1896 Civil War Antique Union Slavery Confederate Negro Abraham Lincoln Rebel Csa For Sale

“An unprejudiced representation of the issues that divided our country, as told in the personal recollections of those who participated in the campaigns, marches, sufferings, anecdotes and istances of dauntless heroism which glorified and ennobled this gigantic struggle for the supremacy of the Union …”

UNDER BOTH FlagS A Panorama of the Great Civil War As Represented in Story, Anecdote, Adventure and the Romance of Reality. Written by Celebrities of Both Sides; The Men and Women Who Created the Greatest Epoch of Our Nation’s History. Published in 1896 by H.L. Harvey & Co., Publishers, Baltimore, Md. 12" x 9" decorated cloth hardcover. “Gorgeously illustrated with about 250 superb illustrations from photographs and drawings accurately picturing the scenes described.” 592 pages.

Condition: Good antique condition. Exterior as shown in photo. Both inner hinges cracked but have glue repairs. Front endpaper loose and chipped but laid in; rear endpaper partially detached. Text block is solid. Text is clean and complete: no torn, loose or missing pages.


This is an oversized memorial volume of the Civil War filled with eyewitness accounts, stories and personal anecdotes of the Great Rebellion, as told by actual participants on both sides of the conflict, Union and Confederate. The narrative is accompanied by 250 illustrations made from actual photographs and drawings made on-site and/or as described by those who beheld the very scenes with their own eyes.

The Preface proclaims:

In presenting this volume to the public two important characteristics are worthy of special notice: The first is, that every article contained in it was written or the matter furnished by the living actors and witnesses of the events related, and that in no other form can these historical treasures be obtained.

The second is, that the truth only, without bitterness or malice, finds place upon its pages; that no word or expression is used that could not with propriety be read by a Northern or a Southern veteran, or to the children of either. The war of the sixties is over; but the price of its lesson was the blood and treasure it cost. The men of the North and the men of the South each thought differently; but the bravest and most sincere expressed their opinions on the battlefield, and in their glorious record the world recognizes the unparalleled valor of the American soldier.

More than 160 accounts are published in these pages, many for the first time ever. To give you a better idea of what this rare Civil War book has to offer, I have provided some helpful details below, starting with a summary of the book’s contents and followed by an equally thorough accounting of the 250 illustrations in the book. You can even see some of the historic images for yourself further down this page. I hope you’ll take a few moments to have a look.


All Quiet Along The Potomac To-night

Amenities Of War

Anecdote Of General Polk


Antietam, September, '62

Antietam – Sharpsburg


An Arrested Bullet

Artillery Fight At Short Range

At Chickamauga

The Battle Above The Clouds

Battle Bonds

The Battle Of Atlanta

The Battle Of Nashville

The Battle Of Port Royal

The Battle Of Resaca

The Battle Of Stone River

The Battle Of The Crater

Beleagured Petersburg

The Blue And The Gray

Bombardment Of Fort Darling

A Boy At Shiloh

A Brave Man's Sensation In Battle

A Brave Old Southern Woman

Burning Of The Gunboat Underwriter

A Burning Shame

Captain Strutt Of The Coon Creek Dragoons

Carrying Despatches To Farragut

Cavalry Versus Infantry

Comrade John

Confederate Ram Raid Off Charleston, S. C.

Cooper's Battery "B" Before Petersburg

Corporal King's Trip To Washington

Courtesy Of General Grant

A Curiosity In Verse

Cutting Out The Underwriter

Daring Exploit At Donaldsonville

A Day With Mosby's Men

Death Of General Phil Kearney

A Dog On The Battlefield

A Drum-head Court-martial

Escape Of The Fox

Eulogy Of General Grant

Clement A. Evans

The First Day's Fight, Gettysburg

The First Gun In Virginia In 1861

The First Provost Marshal Of Harrisonburg, Va.

