18g 1/4" 2mm 2.5mm & 3mm Cz Gem ~ Triple Forward Helix Piercing ~ Stud Earring

18g 1/4

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18g 1/4" 2mm 2.5mm & 3mm Cz Gem ~ Triple Forward Helix Piercing ~ Stud Earring:

You Will Receive Three 18g 1/4" (6mm) Studs with Round 2mm, 2.5mm& 3mm Press Set Internally ThreadedCubic Zirconia Gemsand a Micro 2.5mm Back Discs Perfect For Triple Forward Helix Piercings & More!!

Super Tiny Gems ~ Amazing Sparkle ~ Subtile &Classy!

What Size Is a 2mm Gem?..The Size of a Small Nose Screw CZ ~ 2.5mm is Slightly Larger ~ 3mm Is About 1/8"

Micro Flatback 2.5mm Disc Will Set Flat and Hide In The Fold OfMost Ears!

Low Profile High Quality Very Sparkley Bezel CZ Gem

Internal Threading~ Easy To Insert

Precision Machined

Perfect Threaded Ends

Autoclave Safe

Perfect Size for Most 18g Healed Triple Forward Helix Piercings, But Everyones Body is Different and Beautiful! Your Body, Location, Angle & Length Of Time You Have Had Your Piercing Will Factor In To What Length Post You Need!~ Some Tragus Piercing Do Require A Longer Post ~ And Some Cartliage Needs A Shorter Post ~


5/32" (4mm) ~ Well Healed (at Least a year) Forward Helix, Facia, Some Cartilage. These Are TINY TINY pieces of jewelry and NOT meant for everyone!! They are for Well Healed Cartilage Piercings That Are In TINY Width parts of the ear. They Require Dexterity to Insert!!!

1/4" (6mm) ~ Healed Tragus, Cartilage, Forward Helix, Facia, Lobes. This is the industry "Standard" For Healed Tragus and Cartilage Piercings. This Does Not Mean Everyone, But It Is A Lot Of People. If You Are Intrested In This Jewelry For A Initial Piercing ~ Please Consult You Profesional Piercing Artist About The Length You Will Need. In Most Cases This Jewelry Is Too Short For Initial Triple Forward Helix, Facia and the Other Cartilage Piercings. The Initial Piercing Jewelry Is Generally A 5/16".

5/16" (8mm) ~ Tragus, Rook, Daith, Snug, Lobes, Initial Cartilage, Initial Forward Helix, Initial Facia, Initial Triple Snug. Also A Very Common Size For Tragus Piercings!!

3/8" (10mm) ~ Some Tragus, Helix, Filtrum, Monroe, Lip, Thick Lobes.

7/16" (11mm) ~ Some Tragus, Helix, Filtrum, Monroe, Fuller Lip, Thick Lobes.

Please Visit My Store If You Need A Different Length or Gauge!

Top Of The Line Jewelry

Number of units:3 Studs Total ~ One With Each Size Gem

Gauge: 18g

Length: 1/4” ~ 6mm

Gems: 2mm, 2.5mm& 3mm Cubic Zirconia's

Disc Measurements: 2.5mm Diameter~ The Smallest Disc on the Market~ 1.2mm Thick ~VeryVeryDiscreet~ Perfect for Triple Forward Helix

Material: 316L Surgical Steel

Looking For This Jewelry As Individual Studs Or In Colors? Please Use This Link To My store~

Looking For This Jewelry InA 16g? Please Use the Link Below To Check It Out In My store

Shipping and Handling:FREE Expedited USPS First Class Shipping

Your new jewelry will arrive in an industrial grade bubble mailer for safe arrival!

Quality Guaranteed:

All of our body jewelry, unless specified, is made with Top Quality 316L or 316LVM Surgical Steel which is safe for piercing use. Jewelry is sold new and unused but please be advised that they are NOT sterile unless you are buying an autoclaved product. We suggest before inserting any new jewelry to wash it with Dial anti-bacterial soap (be careful not to wash it down the drain!) or to clean it with isopropyl alcohol and then a warm water rinse.

Most jewelry is not nickel free, even gold items. If you are allergic in any way we do not suggest using 316L or 316LVM body jewelry.

