1873 Antique Victorian Cookbook Household Guide Cookery Recipes Perfumery Vtg

1873 Antique Victorian Cookbook Household Guide Cookery Recipes Perfumery Vtg

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1873 Antique Victorian Cookbook Household Guide Cookery Recipes Perfumery Vtg:


Original 1873 Edition of “The New Cyclopedia of Domestic Economy, and Practical Housekeeper Adapted to All Classes of Society. Comprising Subjects Connected with the Interests of Every Family; such as Domestic Education, Houses, Furniture, Duties of Mistress, Duties of Domestics, The Storeroom, Marketing, Table and Attendance, Care and Training of Children, Care of the Sick, Preparation of Food for Children and Invalids, Preservation of Health, Domestic Medicine, The Art of Cookery, Perfumery, The Toilet, Cosmetics, and Five Thousand Practical Receipts and Maxims.” by Mrs. E.F. Ellet :: Published by the Henry Bill Publishing Company: Norwich, Conn. :: Measures 6 3/4 x 9 1/2" :: Complete with 621 Pages.

VERY GOOD CONDITION: A tightly bound volume, minor cracking to hinges but remain firm, inscription on reverse of title page, generally clean pages, cover wear as shown, complete with all pages and illustrations; overall a great condition example of this 140-Year-Old Domestic Guidebook.

TAKE A STEP BACK INTO THE HOME OF YESTERYEAR! The New Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy and Practical Housekeeper is an antique guide to the Victorian Household, intended for the young housekeeper to gain fluency in all departments of the home. While endeavoring to make this manual or cyclopedia so complete as to meet all the wants of those who lack knowledge, the author’s have taken special care to arrange the various departments with clearness and method. A carefully prepared and copious index will at once direct the reader to any thing wanted...

--The young housekeeper will appreciate the advantages of a compendium which embraces rules and advice pertaining to all the duties expected of her; advice as to early house training, the taking and furnishing of a house; the different departments filled by servants, and the superintendence of the mistress; the laying in of stores and purchases in market; the art of making and arranging things used every day, and of setting out a table to advantage; the care of children, and the best food for them; the preparations most useful for invalids; the attendance at meals, and various matters in household management which no book before this has ever taught in detail at the time, but which was commonly left to the slow teaching of individual experience.

--In the department of Cookery, arranged under forty-five heads, an unusually large variety of recipes is given for the styles in every-day living soups, meats, sauces, &c., because it was desirable to include the latest improvements, and because the want of variety in such preparations was usually complained of in American cookery. The French having had so much the advantage over American cooks of the time, this work presents the American Housekeeper the boasted French art of Cookery. A number of choice recipes, therefore, from very recent French and English works, have been added to those contributed by American housekeepers of long experience and tried skill. Several valuable recipes, never before made public, have been furnished for this work by Delmonico, Taylor, Wagner, Sneckner, and other proprietors of celebrated establishments in New York.

--The Toilet Department, and Perfumery, Cosmetics, &c., do not strictly belong to housekeeping; but every lady must desire some knowledge of them, and it is convenient to have a manual containing instructions as to the compounding of articles required for the hair and complexion.

--The Family Medical Guide furnishes simple and approved recipes for use when medical advice cannot be procured, and remedies to promote the comfort of the sick. All these recipes have been submitted to a prominent physician, and approved by him. The section appropriated to the sick is unusually comprehensive, containing many new recipes.

--The Miscellaneous Department is also enriched with several tried and excellent ones, never before published.

Throughout are numerous illustrative woodcuts and color illustrations, of which was found in no other volume at the time, helps explains the method and use of various housekeeping articles. As a whole, The New Cyclopedia of Domestic Economy is a most complete, and wildly fascinating work on 19th Century housekeeping and cookery.



