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October 5th, 2014

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1894 Antique America Photo Book National Parks Indians Railroad Tourist Old West For Sale

1894 Antique America Photo Book National Parks Indians Railroad Tourist Old West





GLIMPSES OF AMERICA A Pictorial and Descriptive History of Our Country’s Scenic Marvels, Delineated by Pen and Camera. Photographs of the Picturesque Wonderlands of North America, From Regions of Perpetual Ice to Lands of Perennial Sunshine. By J.W. Buel, Who, in a Special Photograph Car and accompanied by a corps of accomplished artists, visited every part of the United States and Canada, to picture and describe all the wonderful scenery found therein. © 1894 Published by the Historical Publishing Company, Philadelphia. 14” x 11” full leather binding. Illustrated with historic photos and several color-tinted photos. 520 pages.

Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Professionally and expertly restored. Rebacked with new red leather spine, original leather-covered boards reconditioned. Hinges and binding fully repaired, sure to last for generations. Text and illustrations in very good condition. A beautiful example of this very rare 117-year-old collection of American photographic images. EMINENTLY GIFT-WORTHY.


Please Note, this is the DELUXE EDITION of “GLIMPSES OF AMERICA.” It contains additional chapters and approximately 200 PHOTOS not featured in the standard 350-page cloth edition.

In the 1890s, renowned author named J. W. Buel gathered a group of America’s best outdoor photographers, loaded them into a special railroad car, and set out to photograph the natural wonders of America while they were still largely unspoiled. Thanks to his monumental effort, today we can enjoy these rare glimpses of our land as it appeared to the pioneers and the emigrants who headed west and saw these same sights from the jouncing seats of their covered wagons, stagecoaches and railroad cars.

This enormous collection of Buell’s photographs includes views from all over America – New England, the Middle Atlantic States, the sultry South, the Midwest -- but pays special tribute to the “new West” beyond the Mississippi: Colorado, Utah, California, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Idaho, etc. A good portion of the book also focuses on America’s natural wonders: the Grand Canyon – or the “Grand Canon of the Colorado,” as the author refers to it – Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Many of the photos in this book are in large, full-page format, creating stunning views of vistas that have long since passed into memory – and others, which, while they have been preserved in the form of national parks, have inevitably changed to keep up with demands of the modern world. Here, in these pages, young America still exists in all of its unspoiled beauty.

The photos themselves are reproduced in a sepia-like tint known as “royal purple.” Several selected plates were printed with a slightly different, more natural tint.

The nearly 400 photos are accompanied by Buel’s narrative text and descriptive captions, explaining his journeys and all that he witnessed with his own eyes.

In order to give you the most accurate description of this rare and extraordinary book, I have provided some helpful details below, starting with a summary of the Contents. For your convenience, and for those interested in specific views, I have also prepared a summary of the photos included in this volume, specially arranged by state or area of interest. You can see some of these historic images for yourself further down this page.

All of this is to help you make an informed decision when offerding. I hope you’ll take a few moments to have a look.

Contents Are: (1) Among the Wild Scenes of Colorado (2) Manitou, the Mighty (3) The Grand Canons of Western Rivers (4) Marvels of the Great Desert (5) Over the Heights and Into the Deeps of Wonderland (6) Across the Cactus Desert into California’s Golden Land (7) Our Journey through Picturesque Regions of the Northwests (8) Across the Mountains to Yellowstone Park (9) Among the Wonders of the Black Hills (10) Scenic Marvels of the Great Northeast (11) A Pictorial Tour of the Eastern States (12) On Historic Fields of Virginia and Pennsylvania (13) Through Languorous Lands of the Sunny South

Photos Include:

