1797 British Cartwheel Penny Great Britain, Nice Vf

1797 British Cartwheel Penny Great Britain, Nice Vf

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1797 British Cartwheel Penny Great Britain, Nice Vf :

Take a look at this very nice 1797 British so called cartwheel penny, scroll down and look at the scans. I have looked this over close and it looks to me it has never been circulated much.

I am no expert at grading and this is only my opinion but I think its in very fine condition considering its great age.

This heavy solid copper coin measures 40 m-m in diameter and about 5 m-m thick. Study the detailed scans of both sides and the edge.

It sells with to the high buyer.

No foreign offers.

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1797 British Cartwheel Penny Great Britain, Nice Vf :

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