15 Gold & Silver Ore Hunks Broken From The Mother Lode 68oz #1239 Shop Clean Up

15 Gold & Silver Ore Hunks Broken From The Mother Lode 68oz  #1239 Shop Clean Up

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15 Gold & Silver Ore Hunks Broken From The Mother Lode 68oz #1239 Shop Clean Up:

Gold Ore Cookers Dream! This is agreatbox full of ore!

15 Cool Gold and Silver Ore Samples from Gilpin County CO.

I had to clean up the ore shop so I busted up some nice bigger hunks

These baby's have lots of sparkles! 68+ OZ.

15 CHUNKS FROM THE MOTHER LODE! Includinga 6" core sample !

I just cannot keep them in Stock!!


Perfect Breccia and Porphyry ores

These specimens are of the quartz vein material, rich in Telluride ores.. Chalcopyrite, Pyrites, Sylvanites, Peptite, Molbdemites, Wolframies and more! Gold in the ore is free and occurs as microspic inclusions in sulphides (These ores are the Telluride Ores.. visible gold is very rare).The ore are thin low sulphidation epithermal quartz veins hosted in Breccia Pipes, Andesite or quartz-diorite porphyry, very rich on gold / silver..Heavy in Hand.. They cook up Great!

Look at the maps and enjoy a bit of History.

...THIS IS THE BOX YOU GET!!!15 Nice samples!

This gaudy rich pocket of ore veins has produced Millions in Silver and Gold and other precious metals.


Some may get broken in shipping no Returns.

The last photo is of some freshly processed ore that I cooked up! Look at those results! Every sample is different.

Please be aware of the difference between Gold Ore and Nuggets... You might have to buy a few!

These ore samples are very unusual. All the crystals and pyrites, gelinas, and other minerals really sparkle... They are very cool!

These ores generally contain Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Telluride, Tungsten and other rare earth metals and Pyrites. Bullion Possible!

This Ore was found by me or my Grand Daughter on several mines in this area. . I own a tungsten Mine close by and have been prospecting for some 50 years.

These arethe ones you getSitting in this box!

Lots of pyriteCrystals.... Nice chunks for your Silver /Gold Ore Collection.


Gold over $1585.10today..... Silver is $18.09

Please look a90.60t the ore map... So you learn about our Gyserite injections of precious metals from below. Proven Mine since 1869

Buyer gets a copy of the old ore map!

Please look for new samples I am listing from my hoard.

I have collected greatspecimensover the years.

These are great Gold Ore Samples!

..Free Shipping USPS Priority mail on The samples in this box! DEAL!!..


A note from arecentbuyer who cooked up a sample just like this one.. same spot:

Ill be looking for more ore next month.
out of all the ore i buy from all over..I am finding that if you have not the methods or means to test you can get ripped off...
also need to document who or where I bought it from..
Your ore turned out to be the best on thus far..
first off it is fun to do the fire assay testing vs. panning through alot of so called "best paydirt"
Ill be looking at your store next month after the bills are paid..
PS: your ore also has the most elements also...Pb, Au, Ag, Fe, W ...etc..
hey that rimes...

Thank you,
Most sincerely,

15 Gold & Silver Ore Hunks Broken From The Mother Lode 68oz #1239 Shop Clean Up:

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