1874 Atlas State Minnesota 184 Old Maps Lithographs Genealogy Land Ownership A42

1874 Atlas State Minnesota 184 Old Maps Lithographs Genealogy Land Ownership A42

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1874 Atlas State Minnesota 184 Old Maps Lithographs Genealogy Land Ownership A42:

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(please see full table of contents and sample illustrations below)

Title of this Atlas:

An illustrated historical atlas of the

State of Minnesota

Published by A.T. Andreas, Lakeside


Features of this CD-ROM

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3034001 Topographical map of the United States.

3034002 Map of the State of Minnesota, 1874.

3034003 Western Hemisphere. Eastern Hemisphere.

3034004 Geological map of Minnesota by N.H. Winchell, State Geologist. (with maps) Colored to show senatorial ... judicial (and) congressional districts.

3034005 Population, United States Census, 1870: Density, foreign, colored, British American, Swedish and Norwegian.

3034006 Agricultural productions colored ... to show quantity raised ... wheat, hay, corn, cotton, Tobacco.

3034007 Vital statistics, United Census, 1870: Deaths from ... diseases.

3034008 Saint Paul Press Company, publishers of the Saint Paul Press.

3034009 The daily, weekly and tri-weekly St. Paul Pioneer.

3034010 "Eichenwald," residence of J.M. Keller, (with residences of) E.S. Goodrich, Monroe Sheire, James T. Alley, T.M. Newson, St. Paul, Minn.

3034011 View of Assumption Church, St. Paul, Minn.

3034012 St. Paul, Minn.

3034013 Pacific Marble & Granite Works, Ingersoll Block, Cochran & Walsh, St. Paul; Anthony Kelly, Grocer, Minneapolis.

3034014 Plan of the City of St. Paul and vicinity with Capitol, Reform School and Post Office and Custom House.

3034015 Browne & Donnelly, Klein's Block, St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Wilson & Rogers, St. Paul, Minn.

3034016 Dr. S.E. Hyndman, Electro-Medical Institute, Savings Bank of St. Paul, Second National Bank of St. Paul.

3034017 Views of Moore's and Wabashaw blocks, Geo. M. Bennett & Co., N. Bure's School, Books & Stationery, St. Paul, Minn.

3034018 Saint Paul Business College, Lewis' Block, Zimmerman's Photographic Gallery, Wm. R. Burkhard Sportsman's Headquarters, St. Paul, Minn.

3034019 Temme & Schnittger, Manufacturers, A. Stierle Pharmacy, L. Allis residence, Condit & Lambie's Drug Store, P.R.L. Hardenbergh, Leather & Findings, St. Paul, Minn.

3034020 St. Paul Harvester Works, residences of C.H. Bigelow and E.M. Deane, St. Paul, Minn.

3034021 J.C. Burbank and R. Barden residences, St. Paul, Minn.

3034022 Residences of H.H. Sibley, Wm. Nettleton, J.A. Wheelock, St. Paul and Greenhouse & nursery of L.M. Ford, Ramsey Co., Minn.

3034023 Park Place Hotel, Greenman House, Noyes Brothers & Cutler, St. Paul, Minn.

3034024 Minneapolis, Minn

3034025 Map of Ramsey County, Minn.

3034026 Plan of the City of Minneapolis and vicinity, with Minnehaha Falls.

3034027 Map of Hennepin County, Minn.

3034028 The City Hall of Minneapolis, Minn.

3034029 Grimshaw and Town, Jas. L. Spink, Richardson's Livery, Boarding & Sale Stable, C.E. Whelpley, O.E. Spear Shop, Union Paint Shop, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034030 North Star Iron Works, Washburn, Day & Co., Office of C.W. Putnam, Gallery of Wm. Brown, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034031 Mills & lumberyard of J. Dean & Co., Minnehaha Carriage Works, the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034032 Brackett's Block, Barnard's Business College and Telegraphic Inst., Beal's Photographic Studio, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034033 Residences of W.D. Washburn, O.A. Pray, C.D. Dorr, Minneapolis, W.H. Veazie, Marine, Mrs. H.L. Cleason, Wayzata, J.P. Miller, Minnetonka.

