1882 Antique Cook Book Victorian Etiquette Home Household Architecture Gardening

1882 Antique Cook Book Victorian Etiquette Home Household Architecture Gardening

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1882 Antique Cook Book Victorian Etiquette Home Household Architecture Gardening:

WELCOME TO MY sale YOU ARE VIEWING Our Homes and Their Adornments Complete Household & Etiquette Profusely Illustrated by Almon C. Varney 1882 First Edition **More Pictures Below** This sale is for an original 1882 1st edition of " Our Homes and Their Adornments;" or How to Build, Finish, Furnish, and Adorn a Home by Almon C. Varney. Published by J.C. Chilton & Company Publishers, Detroit, Mich. 1882, 1882. First Edition. Hardcover. Original 1/2 brown leather with decorative gilt lettering on the cover and spine. Marbled endpapers and page edges. Profusely illustrated with full-page and text illustrations, floor plans, etc. 498 pages, index. 5 7/8 x 8 3/8" tall. Antique Victorian Household Guide. Contents include:Architecture and Building Design, Woman's Handiwork; Interior Decoration; Gardening; Decorative Arts for the Home; House-Keepers Manual of Cooking; Cooking and Practical Home Recipes. "Containing Practical Instructions for the Building of Homes, Interior Decoration, Wood Carving, Scroll Sawing, House Painting, Window Hangings, Screens, Curtains, Window Gardening, Incidental Decorations, Decorative Art, Needle Work, and Economic Landscape Gardening; to Which is Added a Household Compendium of New, Practical and Valuable Receipts, the Whole Being Designed to Make Happy Homes for Happy People." Very Good condition!! Clean, tight copy with light wear to the corners and spine and spineends. The binding and hinges are solid and tight. No cracking to the hinges. Previous owner's bookplate to front pastedown and name written on front free endpaper. The pages are clean with no writing, a few scattered smudges. No torn or missing pages. An excellent addition to a library or collection. PART ONE PLANNING, ERECTING, AND FINISHING HOMES CHAPTER I. General Considerations; Ideal Homes; Renting and Purchasing; Contracting the Work; Paying for homes gradually. CHAPTER II. How to Plan a House; Hints as How to Proceed; Kinds of Lumber to Use; Suggestions Worth Noting; Painting. CHAPTER III. Ornamentation; Appearance of a House; Secret of Attractive Buildings; The Place to Put Ornaments; Little Expense with Good Results; The Front Entrance; Portico; Beauty of Outline; Cornice; Gable. CHAPTER IV. Buildings of Wood, Their Economy; Kinds of Wood to Use; Erecting the Building; Direction Therefore; Rendering Wooden Buildings Warm; Back Plastering; How to Make a Wooden Dwelling Nearly Fire Proof. CHAPTER V. Durable Floors;A Better Plan for Floors Suggested; Open Joints and How to Prevent Them; Inside Finish; The Best Woods and How to Use Them; Prevention of Swelling in Lumber. CHAPTER VI. Staircases; Directions for Building; New Style of Banisters; Rear Staircase; Hard Woods; Black Walnut; How to Finish a House in Hard Wood; Veneering Hard Woods. CHAPTER VII. Something More Durable--Brick and Stone Houses; Their Cost; Veneer Brick and Stone Work; How to Prevent Brick Walls From Sweating; Some Trimming for Brick Houses CHAPTER VIII. Valuable Suggestions and Rules: Methods of Estimating Work and Material; How to Find the Amount of Lumber Necessary to Erect a Given Building; Prices of Labor. CHAPTER IX. House Painting: Its Philosophy; Best Time to Paint; Kinds of Paint; Colors; Mixing; Oils and Driers; Applying Paints; Priming; Second Coat; Finishing Coat; Brushes; General Suggestions; Inside Painting; Varnishing; graining; graining tools; the ground; graining colors; oil finish. CHAPTER X. Descriptions and Specifications Cont.: Lathing and Plastering; Carpenter Work; Tin Roofs; Crestings and Finials; Doors, Windows, Blinds, and Shutters; Inside Finish; Main Room and Kitchen; Plumbing; Glazing; Storm Doors. CHAPTER XI. Heating and Ventilation; Open Fire-Places; Grates