1888 Antique Victorian Household Farm Guide Cookery Recipes Architecture Bees

1888 Antique Victorian Household Farm Guide Cookery Recipes Architecture Bees

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1888 Antique Victorian Household Farm Guide Cookery Recipes Architecture Bees:


Original 1888 Edition of “The National Farmer's and Housekeeper's Cyclopedia. A Complete Ready Reference Library for Farmers, Gardeners, Fruit Growers, Stockmen and Housekeepers, Containing a Large Fund of Useful Information, Facts, Hints and Suggestions, in the Various Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Live Stock Raising, Poultry Keeping, Bee Keeping, Dairy Farming, Fertilizers, Rural Architecture, Farm Implements, Household Management, Domestic Affairs, Cookery, Ladies' Fancy Work, Floriculture, Medical Matters, Etc. Etc.” :: Published by F.M. Lupton: New York :: Measures 5 1/2 x 7 1/2" :: Complete with 544 Pages.

VERY GOOD CONDITION: A tightly bound volume, solid hinges, inscription in front, clean pages, cover wear as shown, complete with all pages; overall a excellent condition example for age.


PRESENTED HERE is an antique Victorian Guide to the Farm and Household. Contained within these 544 pages, is in depth information on Rural Architecture, Field Crops, Fertilizers, Live Stock, Cookery Recipes, Ladies’ Patchwork, Home Medical Advice, Toilet Articles, Miscellaneous Receipts, and much more. The book is graphically illustrated throughout with 249 black and white woodcuts adding to the charm of era.

In the preface, the publishers state:

"The purpose of this volume is to supply a ready reference library of useful facts and suggestions for farmers and housekeepers. The object of the work is not to tell the farmer and the housewife that which they already know, but to present to them valuable information which it is believed cannot fail to be of material assistance in rural homes.

In the preparation of the work great care has been taken and no pains have been spared to make it complete in every detail. Consultation of the best authorities insures its reliability, and it is believed that it will be found invaluable by all who become possessed of it, and that it will prove one of those exceptional books which are prized more highly by reason of age and constant association.

It is a book for each of the heads of the rural household, being equally as valuable and interesting to the farmer's wife as to the farmer himself, and may be truthfully said to embrace the cream of more than a dozen ordinary volumes, for it combines a book on Rural Architecture, on Crops, on Fertilizers, on Gardening, on Fruit Culture, on Live Stock, on Poultry, on Dairy Farming, on Bee Keeping, on Implements, on Farm Management, on Cookery, on Medical Matters, on Fancy Work, on Floriculture, on the Toilet, on Domestic Economy and Household Management — in fact, it embraces all subjects in which farmers and housekeepers are most directly interested.

The arrangement of the work in departments will, we think, commend itself to all, while the copious index at the end will render it extremely easy of consultation. The book is a permanent storehouse of useful facts, hints and suggestions for farmers and housekeepers. We believe it to be the very book that every farmer and housewife needs, and that it will repay its small cost many times over each month in the year."

Below is a sampling of contents that gives the most accurate description of what is to be found in this book.

RURAL ARCHITECTURE: An Inexpensive cottage—An Ornamental Country Cottage—General Suggestions for those Intending to Build—Construction of an Octagonal Barn—Plan for a Barn—A Complete Stock Barn—A Convenient Barn—Cheap Barn Cellar—Hanging Barn Doors on Rollers—Model Carriage House and Stable

FENCES AND GATES: Farm Fences—Straight Rail Fence—Durable Fence Posts—Always Ready Gate—A Good Farm Gate—A Cheap Gate—To Preserve Fence Posts—Easy Method of Taking up Fence Posts—Post and Rail Fences—Fence for Marsh or Soft Soil