3034034 Minnesota scenery: Dead River Valley, and "Woodburn," residence of E.M. Wilson, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034035 Court House of Stillwater, Minn., residences of J. P. Furber, O.V. Cowell, H. House, Cottage Grove Tp., P.A. Bergsma, Anoka, Houston & Co's. Sash, Door & Blind Factory, Anoka, Minn.

3034036 Map of Washington County, Minn., St. Croix Valley Academy, Afton.

3034037 Map of Stillwater, Washington Co., Minn.

3034038 North Western Mills of Hersey, Bean & Brown, St. Croix Timber Company, Stillwater, Minn.

3034039 Residence, Lumberyard & Mills of I. Staples, residence of Mrs. B.D. Nelson, First National Bank, Stillwater; Residence of O. Walker, Marine, Minn.

3034040 Seymour, Sabin & Co., residences of R.J. Wheeler, M. Webster, E.W. Durant, Stillwater, Minn.

3034041 State Prison of Minnesota, Stillwater; Walker, Judd & Veazie, Marine; View of residence & store of S.W. Furber, Cottage Grove.

3034042 Map of Hastings, Dakota Co., Minn.

3034043 Map of Dakota County, Minn.

3034044 Residences of J. Lanphear and J.N. Bill, Waterford Tp., and J.W. Works, E.B. Higgins, C. Livingston and S. Harnden, Castle Rock Tp., Minn.

3034045 Residences of H. Derham and J. Gilman, Rosemount Tp., Dakota Co., Minn.

3034046 Residences of H. Derham and J. Gilman, Rosemount Tp., Dakota Co., Minn.

3034047 Residences of M. Johnston, A.S. Bradford, S.C. Headley, A. Whittier, Empire Tp., Dakota Co., Minn.

3034048 Shakopee, Scott Co., Minn.

3034049 Map of Scott County, Minn.

3034050 Map of Carver County, Minn.

3034051 Map of Chaska and Map of Carver, Carver Co., Minn., with 4 views.

3034052 Residence & farm of J. Chase, Mapleton Tp., View of Mankato House, Sullivan & Terry's Works, Residence of R. Thurston, Ceresco Township, Minn.

3034053 Map of the City of St. Peter, Minn.

3034054 Insane Hospital, Public School Building, Nicollet House, St. Peter, Minn.

3034055 Counties of Brown and Nicollet, Minn. with residences in Le Sueur, Milford and Lone Tree Lake.

3034056 Rapidan Mills and residences in Rapidan Tp., Mankato and St. Peter; Normal School, Mankato; and Turner Hall, New Ulm, Minn.

3034057 Map of Blue Earth County, Minn.

3034058 Map of the City of Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minn.

3034059 Map of Le Sueur County, Minn.

3034060 Evergreen and Guilford Place, residences, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034061 "Nicollet House," J. Orth's Brewery, A. Zahler's Brewery, Minneapolis, Minn.

3034062 Academy of Music, Merchants Natl. Bank, Williams Blk., J.J. Provan, E. Nash, Minneapolis.

3034063 Moorhead Clay Co., Residence of J.D. Ray, Duluth, Minnehaha Spring Bed of Lupton Bros., Minneapolis, Minn.

3034064 "Oakwood Farm," Danielson Tp.; Hines & Butler's elevator, Litchfield; Res. of O. Whitney, Kingston Tp.; Res. & stables of Hanscom & Dunn, Willmar, Minn.

3034065 Residences of W. Murphy and others, hotels and store in Dakota County, Marine, Faribault, Nininger and Hastings, Minn.

3034066 Union Presbyterian and Blessed Trinity Catholic churches in St. Peter and New Ulm, Appleton, residences and buildings in Nicollet Co. and New Ulm, Minn.

3034067 Counties of Cottonwood, Murray, Pipestone, Jackson, Nobles and Rock, Minn.

3034068 Montevideo, Granite Falls, and H. Hill residence, Minnesota.

3034069 Map of Rice County, Minn

3034070 Map of Faribault, Rice County, Minn.

3034071 Shattuck School, Faribault; Willis Hall, Carleton College; Rice Co. Court House, Faribault, Minn.

3034072 Deaf and Dumb Inst. of the State of Minnesota, St. Mary's Hall, livery of J.H. Harding, res. of M.T. Miller, Citizens Natl. Bank, Faribault, Minn.

