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11.2" Blood Red Almandine Garnets 42 Crystals To 2" On Matrix Austria For Sale For Sale


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42 Crystals to 2" on Matrix - Austria
for sale


11.2" x 9.2" x 4.7"

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16.8 pounds

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42 dark red almandine garnets stand out against a silvery mica schist on this superb specimen from the Gaisberg Glacier in Austria. The garnets are quite large, up to 2" in diameter, and are sharply-formed dodecahedrons, with a resinous luster and great color. The schist around the garnets has been carefully removed to expose them fully, and they are plentiful and undamaged on this fine piece.

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All of our specimens come with a custom label with accurate locality information

Outstanding 11.2" museum sized specimen

Sharp dodecahedral crystals

Deep blood red color

Great setting on silvery mica schist

Museum size and quality

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Information about crystals/mineral specimens from this location

Here's a superb specimen of ALMANDINE GARNET crystals set in silver-gray SCHIST, from the Gaisberg Glacier, Obergurgl, Ötz Valley, North Tyrol, Tyrol, Austria. I acquired this excellent crystal at the Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Show this year from an Austrian dealer who was set up in one of the cute Medieval Faire tents. This was the largest and finest specimen he had, and he advised me that the site is now played out, so there will be no more new material forthcoming.

Facts about gems, rocks and minerals

Almandine is the most common of the garnets and is usually the garnet found in garnet schists (a type of metamorphic rock composed mostly of mica). Precious transparent crystals are frequently used as gemstones along with its close cousin, Pyrope. Almandine, like other garnets, forms rounded crystals with 12 rhombic or 24 trapezoidal faces or combinations of these and some other forms. This crystal habit is classic for the garnet minerals. Almandine is the iron aluminum garnet. Magnesium can substitute for the iron and become more like pyrope, the magnesium aluminum garnet. Pure almandine and pure pyrope are rare in nature and most specimens are a percentage of the two. The change in density from almandine (4.3) to pyrope (3.6) is the only good test to determine a specimens likely identity.

Information about crystal, gem and mineral metaphysics and healing

People interested in metaphysics and crystal healing tell us that almandine garnet is especially useful for inspiring contemplation and balancing the time allotted for solitude. It represents profound love, stimulates physical vitality, and provides for energizing and opening the path between the base and crown chakras. To allows one to access and integrate truth. It helps to initiate charitable actions , and provides for connection with the higher intellect. It has been used in the treatment of heart disorders, and for treating diseases of the liver and pancreas.

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11.2" Blood Red Almandine Garnets 42 Crystals To 2" On Matrix Austria For Sale:

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