FIELD CROPS: Wheat Shocks—Harvesting Wheat—How to Stack Straw—Draining Wheat Fields—Weevil in Wheat—Wheat Maxims in small compass—Hilling injurious to corn—A Convenient Corn Crib—Seed Corn—Curing Corn Fodder—Saving Seed Corn—Corn Culture—Points on Corn—Raising Good Corn in a Dry Season—Husking—Cabbages with Corn—Potato Culture—Phosphate for Potatoes—A Handy Bug Catcher—Methods for Raising Potatoes—How to Keep Sweet Potatoes—Getting Potatoes early—Raising Potatoes—New Remedy for Potato Bugs—Potatoes in Winter—Experiment in Plowing—Early or Late Fall Plowing—The Philosophy of Hoeing—Quantity of a Seed to an Acre—Soaking Seeds—Raising Roots—Storing Roots—Cutting Clover Hay—Making Hay—To Banish Crows from a Field—Tobacco Growing—Weeds—Improving Pasture Lands—Blue Grass and Timothy—Combining Different Varieties of Potatoes—Killing Canada Thistles—Late Weeds

Fertilizers: A Few words about lime—Home-Made Fertilizers for the Common Farmer—Variation in Manures—How to Enrich the Soil—Composting Manure—Salt as a Manure—Refuse Salt as a Fertilizer—Formulas for Commercial Fertilizer—Fertilizers vs. Plant Food—Making Our Own Fertilizers—Home-Made vs. Commercial Manures—Use of Plaster and Ashes—Experience with Muck—What a Pint of Manure did—How to Double the Usual Quantity of Manure on the Farm—Advantages of Sheltering Manure—The Fertility of Soils—Green Manures—Bone Dust for Top Dressing—Liquid Manure for Gardening—Application of Fertilizers—The Work of Potash—How to Keep and Spread Manures—Value of Home-Made Manure—Clover as a Fertilizer—Home-made Superphosphate—Soap Suds—Poultry Manure—Peter Henderson Fertilizers—Top Dressing—Mixing Manure in Winter—How to Use Hen Manure—Nitrogen for Potatoes—Nitrate of Soda for Wheat—Home-Made Guano—Bran as Fertilizer

THE GARDEN: Saving Seeds—The best Garden Vegetables—Rotation of Garden Easy Method of Blanching Celery—Cauliflower—Tomato Culture—Training Tomato Plants—Late Tomatoes—Onion Growing—A New Method of Raising Onions—Keeping Winter Squashes—Squash Culture—Experiments in Melon and Squash Culture—Hints on Melon Culture—A New Method of Watermelon Culture—Boxes for Melons and Cucumbers—Cucumbers on Trellises—How to Grow Early Cabbages—Fertilizer for for Beans and Other Climbers—Beets—The Melon Worm—Insects on Garden Vegetables—Hot Water on the Garden—Gas Tar as a Remedy for Bugs—Protecting Young Plants—Club Root in Cabbage—Soil for Sugar Beets—Sulphur and Tobacco—Cultivation of Tobacco

ORCHARD AND VINEYARD: Pruning-Making the Cut—the Best time to Prune Fruit Trees—Pruning vs. Mutilation—Pruning for Fruit—Pruning Preach Trees—Necessary Precautions after Pruning—Grafting Apple Trees—Grafting Wax—Care of Trees after Transplanting—Points on Pear Culture—Waste Bones for Trees and Vines—Orchard Management—The Roots of Fruit Trees—How to Fertilizer Fruit Trees—A Belgian Fruit Gatherer—How to Renew an Orchard—Errors in Fruit Tree Culture—Protection of Trees—Fruit Cellars—Thinning Fruit—Manure for Fruit Trees—Protection against Pear Blight—Protection against the Plum Curculio—Fruit Growing Jottings—Girdling Fruit Trees—What Pears Should I Grow?—Preserving Fruit—Cultivating the Orchard—Hints on Gathering Apples and Pears—Iron for Fruit Trees—Secret of Raising Quinces—Fruit Pests—Winter Care of Grape Vines—Keeping Grapes—Keeping Grapes in Cellars—Keeping Grapes in Winter—How to Prune the Grape—A Cheap Trellis—Bleeding Grape Vines—Culture of Hardy Grapes

