1815 War Of 1812 Ledger Tavern Candlemaker Brunswick Maine Americana Westabrook

1815 War Of 1812 Ledger Tavern Candlemaker Brunswick Maine Americana Westabrook

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1815 War Of 1812 Ledger Tavern Candlemaker Brunswick Maine Americana Westabrook:

This is a rare Brunswick, Maine tavern keeper's ledger kept by War 1812 Colonel Thomas S Estabrook from 1815-1817, who formerly owned the Moorhead's Tavern, with mentions of many many sales of gills, pints, gallons, and quarts of rum, brandy, port wine and more, among additional entries regarding molasses, sugar, vinegar, tumblers, pitchers, and more bar related transactions. Estabrook also looked to be a skilled candlemaker, as many entries are found regarding bees' wax, candlesticks, and wicks, and candle sales.A truly fascinating look into the War of 1812 era Brunswick Maine history, owned by an active military member at the time!Ledger provides neatly written lists and costs of various tavern/brewing activities, mostly show sales of alcohol per glass, gallon, or otherwise to local residents, as well as non-alcoholoic drinks such as coffee and tea. The entries include dates, amount consumed/sold , actions taken and currency finalizations. Interesting other entries include some purchasing of barware, such as tumblers, glasses, pitchers, dishes and more. Unrelated entries are found throughout pertaining to the War of 1812, such as powder and shot, as well as general butchery, farming, lumber work, harvesting, blacksmithing and more. There are roughly 190pp here, all extensively filled on both sides on each, the leaves still in sequence and very legible. Colonel Estabrook has signed it on the first blank page, as shown. Many other men listed in here also carry similar credentials, as many are listed as veterans of the Rev War and War of 1812, as well as many early settlers of Brunswick, with noted surnames such as Schofield, Minot, Dunning, Heath, Blasdell, and more.There is much staining, spots and edge chips with some minor text loss and the covers exhibit heavy wear but remain intact. Measure 15.5" x 6.5". Good luck! More Pics- OF TAVERNS IN BRUNSWICK, MAINE, Mentioning Estabrook's Tavern, as well as Estabrook's Genealogy:
History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell:
Part II, Chapter 8: Taverns and Public Halls, Newspapers, etc. page 290

Where the post-office and engine-house now stand on Maine Street,

1. Nathaniel Ames's Almanac. 1764.
2. Farmers' Almanac, 1777.
3. Nathaniel Low's Almanac, 1799.
4. Peter Jordan. Low's Almanac,1791.
5. McKeen, in Brunswick Telegraph.
6. Ioffer.
there was formerly a building which was for many years a tavern, and was known, a part of the time, as WASHINGTON HALL. It was built by David Dunning about 1772, and was occupied by him for some years as a private residence. It was afterwards occupied by his son John, who kept a tavern there until 1807, when David Owen bought it and put on a large addition in front, using the old building as an L. Here Owen kept a tavern until about 1812, when Isaac O. Robertson took it and occupied it as an inn until 1815. The latter was succeeded, by Russell Stoddard, who remained about two years.

Ebenezer Nichols, who had been keeping tavern directly opposite ("Morton's"), then took it, and Stoddard moved to a building where the Tontine now stands. Nichols continued as landlord until his death, in 1824, and his widow carried on the business until 1827, when she moved back across the street to the building her husband had previously occupied. While she kept this inn it was called "Mrs. Nichols's Inn." William Hodgkins moved from the corner of Maine and Pleasant Streets into this Washington Hall building when Mrs. Nichols left it. Here he remained for a few years. After it was vacated by him it was occupied as a tenement house and for business purposes, till it was burned, in 1856.1

In 17992 a Mr. Chase kept a tavern which tradition places on the Captain William Woodside place, at Bunganock Landing.

The old tavern which stood in the northwest corner of the college yard, best known as MOORHEAD'S TAVERN, was built in 1802 by Ebenezer Nichols, but was not finished or occupied until early in 1803. Nichols was landlord of it until 1809. During this time it was the principal public and stage house in the town. Mr. Nichols was succeeded, in 1810, by Colonel T. S. Estabrook, who continued in it for some years. After Estabrook left it, a man by the name of Coffin took it, and kept it until 1818, when he sold out to Isaac Dow. The latter kept it until 1820, when he committed suicide. In September of this year it was offered for sale. It was occupied at that time by William Hodgkins. The advertisement stated that it had "six rooms on the lower floor, some large and well furnished; a spacious and con-venient hall, a good cellar and never-failing well. The appurtenances are a large, well-finished stable, with other out-buildings; a good garden of more than an acre."3

Whether the house was sold at this time is not known, but in 1825 Alexander Moorhead was the proprietor. About the year 1831,