COLORADO: Shoshone Tunnel, Canon of the Grand River (tinted frontispiece) * Historical Palace Studio, the special railroad car used by author J.W. Buel and his team of photographers * Currecanti Needle on Currecanti River * Chippeta Falls in Black Canon of Gunnison River * The Urns rock formations at Manitou Park * Ghostly Pikes Peak looms above the town of Colorado Springs * Marshall Falls cascade on Clear Creek Canon * Pike’s Peak rears against a frozen horizon * Chalk Cliffs bake in the desert sun at Clear Creek Canon * River moves sluggishly through Platte Canon * Aragenta Falls * Locomotive and train hug the edge of canon walls along the Rio de Los Animas * Bridal Veil Falls, near Devil’s Gate * Scene near Sapinero, anglers and railroad track in Gunnison Valley * The famous Georgetown Loop * Long’s Peak reflected in the tranquil waters of Mary Lake, Estes Park * Entrance to Estes Park, as seen from Rocky Point * Scene on the Platte River showing Silver Flume and High Line Canal * Dome Rock, Boulder Canon * Boulder Falls * Mountain of the Holy Cross, showing cross formation * Graymont Mountain railroad tracks and flume * Lonely Saddle Rock at the summit of the pass * Within the gates, Garden of the Gods * View of Torrey’s Peak as seen from Middle Park, Colorado * Painting showing hordes of emigrants crossing the Platte River in 1868 * Fremont Pass, railroad tracks and winter scenery * Dodge’s Bluff towers above the Grand River canon * An otherworldly view of Grand Lake, Middle Park * A quiet afternoon in Gore’s Canon at Middle Park * Locomotive passing through the Grand River canon * The Seal and Bear rock formations in the Garden of the Gods * Stalactite Organ deep within the Grand Caverns * Cathedral Spires cast long shadows in the Garden of the Gods * Down the Jumbo Tunnel in the Grand Caverns * The carriage road challenges a stagecoach, Pike’s Peak * A photographer comes to worship at the Temple of Isis in William’s Canon * The jaws of Clear Creek Canon * Scene in Williams Canon near the Cave of the Winds * The Pillar of Jupiter stands proudly in Williams Canon * Triple Falls of Cheyenne Canon * Anvil Rock formation, Garden of the Gods * Rainbow Falls, a bright spot of beauty in Ute Pass * The Tower of Babel looms ominously in the Garden of the Gods * Summit of Pike’s Peak is capped by an observatory * Stagecoach traversing Ute Pass near Manitou * Gateway to the Garden of the Gods * The Dutch Wedding, a cluster of odd rock formations in Monument Park * Balanced Rock in the Garden of the Gods * Neetmok rock, Manitou * The Devil’s Tooth rises sharply in Cheyenne Canon * Vulcan’s Anvil in Monument Park * The Major Domo formation of Glen Eyrie * Needle Rocks, Garden of the Gods * Medicine Rock seems to defy gravity, Monument Park * The Idiot formation, Monument Park * Mother Grundy rock formation, Monument Park * Phantom Falls glimmer in North Cheyenne Canon * Castle Falls, North Cheyenne Canon * Crystal Falls, Cascade Canon * The Bears Cave is visited by tourists near Green Lake * Railroad tracks and river at the Grand River canon * Cascade Canon’s virginal Sylvan Falls * The gloriously beautiful Book Cliffs in the Grand River Canon * Triple Falls, Cascade Canon * Locomotive equipped with snow-plow to clear mountain passes * Profile Rock near Ouray * Excursion train passing through the mouth of the Grand River Canon * Horseman poses beside Leaning Tower in Perry Park * Cascade at 0uray * Precipitous trail along the breast of San Juan Mountain * Twin Falls near Ames * Majestic Mt. Abram * Tempting the jaws of death in Animas Canon * A passing train and Mt. Ouray * Ancient cliff excavations at Mancos Canyon * Locomotive negotiating the west side of Marshall Pass * Narrow railroad pass in the Royal Gorge Canon of the Arkansas River * Tourists pause along the Phantom Curve * Lone burro hoofing a trail over the San Juan Mountains * Narrow Crevice Canon near Ouray * Scenic panorama of Antelope Park near Toltec Gorge * Deer Park Cascade, Animas Canon * Horses and wagon traveling the Ouray and Silverton stage road * View in South Park showing Lake Brennan near Platte Canon * City of Ouray nestled in the Ouray Mountains * Maiden Hair falls near Dump Mountain * Train confidently navigates Animas Canon * Ancient Indian cliff dwellings in the Rio Mancos Canon * Passage through the Black Canon of Gunnison River * Anglers at Lake San Christoval in the Ouray Mountains * Steep walls of Toltec Gorge in the Los Pinos * Ancient cave dwellings in the Canon de Chelly * A relic of the ancient cave-dwelling Indians * Double-header train making its way into the San Luis Valley via La Veta Pass * Abandoned cave dwellings once belonging to ancient Indians near Espanola * The Wagon-Wheel Gap a picturesque part of Rio Grande County * Los Pinos Valley mountain scenery * Sprawling view of Los Pinos Valley

