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1889 1st Antique Hunting Fishing Guide Old West Cowboys Plains Indians Buffalo For Sale

1889 1st Antique Hunting Fishing Guide Old West Cowboys Plains Indians Buffalo

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Original 1889 First Edition of “Cruisings in the Cascades” with special chapters on hunting the grizzly bear, the buffalo, elk, antelope, rocky mountain goat, and deer; also on trouting in the Rocky Mountains; on a Montana round-up; life among the cowboys, etc., by G.O. Shields. Published by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington. In good condition with clean pages and strong binding. Corner and edge bumping/wear. Book Measures 6 1/4 x 8 3/4". 339 Pages and 12 Pages of Advertisements. See below for detailed contents and an example of some of the beautiful illustrations contained within this amazing antique book.

All books that I offer come with a no questions asked money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason. offer with confidence.

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The Benefits, Mental and Physical, of Mountain Climbing—A Never failing Means of Obtaining Sound Sleep and a Good Appetite—The Work to be in Proportion to the Strength of the Climber—People Who Would Like to See, but are Too Lazy to Climb—How the Photograph Camera May Enhance the Pleasures and Benefits of Mountain Climbing—Valuable Souvenirs of Each Ascent—How " These Things are Done in Europe"—An Effective Cure for Egotism.


The Cascade Mountains Compared with the Rockies—Characteristics and Landmarks of the Former—The Proper Season for Cruising in the Cascades—Grand Scenery of the Columbia—Viewing Mount Tacoma from the City of Tacoma—Men Who Have Ascended this Mysterious Peak—Indian Legends Concerning the Mountain—Evil Spirits, Who Dwell in Yawning Caverns—The View from the Mountain—Crater Lake and the Glaciers—Nine Water-falls in Sight from One Point.


The City of Seattle—A Booming Western Town—Lumbering and Salmon Canning—Extensive Hop Ranches—Rich Coal and Iron Mines—Timber Resources of Puget Sound—Giant Firs and Cedars—A Hollow Tree for a House—Big Timber Shipped to England—A Million Feet of Lumber from an Acre of Land—Novel Method of Logging—No Snow in Theirs—A World's Supply of Timber for a Thousand Years


Length, Breadth, and Depth of Puget Sound—Natural Resources of the Surrounding Country—Flora and Fauna of the Region—Great Variety of Game Birds and Animals—Large Variety of Game and Food Fishes—A Paradise for Sportsman or Naturalist—A Sail Through the Sound—Grand Mountains in Every Direction—The Home of the Elk, Bear, Deer, and Salmon—Sea Gulls as Fellow Passengers—Photographed on the Wing—Wild Cattle on Whidby Island— Deception Pass; its Fierce Current and Weird Surroundings—Victoria, B. C—A Quaint Old, English-looking Town.


Through English Bay—Winter Fowls that Seem Never to Have Been Hunted—Rifle Practice that was Soon Interrupted— Peculiarities of Burrard Inlet—Vancouver and Port Moody —A Stage Ride to Westminster—A Stranger in a Strange Land—Hunting for a Guide—" Douglass Bill" Found and Employed—An Indian Funeral Delays the Expedition.


The Voyage up the Frazier—Delicious Peaches Growing in Sight of Glaciers—The Detective Camera Again to the Front—Good Views from the Moving Steamer—A Night in an Indian Hut—The Sleeping Bag a Refuge from Vermin—The Indian as a Stamping Ground for Insects—He Heeds Not Their Ravages


A Breakfast with the Bachelor—Up Harrison River in a Canoe—Dead Salmon Everywhere—Their Stench Nauseating—The Water Poisoned with Carrion—A Good Goose Spoiled with an Express Bullet—Lively Salmon on the Falls—Strange Instinct of this Noble Fish—Life Sacrificed in the Effort to Reach its Spawning Grounds—Ranchmen Fishing with Pitchforks, and Indians with Sharp Slicks—Salmon Fed to Hogs, and Used as Fertilizers; the Prey of Bears, Cougars, Wild Cats, Lynxes, Minks, Martins, Hawks, and Eagles.