SMALL FRUITS: Cranberry Culture—Preparing Soil for Strawberries—When to Plant Strawberries—Covering Strawberries—Cultivation of Strawberries—About Raspberries—The Blackberry and Whortleberry—Gooseberries and Currants—Advantages of Mulching—Red Raspberry—Easy Method for Cultivating Small Fruits—Winter Protection of Strawberry Vine—An Easy Method of Irrigation—Trellises for Blackberries and Raspberries

LIVE STOCK: How to Judge a Horse—Feed for the Horse—Feeding Horses—Raising a Colt—To Bit a Colt—A Convenient Horse Shoe—To Break Horses from Pulling at the Halter—Warts on Horses—Stumbling Horses—Cure for Balky Horse—Training Vicious Horses—Kicking Horses—Working Mares in Foal—Reining Horses—Colic in Horses—Cure for Spavin and Ringbone—Treatment for Sick Horses—A Muzzle for Biting Horses—How to Save Oats in Feeding—Sawdust for Stables—The Watering of Horses—Linseed Oil for Horses—Sprains and Bruises in Horses—Hints to Breeders of Shorthorns—Selecting Breeding Males—Ringing a Bull—An Inexpensive Relish for Stock—Cattle in Cornstalks—Relieving Choked Cattle—Marks of a Good Cow—Economy in Feeding Cattle—Cattle Rack—To Prevent Cattle from Hooking Fences—Currying Milk Cows—Cheap Shelter for Stock—How to Break a Heifer or a Vicious Cow for Milk—Training Horns—Cornstalks for Cattle—Mixing Hay for Stock—Care of Oxen—A Winter Piggery—Pig Raising—A Convenient Feed Trough—Sanitary Management of Swine—A good Pig Sty—The Pig as a Plowman—Charcoal for Hogs—Iron Hog Troughs—Preparing Food for Swine—Hogs as Producers of Manure—Swine Raising—Keeping Hogs Clean—Bone Meal for Strengthening Hogs—Raising Feed for Sheep—Hurdling Sheep—Early Lambs—Why Sheep are Profitable—Increasing the Growth of Wool—To Cure Poisoned Sheep

THE POULTRY YARD: A Poultry House for Chickens—A Model Hennery—A Movable Poultry House—Model Poultry House—Chicken and Duck enclosure—Caponizing—Good and Cheap Incubators—How to Raise Artificially Hatched Chickens—Packing Eggs for Market—Milk for Hens—Raising Chickens by Artificial Mothers—A Rustic Poultry House—The Hatching Period—Packing Poultry for Market—Poultry Raising as a Business—Poultry on a Large Scale—Feeding Hoppers for Fowls—Winter Egg Production—Feeding and Laying—Successful Poultry Raising—Fish for Poultry—To Cure Pip—Eggs and Pullets—How to Produce Layers—A grain chest for fowls—How to Fatten Turkeys—Preserving Eggs—Cheap Poultry House—An Inexpensive Chicken Coop—A Cheap Chicken Fountain—How to Raise Ducks—To Fatten Geese

THE DAIRY: Apparatus for Milking—Milk Cooler—How to Make Good Butter—Power for Churning—Hard Churning and Blue Cream—To Keep Butter—Cream and Cold—Waterproof Butter Wrappers—To Restore Rancid Butter—An Improved Butter Worker—French Butter Making—Bitter milk—Borax for Salting Butter—To Color Butter—Firm Butter without Ice

BEE KEEPING: Wintering Bees—Bee Farming in Australia—The Culture of Buckwheat for Bees—Clipping the Queen’s Wing—An unpatented bee hive—Advice to Young Bee Keepers—How to Catch a Good Swarm