1. Dean Swift, Samuel Dunning, and other old residents.
2. Low's Almanac, 1799.
3. Maine Intelligencer, 1820.

Moorhead retired from business, removed from town, and engaged in farming. He was succeeded by John L. Seavey, who kept the house for two or three years. The latter was succeeded by James Elliot, who was proprietor until 1839, at which time Mr. Moorhead returned to Brunswick and again assumed the management of this public house. Moorhead continued to keep it until 1842, when the building was purchased by the trustees of Bowdoin College. It was taken down in 1847 and rebuilt on Noble Street, and is now the residence of Mr. Joyce.1

A short distance west of Cook's Corner there stood for many years what was known as the PUMPKIN TAVERN, so called on account of its sign, which was a large ball about the size of a pumpkin, which it greatly resembled. It was a two-story house built by one Wadsworth previous to the war of 1812-14. Here he kept a public house until about 1836 or 1837. It was seldom patronized by travellers, and was in fact more a groggery than a tavern.

In the early part of this century "pumpkin taverns" were quite common, there being one in nearly every town, and they were all of about the same character,- the resort of the intemperate and depraved.

Col. Thomas S 5, 1859

Family W Estabrook (1778 - N Estabrook*
Mary Estabrook (1799 - 1879)*
Catherine Estabrook (1804 - 1828)*
Helen Maria Estabrook (1809 - 1826)*

*Calculated relationship
Pine Grove Cemetery
Cumberland County
Maine, USA
Plot: Aisle C Lot 10

THE BRUNSWICK LIGHT INFANTRY was organized in May, 1804. Its officers were Thomas S. Estabrook, captain; Caleb Cushing, first lieutenant; and Robert D. Dunning, second lieutenant. The records of the company have not been found, and consequently but little is known of their doings. In 1825, Saturday, June 25, LaFayette made his visit to Portland, and this company, under the command of Captain John A. Dunning, attended to assist in escort duty, and were received by the Portland Rifle Company. They celebrated their thirty-eighth anniversary on the seventeenth of June, 1842. Shortly after this time this company became disorganized, but on July 21, 1854, it was reorganized under the title of "D Company Light Infantry," and the following officers were chosen at that time: John A. Cleaveland, captain; Andrew T. Campbell, first lieutenant; Charles Pettingill, second lieutenant; John H. Humphreys, third, and John P. Owen, fourth lieutenant. This company turned out June 27, 1855, for target practice, and William R. Field, Jr., got the prize for being the best marksman. The prize was a silver cup. The company bad its first annual parade and inspection on the thirtieth of May preceding. On September of the next year, 1856, the company attended muster in Bath, and about August 7, 1857, it 295]Lieut. Col. C. Thomas' Regiment, War of 1812.
From June 20 to June 22, and Sept. 10 to Sept. 29, 1814. Service at Bath.Field and Staff.
Charles Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel, Brunswick
Thomas S. Estabrooks, Major, Brunswick
Nathaniel Poors, Major, Brunswick
William Sewall, Adjutant, Brunswick
Nathaniel Badger, Adjutant, BrunswickSilas Dodge, Quartermaster, Brunswick
Charles Thomas, Jr., Paymaster, Brunswick
Jacob Herrick, Chaplain, Durham
Jonathan Page, Surgeon, Brunswick
Moses Holbrook, Surgeon's Mate, BathNoncommissioned Staff.
Martin Anderson, Sergeant Major
John Dunning, Quartermaster Sergeant
John E. Coombs, MusicianCapt. R. D. Dunning's Company, Lieut. Col. C. Thomas' Regiment.
From June 20 to June 22, and Sept. 10 to Sept. 29, 1814. Raised at Brunswick. Service at Bath.Rank and Name.
Robert D. Dunning, Captain
John Owen, Lieutenant
John Coburn, EnsignEpha Brown, Sergeant
Aaron Dunning, Sergeant
John Dunning, 3d, Sergeant
Joseph Noyes, Sergeant
Isaac O. Robertson, Corporal
Joshua Herrick, Corporal
John Brown, Corporal
David Shaw, Corporal
Samuel Given, Musician
Edward Eaton, MusicianPrivates.
Zacharias Baker
Foster Bradley
Gardner Brown, Jr.
John Clark, 2d
Joseph W. Davis
James Dinsmore
Robert Dunlap
Joseph N. Dunning
James Ellet
Henry Flood
Ira Fuller
Thomas Graffam
John Graves or Groves
Neal Hall
James R. Hammond
William Hunt
Jonathan Kidder
Abraham Lock
Richard Moore
Samuel Moulton
Thomas Mullen
William Mustard
James Noyes
Theodore Osgood
Saul Owen
James Ross, 3d
Alexander Sampson
John Shaw
John F. Titcomb
John Toothaker
Calvin Wing
George Woodside

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1815 War Of 1812 Ledger Tavern Candlemaker Brunswick Maine Americana Westabrook:

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