1876 Antique Old West Indian War Horrors Frontier Pioneer Life Daniel Boone

1876 Antique Old West Indian War Horrors Frontier Pioneer Life Daniel Boone

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1876 Antique Old West Indian War Horrors Frontier Pioneer Life Daniel Boone:

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Charles McKnight

Original 1876 Editionof "OUR WESTERN BORDER, its life, combats, adventures, forays, massacres, captivities, scouts, red chiefs, pioneer women, one hundred years ago" by Charles McKnight. Published by J.C. McCurdy and Co., Philadelphia. 137 year old book is in Fair condition. The spine ends frayed, with some splitting to spine edges. Corners to boards scuffed. Crude tape repair to front inner hinge. Frontis creased with small tear. Rear inner hinge split. A thrilling account of Wild West History. 756 pages with numerous illustrations. Book measures 6" x 9.5". See below for detailed contents and illustrations.

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Destruction of the Erie Tribe of Indians — Contrast Drawn between the French Canadian and the English Trader — Washington's First Visit to the Great West — He is hurled into the Allegheny and shot at by a Savage — Washington's First Campaign — The Surrender of Fort Necessity — Remarkable Adventures of Major Robert Stobo — His Escape from Quebec and Daring Exploits — He Captures two Ships with all on Board — Braddock's Expedition against Fort Duquesne — The Character of Braddock and his Army — The Disastrous Battle of Braddock’s Fields — Sir Peter Halket's Death — Braddock's Retreat and Death — Capture of Fort Duquesne — Colonel Grant's Defeat — Highland Rage — Strange Discovery by the young Sir Peter Halket of the Skeletons of Father and Brother — The Touching Story of Fanny Braddock — Remarkable Adventures of Colonel James Smith, Five Years a Captive among the Indians — Dunked in the River by three Squaws — Adopted into an Indian Tribe — Cunning of the Catawbas — Smith Lost in the Woods — Odd Ways of Hunting Bears, Foxes, Raccoons, etc. — Attempt to Run Down Horses — Scolded for Helping the Squaws — Habits of the Beaver — Smith Snowed Up and Lost — Singular Indian Customs — An Indian Drinking Frolic — Indian Deer Drive and Ring Hunt — Novel Fishing — Smith's Marriage — A Wilderness Hermit — He takes a British Fort — Captain Jack, the " Wild Hunter of the Juniata"


First Mutterings of the Awful Storm — Pontiac's Subtlety — Machillimackinac Captured through a Game of Ball — The Trader Henry's Narrow Escapes from Death — Obstinate Defense of Presq' Isle Fort — Pontiac's Siege of Detroit — An Ojibwa Maid Reveals the Plot Officers — Captured Anecdotes of Pontiac — A Thrilling Boat Scene — A Frightful

Massacre — Capture of Forts — Fire Rafts — Old Major Campbell Killed — A Fierce Struggle at bloody Run — A Dreadful Repulse — The Siege Abandoned — Death of the Mighty Pontiac — Guyasutha's Attack on Fort Pitt and Repulse — Ruse with a Stuffed Paddy — Bouquet Comes to the Rescue — His Desperate Battle of Bushy Run — He Penetrates into the Heart of the Indian

Country — Touching Scenes on the Delivery of the Captives — The Desperate Battle o' Point Pleasant — General Andrew Lewis — The Battle Rages — The Savages Retreat — Atrocious Murder of Cornstalk and his Son — The Murder of the Great Chief, Bald Eagle — Sketch of Logan, the Famous Mingo Chief — Massacre of the Conestoga Indians


Manners and Customs of Western Pioneers — TheTitles to Lands and Hardships of Settlers — Hunting and Hunters of the Border — How Marriages were Conducted — Setting up Housekeeping — Strange Frolics — Pioneer Women and Their Duties — Tattling, Shirking and Thieving, and how Punished — Household Furniture and Customs — Indian Tracking and Fighting — Sports and Pastimes on the Border — Captivity of John McCullough and his Adventures among Savages — How he was Made Happy — An Indian Boy Shot and Killed and McCullough Suspected — Captive nearly Drowned — A Squaw Whipped for Abusing Him — Novel Punishment — McCullough Escapes from his Own Father — Captivity and Escape of the Bard Family — Horrible Death of Daniel McManimy by Torture — Wanderings in Search of a Lost Wife — Origin of the Indian Term "Long-Knives" — John Harris, Founder of Harrisburg, Pa. — Dr. Benjamin Franklin as Commander — Comrade Weiser and the Onondaga Chief — Border Forts, Stations and Block-Houses — A Singular Will Case on the Border — Sir William Johnson, Baronet — " A Fine old Irish Gentleman, all of the Olden Time " — Peculiar Education of Sir William's two Daughters — He Marries the Famous Molly Brant — A Wild Indian Girl — A late Visit to Johnson Hall and Castle


