1863 Civil War Letter & Cover W/stamp - Capt. Lot Abraham - 4th Iowa

1863 Civil War Letter & Cover W/stamp - Capt. Lot Abraham - 4th Iowa

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1863 Civil War Letter & Cover W/stamp - Capt. Lot Abraham - 4th Iowa:


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Up for sale is an original Civil War letter and envelope cover with a 3 cent George Washington stamp. The letter was sent to Captain Lot Abraham of Co. D, 4th Iowa Cavalry. The letter is dated March 7th, 1863. The envelope that it was found in appears to be a little too small to fit the letter and may not have been the original envelope it came in. See more info on Captain Abraham below.

The letter is from his female friend (later, love interest)…

The letter reads:

"As this is Saturday and I've nothing of much importance to do I spend a few minutes telling you a few lines of news connected with myself and surroundings which if you don't want to hear you can just stop reading now. First I must tell you that I recieved your precious little billet of Feb 26th.…that was the anniversary of the day you left Mt. Pleasant. I thought of it too but I won't tell how I felt. I think my last two must have been…you were a long time getting ... to write…also think you are really unkind in your resolution "not to write onlly when you have news" when you know with what pleasure your letters are received at home. And then its with news your friends want. 'Tis kind words from the loved and absent ones. That is what I think. And now for what I do, have done, and will do.…will see from the date of this that I have left Liberty. It is a month earlier than I expected to be free, but mud got so deep I could not get to and from the schoolhouse on foot and I thought it was time to stop, so I sent a petition to the school meeting last Monday for leave of absence, which was granted. And I got to town yesterday. Dick and Becca and Mag came up with me and moved me away from Liberty for good. I can't say I was much sorry to leave, for that school was often a great burden on my mind and hands. Yet it was like having…

There were several quite intersting things transpired during the last two weeks of my stay of which you are doubtless informed before this.…visit was quite a circumstance.…and I were great friends at first butI guess Imade himmada few days before he left. I'm sorry I did but was certainly unintentional on my part and I'll have to try and make it up with him if I ever see him again.…has been at home some time but I haven't got the pictures yet.…promised to bring it to me tomorrow when he comes up to see "Jennie". I did not want you to send that group home if you wanted to keep it. We could have had another taken here. John Kerr came home a few days ago. I haven't seen him yet. By the way I have a new sister-in-law…and that little red headed girl you remember of seeing at Tippacanoe were married Feb'22. She and I will go to…in a short time perhaps in a week or two. I'll make them a short visit and then for Ohio. I don't expect to be contented to stay there. Don't have any idea of staying longer than till Fall. But I'm going to see some of the world if I can. If you find my news you think proper to write to me within the next three weeks send it here. Perhaps you will not care about continuing to correspond with me after I go away. If you do decide I suppose I would…. but I presume letters from an old frind will be doubly welcome when I see nothing but strange faces around me. Hoping that when I again visit Liberty I may have the privilege of seeing. I remain as ever your friend Neal.

I think you have forgotten your promise. You told me when you got tired of looking at it you would bring and not send it to me. I recon I'll have to excuse you this time if you'll never do it again."

Condition: Please see the photos for additional details and the most accurate description of its condition.

Captain Lot Abraham (April 18, 1838 - July 25, 1920) - Civil War soldier, Iowa State senator, and farmer from Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Captain Lot Abraham was born in Butler county, Ohio, on the 18th of April, 1838. After the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, he enlisted for three years' serving as a private of Company D, Fourth Iowa Cavalry. Within six months, however, he had been promoted to the rank of first lieutenant, having passed through the intermediate grade of orderly sergeant. At the end of the year he had become captain. The regiment first went with Curtis through Missouri and Arkansas , and later participated in the siege of Vicksburg and was with Sherman on the Meridian expedition in February, 1864. In 1864 Captain Abraham was on active duty under Generals Sturgis and Smith, and in the fall of that year made a trip after Price through Missouri . He then re-enlisted with his company for three years more and from there received his veteran furlough, and in 1865 returned to Nashville , but was too late for the battle there. His command was then attached to Wilson's cavalry corps, and from that point started on the Georgia campaign. Captain Abraham was prominent in his command, and General Upton in his report says of him: “The Fourth Iowa Cavalry, dismounted, under Captain Lot Abraham, passed through the breach, turned to the right, charged the redoubt, capturing ten guns, and then sweeping across the bridge with the flying rebels, captured two howitzers loaded with canister. Mounted companies from the same regiment followed in the rear of Captain Abraham, and after crossing the bridge turned to the right and charged in flank the works at the lower bridge. * * * Captain Lot Abraham, Company D, Fourth Iowa, for his gallantry at Columbus, Georgia, April 15, 1865, and at Selma, Alabama, April 2, 1865, is recommended for brevet major.” These extracts are from pages four seventy-one, four seventy-five and four seventy-seven of volume forty-nine of the official reports of the war of the rebellion. On page four eighty-two of the same volume General Winslow says: “I respectfully recommend that the rank of major by brevet be conferred on Captain Lot Abraham, Company D, Fourth Iowa Cavalry. This officer has frequently displayed great courage, handled his command in a very gallant manner at Columbus and Selma , captured a four-gun battery at Selma repulsing the enemy in his attempt to recover it.” Also complimentary mention is found in other places of the war reports concerning Captain Abraham's service. Following the close of hostilities he was sent to Washington , Georgia , where he paroled Wheeler's cavalry, spending two months there in charge of the government property. He also had charge of the archives of the Confederacy and sent car loads of such material to Washington, D. C. He was discharged at Atlanta , August 8, 1865 .

Captain Abraham was married in 1865, soon after his return from the war, to Miss Sarah C. Alden, a sister of John B. Alden, a well known publisher of New York city .

He was nominated and elected in 1881 to the Iowa State Senate, serving fromm 1882- 1884.

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1863 Civil War Letter & Cover W/stamp - Capt. Lot Abraham - 4th Iowa:

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