARITY A diamond's degree of clarity is determined by internal and external characteristics. Internal characteristics are called inclusions. The most common inclusions are crystals, clouds, and feathers. Crystals are minerals trapped inside a diamond. Clouds are hazy areas typically created by crystals too tiny to see under 10x magnification. Feathers are breaks in a stone.
External characteristics, or surface irregularities, are called blemishes. A scratch on a diamond's surface is one type of blemish.
Fewer inclusions and blemishes = better clarity = more rare and valuable
Diamond Clarity Grades A note on CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS - This is an artificial process used to "FIX" the flaws in a Diamond. Diamonds that are treated in this process are usually those where the inclusions are easily visible to the unaided eye. The durability is nowhere that of a pure Diamond, thus reducing the value of the Diamond. If a Diamond has been Clarity Enhanced, it should be indicated on it's certificate. »DIAMOND CARAT WEIGHT The weight of every diamond is measured in carats. The greater the carat weight, the rarer - and thus more expensive - the diamond. Diamond value increases exponentially and a one-carat diamond can cost four to six times more than a half-carat diamond. 1ct = 100 points. Thus a .01ct = 1 point, .25ct = 25 points. The origin of the word carat has it's roots in the Mediterranean region and with the carob tree. It was against the seeds of these trees that diamonds were once weighed. One carob seed equals one modern carat, the word we use today to describe the weight of diamonds. Diamonds under one carat are usually described in points. Customer Service
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10k Solid Yellow Gold Mariner Link Chain Necklace 20" 2.2mm 2.30 Gram:

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