and Furnaces; Steam Heating; How to Ventilate; Impure Air; Nature's Disinfectants. CHAPTER XII. Situation and Surroundings; Selecting a Healthy Site; How to Secure Good Drainage; Pure Water; Danger from Stagnant Pools; How a House Should Front; Sunshine; Its Value; Shade Trees. CHAPTER XIII. Primitive House: Our Noble Ancestors, Modern Residences, How to Build a House and Make Additions to It, A Simple Cottage, Design 1.5 illustrations CHAPTER XIV. An Attractive Cottage Home For People With SmallMeans. How Constructed; The Cost; How to Paint it. CHAPTER XV. Neat, Symmetrical Story -And-A-Half House At ModerateCost.Description of its Arrangement; Its Advantages Over a One-Story House; Some Novel Features. CHAPTER XVI. A Story-And-A-Half Houses Continued. A House That Will Admit Sunlight to Every Room; Appearance Made Subordinate to Arrangement of Rooms; An Excellent Floor Plan. CHAPTER XVII. A Rural Cottage Home; A Plan That Combines Convenience and Beauty; Simple Adornments That Add to Comfort; Perspective View of a Picturesque Gothic House. Design VI. CHAPTER XVIII. More Durable Material. A Solid Gothic House; Style, Not New but Popular; Description of the Plans. Cost of Erection; Design IX; Extensive Farm Residence and Barn. CHAPTER XIX. An Elegant Brick Residence. Comfort and Beauty Combined; Description of Plan, Materials, and Construction; Design XI: A Modern Villa. CHAPTER XX. How To Build A Summer Cottage: Cheap, but Attractive Houses in the Hot Season; How to Build a Rustic Arbor; A Few Suggestions on Beautifying the Surroundings with Little Expense. How to Construct a Rustic House. CHAPTER XXI. Alterations AndAdditions: Old Houses Made New; Caution; Improving Roofs and Gables; Remodeling Windows; Additions; Bay-Windows; New Roofs, Gables, etc.; Improving Windows. CHAPTER XXII. Ouhouses: Some Practical Suggestions; How to Have Ice All the Summer; An Ice-House Preservatory; Plan For a Cheap but Excellent Farm and Carriage Barn; Ice-House; Farm and Carriage Barn. PART TWO HOME EMPLOYMENTS FOR YOUNG AND OLD CHAPTER I. A Manual of Fret Sawing; Practical Lessons with Illustrations; Finishing Up The Work; Use of Saws; Sawing Metals; Useful Articles; Saws and Their Prices CHAPTER II. The Art of Wood Carving; Its Origin and History; The Tools and Their Uses; Ornaments That May Be Made; How Amateues May Learn the Art; Directions for First Attempts; A Study in Nature Neccessary in Order to Appreciate the Art in Wood Carving. CHAPTER III. LandscapeGardening: General Rules and Observations Applicable to the Improvement of Small Lots From One-Sixteenth to One-Half Acre in Area; Errors of Common Occurance; Style of Gardening; Exposure and Location; Grading and Terracing. CHAPTER IV. Special features: Drives and Walks; Varieties of Shrubs, Trees, and Flowers to Use; Laying Out and Making Walks and Drives; Easy Method of Laying Out Drives; Grouping and Planting. CHAPTER V. Tree Planting: The Best Time to Plant; How to Plant; Removing and Planting Large Trees; How to Select; A Good List; Care of Trees and Success in Their Culture; Fences; Kinds and Their Syle; How to Make Them Ornamentle. PART III. INTERIOR DECORATION, OR HOW TO MAKE OUR HOMES BEAUTIFUL CHAPTER I. Interior Decoration; General Considerations; Objects Aimed At, and Extent of Decoration; How to Beautify Wall and Ceilings; Wall-Papers; How To Select The Best. CHAPTER II. Hints on the choice of papers; what shades to select; harmony of colors; selecting paper for different rooms; the dado. CHAPTER III. How to Hang Wall Papers; Simple Instructions for Everybody; Sizing the Walls; Amount of Paper in a Roll--How to Cut and Match the Paper; Paste for Wall-Paper; How to Cut and Match the Paper; Paste for Wall Paper. CHAPTER IV. Recent Improvements in Needle-Work; Usefulness Now a Prominent Feature; List and Description of Materials; Prices; Bead Work. CHAPTER V. Embroidery stitches; Descriptions of the Best Stem Stitch. Blanket Stitch; Chain Stitch; Herring-Bone, Button Hole, and Satin Stitch. Kensington