Kentucky as it was in the Olden Time — Boone Captured for the First Time and Escapes Alone in the Wilderness — He Moves his Family West and Loses a Son — Capture of his Daughter and the Calloway Girls — His Fight with two Savages and Capture Siege of Boonesborough — Indian Stratagems Foiled — Defeat of Captain Estill — A Well-Fought Action — Simon Girty's Desperate Attack on Bryant's Station — Heroism of the Kentucky Women Kunning — a bloody Gauntlet — Girty Chaffed by Reynolds Disastrous Battle of the Blue Licks — Boone's Son Killed — Thrilling Incidents — Reynolds' Capture — Hugh McGary's Fierce Character and Defense — Boone's Last Days — Touching Scenes — Marks out his own Grave — Two New Anecdotes of Boone — Kentucky Sports — Boone Barking Squirrels — Driving the Nail and Snuffing the Candle by Rifle — General Simon Kentou alias Butler Thinks he is a Murderer — Herds of Elk and Buffalo — Hendricks Burnt — Kenton's Fight — Kenton Passes Through a Series of Extraordinary Adventures — He Tries a Mazeppa Ride — Escape and Recapture — Girty Intercedes and Saves his Friend — A Savage Axe Blow — Kenton meets Logan-Butler — Changes his Name to Kenton — His Last Sorrowful Years — The Wetzel Family, Father and Five Sons — Lewis the Right Arm of the Wheeling Border — Martin Wetzel Captured and Kills three Savages — John Wetzel on a Horse-Stealing Expedition and Captures an Obstinate Savage — Jacob Wetzel and Simon Kenton Attack a Camp — Lewis Wetzel and his Dare Devil Adventures — He Slays Three Savages in a Running Fight — Shoots a Red Gobbler and Attacks a Camp Handcuffed by Harmar and Escapes — The Border Rises to his Rescue — Thrilling Adventure


Shooting Adventures — Major Samuel McColloch and his Famous Leap — Benjamin Logan and his

Heroic Deeds — Perilous Journey after Powder Bowman's Singular Behavior — Murder of Moluntha by the Fierce Hugh McGary — Another Account — ASpirited Lad and how he Became Famous — His Romantic Death — Adventures of Captain Johnny — A Desperate Indian Duel — Captain William Hardin,Pioneer of Kentucky — Captain Bland Ballard and his Adventures — Exciting Adventure of Big Joe Logston — " Jack Wells' Dream and What Came of It — Major Robert Benham and his Strange Adventure — McConnel's Capture and Signal Revenge — Adventure of the Three Brothers McAfee — Bryant'sand Hogan's Parties Assaulted by Indians — A Schoolmaster Attacked by a Wild Cat — David Morgan's Famous Combat with two Savages — Events from Dunmore's War to the Moravian Massacre — The Delaware Chiefs, CaptainsPipe and White Eyes — The Tories, Girty, Elliott and McKee, Desert from Fort Pitt — Death of White Eyes — A Horrid Massacre


King Pomoacon Destroys the Moravian Towns and Carries the Inhabitants — Captive Frightful Massacre of Moravians at Gnadenhutten — The Converts told to Prepare for Death — Touching Scenes — Driven into two Slaughter Houses and Inhumanly Butchered — One Little Boy Saved — Slaughter Renewed at Smoky Island — Full Sketch of Simon Girty, the " White Savage — "He Marries the Beautiful Kate Malott — Captain Samuel Brady, the Daring Partisan Leader — His First Bold Scout to the Upper Sandusky — A Conflict at " Brady's Bend — "His Adventure with Phouts — Saves Himself by a Shrewd Device — A Wholesale Kill — Curing a " Sick Gun — "A Line Shot and Three Savages " Bagged — "TheLone Hunter's Revenge — A Dread Holocaust — Tracked by a Dog — An Indian Captured — " Brady's Leap " over the Cuyahoga River — His Trial, Marriage

and Death — Andy Poe's Famous Fight with Big Foot — Only Reliable Account yet Published — The Two make a Desperate Effort to Drown Each Other —Poe's Fight with a Young Bull — A Revenge Thwarted Colonel Crawford's Expedition against Sandusky — A Fight with General Daniel Morgan — Disastrous Defeat and Retreat, and Horrible Death by Torture — Dr. Knight's Escape — Slover's Capture and Mad Ride for Life — The Mysterious Major John

Rose turns out to be a Russian Nobleman


His Heroic Deeds — Character of Border Warfare — Secret Advance on Kaskaskia — Singular Scenes — Big Gate Won Over Chiefs — Thrown into Irons — Extraordinary Scenes at a Council — Vincennes Retaken In Great Peril — Strangest and Most Daring March on Record — Wading Through Deep Waters — Clark's Stratagems — Kentucky trip — Sharp Shooting — Major Hay Trembles — Curious Incident Fort Surrenders — Clark's Disappointments and Death " — The "War Belt, a Legend of North