CALIFORNIA: Natural Bridge extends into the surf at Monterey, California * A century plant blooms in California * Interior view of Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, showing the great telescope * Author’s stagecoach crossing the Santa Inez River * Magnolia Avenue in Riverside, lined by tropical trees * Man dwarfed by big tree in Mariposa Grove * A padre reflects outside an old mission house in California * The Lick Observatory atop Mt Hamilton * Carriage road passing through the sequoia forest of Mariposa * Distant view of Mount Shasta from Sissons * Railroad cut through the Sacramento Canon, California * The Mossbrae Falls on the Sacramento River * Railroad depot at Soda Springs in the Sacramento Canon

YOSEMITE AND THE SIERRAS (CALIFORNIA CONTINUED): The sheer rock face of El Capitan in Yosemite * Garden of Palms at Indio near San Diego * Toppled trees and Lady Franklin Rock at Vernal Falls, Yosemite * View of Seal Rocks and Cliff House at the Golden Gate, San Francisco * Photographer atop Glacier Point, Yosemite * Another giant tree in the Mariposa Forest of California * Vernal Falls, Yosemite * El Capitan reflected in the still waters of Mirror Lake, Yosemite Park * Illillouette Falls and South Dome * View of the upper cascade of Bridal Veil Falls, partially frozen * Sentinel Rock wrapped in a mantle of clouds * The Turn in Chilnualnu Falls, Yosemite * The grandeur of Yosemite Valley as seen from the artist’s eye * The mighty Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite * Indian camp on the Nevada Plains * Picturesque view of the Half Dome and Cloud’s Rest in the Yosemite Valley * View of Cave Rock on Lake Tahoe * The formidable face of The Sentinel in Yosemite Park * Locomotive crossing the Cascade Bridge bound for a snowshed on the Sierras * Cathedral Rocks rise to 2500 feet in Yosemite * View of Heather Lake and surrounding scenery about Lake Tahoe * Clouds girdle the brow of El Capitan * Ice formations grace the foot of Bridal Veil Falls * Nevada Falls, Yosemite * Rowboats float in Donner Lake near Truckee, California * Precariously balanced Agassiz Column in Yosemite * Railroad passage around “Cape Horn” * Snow shovelers cutting a blockade in the Sierra Nevadas * Icy cascade of Upper Yosemite Falls in winter * Birds eye view of American River Canon in the Sierras * A rotary snow plow mounted on a locomotive cuts through snowbanks on the Sierras * View of the High Sierras and Susie Lake, an arm of Lake Tahoe * Sylvan view of the upper cascade of Chilnualnu Falls, Yosemite * Najaqui Falls, Gavota Pass * Inside view of a Sierra Nevadas railroad snowsheds

ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO: Pueblo Indian couple and their three children * Governor’s House at Tesuque Pueblo, New Mexico * View showing a part of the ancient palace at Casa Grande * Another view showing part of the ancient city wall at Casa Grande * The last resting place of Kit Carson, Taos, New Mexico * Spanish Peaks provide a scenic backdrop for crude shacks in Las Vegas, New Mexico * Ovens used by Pueblo Indians, New Mexico * Two boys and a cactus fence in Arizona * Pueblo of adobe huts belonging to the Pueblo Indians, New Mexico * Scene on the Great American Desert, New Mexico * View of La Guna pueblo from across the river * Courtyard of a pueblo town in Arizona * An outdoor Navajo church near Fort Wingate * The Needles along the Rio Grande * The old Spanish Palace in Santa Fe, New Mexico * The old adobe Church of San Miguel, Santa Fe