Thoughts and Maxims on Housekeeping :: The Dwelling House, &c. :: Furnishing a House :: Plate, Cutlery, House-linen, &c. :: Servants :: Duties of the Housewife. The Dinner :: Duties of the Servants :: The Care of Children :: The Care of the Sick :: The Store-room and Marketing :: Domestic Manipulation :: Decanting, Straining and Filtering Liquids :: The Manufacture and Use of Cements :: Powdering, Grinding, &c. :: Knots, Parcels, &c. :: Adulteration of Food and Purity of Water :: Boiling, Stewing, &c. :: Economy of Heat :: Cleaning and Disinfecting :: Fermenting and Distilling :: Laying out Tables and Folding Napkins :: Trussing and Carving :: Culinary Utensils :: Cookery as an Art :: Foreign Terms used in Cookery :: Condiments :: Rudiments of Cookery :: Hints and Maxims :: Articles in Season for each Month


Perfumery—Essences and Extracts—Compound Odors, or Bouquets—Spirituous Infusions—Oils for the Creams—Pommades—Salves and Washes—Fumigating Paper—Pastilles for Necklaces, Bracelets, &c.—Hair Dyes—Depilatory—Shaving Pastes—The Family Medical Guide—Miscellaneous Receipts


Receipts for Soups—Meat Soups—Soups of Game, Poultry, Ac.—Vegetables—Fish Soups—Fish—Shell Fish—Sauces for Fish—Gravies, Sauces, Ac.—Ketchups—Farces and Stuffings—Receipts for Dressing Beef—Receipts for Dressing Veal—Receipts for Dressing Mutton—Receipts for Dressing Lamb—Receipts for Dressing Pork—Sausages and Forcemeat—Curing Meat, Potting and Collaring—Poultry and and Store Room Sauces—Paste, Meat, Game and Fish Pies—Fruit Pies, Puffs, Ac.—Puddings—Sweet Puddings—Italian Fritters—Various Modes of Cooking Eggs—To Make Bread—Biscuits and Warm Cakes—Butter—Bills of Fare—Cakes, &c.—Custards, -Creams, Jellies, &c.—Coffee, Tea and Chocolate—Preserves, &c.—Beverages—Wines and Liqueurs—Cookery for the Sick—Food and Cookery for Children—Savory Dishes for Breakfast

Below is a sampling of recipes from the cookery, cosmetic, perfumery, and medical sections:

BREAD—Almond Bread—Biscuits, Damascus—Biscuits, Milk—Biscuits, Cinnamon—Biscuit, glace—Bread Crumbs—Fried Bread for Garnishing—Bread, to make—Brown or Dyspepsia Bread—Rye and Indian Bread—to make bread without yeast—Rice Bread—Apple Bread—Diet Bread—French Bread—Bread and Milk—Brioche Rolls—Hard Gingerbread—Soft Gingerbread—Muffins—Yeast Cakes—Yeast Dumplings—Yeast, to make

CAKE—Almond Cake—Banbury Cake—Boston Cream—Bride Cake—Chocolate Cake—Cider Cake—Cocoanut Cake—Cornstarch Cake—Currant Cake—Eletherian Cake—Pineapple Cakes—Frosting Cake—German Sugar Cake—Gold and Silver Cake—Honey Cake—Housewife's Christmas Cakes—Icing for Cake—Indian Corn Cake—Jelly Cake—Lady Cake—Lemon Cake—Love, Bola d' Amour Cake—New England Wedding Cake—New York Cup Cake—Nourmahal Cake—Plain Fruit Cake—Plum Cake—Pound Cake—Queen Cake—Queen Victoria's Cake—Railroad Cake—Rice Cake—Savoy Cake—Seed Cake—Short and Strawberry Cake—Small Plum Cake—Soyer's St. James Cake—Soyer's Turban Cake—Sponge Cake—Sugar Cake—Tipsy Cake—Washington Cake—Almond Cheesecakes—Apple Cheesecakes—Bread Cheesecakes—Citron Cheesecakes—Lemon Cheesecakes—Miss Bratty's Cheesecakes—Orange Cheesecakes—Soyer's Cheesecakes— Apple Pancakes—Dutch Pancakes—New England Pancakes—Eice Pancakes