The Rivet Above the Rapids—A Lake Within Basaltic Walls—Many Beautiful Waterfalls—Mount Douglas and its Glaciers—A Trading Post of the Hudson Bay Fur Company—The Hot Springs; an Ancient Indian Sanitarium—Anxiously Waiting for "Douglass Bill "—Novel Method of Photographing Big Trees


An Early Morning Climb—A Thousand Feet Above the Lake—Fresh Deer Signs in Sight of the Hotel—Three Indians Bring in Three Deer—" Douglass Bill" Prove s as Big a Liar as Other Indians—Heading off a Flock of Canvas Backs—A Goodly Bag of these Toothsome Birds—A Siwash Hut—A Revolting Picture of Dirt, Filth, Nakedness, and Decayed Fish—Another Guide Employed—Ready on Shirt Notice—Off for the Mountain'


Characteristics of the Flathead Indians—Canoeists and Packers by Birth and Education—A Skillful Canoe Builder—Freighting Canoes—Fishing Canoes—Traveling Canoes—Two Cords of Wood for a Cargo, and Four Tons of Merchandise for Another—Dress of the Coast Indians.


Climbing the Mountain in a Rainstorm—Pean's Dirty Blankets—His Careful Treatment of His Old Musket—A Novel Charge for Big Game—The Chatter of the Pine Squirrel—A Shot Through the Brush—Venison for Supper—A Lame Conversation: English on the One Side, Chinook on the Other—The Winchester Express Staggers the Natives—Peculiarities of the Columbia Black Tail Deer


The Chinook Jargon; an Odd Conglomeration of Words; the Court Language of the Northwest; a Specimen Conversation—A Camp on the Mountain Side—How the Indian Tried to Sleep Warm—The Importance of a Good Bed when Camping—Penn is taken ill—His Fall Down a Mountain—Unable to go Further, We Turn Back—Bitter Disappointment


The Return to the Village—Two New Guides Employed—Off for the Mountains Once More—The Tramp up Ski-ik-kul Creek Through Jungles, Gulches, and Canons—And Still it Rains—Ravages of Forest Fires—A Bed of Mountain Feathers—Description of a Sleeping Bag; an Indispensable Luxury in Camp Life; an Indian Opinion of It


Meditations by a Camp Fire—Suspicions as to the Honesty of My Guides; at Their Mercy in Case of Stealthy Attack—A Frightful Fall—Broken Bones and Intense Suffering—A Painful and Tedious Journey Home—A Painful Surgical Operation—A Happy Denouement


The Beauties of Ski-ik-kul Creek; a Raging Mountain Torrent; Rapids and Waterfalls Everywhere; Picturesque Tributaries—Above the Tree Tops—The Pleasure of Quenching Thirst—A Novel Spear—A Fifteen-Pound Salmon for Supper—The Indians' Midnight Lunch—A Grand Camp Fire —At Peace with All Men


Seymour Advises a Late Start for Goat Hunting; but His Council is Disregarded—We Start at Sunrise—A Queer Craft—Navigating Ski-ik-kul Lake—A " Straight-up " Shot at a Goat—Both Horns Broken Off in the Fall—More Rain and Less Fun—A Doe and Kid—Successful Trout Fishing—Peculiarities of the Skowlitz Tongue; Grunts. Groans and Whistles—John has Traveled— Seymour's Preler.ded Ignorance of English


En Route to the Village Again—A Water-Soaked Country—"Oh, What a Fall was There, My Countrymen!"—Walking on Slippery Logs—More Rain—Wet Indians—" Semo He Spile de Grouse"—A Frugal Breakfast—High Living at Home—A Bear He did a Fishing Go; hut He was Caught Instead of the Fish, and His Skin is Bartered to the Unwashed Siwashes


John and His Family "At Home "—Au Interesting Picture of Domestic Economy—Rifle Practice on Gulls and Grebes—Puzzled Natives—" Phwat Kind of Birds is Them ?"—A day on the Columbia—The Pallisades from a Steamer—Photographing Bad Lands from a Moving Train


Deer Hunting at Spokane Falls—Ruin Wrought by an Overloaded Shotgun: A Tattered Vest and a Wrecked Watch—Billy's Bear Story—The Poorest Hunter Makes the Biggest Score—A Claw in Evidence—A Disgusted Party.


A Fusillade on the Mule Deer—Two Does as the Result—A Good Shot Spoiled—View from the Top of Blue Grouse Mountain—A Grand Panorama; Lakes, Mountains, Prairies and Forests—Johnston's Story—Rounding Up Wild Hogs—A Trick on the Dutchman—A Bucking Mule and a Balky Cayuse—Falls of the Spokane River.


Hunting the Grizzly Bear—Habitat and Characteristics—A Camp Kettle as a Weapon of Defense—To the Rescue with a Winchester—Best Localities for Hunting the Grizzly—Baiting ?and Still-Hunting—A Surprise Party in the Trail—Two Bull-- eyes and a Miss—Fresh Meat and Revelry in Camp.