THE GRAND CANYON (ARIZONA CONTINUED): View near Hance’s Cabin in the Grand Canon of the Colorado * Shacks at Ten Mile Pass near Kokomo * Scene near the Temple of Set in the Grand Canon of the Colorado River * Pyramid Peak supplies a dizzying view in Grand Canyon of the Colorado * Echo Cliffs and railroad tracks along the abcxs canon of Grand River * Ancient Indian cliff ruins in the canon * Buffalo Bill Cody and a group of adventurers pause at Point Sublime in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado * Skulls of ancient cliff-dwelling Indians * Weapons and utensils of the cliff dwelling Indians * Burro and explorer pause along Hance’s Trail in the Grand Canon of the Colorado * Within the jaws of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

OTHER WESTERN STATES AND THE BLACK HILLS: Bridal Veil of Shoshone Falls furnishes a breath-taking view, Idaho * Parunuweap Falls drops 200 feet in Utah * Twin Lakes reflect a wild wonderland in Cottonwood Canon, Utah * Black Rock juts out of the Great Salt Lake, Utah * Dual railroad beds at the line of division between Utah and Colorado, a.k.a. “Utaline” * Castle Gate and railroad bend at Price’s Canon, Utah * Bear Creek’s Josephine Falls, Utah * Mount Nebo, 60 miles south of Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Range, Utah * Guest “preachers” at Pulpit Rock in Weber Canon * Young residents and oldest house in Salt Lake City, Utah * The Temple construction under way at Salt Lake City, Utah * Provo Falls provide an awe-inspiring view near Provo City, Utah * The Beehive House, an architectural curiosity at Salt Lake City, Utah * Train crossing the Double Circle trestle near Eureka Utah * Here lies Brigham Young, his grave at Salt Lake City, Utah * Mormon tithing house once occupied by Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, Utah * Hanging Rock leers ominously in the American Fork Canon * The Devil’s Slide, a natural curiosity in Weber Canon * Tea Pot Rock, Green River * Another Pulpit Rock, this one in Echo Canon, Utah * The not-so-fair Maiden of the Bad Lands of the Wyoming * Witch Rock casts a stony spell, Bad Lands of the Wyoming * Monument Rock, Echo Canon * Giant’s Club, Green River * Reflections along the banks of the Snake River * Bad Lands of Wyoming * Weber Valley, railroad trestle and tunnel through granite walls in Utah * Petrified trees in the Bad Lands of the Wyoming * Beauties of the Bad Lands * View of Cedar Canon, Bad Lands of Dakota * The towering bluffs of Green River, Utah * Doherty’s description, Wyoming * Moyea Falls, Idaho * Crashing foam of Shoshone Falls, Idaho * The ferry at Shoshone Falls, Idaho * A visitor stands atop natural bridge at Shoshone Falls * Photographer manning his camera at Unaweep Canon, Utah * Toadstool Rock near Gunnison * Eagle Rock, so-named because none but an eagle would dare approach this rock above Shoshone Falls * A petrified tree in the Bad Lands of Dakota * Limestone pinnacles in Big Horn River Canon * A picturesque ranch on the Little Missouri River * Harvest scene on Dalrymple’s Farm, North Dakota * A harvest field in Dakota * Teepee village, Sioux Indians, Dakota * Kepler’s Cascade, Fire-Hole River * Blackfeet Indian Camp * Cree Indian’s home on the prairie of northern Minnesota * Ferry across Red River of the North at Fargo * Dells of the Sioux River, Black Hills * Lover’s Leap, Dells of the Sioux, Black Hills * The Devil’s Notch, Dells of the Sioux, Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming * Signal Rock, Elkhorn Canon * Cabinet Gorge, Dells of the Sioux River * Needle Points near Harney’s Peak, Black Hills * Cathedral Rock in Elk Creek Canon, Black Hills * The summit of Harney’s Peak, Black Hi1ls * Harney’s Peak, Black Hills * The railroad Horseshsoe in Elk Creek Canon * Wedge Rock near Custer City, South Dakota * Beecher Rocks, near Custer City * A chamber in the Crystal Cave, Black Hills * The Chancel in Crystal Cave, Black Hills * Devil’s Thumb, Custer Park, near Custer City * The Devil’s Chair overlooking the St Croix River * The Devil’s Tower of Vitrified Rock, Wyoming * Tea-table Rock, Wisconsin River * Dome Rocks in Custer Park, South Dakota * Squaw’s Chamber, Dells of the Wisconsin * The Narrows, Dells of the Wisconsin * Castle Tower, Dells of the Wisconsin * View of Crow Butte and Signal Rock, Dawes County, Nebraska * Skylight Cave, Dells of the Wisconsin * Hawk’s Bill, Dells of the Wisconsin * Cliff near mouth of Witches’ Gulch * Falls of St Anthony, Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota * The Fairies’ Retreat, Dells of the Wisconsin * Whirlpool Chamber, Dells of the Wisconsin * Minnehaha Falls in Summer * Romance Cliff, Dells of the St Croix River * Signal Rock near Camp Douglas, Wisconsin * View of Minnehaha Falls in winter * Hornet’s Nest, Dells of the Wisconsin * Cleopatra’s Needle, Devil’s Lake * Cleft Rock, Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin * Foot and Wagon Bridge over the St Croix River * Chippewa Indians building a birch bark canoe, Wisconsin * Medicine man hopeful before a council of Menomine Indians * The Sugar Bowl, Dells of the Wisconsin * Winter camp and burial house of the Ojibway Indians * Oconomonoc Falls, Wisconsin * Beleaguered Castle, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin * Cave of the Dark Waters, Lake Superior * Miner’s Falls, Lake Superior * White Rock, Lake Superior * Rapids of Montreal River, north of Lake Superior * Giant’s Castle near Camp Douglas * Sugar Loaf, Macinac Island * Chimney and Bee Rocks, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin * Falls of Miners River in winter * The Cascade in Winter, Lake Superior * Nipigon River flowing into Lake Superior * Sand Island Arch, Lake Superior * Abode of the genii, Lake Superior * Cave of the winds, Lake Superior * Ice Palace at St Paul, 1888