Foraging In The Kanawha Valley

Fraternity At Vicksburg

Fraternity – Union

Freedom's Banner

From Potomac To Susquehanna

From The Etowah River To Atlanta

From Vicksburg To New Orleans

Generals Fight And Fraternize

General Gordon At Appomattox

General Lee Through The Eyes Of A Staff Officer

The General Lost His Whiskey

General Mahone At Gettysburg

General Thomas And The Telegraph Operator

The General

General U. S. Grant

General William Mccandless


The Grandeur Of Battle

Hardtack And "tobacker"

Held By The Enemy

A Heroine Of The Siege, Vicksburg

A Hero Of Manassas

His Son's Friend In Blue

His Sweetheart's Face

How Blue And Gray Blend

How He Won His Sword

How North Carolina Went Into The War

How The 164th New York Lost Its Colors

How Uncle Fluster Captured The Federal Army

How Vallandigham Crossed The Lines

Impregnable Vicksburg

In Memory Of The Brave

In Memory Of The Kearsarge

In The Ranks Under General Lyon In Missouri – 1861

An Interrupted Cavalry Charge

Last Meeting Place Of The Confederate Cabinet

The Last Salute

The Last Shot

The Last Victory Of The Lost Cause

Leaves From A Soldier's Diary

Lincoln's Dedication Speech, Gettysburg

James B. McPherson

Meade At Gettysburg

Memorial Day

Mending The Old Flag

A Message From Our Country’s Dead

A Message From The Skies

A Midnight Ramble In The Ditches, Vicksburg

Doherty's Description

John Mosley's Letter

My Recollections Of War Time

The New York Monument, Gettysburg

The New Recruit

A Night With Bushwhackers

A North Carolina Captain's Breakfast

The Old Canteen

The Old Log Cabin On The Rapidan

The Old Thirteen

On The Rappahannock

On Picket In Front Of The Enemy

Our Blue And Our Gray

Our Gentle Enemy

Our Union

A Pack Of Cards

Pine And Palm

Personal Recollections Of "Stonewall" Jackson

Points Of Dispute Regarding Chickamauga

A Pretty Traitor

Private Bill Garrett's Disgrace

The Proud Flag Of Freedom

Recollections Of An Army Surgeon

A Reconstructed Rebel

Reminiscences Of First Bull Run

Reminiscences Of Point Lookout

Reminiscences Of The Sanitary Commission


Rocky Face Ridge

Romance Of The Great Locomotive Raid

A Romantic Experience

A Romantic Incident Of The War

Round Top

Running The Blockade

The Rusty Sword

Scouting In The Shenandoah Valley

Secretary Herbert's Two Boy Heroes

Shiloh After Thirty-two Years

Sights And Scenes Of Siege And Surrender Vicksburg

The Signal From Round Hill

Sister Joanelle

Social Conditions During The War

A Soldier's Story

A Song Of Blue And Gray

A Sorrow Of '62

Statistics Of The Civil War

The Stonewall Brigade At Bull Run

"Stonewall" Jackson's Grave

"Stonewall" Jackson's Last Grand Blow

The Story Of A Flag

Supporting A Battery

A Survivor Of Pickett's Division

The Sutler

The Swords Of Grant And Lee

Tales By Confederates

That Old Flag

To Columbia

To My Wife

To The Memory Of General Robert E. Lee

A Touch Of The Spur

Two Brothers

The Veteran's Toast


A Vicksburg Menu

The Victory Of Peace

A Wartime Ball In Dixie

What A North Carolina Boy Saw Of The Civil War

With Buchanan On The Tennessee

With Ewing At Tunnel Hill

With Farragut On The Hartford

With Pickett At Cemetery Ridge

With The Evening Star

A Woman's Stratagem

Wounded And Captured, Gettysburg

War Songs Of The North and the South: “Marching Through Georgia,” “The Battle Cry Of Freedom,” “John Brown's Body,” “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, The Boys Are Marching,” “Dixie,” “The Bonnie Blue Flag,” “My Maryland”

ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDE: Charge Of Confederate Cavalry – Frontispiece * The Laurel Wreath Of Glory * The Battle Of Atlanta * An Heroic Incident * On Board The Hartford * David Glasgow Farragut * Our Navy To-day * "A Rolling, Roaring, Mass Of Crackling Flames Leaped Over The Bulwarks" * "The Scene Revealed By The Rising Sun Was One Of Desolation And Destruction" * Fight At Chelmette * The Federal Fleet Before New Orleans * Vice-admiral Kaznakoff At Farragut's Grave * "A Startling Sight" * "Hard And Fast Aground On A Mud Bank" * Farragut's Fleet Approaching Vicksburg * "The Hartford Seemed Literally On Fire" * The Hartford In New York Harbor * Destruction Of The Mississippi * Gabaudau Running The Gauntlet * Confederate Ram Tennessee * "The Game Had Slipped Through Their Fingers" * "The Torpedoes! - Go Ahead" * The Last Of The "Tecumseh" * "Jouett Was Forging Across The Bow Of His Antagonist" * "He Is After Me. Let Him Come On" * "Monongahela And Tennessee" * Hartford And Tennessee – “The Two Vessels Rasped Sullenly By Each Other" * On Board The Tennessee * Farragut Victorious * Farragut's Fleet Passing Fort Morgan * Admiral Franklin Buchanan * General Mahone * Railroad Cut – Scene Of The Capture Of The Mississippi Regiments, July 1, 1863 * Eastern Edge Of Seminary Ridge; Looking Towards Cemetery Hill And The Round Tops. Position Of Pickett's Division Before The Charge, July 3, 1863 * Colonel M. L. Jones * House To Which General Reynold's Body Was Carried * High-water Mark, July 3, 1863 * General View Of The Gettysburg Battlefield From Summit Of Little Round Top Looking West. Seminary Ridge In The Distance * Monument Of The 29th Pennsylvania Volunteers * Reynold's Monument * Wm. H. Stewart * The Summit Of Little Round Top. Position Of 95th Pennsylvania And 140th New York * Corner Of The "Peach Orchard" * East Cemetery Hill, Showing Position Of Rickett's Battery And The Charge Of The "Louisiana Tigers," July 2, 1863 * Professor H. E. Shepherd * U. S. Soldiers' Monument, Gettysburg, Cemetery Hill * Monument of the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers * Position Of Geary's Brigade And Monument Of 28th Pennsylvania Volunteers * James H. Walker * James H. Hodam * Entrance To National Cemetery, Gettysburg * Culp's Hill, Overlooking Gettysburg From Position Held By The 7th Indiana Regiment And Knapp's Battery * Spangler’s Spring. Position Of Lockwood's Maryland Brigade * New York State Monument * General Sickles * Wounding Of General Hancock - New York Monument, Gettysburg * Obverse Panel—General Slocum And His Officers - New York Monument, Gettysburg * General Slocum * Right Panel—Death Of General Reynolds - New York Monument, Gettysburg * First Panel - Wounding Of General Sickles - New York Monument, Gettysburg * Marching Into Pennsylvania * “She Stood Undaunted At The Open Doorway" * “She Picked Up This Full Grown Man" * Major-General W. S. Rosecrans * A Fierce Dash At Stone River * General Horatio C. King * In Front Of Vicksburg, 1863 * Neetmok * Head Of McPherson's Saps * General Pemberton.'s Headquarters, Vicksburg * Present Aspect Of Spot Where Grant And Pemberton Met; With Monument * Landing Federal Forces * John F. Black * Vicksburg From The River * The Burnside Bridge To-day * Colonel A. H. Nickerson * Antietam Battlefield From Old Dunker Church * Part Of The Battlefield * Old Dunker Church, Antietam * Antietam Creek, Looking Up From "Burnside Bridge" * Burnside's Battlefield * National Cemetery, Antietam - Granite Statue, "at Rest" * Equestrian Statue - Major-General