1800s Chevalier Opticien. Paris Opera Glasses Hand Decorated & Gold Trim

1800s Chevalier Opticien. Paris Opera Glasses Hand Decorated & Gold Trim

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1800s Chevalier Opticien. Paris Opera Glasses Hand Decorated & Gold Trim:

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In their day these would have been a splendour. They are a pair of Chevalier Opticien Paris Opera Glass with original leather case. The little glass are 10cm x 6cm and extend to nearly 9cm. They are a robust pair and still are very functionable. They were hand decorated with enamel flowers and have a gold trim to the front. Stamped to each eye piece with the Chevalier name.

Condition: Sadly the enamel decoration has some away in parts commensurate with age, and of course use over the last 100 or so years. The Gold trim at the front of the large lenses is erratic and flaked. Small dent to one of the outer eye piece(does not affect anything – cosmetic)There are NO cracks across the glass. The case is worn and there is a hole to one corner, but the hinges are still working and the locking mechanism needs attention. The Main thing is they still are a very lovely and useable pair of 1800s Opera Glasses.

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1800s Chevalier Opticien. Paris Opera Glasses Hand Decorated & Gold Trim:

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