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: Beryl Springs and Cleopatra Terrace * Front view of Mammoth Hot Springs, Cleopatra and Jupiter Terraces, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming * Canon of the Missouri River, near Great Falls * Pulpit Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming * Rainbow Falls, Grand Falls, Montana * Little Jupiter Terrace, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming * Sluice Box Canon, near Great Falls, Montana * View of Coating Spring Terrace * Echo Canon Falls, near Midvale, Montana * Limestone hoodoos in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * Natural Castle, Sluice Box Canon, Montana * The Hymen Terraces, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * A vista of Cleopatra and Jupiter Terraces, Yelllowstone National Park, Wyoming * View of Jupiter Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park * In the Belt Valley, near Great Falls, Montana * Horses and buggy approaching the Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * Liberty Cap, with Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in background, Wyoming * Excelsior Geyser in action, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * Cupid’s Cave, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone * Old Faithful blows in the lower geyser basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * Rustic Falls, Golden Gate Road * Enterprising gentleman fishing from Yellowstone Lake and cooking fish in the cone of an active geyser * Beauty Spring Formation * General view of the Norris Basin geysers * Crystal Cascade, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * Crater of Castle Geyser, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming * Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming * View of the Grand Canon of the Yellowstone * View of Yellowstone River near Mud Geyser * Tower Falls in the Grand Canon of the Yellowstone River * Steaming Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone, Wyoming * Crater of Oblong Geyser, Yellowstone, Wyoming * Basaltic Canon of the Yellowstone River * Grotto Geyser, Yellowstone * Lonestar Geyser Cone * The Black Growler Geyser * Little Fire-Hole Falls * Giant, Catfish and Young Faithful Geyser Cones, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