MISCELLAENOUS FARM: Making and Keeping Ice—Whitewash for Buildings and Fences—Smoke Houses—To Tan Hides—Trapping the Mink, Skunk—Martin Boxes—Silos and Ensilage—How to Preserve Cider—Recipe for Curing Meat—Rustic Garden House—How to Thatch Roofs—Fish Culture for Farms—Important Use of Coal Oil—How to Cure Hams—Paint for Farmers—Thawing Frozen Apples—Gas Tar for Wagon Wheels



BREAKFAST DISHES: How to Make Good Coffee—Hominy Muffins—Breakfast Muffins—Buttermilk Muffins—Bread Griddle Cakes—Buckwheat Cakes—French Pancakes—Egg Pancakes—Cream Pancakes—Corn Griddle Cakes—Wheat Griddle Cakes—To Make Batter Pancakes—Breakfast corn Cakes—Lemon Flapjack—Hominy Fritters—Omelet—Scrambled Eggs—Eggs a la Crème—Eggs Newport Style—Stuffed Eggs—Cupped Eggs—Eggs a la Mode—Potato Cakes for Breakfast

SOUPS: Asparagus Soup—Potato Soup—Green Pea Soup—Chicken Cream Soup—Saturday Soup—Cauliflower soup—Minute Soup—Veal Cream Soup—Macaroni Soup—Beef soup—One Day Soup—Mutton Soup—Poultry Soup—Bean Soup—Julienne Soup—Codfish Soup—Vegetable Soup—Tomato Soup—Summer Soup—Plain Soup—Okra Soup

MEATS AND POULTRY: Potted Beef—French Beefsteak—Chicken Viennese Style—Chicken Patties—Smothered Chickens—Virginia Fried Chicken—Beef Rolls—Veal Cutlets—A la mode Chicken—Curry—Tripe a la Lyonaise with Tomatoes—Boiled corn Beef—To Cook a Rabbit—Baked Ham—Sauce Piquante—Minced Veal and Eggs—Boned Chicken—Pigeon Pie—Mutton Cutlets in the Portuguese—A Brown Sauce—Fried Meat Cakes—Veal Scollop—Thick Gravy—Hashed Fowl—Chicken Fried—Chicken Fritters—Chicken Croquettes—French Chicken Pie—Pickled Tongue—A Veal Omelet—Roast Partridge—To Dress Cold Fowl—Bread Sauce for Partridge—Stewed Liver—How to Make Meat Tender—Spiced Veal—Mint Sauce for Lamb—Cold Tongue on Toast—Excellent Tea Dish—Mutton Pie—To Cook a Duck—Pressed Chicken—Scrambled Mutton—Boiled Tongue—Frizzled Beef—Roasted Tongue—Broiled Ham—Liver Fried as Cutlets—A Good Way to Cook Liver

FISH: Oyster Omelet—Fish Chowder—Fried Oysters—Broiled Oysters—Codfish with Cream—Broiled Salmon—Oyster Patty—Salmon Croquettes—Clams with Cream—Baked Bluefish—Deviled Crab—Crab Sauce—Panned Clams—Codfish Balls—Oyster Toast—How to Cook Clams—Fish Croquettes—Cornish Fish Pie—Pickled Oysters—To Broiled Smoked Halibut—Clam Soup—Broiled Mackerel—Oyster Macaroni—Oyster Loaf—Sauce Piquante for Fish—Fish Sauce