3034073 Maps of New Auburn and New Ulm, Minn.

3034074 Map of Le Sueur, Map of Cleveland, Le Sueur Co., Minn.

3034075 Map of Goodhue County, Minn.

3034076 Map of Red Wing, Goodhue Co., Minn.

3034077 Red Wing Inst. and residences in Nininger, and Leon and Minneola Tps., Minn.

3034078 Residences, mills, farms and businesses in Red Wing and Goodhue County, Minn.

3034079 Roman Catholic church, residences, farms, businesses in Wabasha Co. Minn.

3034080 Christ Church, Red Wing and Swedish Lutheran Church, Vasa, Minn.

3034081 Residences and stores in Zumbrota and Norway, Goodhue Co., Minn.

3034082 Factory, stores and residences in Red Wing, Aspeland and Warsaw Tp., Minn.

3034083 Map of Lake City, and Map of Wabasha, Wabasha Co., Minn.

3034084 Map of Wabasha County, Minn.

3034085 Residences, farm, and businesses in Elgin Tp., Plainview and Wabasha, Minn.

3034086 Residences & farm of G. Bryant and W.H. Feller, Elgin Tp., Wabasha Co., Minn.

3034087 Residences in Mt. Pleasant Tp., Wabasha Co., Minn.

3034088 Map of Winona County, Minn., Soldiers Orphan's Home and Office of the Winona Republican.

3034089 Residences, farms, brewery and stable in Winona and Winona County, Minn.

3034090 Winona, Minn.

3034091 Residences and farms of Eldridge, Harvey and Monk in Winona County, Minn.

3034092 Map of Winona, Minn., with view of State Normal School.

3034093 Residences of B. Ellsworth and others, and flour mill in Winona County, Minn.

3034094 First Universalist Church, Minneapolis, St. Johns College, Rolling Stone Catholic Church, and residence and stores in Stearns, Winona and Olmsted counties, Minn.