HAM— Bacon, Garniture for Omelette—Bacon, Broiled—Bacon, to boil—Bacon, to make—Bacon and Cabbage—Bacon, to Cure, Cobbett's Receipt—Bacon, to cure for Larding and Braising—Bacon, Malihe's Method of Curing—Bacon, Black Pool Receipt for—Bacon, Wiltshire—to bake Hams, boiled—Hams, to boil—Ham, to boil—Ham, to braise—Ham, to braise in a French fashion—Ham Cake—Ham, to carve—Ham, cold, Soyer's—Hams, to cure—Ham and Eggs, fried—Ham, Fitzimmon Receipt for curing—Ham Gravy—Ham,' Goose—Ham, Mutton, to boil—Ham, Rashers or Slices—Ham, to roast—Ham, Westphalia— Pig's Feet, a la St Menehould—Pig's Feet and Ears, fried—Pig's Head, baked

LAMB—Lamb, a L' Espagnole—Lamb, an Pascal—Lamb, Blanquette d' Agneau, a la Provencale—Lamb, Breast of, braised, boiled—Lamb, Breast of, to stew—Lamb Chops—Lamb, to choose—Lamb, Chevaux de Frise—Lamb Sweetbreads, with chevaux de Frise, 315—Lamb with Lamb sweetbread—Lamb, to bone a Quarter—Lamb, Forequarter of—Lamb, Forequarter, to carve—Lamb's Fry—Lamb's Head—Lamb's Head with Brain or Liver—Lamb's Head with Hollandaise—Lamb's Head and Emincees—Lamb's Heart Sweetbreads, larded with Bacon or Truffles—Lamb's Leg, to boil—Lamb's Leg, to roast—Lamb's Loin, to grill—Lamb's Loin, stewed—Lamb's Leg or Shoulder with Peas—Lamb's Leg, boiled with Spinach—Lamb's Leg or Shoulder with French Beans—Lamb's Neck, a la Jardiniere—Lamb, Pieds d' Agneau—Lamb, Saddle of—Lamb, Saddle, Eussian fashion—Lamb, Shoulder, braised—Lamb's Shoulder, forced and braised—Lamb's Shoulder, larded—Lamb Stones, to fricassee—Lamb Sweetbreads—Lamb Sweetbreads, brown—Lamb Sweetbread Cutlets au gratin—Lamb Sweetbreads as Cutlets—Lamb Sweetbreads, roasted—Lamb Sweetbreads, larded a la Daubo—Lamb Sweetbreads, to stew—Lamb Sweetbreads, white, fricasseed—Lamb Trotters

MUTTON— Mutton, Breast of, stewed—Mutton, Breast of, to collar—Mutton, Breast of, au gratin—Mutton, braised Cutlets—Mutton, Maintenon—Mutton Chops, broiled—Mutton Chops, fried—Mutton Chops as Beefsteaks—Mutton Cotelettes, a la Maintenon—Mutton Cutlets with Soubise or Onion sauce—Mutton Cotelettes, a la Polonaise—Mutton Cotelettes, en Eagout—Mutton Cotelettes, aux Haricots verts—Mutton, au Gratin, or scollops—Mutton, an English Haggis—Mutton, Fillet of—Mutton in Marinade—Mutton, French Eagout of—Mutton, hashed—Mutton, Haunch of, to carve—Mutton, Irish, stew of—Mutton, Kebobbed—Mutton Kidneys—Mutton, Leg of, roasted—Mutton, Leg, roasted, boned, and stuffed—Mutton, Leg of, boiled—Mutton, to dress a Leg of, with Oysters—Mutton, Leg of, to stuff—Mutton, Loin steaks—Mutton, Loin of, stewed—Minced Mutton—Mutton, Eisseroles—Mutton, Tails and Kidneys—Mutton, Tails and Tongues

