1873 Antique Old West Railroad Stage Overland Pioneer Tourist Guide Western Maps

1873 Antique Old West Railroad Stage Overland Pioneer Tourist Guide Western Maps

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1873 Antique Old West Railroad Stage Overland Pioneer Tourist Guide Western Maps:

CROFUTT’S TRANSCONTINENTAL TOURIST GUIDE, Containing A Full and Authentic Description of Over Five Hundred Cities, Towns, Villages, Stations, Government Forts and Camps, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Sulphur Soda and Hot Springs, Scenery, Watering Places, Summer Resorts; Where To Look for and Hunt the Buffalo, Antelope, Deer and Other Game; Trout Fishing etc., etc. In fact, to tell you what is worth seeing – where to see it – where to go – how to go – and whom to stop with while passing over the Union Pacific Railroad, Central Pacific Railroad of California, Their Branches and Connections, by Stage and Water, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Fifth Vol. Fourth Annual Revise. Published in 1873 by Geo. A. Crofutt, Publisher, New York. 7” x 5.5” hardcover. Illustrated with text illustrations and foldout maps. 224 pages.

Condition: GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Exterior as shown in photo. Binding is firm and secure. Text is clean and complete. Includes three foldout maps -- The Transcontinental Railroad; Salt Lake City; and the Yellowstone Country. The map of Omaha is absent. Otherwise very nice. And VERY rare.

Provenance: A handwritten inscription inside the front cover reads, "Theodor Schansenbach bought this Guide at the Chicago Rock Island Ry., October 17, '73." Theodor Schansenbach was born in Germany in 1852. He emigrated to America and on October 17, 1873, at the age of 21,. found himself at the station of the Chicago Rock Island Railway, which for him, at that moment, was the crossroads of the world. How far West Theodor traveled in search of his fortune is unknown, but my guess is Utah. An 1884 Utah Gazetteer and Business Directory lists Theodor Schansenbach as an employee of firm of F.J. Keisel & Co., at the corner of 5th and Spring St. in Logan City, Utah. Theodor spent the rest of his life in Utah. Raised a family there. In 1916, when he was 64 years old, Theodor Schansenbach died at Ogden. This copy of CROFUTT'S TRANSCONTINENTAL TOURIST GUIDE is the only surviving memento of a pivotal journey in the life of a young American emigrant. It testifies to the sense of wonder this 21-year-old man experienced on his trip West, a trip so meaningful that he took the time to carefully record in writing -- in English, his second language -- the purchase of this tourist guide. As Theodor Schansenbach set out to find his destiny in the western lands beyond the Mississippi, he wrote this inscription, perhaps even as his train pulled out of the station. It is nothing less than a testament to the American Dream.


This is an authentic 1873 travel guide to the frontier lands west of the Missouri River, from Omaha, Nebraska all the way to the Pacific Coast. A book that travelers and emigrants purchased at way stations and carried with them for the duration of their journey to California and other western destinations.

Picture it spread open on the lap of some wide-eyed soul heading west, gazing from the window of a steam train chugging through mountain passes or across the open prairie.

That’s exactly the kind of book this is – an illustrated guide to the wonders of the New West, a land where the hills were rich with promise and possibilities were as wide open as the Pacific Ocean.

In this book you will find all the information a 19th-century traveler needed to plan an extended journey into the great northwest, complete with information about train, stage and steamer connections.

As the title of the book plainly states, it is the author’s goal to “tell you what is worth seeing – where to see it – where to go – how to go – and whom to stop with while passing over the Union and Central Pacific Railroads, the Utah Central Railroad, and the Denver & Rio Grande, their branches and connections, by rail and stagecoach, through Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and California.

This book delivers on all counts. A large portion of the text consists of a gazetteer section that provides detailed written sketches of all the stations, cities, towns and villages along the western routes. In these profiles you can find facts about a locale’s topography or natural features, climate, agriculture, industries, amenities, etc. as they existed in the early 1870s.

In this sense the book is more than just a practical guide, it is a descriptive guide as well. Mixed in with the station/city/town information, you’ll find numerous descriptions of points of interest along the way – natural wonders, feats of engineering, sites of historical significance, etc. You will also find antique foldout maps of the Trans-Continental Railroad (about four feet long unfolded!), Salt Lake City, and Yellowstone National Park, a mining map of Utah, and more. There are also period advertisements throughout the book for the traveler’s convenience.