3034095 Public School, Court House, residences and businesses, Rochester and Olmsted Co., Minn.

3034096 Map of Rochester, Minn.

3034097 Map of Olmsted County, Minn.

3034098 St. John's Roman Catholic Church with views of businesses, Rochester, Minn.

3034099 Residences, businesses, and Town of Eyota, Olmsted Co. and Rochester, Minn.

3034100 Residences in Rochester, Mantorville Township, and Concord, Dodge Co., Minn.

3034101 Residences of Greenwood, Carroll, Moody and Lawson in Olmsted Co., Minn.

3034102 Residences and breweries in Rochester, Mantorville, and Rochester Tp., Minn.

3034103 Residences in Rochester and in Dodge and Olmsted counties, Minn.

3034104 Residences and farm buildings in Owatonna, Rochester, and Dodge Co., Minn.

3034105 Wesleyan Methodist Seminary, Wasioja, and residences in Dodge Co., Minn.

3034106 Dodge County.

3034107 Map of Steele County.

3034108 Residences, farms and businesses in Steele Co., Owatonna, Ashland, Kasson and Dodge Center, Minn.

3034109 Map of Owatonna, Map of Mantorville, Plat of Northfield, Map of Kasson, Minn.

3034110 Clear Lake, Waseca, and residences and hotel in Madelia, and Dodge and Waseca cos., Minn.

3034111 Map of Waseca, Map of East Janesville, Map of Wilton, Minn.

3034112 Map of Waseca County.

3034113 Counties of McLeod and Sibley, Minnesota, with three views.

3034114 Map of Rushford, Fillmore Co., Minn. Map of Spring Valley.

3034115 Map of the City of Albert Lea, Freeborn Co., Minn ... 1874.

3034116 Map of Freeborn County.

3034117 Counties of Watonwan and Martin, Minn.

3034118 Map of Faribault County.

3034119 Map of Winnebago City; Map of Blue Earth City; Map of Wells; Dodge Center, Minn.

3034120 Map of Mower County.

3034121 Rushford Wagon & Carriage Co., Lanesboro Hotel, & Haslerud residence & farm.

3034122 Ballard residence, Albert Lea, and Goslee farm residences, Freeborn Co., Minn.

3034123 Residences, bank & livery stable, Albert Lea; Residence, Freeborn Co., Minn.

3034124 Residences and businesses in Austin, Chatfield, Lanesboro, Fountain, Spring Valley and Fillmore, Minn.

3034125 Map of Austin, Mower Co. and Map of Preston, Fillmore Co., Minn.

3034126 Map of Fillmore County.

3034127 Map of Chatfield, Map of Caledonia, Minn.

3034128 Map of Houston County, Minn.

3034129 Residences, La Crescent, Caledonia & Brownsville; Brownsville Brewery, Minn.

3034130 Views of the German Catholic Churches, Lanesboro, Chatfield & Fountain, Minn.

3034131 Residences in Amherst and other towns in Fillmore and Houston counties, Minn.

3034132 St. Peter's Church, Caledonia, and four residences in Houston County, Minn.

3034133 Residences and factory in St. Cloud; Benedict residence in Sauk Rapids, Minn.

3034134 Map of Stearns County, Minn.

3034135 View of Sauk Rapids, Normal School in St. Cloud, residences in Sauk Rapids.

3034136 Map of Sauk Rapids, Map of Sauk Centre, Minn.

3034137 Map of Anoka, Anoka County, Minn.

3034138 Residence, farm, church and drug store, Anoka; Flourmill, Marine, Minn.

3034139 Counties of Sherburne, Benton, and south part of Mille Lacs, Minn.

3034140 Map of Anoka County, Minn.

3034141 Counties of Pine, Kanabec, Isanti & Chisago, Minn., 1874.

3034142 School, seminary, residences and business in Hutchinson, Glencoe, Clear Water and Kingston, Minn.

3034143 Map of Todd, Morrison, Crow Wing counties; parts of Mille Lacs, Aitkin & Cass.

3034144 Residence in Hutchinson, and residences and A.H. Reed & Co. in Glencoe, Minn.

3034145 Map of Wright County, Minn.

3034146 Map of Meeker County, Minn.

3034147 Map of the City of St. Cloud ... Minnesota.

3034148 Map of Glencoe, Map of Henderson, Minn.

3034149 Residences, church, hotel, school, jail, store, St. Cloud, Sauk Centre, Willmar, Moorhead and Lac Qui Parle Co., Minn.

3034150 Residences, farms, mill in and near Litchfield and Cedar Mills Tp., Minn.

3034151 Manannah Mills, Manannah, and Forest City Flour Mills, Forest City, Minn.

3034152 View of Public Park and residence, Litchfield; Residence in Willmar, Minn.

3034153 Map of Litchfield; Plan of Willmar; Brainerd, Minnesota.

3034154 Map of Kandiyohi County.

3034155 Map of Swift, Chippewa & Lac Qui Parle counties, Minn.

3034156 Counties of Renville, Redwood, Yellow Medicine, Lincoln & Lyon, Minn.

3034157 Counties of Grant, Traverse, Big Stone & Stevens, Minn.

3034158 Counties of Clay, Wilkin, Becker, Otter Tail and part of Wadena.

3034159 Map of Northern Minnesota, 1874.

3034160 Map of Douglas and Pope counties, Minn.

3034161 Map of Lanesboro, Map of Brownsville, Minn.

3034162 Map of Duluth, St. Louis Co., Minn.

3034163 Residence of C.A. de Graff, sec. 4, Alton Tp., Waseca Co., Minn.

3034164 Village of Preston, and South Ruthford and Sprague's Mills, Fillmore Co., Minn.

3034165 Flour mills, Isenours; Glenwood and Lake Whipple; residence, New Ulm; P.T. Scotland & Co., Albert Lea.

3034166 Lanesboro Company, Lanesboro, and residences in Winona County, Minn.

3034167 (Portraits of) Public men: W.W. Phelps, M.S. Wilkinson, Ignatius Donnelly, Thos. H. Armstrong, Wm. H. Yale, Wm. Windom, C.K. Davis, A. Barto, Wm. R. Marshall, Horace Austin, Stephen Miller, Willis A. Gorman.