BEEF—Beef, to choose—Beef Baked—Beef Bot'illi—Beef Bouillon—Beef Brains a la Sauce Piquante—Beef Brains Fried—Beef, Brisket of, Stewed—Beef, Brisket, to carve—Beef, Broiling—Beef Broth—Beef Ribs, to carve—Beef Round, to carve—Beef a la Houssard—Beef Sirloin—Boeuf a la Mode—Beef a la Mode—Beef a la Polonaise—Beef, Cold—Beef, to Corn—Beef Collops—Beef, to collar Ribs of—Beef, Croquettes of—Beef, to collar—Beef, to collar, Economical way—Beef, Curried—Beef, Dutch way to salt—Beef, Dutch Hung—Beef Entrees—Beef, Family Stew of—Beef, Fillet of, Roasted—Beef to taste like Hare—Beef, Fillets of—Beef Fillets, Braised—Beef, Fillet of, Saute—Beef, Fricasseed—Beef Fricandeau—Beef Gravy—Beef Hashed—Beef Heart—Beef, Hunter's—Beef, Hune—Beef, Jerked—Beef, Leg of—Beef, in a Marinade—Beef, Minced with Cucumbers—Beef, Minced—Beef Olives—Beef Palates—Beef, a Pickle for—Beef, Pickle for, a la Garrick—Beef Potted—Beef, Potted like Venison—Beef, pressed—Beef, Rissoles—Beef, Round, to salt or corn—Beef, Rump of—Beef, Salt, remains of—Beef, to salt red—Beef, to Stew—Beef Sausages—Beef, Sirloin, Roasted—Beef, Sirloin, to dress inside of—Beef, Spiced—Beef Steaks, Broiled—Beefsteaks, a la Francaise—Beef Steaks, a la Parisienne—Beef Steak and Onions—Beef Steaks Rolled and Roasted—Beef Steaks, Stewed—Beef Stew—Beef, Bump Steak Stewed—Beef, Rump Steak, Plain Broiled—Beef Steak, a la Francaise—Beef Tongne, to Cure—Beef Tongues, to dress—Beef Tongue, Larded—Beef Tongue, to stew—Beef Tongue, to prepare to eat cold—Beef Tongue, to Roast—Beef Tongue, Fresh—Beef Tongue and Udder, Fresh—Boeuf Tremblant—Beef Tripe—Beef Tripe, Lyons Fashion—Beef Tea, Liebigs—Calf's Feet—Calf's Foot Jelly—Calf's Foot Pudding—Calf's Head Baked—Calf's Head Boiled—Calf's Head Cheese—Calf 's Head Curry— Marrow Pudding—Marrow Bones—Marrow Bones, baked— Veal Cutlets, a la Maintenon—Veal Cutlets en papillotte—Veal Cutlets and Rice

CHEESE & BUTTER— Cheese, to make—Cheese, at Dinner—Cream Cheese—Family way Cheese—Cottage Cheese—Eggs and Cheese—Cheese for Fondeau—Italian Cheese, a L' Italienne—Cheese, Puffs—Sage Cheese—Cheese Souffle—Stewed Cheese—Potato Cheese—Potted Cheese—Butter, to clarify—Butter, Pickle for—Butter, to cure in the best way—Butter, salt, to freshen—Butter, to make—Butter, to preserve for winter use