Bend " — James Harrod, Pioneer Hunter and Indian Slayer — He Nurses a Wounded Indian — Combat and Escape of Peter Kennedy — Adventure of Boone related by himself


Mason's and Ogle's Commands — Cut toPieces — Deplorable Ambush of Foreman's Party — Second Siege of Wheeling in A "Wooden Monster — Betty Zane's " Gunpowder Exploit" — The Northwestern Campaign Expedition of General Harmar — Singular Adventure of Johonnet — Desperate Combat — Disastrous Defeat of General St. Clair — General Butler Killed — Prodigious Slaughter and Disgraceful Rout — The Banger's Race for Life — Colonel Darke's Escape — Mad Anthony Wayne tries it and Wins — Battle of " Fallen Timbers " — Enemy Routed — Captain Wellsand Robert McClellan, the Hangers, and their Thrilling Exploits — Singular Recovery of a Brother — Five Hangers Attack a Camp — McClellan Rescued by

a Girl — More of McClellan's Adventures — Alone in a Desert and Reduced to Starvation


Adventures of May, Johnston, Flinn and Skyles — A Successful Decoy and Boat Capture — Exciting Chase and Repulse — Johnston Bothered by a Cow — The Game of "Nosey" — Two Children saved by Messhawa — Flinn Tortured — Wonderful Escape of Skyles — Miss Fleming's Sad Plight — Rescued by The Crane — Adventures of Ward, Calvin and Kenton — Ward Finds a Lost Brother — Desperate Attack on Hubbell's Boat — An Obstinate Resistance — A Brave Boy — Savage Boat Attack and Terrible Combat — An Obstinate Defense and Barren Victory — A Fierce Conflict by three Kentuckians Thomas Marshall and James Girty — Captain Ward and the Fat Dutchman — Exciting Narrative of Van Campen


Catharine Montour alias Queen Esther — Fierce Attack of Hammond and the Bennetts — Frances Slocum, the Lost Sister — Revenge of Colonel John Moredock — Thrilling Adventure of Audubon, the Naturalist — Ogilvie's Contrary Adventure — Obstinate Combat of Higgins, the Ranger — Colter's Famous Race for Life — An Indian's Sagacity at Trailing Bell's — Conflict with three Savages — Western Emigration — Odd Scenes — Pack-Horses — Boating Life on the Western Waters — Mike Fink, the " Last of the Keelboat men " — Game and " Deer Drives " of the Olden Time — Captain Minter's Famous Bear Fight — How Muldrow Found his NextNeighbor — A Wild White Man and his Story — How Major Smith Recovered his Sweetheart — Jesse Hughes, the Mountain Hunter — Sad Death of Captain Van Buskirk — Massacre of the Purdy Family — Massacre of the Tush Family — Massacre of Captain Thomas and Family — Attack upon Kirkwood's Cabin — A " Perfect Devil " Kills Seven Indians — Levi Morgan's Stratagem for Life —Riddled with Bullets and yet Escapes — A Handsome Squaw makes Love to Biggs — Cacasotte throws Fourteen Robbers Overboard


Touching Narrative of Massy Harbison — Desperate Attack on Widow Scraggs' Cabins — Mrs. Merrill,the Terrible — " Long-Knife " Squaw — Family of Mrs. Daviess Captured — A Rescue Murder of the Two Misses Crow — Desperate Attack on the Cunningham's — Captivity and Wanderings of Mrs. Frances Scott Rebecca Boone, and how Daniel Won Her" — Mad Ann Bailey," of West Virginia — The Beautiful and Dashing Louisa St. Glair — Mrs. Mason Kills One and Frightens a Score — Escape of Hannah Dennis — Mrs. Clendenin & Mrs. Cunningham Attacks Two Indians — Heroic Defense by the Two Widows — Cook "That's John's Gun " — A Widow Won at Last — Ruth Sevier marries a Shawnee Chief — The " Isaac and Rebecca " of West Virginia


Remarkable Exploit of the Johnson Boys — A Lad Kills a Red-Crested Gobbler — Capture of Two Boysand the Price Paid — Adventures of Five Kentucky Boys — Jonathan Alder Captured — His Strange Return — The Captivity of Two Little Brothers — Francis Downing Saved by a Bear — Narrative of John Brickell's Captivity — Two Touching Instances of Indian Generosity — Adventures of Young JamesRay — Four Hours under Fire and how Saved — How Readily Captive Boys became Indianized — Two Lads save the Life of a Girl — George Bozarth's Ruse and Escape — Two Boys in the Woods all Winter — A Boy Made to Slay Six Indians — Anecdotes of Indians

1876 Antique Old West Indian War Horrors Frontier Pioneer Life Daniel Boone:

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