3034168 (Portraits of) Attorneys: W.M. McCluer, E.G. Butts, O.H. Comfort, John Van Dyke, L. Van Slyck, Hollis R. Murdock, D.M. Taber, Fayette Marsh, Daniel Pickit, R. Reynolds, W. Hammons, E.T. Wilder, Chas E. Norgord, Chas Walker, Sylvester Kipp, N.H. Miner, L.M. Brown, J.V. Brower, M.Q. Butterfield, W.W. Pinney, James O'Brien, James C. Edson, Henry Hinds, Henry A. Castle.

3034169 (Portraits of) Early settlers: Chris Graham, John Day, Calvin Potter, E. Ellsworth, Wm. P. Tanner, Robert Deakin, Jonathan Miller, G.W. Gould, J.W. Hancock, Alonzo Dibble, B.H. Randall, Wm. Varner, Col. S. McPhail, John S. Hinckley, M.S. Chandler, J.H. Linnemann, L.W. Stratton, Kjostol Gunderson Naeseth, A. McWright, E.C. Stacy, Axel H. Reed, Henry Nelson.

3034170 (Portraits of) Early settlers of Minnesota: N.W. Kittson, H.H. Sibley, Henry M. Rice, Aaron Goodrich, Edmund Rice, Nathan Myrick, A.L. Larpenteur, John S. Prince, Merrill Ryder, Maj. Joseph R. Brown, Alexander Ramsey, Major W.H. Forbes.

3034171 (Portraits of) Early settlers: Henry S. Bassett, Thomas Simpson, A.J. Stevens, A.W. White, H.D. Brown, W.H. Dill, W.C. Morrison, J.C. Burbank, W.P. Murray, Geo. L. Becker, A.H. Cathcart, J.W. Cathcart, Lyman Dayton, Henry L. Moss, A.T.C. Pierson, J.R. Irvin, Geo. G. Stevens, C.F. Buck, S.S. Stebbins, Anson Northrup.

3034172 (Portraits of) Early settlers: Pierre Bottineau, C.W. Christmas, Ard Godfrey, Chas. Hoag, Geo. A. Brackett, E.M. Wilson, Dana E. King, John Jackins, J.T. Grimes, C.D. Dorr, Hugh G. Harrison, Geo. E. Huy.

3034173 (Portraits of) Early settlers: D. Morrison, John G. Lennon, Col. John H. Stevens, Allen Harmon, W.S. King, Franklin Steele, Gen. W.D. Washburn, R.P. Russell, Geo. F. Brott, Isaac Atwater, Edward Murphy, S.W. Furnham.

3034174 (Portraits of) Physicians: N.M. Bemis, N.B. Hill, James T. Alley, J.H. Stewart, C.G. Goodrich, Alfred Muller, S.V. Groesbeck, A.H. Lindley. Miscellaneous: Judge F.J. Whitlock, Edward R. Welles, D.D., Bishop of Wisconsin, Judge J.W. Cook, Geo. N. Baxter, H.W. Lamberton.

3034175 (Portraits of) Physicians: J.P. Waste, J.R.M. Gaskill, E.H. Lewis, Wm. W. Sweney, J.H. Murphy, A.E. Ames, J.E. Tebbets, L.S. Thompson, O.H. Hall, C. Carli, W.R. McMahan, S. Watkins, J.E. Finch, Absalom B. Stuart, D.W. Hand, W.W. Mayo, T.R. Potts, James M. Cole, Franklin Staples, L.A. Kelly, Chr. Gronvold, Martin Hagan.

3034176 (Portraits of) Representatives and ex-representatives: Nathan Richardson, Peter Roy, R.M. Richardson, A.J. Grover, L. Robbers, John Gage, E.W. Trask, E.W. Frink, W.E. Hicks, John Taylor, F.E. Du Troit, Henry Hill, G.A. Wells, Augustus Armstrong, T.M. Metcalf, David Day, James Starkey, H.H. Miller, A.R. Hall, J.N. Rogers, W.H. Wood, W.W. Braden.

3034177 (Portraits of) Senators and ex-senators: L.L. Baxter, L.A. Evans, T.G. Pearson, C.F. Brown, John W. Peterson, John Miller, Luke Miller, William Meighen, W.T. Bonniwell, Samuel S. Beman, John L. MacDonald, Seagrave Smith, E. St. Julien Cox, John Stanton, J.A. Thatcher, R.G. Murphy, J.S. Pillsbury, James Smith, Jr., Thos. S. Buckham, E.F. Drake, William Pfaender.