CHICKEN, FOWL, & GAME— Chicken and Ham Potted—Chicken Salad—Chicken Jelly—Chickens, Boiled—Chickens, Braised—Chickens, Curried—Chickens, Fried, a la Malabaz—Chickens, Pulled—Hare, Jugged—Hare, Potted—Hare, Roasted—Ducks, boiled—Ducks. Canvas-back—Ducks, roasted—Ducks, Stewed with Claret—Ducks and Peas, Stewed—Duckling with Turnips—Ducks, Wild, or Teal—Fowls, boiled—Fowls, braised—Fowls, broiled—Fowls, forced—Fowls, fried—Fowls, fricassee of—Fowls, Guinea—Fowl, hashed—Fowl, Indian pilau of—Fowls, Pea—Fowls, Pilau of—Fowls, Poele, to boil in—Fowls, a la Provengale—Fowls, Poele—Fowls, Roast—Fowls, Eissoles of—Goose, Roasted—Goose, to carve—Goose, Marbled—Goose, Preserved—Hedgehog— Pigeons, broiled—Pigeons, to carve—Pigeons, compote of—Pigeons, cooked as Woodcock—Pigeons, in Jelly—Pigeons, potted—Pigeons, Eoasted—Pigeons, Stewed—Pilau of Fowl— Rabbit, to carve—Rabbits, Fricasseed—Rabbits, Potted—Rabbits, to skin—Rabbits, Pilau of—Rabbits, to taste like Hare— Turkey, Hashed—Turkey, with Sausage meat—Turkey, to roast—Turkey, Pulled and grilled

FISH— Toast of Anchovies—Anchovies with Fried Bread—Fish Cake—Carp, stewed—Fish, Casserole—Cod, boiled—Cod, with Oyster Sauce—Cod, au Gratin—Cod Omelette—Cod Sounds, Ragout of—Fish Cutlets—Fish, Forcemeat—Fricandelles of Fish—Haddock, dried—Haddock, dressed—Haddock, baked—Halibut, stewed—Halibut, colloped—Halibut a la Crème—Herrings, fresh, baked—Herrings, potted—Mackerel, stewed—Mackerel, boiled—Mackerel, broiled—Fish with Marinade—Matelote of Fish—Pike, roasted—Pike, baked—Salmon, crimped a la Crème—Salmon, au naturel—Salmon, baked—Salmon, boiled—Salmon, broiled—Salmon, collared—Salmon, dried—Pickled Fish—Potted Fish—Ragout of Fish—Shad, roasted—Shad, preserved—Shad, broiled—Shad, baked—Shrimps—Smelts, fried—Fish, Smelts, broiled—Fish, Smelts, baked—Soles, fried—Fish, Stewed, Hebrew fashion—Sturgeon Cutlets—Sturgeon, stewed—Trout, roasted—Trout, fried—Trout, in the foreign mode—Trout, & la Genevoise—Trout, a laPrincesse Royale—Trout, a la Twickenham—Oysters, a llmperiale—Oysters, Breaded—Oysters, Broiled—Oyster Curry—Oyster Forcemeat—Oyster Fritters—Oyster Garniture for Omelettes—Oyster Pie with Sweetbread—Oysters, Pickled—Oysters, Eoasted—Oyster Rolls—Oyster Sausages—Oysters, Scalloped—Oyster, Stewed—Oysters with Brown Sauce—Oysters with White Sauce—Crabs, Boiled—Crabs, Minced—Crabs, Soft Shelled—Crab Soup—Crabs, Stewed— Eels a la Tartare—Eels, bread crumbed—Eels, collared—Eels, fried—Eel Pie—Eels, spitchcocked—Eels, stewed—Lobster, boiled—Lobster, curried—Lobster, Croquettes of—Lobster, Garniture for Omelettes—Lobster, au gratin—Lobster, Salad, Italian