VEGETABLES: Boiling Potatoes—Snap Beans and Potatoes—To Cook Asparagus—Asparagus with Eggs—Stewed Cucumbers—Stuffed Turnips—Macaroni—Stuffed Egg Plant—Stuffed Squash—Saratoga Potatoes—Baked Onions—Potato Dumplings—Fried Cauliflower—Irish Stew—To Cook Spinach—Tomato Pie—Excellent way to cook Tomatoes—Baked Beets—Vegetable Hash—Succotash—Potatoes a la Duchesse—Macaroni Cheese—Stewed Mushrooms—Stewed Carrots—Potato Croquettes—Imitation Duck—Potatoes Fried Whole—Potato Pie—Haricot Beans—Potatoes Fried with Butter—Sauce Robert—Scalloped Onions—Baked Cauliflower—Green Corn Cakes—Corn with Tomatoes—Browned Potatoes—Baked Tomatoes for Breakfast—Potato Puffs—Fried Egg Plant—Horseradish Sauce—Green Corn Pudding—Fried Tomatoes

SALADS AND RELISHES: The Cucumber Pickles—Egg Pickle—Beet Salad—Celery Salad—Potato Salad—Chicken Salad—Pickled Cauliflower—Tomato Catsup—How to Dress Salad—Asparagus Pickled—Lobster Salad—Cauliflower Salad—Tomato Salad—Herring Salad—Cabbage Salad—German Salad—Carrot Salad—Pickled Onion—Winter Salad—Ham Salad—French Mustard—Spiced Apple—To Pickle Red Cabbage—Cucumber Catsup—Pickled Oysters—Clover Vinegar—Salad Dressing—Fruit Salad—Currant Catsup Chili Sauce—Grape Catsup—Spiced Currants

BREAD AND ROLLS: Eight Points in Bread Making—To Keep Bread Moist—Home-Made Crackers—Rice Bread—Southern Batter Bread—Indian Bread—Squash Biscuit—Brown Bread—Bread cheesecakes—Graham Cake—Oatmeal Crackers—Rosettes—French Rolls—Tea Rolls—Scotch Shortbread—Oatmeal Gems—Breakfast Rolls without Soda—Oatmeal Wafers—Oatmeal Biscuits—Light Rolls—Graham Wafers—Railroad Yeast—Rice Biscuits—Indian Meal Puffs—Tea Puff—Ginger Biscuits—Egg Sandwiches—Corn Gems—Tea Rusks—Johnny Cake—Tea Biscuit—Cottage Bread

JELLIES AND PRESERVES: To Preserve Pineapples in slices—Russian Jelly—Grape Preserves—Frosted Currants—Chicken Jelly—Preserved Cherries—Lemon Syrup—Apple Jelly—Orange Jelly—Citron or Watermelon Preserves—Calf’s Foot Jelly—Raspberry Jam—Peach Butter—Coffee Jelly—White Currant Jam—Plum Marmalade—Gooseberry Jelly—Spiced Peaches—Quince Marmalade—Blackberry Jelly—Crab Apple Jelly—Lemon Jelly—Blackberry Jam—Apple Jam—Peach Marmalade—Pickled Apples

PUDDINGS, PIES, ETC: Apple Fitters—Amber Pudding—Apple Charlotte—Apple Pudding—Apple Soufflé—Apple Sauce—Apple Dumplings—Bread Pudding—Bird’s Nest Pudding—Fried Bananas—Cup Plum Pudding—Cranberry Sauce—Chocolate Pudding—Chocolate Cream Custard—Coffee Custard—Cranberry Roll—Egg Pudding—Cream Batter Pudding—Cracker Pudding—Citron Pudding—Cottage Pudding—Cream Custard—Egg Sauce—Orange Fritters—Fruit Roll—Fig Pudding—Ginger Pudding—Golden Pudding—Graham Pudding—Indian Pudding—Indian Apple Pudding—Kiss Pudding—Kent Pudding—Lemon Meringue Pudding—Lemon Custard—Peach Pudding—Pan Pudding—Pineapple Pudding—Raising Pudding—Waffles—Cherry Pie—Cream Pie—Custard Pie—Orange Pie—Lemon Pie—Apple Pie—Prune Pie—coconut Pie—Pumpkin Pie