CROFUTT’S TRANSCONTINENTAL TOURIST GUIDE also features 50 antique illustrations drawn directly from photographs (the technology did not yet exist to add photos to books) specially made for this book.

In preparation for publishing his western guides, author George Crofutt spent more than a decade riding the rails and polishing the seats of bumpy stagecoaches. He staked his honor and reputation on the accuracy of his guides. Accuracy and truthfulness were hard to come by back then. Too many publishing houses were eager to cash in on the great westward expansion, so they published poorly researched traveler/emigrant guides full of rosy descriptions and unsubstantiated facts – often to the chagrin of unwary travelers who learned they’d been had only after arriving out west.

Mr. Crofutt states in the Preface:

We believed that a correct, comprehensive and reliable guide-book of the great Pacific Railroad was needed, there being nothing of the kind in existence, and early in the spring of 1869 we commenced our labors to produce one that should in as few words as possible convey to the reader a general idea of the most important places and objects of interest on the line of the Union and Central Pacific Railroad, and immediately tributary thereto, between the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast. Having passed ten years of our life in traversing the far Western country through which this road was built previous to 1869, and having made the GUIDE a specialty ever since, we have had advantages in producing a reliable guide that few, if any, have possessed.

We know the usual practice of book-makers is to “read up” authorities, guess at facts, make a little go a great way, lead the text, use large type and thick paper, so as to make a big book, that will be found to contain many glittering generalities but no reliable facts. Our conception of a guide-book is quite the reverse. The public does not want a big book, but they do want facts, names, dates, distances, illustrations, and condensed telegrams, in the smallest possible space, and for the least possible money.

As the Union & Central Pacific Railroad is the longest in the world, most completely equipped, passes over the broadest plains and the loftiest mountains, and, in fact, is one of the most stupendous and magnificent enterprises in the world, why should it not have a guide-book of corresponding worth? It has been the author’s aim to produce one, and we leave our readers to judge whether the present volume approximates the aim desired.

For your convenience, I’ve personally prepared some summaries of the Contents, including a detailed summary of all the cities, towns, villages, military forts and outposts discussed in the gazetteer portion of the book, along with a summary of the different railroads profiled in the text. There is also a summary of the illustrations featured in the book. You can even see some of these historic images for yourself down below.

All of this is to help you make an informed decision when offerding. I hope you’ll take a few moments to have a look.


PART ONE ~ OCEAN TO OCEAN: West to the Missouri River * Our Ten Commandments * Around the World * Boston * New York * Philadelphia * Baltimore * Capitol at Washington * Cincinnati * Chicago * St. Louis * Council Bluffs * The Missouri River Bridge * Our Western Country * The Far West * How Changed! All is Changed! * A Brief History * Land Grant * Rolling Stock * Importance of the Road * Look Back a Little * 1860-1870 * Now Let Us Reason Together

PART TWO ~ THE UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD: Material Used and How Obtained * The Union Pacific Railroad Depot * The Land Department * The Town Lot Department * Machine Shop * The Foundry * Blacksmith Shop * The Store Room * Stationary Engine, Water-Tank, Etc * The City of Omaha * Omaha Barracks * Railroads * The Omaha and Northwestern Railway * The Omaha and Southwestern Railway * One Word More and We Are Off!