SAUCES: Anchovy Butter Sauce—Anchovy Butter of Sauce—Anchovy for Fish Sauce—a T Allemande Sauce—Apple Sauce—Bechamel Sauce—Beef Gravy—French Receipt Sauce—Blanche Sauce—Blonde of Veal Sauce—Bread Sauce—Brown Sauce—Brown Cucumber Sauce—Brown, Mushroom Sauce—Soyer's Sauce—Brown Thickening Sauce—Caper Sauce—Caper, a la Francaise Sauce—Caper, for Meat Sauce—White Sauce—Carrack or Indian Sauce—Celery Sauce—Chestnut Sauce—Chetney and Quihi Sauce—Cod Sauce—Cranberry Sauce—Cullis Sauce—Currant. Sauce—Curry Powder Sauce—Curry, Kitchener's Sauce—Curry Powders Sauce—Demi Glaze Sauce—Dutch, French Receipt, Sauce—Ee Sauce—Egg Sauce—Epicurean Sauce—Eschalot Sauce—Sauce for Fish—Sauce, Fresh Pork—Sauce for Fricandeau—Garlic Sauce—Gooseberry Sauce—Glaze, French Receipt, Sauce—Sauce, a T Hollandaise—Horseradish Sauce—Hot Spice Sauce—India Pickle Sauce—Lemon, for boiled Fowls Sauce—Lemon, white Sauce, Lobster—Sauce, Lobster, a la Crème—Sauce, Lobster, French—Lobster, simplified Sauce—Lobster and Shrimp, Sauce—Mandram, Sauce—la Magnonnaise Sauce—Maigre Sauce—Maitre de Hotel butter Sauce—Matelote Sauce—Melted Butter Sauce—Melted Butter, to brown, Sauce—Mint Sauce—Mint, for Lamb Sauce—Mint, for Roast Lamb Sauce—Truffle Sauce

SOUPS: Asparagus Soup—Autumn Soup—Baked Soup—Bean Soup—Brown Gravy Soup—Brown, Stock for Soup—Browning for Soup—Cabbage Soup—Cock-a-Leekie Soup—a la Creci or Carrot Soup—Clam Soup—Cottage Soup—Eel Soup—Family Soup—Fish Soup—a la Francaise Soup—Giblet Soup—Gravy Soup—Green Pea Porridge Soup—Hare Soup—Hare or Wild Duck Soup—Harico Soup—Hessian Soup—Hotch Potch Soup—English Soup—Italienne Soup—Jophson's Soup—a la Julienne Soup—Julienne, Soyer's Soup—Jenny Lind's Soup—Lake and Pond Fish Soup—Lamb Soup—Leek or Onion Soup—Leg of Beef Broth Soup—Lobster Soup—Maccaroni Soup—Maccaroni with Consomme Soup—Mock Turtle Soup—Mutton Broth Soup—New England Chowder Soup—Neat's Feet Soup—Ochra Soup—Onion Soup—Ox-tail Soup—Oyster Soup—Partridge Soup—Pepperpot Soup—Pigeon Soup—Potage a la Reine (Udos) Soup—Pot au feu, French Soup—Pot au feu Soup—Sturgeon Soup—Soup, a la Keine Victoria—Rice Cream Soup—Snapping Turtle Soup—Sheep's Head Soup—Stock for White Soup—Tomato Soup—Venison Soup—Winter Vegetable Soup—Spinach Soup

WINE: Blackberry Wine—Black Currant Wine—Cherry Wine—Currant Wine—Elder Wine—Eltierflower Wine—Ginger Wine—Gooseberry Wine—Green Gooseberry Wine—Port Jelly Wine—Wine of Mixed Fruits—Mulled Wine—Wine to mull—Posset Wine—Wine Punch—Rhubarb Wine—Valencia Wine—Whey Wine

VINEGARS: Aromatic Vinegar—Camp Vinegar—Celery Vinegar—Chili Vinegar—Cider Vinegar—Cucumber Vinegar—Elderflower Vinegar—Flavored Vinegar—Fleur d' Orange Vinegar—Gooseberry Vinegar—Henry's Vinegar—Horseradish Vinegar—Vinegar for India Pickle—Vinegar Infusion of Flowers—Mint Vinegar—Nasturtium, Vinegar—Raspberry Vinegar—a la Rose Vinaigre—Rosat Vinaigres—Vinaigres Scintilliques—Sugar Vinegar—Thieves Vinegar—Vinegar de Toilette—Vinaigre, Virginale—Walnut Vinegar