FANCY DISHES: Pineapple Bavarian Cream—Lemon Float—Peaches with Rice—Coffee Cream—Charlotte Russe—Snow Eggs—Airy Nothings—Snow Custard—Cream Pie and Orange Dessert—Whipped Cream—Watermelon Tea Dish—Compote of Oranges—Gooseberry Trifle—Hen’s Nest—Coconut Cones—Ambrosia—Corn Starch Blanc Mange—Snowflake—Spanish Puffs—German Trifle—Havana Butter—Blanc Mange

CAKES: Bon-ton Wedding Cake—Snow Jelly Cake—Lemon Cake—Good Plain Cake—Saud Hearts—Watermelon Cake—Rich Coffee Cake—Currant Cookies—Apple Cake—Angel Cake—Dolly Varden Cake—Almond Cake—Strawberry or Red Cake—Ice Cream Cake—Rice Cake—Pineapple Cake—Gelatine Frosting—Molasses Cookies—Banana Cake—Buttermilk Cake—Bread Cake—Black Cake—Old Fashioned “Muster Gingerbread”—Chocolate Jumbles—Honey Cake—Huckleberry Cake—Queen’s Cake—Cream Cake—Lady Fingers—Cookies—Railroad Sponge Cake—Winter Pound Cake—Ginger cookies—Doughnut

CONFECTIONARY: Walnut Creams—Walnut Candy—To Sugar Pop corn—Sugar Taffy—Butter Scotch—Chocolate candy—Lemon Drops—Candied Lemon Peel—Coconut Candy—Candied Orange Peel—Vanilla Candy

LADIES FANCY WORK: Work Table cover—Imitation Coral Hanging Baskets—A Pretty tidy—Embroidery Designs—Persian Rugs made at Home—Work Basket—Crochet Macrame Tidy—A Home Made Hassock—Pillow Sham—Table Covers—Clothes Brush Holder—Hanging Basket—Ornamental Scrap Bags—Toilet Pillow Cushion—Needle Cushion—Wheat Ear Edging—Basket for Fruit—A Lesson in Decorating—Fancy Card Basket—A Handsome Lace Spread—A Rosette—Toilet or Work Basket—Plush Mosaic—Sofa Pillows—Lamp Shades—Sachet—Crocheted Shawl—Knitted Dressing Slipper—Mosaic Embroidery

THE HOME PHYSICIAN: Prevention of Malaria—Antidotes for and Bruises—Weak and Inflamed Eyes—Sore Throat—Dieting for Health—Medical Qualities of Lemons—Whooping and Scalds—Headache—To Stop and Colds—Scarlet Fever—Baldness—Small Stings—Tobacco Antidote

THE TOILET: Tooth Powder—Freckles—To Prevent the Hair from Falling Off—To Soften the Hands—To Whiten the for the Hair—Toilet Powder—Rose Bandoline for the Hair—Chapped Hands—To Sweeten the Breath—Bay Rum—Otto of Roses—essence from Flowers—To Curl the Hair—Black Spots on the Face—Cold ream—Walnut Hair Dyes—Lavendar Water—To Thicken the Hair—Crimping Hair—Toilet Soap—Almond Paste—Hair Wash—To Make Eau de Cologne—Pearl Water for the Complexion—Violet Powder—Oil of Roses for the Hair—Lip Salve

THE LAUNDRY: A Washing Machine—Washing Lace Curtains—To Wash Blankets—Washing Fluid—To Wash Flannel—Clothes Sprinkler—To Wash Lace—Doing Up Men’s Linen—How to Gloss Linen—Washing Made Easy—Washing Clothes without Fading—A French Way of Washing clothes—Bluing—Washing hosiery—New Mixture for Washing Clothes—To Bleach Linen—Gum Arabic Starch—To Save Soap—To Whiten Yellow Linen—Hints on Ironing—To Cleanse Black Cashmere

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1888 Antique Victorian Household Farm Guide Cookery Recipes Architecture Bees:

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