Elk Hunting in the Rocky Mountains—Characteristics of the Elk—His Mode of Travel—A Stampede in a Thicket—The Whistle of the Elk. the Hunter's Sweetest Music—Measurements of a Pair of Antlers—Saved by Following an Elk Trail—The Work of Exterminators—The Elk Doomed.


Antelope Hunting in Montana—A Red Letter Day on Flat Willow—Initiating a Pilgrim—Sample Shots—Flagging and Fanning—Catching Wounded Antelopes on Horseback—Four Mule-Loads of Meat


Buffalo Hunting on the Texas Plains—A "Bull Train " Loaded with Skins—A Sensation in Fort Worth—En Route to the Range—Red River Frank's Mission—A Stand on the Herd—Deluged with Buffalo Blood—A Wild Run by Indians—Tossed into the Air and Trampled into the Earth.


Hunting the Rocky Mountain Goat—Technical Description of the Animal—Its Limited Range—Dangers Incurred in Hunting It—An Army Officer's Experience—A Perilous Shot—A Long and Dangerous Pursuit—Successful at List—Carrying the Trophies to Camp—Wading up Lost Horse Creek—Numerous Baths in Icy Water—An Indian's Fatal Fall—Horses Stampeded by a Bear—Seven Days on Foot and Alone—Home at Last


Trouting in the Mountains—Gameness of the Mountain Trout— A Red Letter Day on the Bitter Root—Frontier Tackle and Orthodox Bait—How a Private Soldier Gets to the Front as an Angler—A Coot Interrupts the Sport, and a Rock Interrupts the Coot—Colonel Gibson takes a Nine-Pounder—A Native Fly Fisherman—Grand Sport on Big Spring Creek—How Captain Hathaway does the Honors—Where Grand Sport may be Found


Deer Hunting in Northern Wisconsin—On the Range at Day- light—The Woods Full of Game—Missing a Standing "Broadside " at Thirty Yards—Several Easy Shots in Rapid Succession; the only Fruits Shame and Chagrin—Nervousness and Excitement Finally Give Way to Coolness and Deliberation—A Big Buck at Long Range—A Steady Aim and a Ruptured Throat—A Blind Run Through Brush and Fallen Trees—Down at Last—A Noble Specimen—His Head as a Trophy


Among the Pines—A Picture of Autumnal Loveliness— Cordial Welcome to a Logging Camp—A Successful Shot—The Music of the Dinner Horn—A Throat Cut and a Leg Broken—A Stump for a Watch-Tower—The Raven Homeward Bound—A Suspicious Buck—A Mysterious Presence—Dead Beside His Mate—Three Shots and Three Deer


A Typical Woodsman—Model Home in the Great Pine Forest—A Lifetime in the Wilderness—A Deer in a Natural Trap—Disappointment and Despondency—" What, You Killed a Buck!"—Sunrise in the Woods—An Unexpected Shot—A Free Circus and a Small Audience—A Buck as a Buck— More Venison.


Cowboy Life—The Boys that Become Good Range Riders— Peculiar Tastes and Talents Required for the Ranch—Wages Paid to Cowboys—Abuse and Misrepresentation to which They are Subjected—The " Fresh Kid, "and the Long-Haired "Greaser"—The Stranger Always Welcome at the Ranch—A Dude Insulted—A Plaid Ulster, a Green Umbrella, and a Cranky Disposition—Making a Train Crew Dance—An Uncomplimentary Concert—No Sneak Thieves on the Plains —Leather Breeches, Big Spurs, and a Six Shooter in a Sleeping Car—Fear Gives 'Way to Admiration—The Slang of the Range—The " Bucker," and the " Buster "—The Good Cow-Horse—Roping for Prizes—Snaking a Bear with a Lariat—A Good School for Boys—Communion with Nature Maks' Honest Men


A Montana Roundup—Ranges and Ranches on Powder River; Once the Home of the Buffalo, the Elk, the Antelope; now the Home of the Texas Steer and the Cowboy—The Great Plains in Spring Attire—A Gathering of Rustlers—Chuck Outfits to the Front—Early Risers--Taming an "Alecky" Steer—A Red-Hot Device—Branding and Slitting—The Run out the Mess Wagon—" Cutting Out" and "Throwing Over"—A Cruel Process

1889 1st Antique Hunting Fishing Guide Old West Cowboys Plains Indians Buffalo

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1889 1st Antique Hunting Fishing Guide Old West Cowboys Plains Indians Buffalo:

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