Stations, Cities, Towns & Points of Interest on the Union Pacific Railroad : Summit Siding * Gillmore * Papillion * Elkhorn * Valley * Fremont * The Platte River * Ketchum * North Bend * Rodgers * Schuyler * Richland * Columbus * Jackson (a Flag Station) * Silver Creek Station * Clark’s Station * Lone Tree * Chapman’s Station * Grand Island * Alda (formerly Pawnee) * Wood River Station * Gibbon * Kearney * Fort Kearney * Stevenson * Elm Creek * Overton * Plum Creek * Cayote * Willow Island * Warren * Brady Island * McPherson * Gannett * North Platte River * North Platte City * The Big Horn Country * Nichols * O’Fallon’s Station * Alkali * Roscoe * Ogalalla * Brule * Big Springs * Barton * Julesburg Station * Fort Sedgwick * The South Fork of the Platte River * Chappel * Lodge Pile Station * Colton * Sidney * Brownson (a Flag Station) * Potter * Prairie Dog City * Court House and Chimney Rocks * Bennett * Antelope * Bushnell * Pine Bluffs * Fort Morgan * Egbert * Hillsdale * Archer * Cheyenne City * Early Times in Cheyenne City * Cheyenne City Newspapers * Cheyenne City Schools and Churches * Cheyenne Trade, Banks, Hotels, Etc. * Company Shops at Cheyenne * Cheyenne Agriculture * Mines at Cheyenne * Fort D.A. Russell * Fort Laramie * Fort Fetterman * Fort Casper * Fort Reno * Fort Phil Kearny * Fort C.F. Smith * Leaving Cheyenne for Denver * Denver Pacific Railroad * Greeley * Evans * Denver City * Newspapers of Denver * Denver Board of Trade * Narrow Gauge Railroads * The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad * Colorado Springs * Soda Springs * The Garden of the Gods * Pueblo City * Golden * Black Hawk and Central City * Idaho City and Mineral Springs * Georgetown * Colorado Territory * Precious Stones * Agriculture * The Mining Interest of Colorado * Coal Fields and Iron Ore * The Back Bone of the American Content * The Parks * Hazard Station * Otto * Granite Canyon * Buford * Sherman * Company Shops, Station, Town &c * The Winters and the Weather * Creeks, Streams and Springs * Fish and Game * Doherty’s Description * Dale Creek Bridge * Cache a la Poudre River and Valley * Scenery Around the Station and Valley * Harney * Red Buttes * Fort Sanders Station * Laramie City * Company Shops * Woman Jury * Stock Raising * Laramie Plains * Points of Interest About Laramie * Mines * The Snowy Range * General Characteristic of the Country * Howell’s * Wyoming Station * Cooper’s Lake Station * Lookout * Miser Station * Rock Creek Station * Wilcox * Como * Medicine Bow River * Carbon Station * Simpson * Percy * Dana * St. Mary’s * Walcotts * Fort Fred Steele * Benton City * Platte River above the Fort * Grenville * Rawlins Springs * Separation Station * Creston * Wash-a-Kie Station * Red Desert * Table Rock * Bitter Creek Station * Black Buttes * Hallville * Point of Rocks * Sweetwater Mines * The Mines * South Pass City * Atlantic City * Hamilton City * Salt Wells Station * Van Dykes * Rock Springs * Green River Station * Green River City * Green River * Bryan * Granger’s Station * Ham’s Fork * Church Buttes * Hampton * Carter’s Station * Fort Bridger * Memories of Bridger * Bridger Station * Leroy * Piedmont Station * Aspen * Bear River City * Bear River City Riot * Bear River * Millis * Evanston * Wahsatch Station * Castle Rock * Hanging Rock * Mormon Fortifications * Paddy Miles’ Ride * Weber River * Echo City * Parley Park * Weber Canyon * One Thousand Mile Tree * Serrated Rocks or Devil’s Slide * Weber Station * Devil’s Gate Station * Uintah Station * Ogden Station * Ogden City * Promontory

PART THREE ~ UTAH TERRITORY: The Utah Central Railroad * Utah Territory * Settlement of the Territory * Salt Lake City * The Tabernacle * “Gentile Sign” * Hot Springs * Jordan River * Camp Douglas * Sketch of Brigham Young

PART FOUR ~ THE CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD: A Brief History * Hon. Leland Stanford

