1896 -1917 H. Disston And Sons Hand-sharpened 12" Dovetail Saw

1896 -1917 H. Disston And Sons Hand-sharpened 12

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1896 -1917 H. Disston And Sons Hand-sharpened 12" Dovetail Saw:

Vintage 1896 - 1917 H. Disston and Sons 12 inch Dovetail Saw

11 PPI Rip filed

hand-sharpened and guaranteed

Dated using the DisstonianInstitute.com.

12 inch long X 2 and 7/8 inch wide X .025 inch plate

11 Points per inch. Rip filed with 10 degree rake, 0 degree fleam.

Thin saw plate (.025) with light amount of set (20%) for accurate sawing in dryhardwood.

Thesaw plate has been waxed, buffed, and polished. It is slick and smooth. It has a good etch, and the tiniest specks of pitting. Maybe a stain here or there. The number "3" is stamped on the back side of the spine. I believe this saw came from a manual training school, and it has never been outside of the school house. The plate sure looks like it.

The grime has been lightly cleaned from the brass nuts.

The handle is solid and tight to the back and plate. It is new, hand-crafted and custom made, with lamb's tongue, from beautiful air-dried walnut. It is based on an 1840's John Sheldon andSons back saw, and it has a super-comfortable grip. I finished it with 5 coats of gun stock finishing oil and a buffing with paste wax.

There is less likelihood of kinking the saw plate with the relaxed rake. It is easy to start and tracks well in end grain. Ideal for dovetails, but it will cut cross grain well also. The blade is freshly sharpened, and functions perfectly because that's how it was sharpened. It is a precise cutting saw. The width and length of the saw plate and the hang of the handle make this an ideal dovetail saw, especially when gang-cutting the tails. The saw does the work.

The saw plate was jointed and a rake of 10 degrees was filed in. This amount of rake provides easier starting of the saw in end grain and better accuracy of cut. This sharpening was followed up with another light jointing, then a very light set, ideal for hardwoods, was applied. Next the teeth received a final sharpening, followed by a light pass down each side with a hard Arkansas stone. The thin plate (.025" ) and a small amount of set ensures ease of cut and superior performance.

This saw is configured to be a dry hardwood cutter. The teeth are ideal for rip cutting. It is easy to start and easy to follow the line. The saw plate is straight. It cuts precisely and smoothly. Due to the tooth count it is a great finish saw for small stock, used with or without a squared-up bench hook (not included), as pictured. To make a bench hook, attach a wooden cleat to the bottom end of a wide board, then attach a squared wooden fence squarely to the other end of the top of the board. Three kerfs, or cuts, the width of your saw, are cut into the fence. One kerf square (90 degrees), one at 45 degrees, and one at 135 degrees to the fence. Make and use accurate wooden gauges, clamped to the fence, for these cuts. Or try a marking knife to lay them out and use a square held vertically. I tested the saw in 4/4 air-dried walnut. It cuts precisely and smoothly. It tracks well. Please view the pictures of the test cut. The next-to-last picture shows the cut made next to a marking gauge line, a reflection of proper saw tracking due to the proper set of the teeth. The last picture shows the smooth cut faces of the board, which is a reflection of uniform tooth set. If you would like to see more photos, please contact me. (I will post some shots of the teeth tomorrow. The ones I took today were too blurry, probably because I was not standing still.)

Wooden tooth guard is included.

If you have any questions, comments, discussions, or critiques; or need more pictures, please contact me. I will ship to Canada.

Thanks for all the great response that I have received. Though some sales are labeled private, they are mostly for saws that I have sold. And thanks to the repeat customers and buyers. I really appreciate it.

You may be unable to read all of my feed back comments, because of the 90 day limit.

So check my
If you live in the lower 48 states and you purchase this saw and you are dissatisfied with its performance, return it within 7 days of receipt in the same condition as received for a refund of your purchase price plus your all of your shipping costs (from Woodleaf, NC and to Woodleaf, NC). All others return in 7 days in same condition as received for refund of purchase price. I will combine shipping whenever possible. I will do my best to provide the most economical shipping possible, and will refund any overestimated charges. Insurance is included by request.

On Jun-30-13 at 14:40:53 PDT, seller added the following information:

The stripes on the saw plate in the teeth shots are the reflection from the straps of my overalls against my white shirt. In case you are wondering.

1896 -1917 H. Disston And Sons Hand-sharpened 12" Dovetail Saw:

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