3034178 (Portraits of) Lumber dealers: Geo. H. Warren, G.W. Houghtaling, Geo. B. Judd, Charles Bean, Jacob Bean, Orange Walker, Asa Libby, Isaac Staples, Levi Butler. Merchants: Wm. P. Brown, S.B. Barteau, Thos. P. Kellett, H.P. Packard, Sam. E. Adams, Capt. E.L. Baker, Valentin Eppel. (with views).

3034179 (Portraits of) Real estate dealers: J.R. Tinkcom, Geo. H. Johnston, Lyman P. White, N.J.W. Kranz, Albert Knight, Andrew Holes, L.R. Moyer, J.D. Baker, Samuel E. Everett, Jay R. Hinckley, Maj. G.H. Clark, Geo. B. Arnold. Miscellaneous: Prof. W.F. Phelps, Pennock Pusey, Mrs. Julia A.A. Wood, J.Q.A. Wood, Dr. J.B. Phillips, Prof. W.P. Hood, Mrs. G. Lulsdorff, Mrs. John S. Hinckley, Mrs. Henry Hinds, Prof. A. Haines, F.M. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. P.K. Johnson, E.S. Rosebrook, G.C. Burt.

3034180 (Portraits of) Editors and ex-editors: Wm. R. Todd, J.C. Ervin, T.A. Perrine, James E. Child, Frank Daggett, Liberty Hall, Will. H. Lamb, Chas. R. McKenney, Wm. B. Herriott, S.H. Cady, A.B. Easton, C.A. Lounsberry, Wm. B. Griswold, D. Blakely, B.B. Herbert, Joseph A. Wheelock, W.A. Hotchkiss, F.W. Drake, Clifford Thomson, W.A. Croffut, Louis E. Fisher, Earle S. Goodrich.

3034181 (Portraits of) Military men: Major M. Cook, Gen. L.F. Hubbard, Major Geo. H. Camp, Gen. Israel Garrard, Col. T.J. Sheehan, Col. Jas. George, Col. William Colvill, Gen. John B. Sanborn. Clergymen: Eric Norelius, H.B. Whipple, D.C. John, David S. Kiehle, Gideon H. Pond.

3034182 (Portraits of) Early settlers: H.G. McCaleb, Geo. Healy, Thomas Brooks, F.T. Olds, E. Daman, J.V. Daniels, W.L. Brackenridge, John R. Cook, E.C. Cross, M.D., A.C. Smith, R. Cornforth, Capt. A. Harkins, Samuel Eaton, William Holmes, Fred Smithson, Oscar G. Wall, Geo. Baihly, J.D. Blake. Farmers: H. Thompson, T. Carlos Jewett, John M. Bayard, Geo. B. Dresbach.

3034183 (Portraits of) Farmers: Frank L. Meachum, J.R. Smith, William Tubbs, S.S. Phelps, H.H. Dickmann, P.H. Rahilly, S. Jenkins, C.R. Read, Stanford C. Holland, Samuel LaMont, John McDonald, Charles Goodsell, James B. Atkinson, J.H. Gates, Josiah F. Lewis, F.M. Skillman, Russell Warren, Chas. E. Cutts, R.F. Humiston, J.C. Stearns, C.A. DeGraff, Ashley C. Riggs.

3034184 (Portraits of) Miscellaneous: W.H. Greenleaf, J.C. Braden, Benj. F. Melvin, G.A. Carlson, D.C. Hill, S.B. Foot, John M. Waldren, Ign. Gutzwiller, Jr., Capt. E.E. Heerman, H.H. Williams, S.A. Bigelow, J.B. Blanchard, C.R. Beal, A.D. Southworth, J.B. Culver, J.M. Severns, E.A. Hausmann, T.L. Young, E.K. Whiting, A.A. Jargo, George J. Cram, J. Carvill, R.W. Grimbsy, D.K. Dibble, Geo. E. Elover, S.E. Finch, N.R. Hurd.

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1874 Atlas State Minnesota 184 Old Maps Lithographs Genealogy Land Ownership A42:

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