McClellan, City Hall Square, Philadelphia * After The Battle * Bluff Near Sharpsburg, Where Philadelphia Corn Exchange Regiment Suffered Severely * Looking Down bloody Lane, August, 1894 * Newspapers For The Army * View From National Cemetery, Toward McClellan's Headquarters * General Robert E. Lee And His Son At Antietam * Preparing To Repel Boarders * Attack Upon The Underwriter * United States Warship Richmond * Gunboats And Mortars On The Mississippi * United States Steamer Ossipee * Colonel Charles Marshall * Major John G. Gittings * “Stonewall" Jackson As A Cadet * House Where "Stonewall" Jackson Was Born, Clarksburg, West Virginia * Bull Run—General Jackson's Position, North Of Warrington Pike * "Stonewall" Jackson, 1862 * House, In Which General Jackson Died, Guinea Station, Virginia * "Stonewall" Jackson At Malvern Hill * Chancellorsville, Stone Marking The Spot Where General Jackson Fell * Room In Which General Jackson Died * Major-General John M. Corse, U. S. A * Major-General "Pat" Cleburne, C. S. A. * General Morgan L. Smith, U. S. A * "Dead Upon The Field Of Honor" * We Drank From The Same Neetmok Canteen * Arthur Van Lisle, 1863 * Arthur Van Lisle, 1893 * "I Watch The Flag" * "Just You Keep It" * Resaca And Vicinity (Map) * Battle Of Resaca * Battle Of Atlanta * Fall Of General McPherson Near Atlanta * Kenesaw Mountain From The Southeast * From Resaca To The Etowah (Map) * Kenesaw Mountain And Vicinity (Map) * Kenesaw And Peach Tree Creek (Map) * The Battle Of Kenesaw Mountain * "A Pathetic Incident," Showing That "blood Is Thicker Than Water" * Atlanta And Vicinity (Map) * "How Are You Hurt?" * "I Have Decided To Make An Idiot Of Myself" * "You Are The Very Man, Old Fellow!" * "A Pack Of Cards" * Captain E. A. Bowen, 1862 * Court House And Public Square, Harrisonburg, Virginia * Colonel E. A. Bowen * Mammoth Spring, Harrisonburg, Virginia * Capture Of The 12th Georgia's BattleFlag * "Fished Out, More Dead Than Alive From Fright" * Grave Of The Drummer Boy At Shiloh, National Cemetery, Pittsburg Landing * Major-General Lew Wallace, U. S. A * Spring Near The Shiloh Church Where Hundreds Of Wounded Gathered For Water * Officers Of The Shiloh Battlefield Association At The Old Cherry Mansion * Major-General Albert Sidney Johnston, C. S. A * The "Hornet's Nest" And Sunken Road * General J. P. Chalmers, C. S. A * Looking Down The Tennessee From Pittsburg Landing * National Cemetery, Pittsburg Landing * Major-general John A. McClernand, C. S. A. * General W. J. Hardee, C. S. A. * Scene At The Grand Reunion At Shiloh * Captain Colfax Schuyler * "This Wonderful Panorama Of Forest And River, Mountain And Plain" * "A Bullet Went Crashing Through His Brain" * The Burt Mansion, Abbeyville, South Carolina * Walter L. Miller, Esq * Spot Where The First Secession Meeting Was Held, Abbeyville, South Carolina * "A Desperate Encounter Followed, The Keystone State Ramming The Ironclad Again And Again" * Mercedita After The Fight * Major-General James B. McPherson * Brigadier General Clement A. Evans * The Kearsarge On Roncador Reef * End Of The Duel Between The Kearsarge And Alabama * Robert Chisolm * Mill Creek Gap * General Johnson's Headquarters At Dalton * Battle Of Mill Creek Gap * Battle Of Dug Gap * Letters From Home * "The Caisson Exploded, Making A Red Flash On The Night" * Neetmok * General Ulysses Simpson Grant * Captain Charles E. Dilkes * Colonel W. H. Stewart * View Of Winchester, Virginia * "Stonewall" Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia * Hotel Winchester * Old Stone Mill * View