1800s Sailors Valentine Victorian Shell Art Bubble Glass Frame

1800s Sailors Valentine Victorian Shell Art Bubble Glass Frame

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1800s Sailors Valentine Victorian Shell Art Bubble Glass Frame:

Very Rare Victorian Era

Shell Art Bubble Glass

Picture Frame

This sale is for an antique Victorian Era Roundel or sometimes called Portholes, meaning Today the pictures provide us with an interestingporthole into what subjects interested them. This is a round shape convex glass to resemble a porthole with a very colorful scene of sailing ships at sea

There are no cracks or chips in the glass, I could not get rid of the glare from the glass in taking pictures of this piece. This has a metal ring on the back for hanging. The red felt border around the outer edge is in good condition. All of the seashells seem to be there. This piece has alot of patina (some people would call it dirty).

On all The shell items that I sell Because of the shell items being over 100 years old it is Very Rare to find a piece that does not have any shells that are chipped,replaced or some kind of wear including some of the shell items are dirty/dusty from sitting around in its 100+ year history. It is very very VERY rare to find a Victorian sailors valentine shell piece that is in perfect condition. It is all original.

Overall It is in

Good condition.

Rare Picture..!

In the late nineteenth century no beau would dare to visit his sweetheart without taking some token of his true feelings, a bunch of flowers,candy,an item of jewelry or a book of poems. From a wide range of shell decorated items that have survived and the message of Love and Affection that they often bare, it appears that boxes and trinkets,decorated in shells were also popular gifts for loved ones.

roundels, perhaps because they symbolized dependability with a romantic hint of travel to exotic places were also popular, encrusted with shells containing colorful prints, usually of seascapes,coastal resorts or romantic scenes, incorporating an arrangement of shells, dried mosses and grasses, all sealed under glass were very popular as a fond remembrance of a tour. The heart shape was so popular as its shape gave a sense of romance to the gift

Some people would call this an old sailors valentine. Sailors would pick these shell items up to give them to there sweethearts when they got home. Love tokens as it were. It was also the custom of the day when visiting the seashore to collect shells as mementos of the trip and friends met along the way. Paper shops would sell paper boxes / picture frames in decorative designs for the purpose of covering them with the gathered shells. It is a custom simular to making a memory jar, vase etc. Women at that time were also very adept at making their own gifts and love tokens to friends from inexpensive material as they often times had very little access to ready cash. Their husbands holding the purse strings as it were.

Measures at 8 "

What a great RARE find!

The group pic is of the other victorian shell art items that I have on for sale.

If you are the high buyer on2 or more shell art items that I'm currently selling on that also includes the book...I will pay all shipping costs.

Simular pieces may be viewed in Smyth's Neptune's Treasure book. I'm no expert in this stuff, some of these items are dirty from sitting around, so what you see is what you get. Sold as is. Buyer pays actual shipping cost with insurance. No charge for packaging or handling. Feel free to email me with any questions.

1800s Sailors Valentine Victorian Shell Art Bubble Glass Frame:

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