PACIFIC NORTHWEST, ALASKA AND CANADA: Mt Tacoma summit welcomes two climbers, Washington * View at Wrangel showing steamboat and fishermen’s shacks, Alaska * View of Strawnahan’s Falls on the side of Mount Hood * Multinomah Falls plummet in the Oregon wilderness * Willamette Falls in Oregon * The Dalles of the Columbia River, with Mount Hood in the background * Natural Pillars on the Columbia river * Alpine hikers at the crater of Mount Hood * Photographer and burro loaded with equipment en route to Crater Lake * The Oneonta Gorge on the Columbia River * * Rooster Rock on the Columbia River * Cascades of the Columbia * Wizard Island in Crater Lake * Grotto in Crater Lake * Palisades of the Columbia River * The Great Glacier as seen from the Canadian Pacific Railway * A Columbia River fish-wheel * Greek Church at Juneau, Alaska * Climbers at summit of Mt St Helens, above the clouds * Top of Muir Glacier, Alaska * Crevasse in Muir Glacier, Alaska * Cathedral Rock on the Columbia River * Indian burial houses on the outskirts of Juneau Alaska * Brink of Snoqualmie Falls, Washington * Stunning side view of the Great Glacier showing grinding on the face of the mountains * Latourelle Falls, Washington * A view of Mount Hood * View of the Indian camp at Umatilla, 0regon * Wintry view of the Indian River, Alaska * Photographer observing the mountain near Muir Glacier * Cave in the Great Glacier, British Columbia * View of Scuzzie Falls, near North Bend, British Columbia * Impassive face of Alaska’s Muir Glacier * Totem poles and shacks at the coastal village of Kasa-an, Alaska * Christine Falls, Alice Bay, Alaska * Serene Taku Glacier, Alaska * Dawson’s Glacier, British America * The pool at Banff Hot Springs, British Columbia * Devil’s Gate, Beaver Canon, British Columbia * View of Spokane Falls and mills, Washington * Interior of snow sheds on the Canadian Pacific Railroad * Rocky banks of the Missouri River along the path of the Great Northern Railroad * Kananaske’s Falls, British Columbia

THROUGH THE EasterN STATES AND CANADA: Covered Bridge over Winooski River Gorge, Vermont * View of Winooski Falls, Vermont * A sylvan mountain stream in Vermont * Peacock Falls in the Green Mountains * View of Clarendon Gorge, Vermont * The Winooski River, Vermont, near Middlesex * A rural scene in Vermont * Falls of the Ammonoosuc River in the White Mountains * The Flume near Profile House, Franconia, New Hampshire * Elephant’s Head and Mount Webster near Crawford, New Hampshire * Crawford Notch, New Hampshire * Mount Washington and the Cog Wheel Railroad, White Mountains, New Hampshire * Squam Lake, New Hampshire * Upper Jackson Falls on the Wildcat River, New Hampshire * Lighthouse in the harbor of Portland, Maine * Lower Gateway to Crawford’s Notch, White Mountains, New Hampshire * Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse off Cohasset, Massachusetts * View from the Summit of White Mountains, New Hampshire * Cog-Wheel Railway up Mt. Washington * Plymouth Rock Monument, Plymouth, Massachusetts * Bridal Veil Cascade, White Mountains * The Old Tower, Newport, Rhode Island * The Cliffs at Newport, Rhode Island * Purgatory Chasm, Middletown, Rhode Island * Negro Head Cliffs, Newport, Rhode Island * Soldiers’ Monument on East Rock, New Haven, Connecticut * Balanced Rock near Pittsfield, Massachusetts * Cross Rock near Pittsfield, Massachusetts * Toboggan Slide at Montreal * Chaudiere Falls near Ottawa Canada, in winter * Montmorenci Falls near Quebec * Beautiful St. Anne Falls near Quebec * Mountain scenery along the Canadian Pacific Railway