Items Made from Solid Titanium (medical grade and NOT plated over steel), PTFE, Acrylic, Silicone, Bio Flex, Bio Plast are perfect for those with nickel allergies, have to go through metal detectors, or need to have an MRI.

Color of our products may vary due to individual computer monitors.

Return Policy:

We ONLY accept returns and exchanges on mistaken items and items broken in shipping. Each piece will be checked for manufacture defects before it is sent. We will cover shipping on any mistaken items sent by us. The buyer must contact us within 48 hours of receiving there order through Messaging to report any errors or shipping problems. We DO NOT accept exchanges if you, the buyer, bought the wrong item; size, color, type etc. If you need help please feel free to message us through messaging! We will be happy to help! You can also contact your professional piercing artist who performed your piercing (some shops do piercings in different gauges)~ they will be happy to let you know what gauge and length your piercing needs!

We know that everyone loves open return policies..we shop too.. But It is against Health Board Regulations and The CDC Guidlines For Safe Body Jewelry Practices to except returns. It is a health hazard to sell used body jewelry ~ So for all of our safety ( Yes! This means you too!) We DO NOT accept returns.

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority; if for any reason you are not satisfied with a product for whatever reason, please contact us through messaging to discuss the problem rather than leaving neutral or negative response. We will work with you until you are satisfied because if you are not happy we are not happy. We are reaching for the stars! All 5 stars to be exact! We will automatically leave positive response on the completion of your transaction!


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If you have any piercing or jewelry questions please feel free to contact us! We have 15 years of experience making bodies more beautiful!


Gauge- refers to the thickness of the body jewelry, the lower the gauge, the thicker the body jewelry.
Length- refers to the inside length between the balls for barbells.
Diameter- refers to the inside diameter for rings.

Captive Bead Rings (CBRs or BCRs) - measured at the largest inside diameter.

Circular Barbells- measured just like a CBR, at the largest inside diameter.

Plugs, Tunnels, Earlets, Eyelets, etc..-measured by the outside diameter. This relates to the thickness of your piercing. The length of the tunnel is measured from rim to rim, which we call the wearable area.

Straight Barbells- measured along the shaft between both balls.

Labrets- measured along the shaft between the flat disc and ball.

Curved (Bent) Barbells-measured by the inner length between both balls.

Nose Screws- measured on the inside of the screw from the bottom of the charm down to the bend.

Nose Bones- measured from the bottom of the charm to the top of the ball.

Nose Fishtails- measured from the bottom of the charm all the way to the end.

Gauge Conversions

Length Conversions


























































































Basic Initial Piercing Jewelry Guide:

14g 3/8" CBR - Navel, Earlobes, Eyebrows, Lips, VCH (Vert. Clit. Hood), Nipples, Inner Labia, Horizontal Hood, Triangle

14g 1/2" CBR - Earlobes, Nipples, Conch, Outer Labia

14g 5/16" & 3/8" Barbell - Conch

14g 1/2" & 5/8" Barbell - Nipples (1/2"), Larger Nipples (5/8"), Tongue, Cheeks (healed)

14g 3/8" Bent Barbell - VCH, Navel, Nipples, Eyebrows

14g 1 3/8" & 1 1/2" Barbell - Industrials

16g 5/16" & 3/8" Bent Barbell - Eyebrow, Tragus, Rook, Daith, Anti-Tragus, Anti-Eyebrow, Vert. Labret

16g 5/16" CBR - Tragus, Rook, Daith, Helix ( standard Ear Cart.), Forward Helix

16g 3/8" CBR - Earlobes, Eyebrow, Lip, Smaller Nipples, Rook, Helix

16g 5/16" & 3/8" Monroe Stud - Lips, Monroe, Tragus, Helix, Medusa (filtrum)

16g &18g- nostril

This is a helpful baseline guide to initial piercing jewelry. Size of jewelry will very between initial/ healed piercings and an individual’s anatomy. Different gauge piercings, dermal punches, and tapering can help you modify as big or as small as your imagination and body will let you go!

18g 1/4" 2mm 2.5mm & 3mm Cz Gem ~ Triple Forward Helix Piercing ~ Stud Earring:

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