Christmas Pie—Beefsteak Pie—Beefsteak and Oyster Pie—Calf's Head Pie—Calf's Head or Calf's Foot Pie—Calf's Foot and Kidney Pie—Chicken Pie—Cocoanut Pie—Codfish Pie—Cold Veal or Chicken Pies—Cold Pie—Cracker Pies—Duck Pies—Game Pie—Giblet Pie, Gooseberry and other Fruits, Pie—Peach Pie—Pigeon Pie—Plain Custard Pies—Pumpkin Pie—Rabbit Pies—Veal and Ham Pie—Veal and Oyster Pie, Veal and Sausage

PUDDINGS: Almond Pudding—Batter Pudding—the Baked Plum Pudding—Baked Apple Pudding—Beef Steak Pudding—Bird's Nest Pudding—Black Cap Pudding—Boston Pudding—Boston Cracker Pudding—Brandy Pudding—Bread Pudding—Bread and Butter Pudding—Brown Bread Pudding—Demi Plum Pudding—Chocolate Pudding—Cocoanut Pudding—Chicken, baked Pudding—English Plum Pudding—Farina Pudding—Fine German Pudding—Fish Pudding—Frozen Pudding—Fruit Pudding—Game Pudding—Goose Pudding—Ground Eice Pudding—Ground Eice with Fruit Pudding—Indian Pudding—Lemon Pudding—Mutton Pudding—Oatmeal Pudding—Orange Pudding—Pumpkin Pudding

DESSERTS & JELLIES—Ice Cream, Almond—Ice Cream, Wagner's Vanilla—Ice Cream, Wagner's Lemon—Ice Cream, Wagner's Strawberry—Icing for Fruit Pies and Tarts—Italian Cream—Italian Pastes—Arrowroot Jelly—transparent, Jelly—Aspic Jelly—Calf's Foot Jelly—cheap Calf's Foot Jelly--clear Apple Jelly Cake—Coloring for Jelly—Cranberry Jelly—Chicken Jelly—Currant Jelly--Easy and excellent Receipt for Jelly—Iceland Moss Jelly—Jellies for Meat or raised Pies—Port Wine Jelly—Quince, Jelly—Strengthening Jelly—Tapioca Jelly—New Year's Cookies

COSMETICS & PERFUMERY—Almond Perfume—Bath of Oil—Composition for the Skin—Curling Hair Fluid—Eau de Bouquet de Flore—Eau de Chypre—Eau de Cologne—Eau d' Ambre Eoyale—Eau de Elegance—Eau Jaune a 1' Amaryllis—Eau de Javelle—Eau de Miel—Eau de vie Lavand—Goulard Lotion—Hair Dyes—Hair Wash—Hair Water— Pommade de Beaute—Pommade for chapped lips—Pommade, Victoria—Pommade, des Sultanes—Pommade, de Ninon de 1' Encloa—Pommade for Tumors—Pommade for Corns—Rose Face Powder—Rose Lip Salve—Frangipanne Soap—Soap, to keep—Transparent Soap—Soap, cut and dry

MEDICAL—Syrup of Almonds—Essence of Anchovies—Cold Cream, Almond—Cold Cream, Eose—Cold Cream, Violet—Bruise or Sprain—Burns, to relieve—Essence of White Lilac—Essentia Odorifer—Extract d' Ambre—Eyes, Inflammation of, to relieve—Fever Draught—Infusion de Lavande Rouge—Infusion de Camomile Romaine—Infusion of Esprit de Safran—Infusion of Absinthe—Infusion de Canelle—Infusion Esprit de Rhodia—Infusions Spirituous—Medicine for Indigestion— Nipple Liniment— Elderflower Ointment—Simple Ointment—Eesin Ointment—Calamine Ointment—Tea Balm— Tincture of Benzoin—Tincture of Santal-citrin—Tincture of Sassafras

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1873 Antique Victorian Cookbook Household Guide Cookery Recipes Perfumery Vtg:

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