Stations, Cities, Towns and Points of Interest on the Central Pacific Railroad: Union Junction * Hot Springs * Bonneville * Willard City * Brigham City * Corinne * Montana Territory * Helena * Virginia City * Deer Lodge City * Latest Wonder in the World * Great National Park: Yellowstone * Blue Creek Station * Promontory * The Last Spike * The Great Salt Lake * Colonel Hudnutt’s Survey * Great Shoshone Falls * “Ten Miles of Track in One Day” * Why It Was Done * How It Was Done * Rozel * Lake * Monument * Boise Country * Boise City * Idaho City * Silver City * Owyhee Mines * Matlin * Great American Desert * Terrace Station * Bovine * Lucin * Thousand Spring Valley * Surprise Creek * Pilot Peak * Tecoma * Montello * Loray * Toano Station * Pequop * Otego * Independence * Independence Valley * Clover Valley * Ruby Valley * Ruby and Franklin Lakes * Goshoot Lake * Snow Lake * Ruby Mines * Moor’s * Cedar * Wells * Humboldt Wells * The Valley * Valley of the Humboldt * The Humboldt River * Tulasco * Bishop’s Valley * Bishop’s Creek * Deeth * Halleck * Fort Halleck * Peko * North Fork * The Valley * Osino Canyon * Hill Beachy * Warm Springs * Mines around Elko * The Valley * White Pine * Treasure Hill * Treasure City * Hamilton City * Shermantown * The Great Cave * The South Fork * The Valley * Moleen * Five Mile Canyon * Susan Valley * Maggie’s Creek * Carlin * Division Workshops * Line of Travel * Diamond Valley * Mines * Mary’s Creek * Humboldt Canyon * Palisade Station * Devil’s Peak * Cluro * Gravelly Ford * The Maiden’s Grave * Hot Springs * Be-o-wa-we * Shoshone * Rock Creek * Neetmok * Copper * Argenta * Paradise Valley * Eden Valley * Paradise Creek * Freighting * Copper and Galena Mines * Battle Mountain Station * Mines * Lander County * Austin * Reese River Mining District * Reese River Valley * Battle * Grass Valley * Big Bend of the Humboldt * Quinn’s Valley * Quinn’s River * Crooked Creek * The Little Giant Mine * Stone House * Iron Point * Golconda * Tule * Winnemucca * Company’s Shops * Stage Lines * Freight * Mines and Mills * Mud Lake * Black Rock * Pyramid Lake * Winnemucca Lake * Rose Creek * Raspberry Creek * Mill City * Humboldt * Rye Patch * Mines * Oreana * Bridge Station * Lovelock’s * Great Nevada Desert * Granite Point * Brown’s * Humboldt Lake * Sink of Carson Lake * Carson Lake * Carson River * Carson Valley * Walker’s River * Walker’s Lake * White Plains * Mirage * Hot Springs * Desert * Ten Mile Station * Wadsworth * Company’s Shops * Trade of Wadsworth * Mines Near Wadsworth * Truckee River * Truckee Valley * Clarks * Truckee’s Meadows * Vista * Reno * Mines and Mills * Steamboat Springs * Virginia City * Virginia City Newspapers, Churches and Schools * Gold Hill * Dayton * The Gold Mines * Comstock Lode * Mills * Washoe City * Carson City * Genoa City * Markleville * Silver Mountain * Verdi * Boca * Truckee City * Truckee Newspapers, Schools and Churches * Truckee Hotels * Sacramento and Oregon Divisions * Stage Lines – Their Length * Points of Interest * Lake Tahoe * Tahoe City * Donner Lake * Lake House * Grant House * Coldstream * Fishing and Hunting * “San Francisco Schoolmarms” * The Donner Party * Sierra Valley * Honey Lake * Strong’s Canon * Summit Station * The Tunnels and Snow Sheds * Cascade * Summit Valley * Soda Springs * Tamarack * Cisco * Emigrant Gap * Blue Canyon * China Ranch * Great American Canyon * Alta * Dutch Flat * Stage Line, Freight, &c * Little York * You Bet * Red Dog * Gold Run * C H Mills * Cape Horn * Colfax * Stage Lines and Freight * Grass Valley * Newspapers, Schools, Churches * Hotels * Lines of Travel * Mines, Mills, Etc * Nevada * Newspapers, Schools, and Churches * Hotels * Mines and Mills * North San Juan * Camptonville * Forrest Hill City * Downieville * Eureka South * Lake City * North Bloomfield * Moore’s Flat * Woolsey’s Flat * Glen Brook Race Course * Clipper Gap * Auburn * Alabaster Cave * Newcastle * Pino * Rocklin * Yuba City * The Buttes * Mount Shasta * Marysville * Groville * Chico * Red Bluffs * Antelope * Arcade * American River Bridge * Sacramento Station * Sacramento City * The California Capitol Building * Manufactories * Machine Shops of the Central Pacific Railway * The Car Shop * The Paint Shop * The Iron Department * Blacksmith Shop * Foundry * The Round-House * The Engine * A Relic * The Hospital * Up the Sacramento River * The Tule Lands * Knight’s Landing * Hock Farm * Knight’s Landing * Colusa * Chico Landing * Washington * Davisville * Woodland * Suscol Hills * Napa Junction * Vallejo * Down the Sacramento River * Antioch * Benicia * Martinez * Brighton * Folsom * Placerville * First Gold Discovery * The Foot Hills * Florin * Elk Grove * McConnell’s * Galt * Mokelumne Hill * Mokelumne Station * Mount Diablo * Stockton * Lathrop * San Joaquin Valley * Visalia * Yosemite Valley and the Big Trees * Routes * Mariposa * San Joaquin Bridge * Bantas * Ellis * Midway * Altamont * Pleasanton * Niles * San Jose City * New Almaden Vichy Water * Quicksilver Mines * Santa Clara * Santa Cruz * Decoto * Lorenzo * San Leandro * Melrose * Alameda * Brooklyn * Oakland * Oakland Point * Look at the Pier * Behold! * San Francisco * Good Hotels * Items to Remember * Woodward Gardens * Good-Bye * Seal Rocks * Mission Dolores * Notes at Large * San Quentin * San Rafael * Mt. Tamalpais * Napa City * Sonoma * Calistoga * The Geysers * Petaluma * Santa Rosa * Healdsburgh * Eureka * Los Angeles * San Diego * In Conclusion