HISTORIC FIELDS OF VIRGINIA AND PENNSYLVANIA: A mixed train from the wilderness * Falling Spring near Warm Springs, Virginia * Kanawha Falls, West Virginia * Ox-drawn wagon * Hawk’s Nest and Canon of the Kanawha River, West Virginia * Galbraith Springs, Tennessee * The Falls of New River, near Hinton, West Virginia * Passage of the French Broad River through the Smoky Mountains * Passage of the James River through the Blue Ridge Mountains * A Scene of Rural Life in North Carolina * Pictured Bluffs on the New River, West Virginia * The Old Man’s Face near Asheville * A View of the French Broad River above Asheville * Caesar’s Head, spur of the Blue Ridge Range, North Carolina * Chimney Rock on the French Broad River * Above the clouds on Mitchell’s Peak, near Asheville, North Carolina * Little River Rapids, North Carolina * The Summit of Mount Mitchell, North Carolina * Cathedral and Throne in Luray Cavern, Virginia * Bridal Veil Falls, Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania * Titania’s Veil, Luray Caverns, Virginia * Colosseum Falls near Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania * The Ball Room, Luray Caverns * Factory Falls, Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania * The Saracen’s Tent, Luray Caverns, Virginia * Cadedenean Falls, Dingman’s Ferry * Farm Scene in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia * View of Harper’s Ferry from Bolivar Heights, West Virginia * The Horseshoe Curve at Kittanning, Pennsylvania * Natural Bridge of Virginia * Little Neck of the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania

DEEP IN THE SUNNY SOUTH: Tomb over the grave of Washington’s mother, at Fredericksburg, Virginia * The Devil’s Den, Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania * Round Top, overlooking the Battlefield of Gettysburg * A village scene of happy content in Virginia * An old Colonial house at Appomattox, Virginia * View of Fortress Monroe, Virginia * An old cabin home in Virginia * Drummond’s Lake in Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia * Old Fort and Sea Wall at St. Augustine, Florida * A hunter’s cabin on the Canal, Dismal Swamp * Ponce De Leon Hotel, St. Augustine, Florida * Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia * Old City Gates, St. Augustine, Florida * A home in the mountains of Georgia * Among the palmettos on the banks of the Halifax River, Florida * The head of Halifax River, above Ormond, Florida * Avenue of moss-covered oaks, Ormond, Florida * Palmetto huts near Titusville, Florida * Rubber or banyan tree on Banana River, Florida * In the deep palmetto solitudes along the Indian River, Florida * Rockledge, on Indian River, Florida * Spouting Rock near Jupiter, Florida * Orange Grove at Rockledge, Indian River, Florida * View on Lake Okeechobee, Florida * A pineapple grove on Indian River, Florida * A camp of consumptives near Lake Worth, Florida * A banana grove in Florida * The one-ox shay in Florida * A cocoanut grove on Lake Worth, Florida * Scene on the Oklawaha River, Florida * An orange grove near Palatka, Florida * Excursion launch on the Run, Florida * A palmetto glade near Palatka, Florida * Silver Spring and Oklawaha Steamboat * Home of the orange pickers in Florida * Scene on the Suwanee River * A home in the shades of the Southern pines * A baptizing on the Suwanee River * A section of Bienville Park, Mobile, Alabama * Avenue of tombs, Washington Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana * A plantation home in Mississippi * Fairy Grotto in the Mammoth Cave * The Old Stone House at Mammoth Cave * Beautiful Bow Valley (chromatograph) * Giant’s Coffin, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky * The Bridal Altar, Mammoth Cave * The River Styx, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky * Entrance to Pillared Palace, Wyandotte Cave * The Throne, Wyandotte Cave

Remember folks, this is an 1894 Deluxe First Edition bound in full leather. This book is 117 years old.


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1894 Antique America Photo Book National Parks Indians Railroad Tourist Old West

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1894 Antique America Photo Book National Parks Indians Railroad Tourist Old West:

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