In Federal Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia * Shawnee Springs, Winchester, Virginia * Old Store And Log House, Winchester. Virginia * Present Interior Of Fort Loudoun * Washington In 1756 * Washington Besought By The People, 1756 * Old Store And Land Office Of Lord Fairfax * The Valley Pike, One Mile South Of Winchester * The Logan House, Winchester * House Once Owned By General Daniel Morgan * View Of Loudoun (or Main) Street, Winchester * Episcopal Church, Winchester * Gloucester Point, Virginia - 1861 * Captain John McNally * Private Launcelot Minor -1865 * Colonel Launcelot Minor - 1894 * Griffin F. Edwards, Esq * Scene Of Pickett's Charge At Gettysburg * The bloody Angle, Gettysburg * Spot Where Cushing And Armistead Fell * Captain S. F. Nunnelee * Hon. William E. Horne * Brigadier-General Strong Ordering A Colonel Into Action * The Celebrated Bridge At Bull Run * Battle Of Bull Run * General S. P. Heintzelman, U. S. A * A Soldier's Dream * Market Scene In A Carolina County Seat * Major Winthrop, U. S. A * Colonel John A. Cockerill * "Erect In His Saddle, His Eyes Bent Forward, Looked A Veritable War Eagle" * "I Burst Into A Regular Boo-hoo And Started On" * "I Realized Then How Deeply He Loved Me" * G. H. Blakeslee * John F. Mackie * Naval Medal Of Honor * Mrs. Sophia McClelland * General Robert E. Lee * General Lee's Residence In Richmond * "The Rusty Sword" * Prayer In Stonewall Jackson's Camp * "A Touch Of The Spur" * "What Would Mamma And Old Mammy Say If They Could See Me Now?" * "Oh, Blossom, Dear, Darling Old Blossom!" * "Are You Not Out Rather Early This Morning?" * "Well, Honey, Did You Hab A Nice Walk?" * Preparing For Warfare * "He Paused In Anger" * "The Fleeing Horseman Rose On His Horse's Back" * In The Field Hospital * Jesse H. Bunneli * U. S. Military Telegraph Wagon * "I Watched General Thomas As The Wounded Men Passed By" * "Perched Upon The Roof Of The Barn" * "The Picket Is Off Duty Forever" * "Mingling Together In That Field Of Waving Grain" * "A Tiny- Sailboat Crossing The River" * The Camp Fire At Spottsylvania * Grant Shook Hands Warmly With The Captured General * General Lee Receiving General Grant's abcxs Despatches * Every Head Was Uncovered * Going Into Action * The bloody Ground At Chickamauga (Map) * "She Still Stood, With That Divine Light In His Eyes" * "I Thought Myself Alone" * War News * "She Opens Her Journal And Writes" * "Thank You" * "A Last, Lingering Kiss Upon The Lips Of His Sweetheart" * "How Is De Mis Its?" * "There He Goes!" * "Cora," He Whispered, "Cora, Is ir You, Or Am I Dreaming?" * "The Swords Of Grant And Lee" * "Dem Yankees Am At Cottonport" * Doherty's Description * "Come An' See Foah Youahself" * Colonel W. L. Goldsmith * "A Woman's Stratagem" * "Who Dah?" * "The Three Go Slowly" * "God Speed, My Dear Young Friend!" * "They Are Here" * Thaddeus James Walker * Louis Goddu * General S. D. Sturgis, U. S A * General Nathaniel Lyon, U. S. A * General Sterling Price, C. S. A * General David S. Stanley * General J. M. Schofield * General Frederick Steele * General Gordon Granger * General Franz Sigel * General P. J. Osterhaus * General Eugene A. Carr * General Thomas W. Sweeny * Colonel Sherman D. Richardson, U S.V.


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1896 Civil War Antique Union Slavery Confederate Negro Abraham Lincoln Rebel Csa

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1896 Civil War Antique Union Slavery Confederate Negro Abraham Lincoln Rebel Csa:

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