RAILROADS INCLUDE: Utah Southern Railroad * Union Pacific Railroad * Central Pacific Railroad * Denver Pacific Railroad * Utah Central Railroad * Colorado Central Railroad * Southern Pacific Railroad * Omaha and Northwestern Railroad * Omaha and Southwestern Railroad * Sioux City and Pacific Railroad * Kansas Pacific Railroad * California Pacific Railroad * Denver and Rio Grande Railroad * Narrow Gauge Railroad * California and Oregon Railroad * Sacramento Valley Railroad * Northern California Railroad * Napa Valley Railroad

UNITED STATES FORTS & CAMPS: Omaha Barracks * Fort Kearney * Fort McPherson * Camp North Platte * Fort Sedgwick * Fort Morgan * Fort D.A. Russell * Fort Laramie * Fort Fetterman * Fort Casper * Fort Reno * Fort Phil Kearney * Fort C.F. Smith * Fort Saunders * Fort Fred Steele * Fort Bridger * Camp Douglas * Fort Halleck

MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS DISCUSSED IN TEXT: Our Western Country * The Far West * Sweet Water Mines * Ham’s Fork Survey * First Gold Discovery * New Almaden Quicksilver Mines * Sketch of Governor Stanford * Missouri River Bridge * Wahsatch Hotel * Notes at Large * Items to Remember * Mission Dolores * Memories of Jim Bridger * Bear River Riot * Echo Canon * Castle Rock * Yellowstone Great National Park * Windmills * Hanging Rock * Mormon Fortifications * Paddy Miles’s Ride * Weber Canyon * Utah Territory * Sketch of Brigham Young * Snow Blockade * Land Department of the Union Pacific Railroad * Town Lot Department of the Union Pacific Railroad * Montana * The Big Horn Country * Memoranda * The Last Spike * Great Salt Lake * Race Course * Colonel Hudnutt’s Survey * Shoshone Falls * Cape Horn * Boise Country * Ten Miles of Track in One Day * The Great American Desert * Pilot Peak * Ruby Mines * Precious Stones * Osino Canyon * Five Mile Canyon * Humboldt Canyon * Tapping Lake Tahoe * Gravelly Ford * Reese River Mining District * Jotting by the Way * Little Giant Mine * Hill Beachy * Indian Battle * Big Bend, Humboldt * Black Rock * The Great Nevada Desert * Neetmok Lands * School Marms * The Donner Party * Tunnels and Snow Sheds * The Capitol of California * O’Fallon’s Bluff * Courthouse Rock * Chimney Rock * Fremont’s Orchard * Garden of the Gods * Sierra Nevada * Parley’s Park * One Thousand Mile Tree * Humboldt Well * The Pier * White Pine * Devil’s Peak * The Maiden’s Grave * Woodward Gardens * Battle Mountain * Truckee Meadows * The Comstock Lode * Silver Mountain * The Coast Range * The Great American Canyon * Grand Island * Willow Island * Brady Island * Seal Rocks * Hock Farm * Colorado * Farallones Islands * Branch Mint * Board of Trade, Denver * Stock Raising * Mountains and Peaks of Colorado * Mining in Colorado * Parks of Colorado * Dale Creek Bridge * Great Cave * The Back Bone of America * Woman Jury * :Laramie Plains * Alabaster Cave * Rolling Stock * Land Grant * The Foot Hills * Tule Lands * The Golden Gate * Route to Yosemite * Big Trees * The Bank of California

ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDE: Illustrated Title Page * Missouri River Railroad Bridge, between Omaha and Council Bluffs * Bird’s eye view of the Plains, from the crossing of Loup Fork River, 94 miles west of Omaha * The Main Depot of the Union Pacific Railroad to be erected at Omaha, Nebraska (foldout illustration) * Honorable Horace F. Clark, President of the Union Pacific Railroad Company * Dale Creek Bridge, Union Pacific Railroad * Hanging Rock, Echo Canyon * Devil’s Slide, Weber Canyon, UPRR * Finger or Needle Rock, Weber Canyon, UPRR * Summit, Sierra Mountains, 10,000 feet high, CPRR * The Valley of the Yellowstone (part of large foldout illustration) * Bloomer Cut, CPRR (part of large foldout illustration) * Palisades, CPRR (part of large foldout illustration) * Wash-a-Kie, Peace Chief of the Shoshone Indians * First Construction Train passing the Palisades, CPRR * Palisades, CPRR * The Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Utah * Interior view of Snow Sheds on the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CPRR * Pulpit Rock, foot of Echo Canyon * One Thousand Mile Tree, west from Omaha * Bill Hickman, The Danite Chief of Utah * Brigham Young, President of the Utah Central Railroad * View of Salt Lake City and Wasatch Mountains in the distance * Mormon Shop Sign * “Gentile Sign” * New Mining Map of Utah compiled from U.S. Government Surveys * Brigham Young’s Residence * Hon. Leland Stanford, President of the Central Pacific Railroad of California * Wasatch Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah * Meeting of the East and the West * Crossing Truckee River, CPRR * Mule train loaded with boilers and machinery weighing 54,000 lbs on route from Elko to White Pine * Donner Lake Boating Party * The Great American Canyon * Constructing snow sheds in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CPRR * Hydraulic Mining * Snow Coverings and Bridge near Cisco * Forest View near Dutch Flat, CPRR * Starvation Camp – stumps cut by the Donner Party, 1846 * Rounding Cape Horn * Bloomer Cut, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CPRR * Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Valley Route * Rail and Stage Route to Big Tree Groves and Yosemite * Tunnel, Livermore Pass * Truckee River near State Line * American River from Cape Horn * Seals or Sea Lions * View of Seal Rock from the Cliff House

MAPS INCLUDE: Crofutt’s New Map of Salt Lake City, Utah (10” x 12” foldout map) * Map of Yellowstone National Park from Surveys made under the direction of F.V. Hayden, U.S. Geologist and Other Authorities, 1871 (10” x 9” foldout map) * Mining Map of Utah * Map to Yosemite and the Big Trees * Map, with Profile Grade, of the Union Pacific Railroad * Map, with Profile Grade, of the Central Pacific Railroad

Note: Some of the photos below are from an 1872 edition I sold on last year; however, the very same pictures are featured in the book currently at sale and appear virtually identical. ALL of the map photos are from the book currently at sale.

Large foldout map of the "Great Trans-Continental Railroad, Union Pacific and Central Pacific," with detail views:

Detail 1:

Detail 2:

Detail 3:

Detail 4:

Two views of advertising on reverse of Trans-Continental Railroad Map:

Remember folks, this is an 1873 original. This book is 140 years old.


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1873 Antique Old West Railroad Stage Overland Pioneer Tourist Guide Western Maps:

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