Outline; Janina; Blanket; Designs for Borders and Centers; The New Plush Stitch. CHAPTER VI. Practical Designs; Embroidery Patterns an Elegant Pincushion; Silk Counterpane and Cover; Tatted Doyley; Design for Linen Embroidery. CHAPTER VII. Some Elegant Designs; Embroidered Rocking Chair Cover; A Work Apron; Designs for Elegant Glass Mirrors; New Style of Splasher; Bead Embroidered News Rack; Handsome Table Cover; A Piano Scarf in Plush Applique Work. CHAPTER VIII. Hangings for Doors, Halls and Windows; How To Make Them; Elegant Effects At Small Cost--How To Use The Odds and Ends In Rendering the House More Beautiful; Cost of Materials. Screens. CHAPTER IX. Screens: How to Make Them; Materials; How to Use Screens to Advantage; Ebonizing Wood; Painted Screens; How to Use Discarded Material to Advantage in Covering Panels for Screens; Embroidered Screens; How to Make the Frames. CHAPTER X. Embroidered Screens; Japanese Piecework;A Patriotic Screen; New Uses of Old Material; A Queer Use For An Old Clothes-Horse; Lambrequins; Tables; Cabinets; Odds and Ends; Use Up The Pieces. CHAPTER XI. Some New Designs in Embroidery; Lambrequin and Curtains; Materials to Use, and How to Construct; An Elegant Sofa Pillow;A New Applique Design; Lace Lambrequin. CHAPTER XII. Furnishings: the hall; its impression upon visitors; the parlor; dining room; how to furnish them at reasonable cost; home-made mantels; rugs; carpets; etc. CHAPTER XIII. Bedrooms; How to Make Them Cheerful, Comfortable, and Healthful; Bed-Room Furniture; Cheap but Useful Furniture; how to MakeA Bed-Room Table; Wash-Stand with Drapery. PART IV. THE CARE, CULTURE, AND PROPAGATION OF FLOWERS CHAPTER I. The Culture of Flowers: How to Have Thriving Plants and Abundance of Flowers; Useful Suggestions; How to Construct and Manage Hot-Beds and Flower-Beds. CHAPTER II. Description of Varieties;A List of Bulbs, with Methods of Treatment;Climbers, Annuals, Varieties Suitable for all Purposes. CHAPTER III. Window Gardening; How to Have Flowers all Winter; Best Varities for Winter Use; How to Care for Flowers; Their Arrangement in the Window. CHAPTER IV. Preserving Natural Flowers; An Art Worth Knowing; How to Keep Flowers for a Long Time; Preserving by the Sand Process; The Sulphur Process;Preserving Bridal and Funeral Flowers; An Elegant Art; Arrangement of Flowers. PART FIVE MISCELLANEOUS DECORATIVE ARTS FOR THE HOME CHAPTER I. Brush and pigment; Painting in Oil and Water-Colors; Full Instructions for Both; Panel Painting; Painting Plaques and Vases; An Elegant Art; Beautifying the House;A New Ware for Painting; Oil Colors on Silk, Satin and Plush; Water Colors; Bowl Painting. CHAPTER II. Crystal Ambrotypes, or Photo-Enamel; How to Paint Photographs; Explicit Directions for the Painting; Materials and Their Use; Decalcomania, or the Art of Transferring Pictures; Transferring Pictures to Wood; Stone, Glass, Satin, etc. Easy and Inexpensive Ways of Decorating. CHAPTER III. Something Novel in Embroidery; Fish Scales; How to Make Bags and Sachets; Cover for a Baby's Crib; Oval Frames for Photographs; Baskets;A Kitchen Table Transformed into a Library Table; How to Make Rugs; Sheepskin Rugs. CHAPTER IV. Encaustic Tiles; Their Durability; How To Use Them; Paving Hearths; Cost; Mantels; How to Get Them; Cabinets; Home Decoration of Tiles; Lincrusta-Walton. CHAPTER V. Dyeing and Bleaching; Dyeing Cotton; How to Treat the Fabrics; Directions for all Leading Colors; Dyeing Woolens; Aniline Colors; Coloring Straw Hats; How to Make Mordants; "Sour"; Dye for Feathers; Bleaching Sponge; To Whiten Lace; Bleaching Straw Goods; Cleaning Ostrich Feathers; Bleaching Ivory, Prints, and Printed Books; Washing Fluid. PART SIX HOUSEHOLD COMPENDIUM OF NEW AND VALUABLE RECIPES CHAPTER I. Hints on Health; Hints on Home Decoration; Useful Toilet Recipes: Varnishes; Paints; Staining Woods; Cleansing and Scouring; Cleaning Fabrics; Cements; Renewing Old and Defaced Manuscripts; Recipes for Making Colored Inks; Lead Exploding; To Keep Wagon Tires on the Wheels; TheU.S. Government Tempering Secret;U.S. Mint Test for Counterfeit Silver. CHAPTER II. HOUSEKEEPER'S MANUAL OF COOKING Kitchen Utensils; Soups; How to Make Them; Fish; Directions for Cooking; Poultry and Game; Hashes and Gravies; Meats; Salads, Sauces, and Pickles; Relishes; Puddings; Pies, Custards; Bread; Cakes; Ices; Preserving and Canning Fruits; Beverages; Giving Dinners; Table Etiquette; Invitations; Bills of Fare. This department embraces a list of recipes, many of which have not appeared in any other work. The list is practical, easy, and effective. The following classification of subjects has been introduced for the benefit of the reader. SOUPS: Potato Soup, Oz-Tail Soup, Beef Soup, Mutton Soup, Oyster Soup, Tomato Soup, Vermicelli Soup, Tomato Soup without Meat, Corn Soup, Bean Soup, Noodles for Soup. FISH: Boiled White Fish, Sauce for Boiled Fish, Baked Black Base, Broiled White Fish, Eels, Salt Mackerel, Baked Halibut or Salmon, Oyster Patties, Stewed Oysters, Broiled Oysters, Oysters a la Creme, Escaloped Oysters, to Fry Oysters, Stewed Tripe. POULTRY AND GAME: Preparation of Hashes, Gravies, and Sauces, Boiled Fowl, Roast Turkey or Chicken, To Boil a Turkey, Roast Chickens, Baked Chickens, Dressings for Chicken or Turkey, Fried Chicken, Curry, Chicken Pie, To Roast Wild Fowl, Ducks, Prairie Chickens, Partridges, and Quails, Pigeon Pie MEATS: Roast Beef, Beefsteak and Mushrooms, To Boil Corned Beef, To Cook a Ham, Spiced Beef, To Corn Beef, Pickled Pork Equal To Fresh, Mutton Chops, Roast Veal, Fried Calf's Liver, To Cook Cliced Ham, Baked Ham, To Boil Ham. SALADS, SAUCES, AND PICKLES: Chicken Salad, Fish Salad, Cabbage Salad, Salad Dressing, Mint Sauce, Celery Sauce, Egg Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Fish Sauce, Tomato Mustard, Horse-Radish Sauce, French Pudding Sauce, Tomato Catsup, Pickled Cherries, Spiced Currants; Green-Tomato Pickles; Pickled Cabbage; Spiced Tomatoes; Chow Chow; Ripe Tomato Pickles; Tomatoes Whole for Winter Use; Pickled Oysters. RELISHES: Scrambled Eggs; French Toast; Breakfast Steak; A Nice Breakfast Dish; Rice Cakes; To Stew Mushrooms; Excellent Omlet; Cheese Scollop; White Corn Bread. PUDDINGS: Suet Puddings; English Fruit Pudding; Chocolate Pudding; Cottage Pudding; Rice and Apple Pudding; Baked Indian pudding; Sago and Apple Pudding; Orange Pudding; Floating Island. Pudding Sauces; Wine Sauce; Hard Sauce For Pudding, Rice, Etc. PIES: Fine Pastry Puff; Plainer Pastry; Lemon Pie; Pumpkin Pie; Mince Pie; Rhubarb Pie; Cocoanut Pie; Cream Pie; Cranberry Tart; Custard Pie; Custards, etc. Rice Custard; Boiled Custard; Apple Custard; Trifle; Cocoanut Drops; A Nice Dessert Dish; Chocolate Caramels; Charlotte Russe. BREAD: Breads, etc. Boston Brown Bread; Bread; Muffins; Waffles; Corn Bread; Graham Biscuits; Soda Biscuits; Strawberry Shortcake; Orange Shortcake; Apple Fritters; Buckwheat Cakes; Fritters; Rolls; French Rolls; Cream Cakes; Mush. CAKES: Cakes Icing; Boiled Icing; Chocolate Cake; Cocoanut Cake; Wedding Cake; Cheap Good Cake; Gold Cake; Jelly Cake; Fruit Cake;Frosting for Cake; Cream Filled Cakes; Filling or Cream; Pastry. ICES, PRESERVING AND CANNING:Ices; Preserving and Canning Fruits; Preserved Peaches; Pears; Apples; Cherries; Canned Cherries; Strawberries; Quince Preserves; Canned Tomatoes; Artificial Honey; Grape Jam; Blackberry Jam; Orange Marmalade; Siberian Crab Jelly; Chocolate Caramels. Beverages: Tea; Tea a la Russe; Roasting Coffee; Cream Nectar; Raspberry Acid; Raspberry Vinegar; Blackberry Syrup; Red Currant Wine; Bills of Fare. Fast Shipping--Free Delivery Confirmation!! offer with confidence... We have 12 years experience selling on . We maintain 100% response. Please Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Condition glossary:
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1882 Antique Cook Book Victorian Etiquette Home Household Architecture Gardening:

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