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March 5th, 2015

March 8th, 2015
Daylight Saving Time starts

March 8th, 2015
International Women's Day

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Evacuation Day

March 20th, 2015
Vernal equinox

March 21st, 2015
World Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination

March 21st, 2015
World Poetry Day

March 21st, 2015
International Day of Nowruz

March 21st, 2015
World Down Syndrome Day

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World Water Day

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World Meteorological Day

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World Day for Truth concerning Human Rights Violations

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World Tuberculosis Day

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Day to Remember Slavery Victims and Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day

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Palm Sunday

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César Chávez Day

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World Autism Awareness Day

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Maundy Thursday

April 2nd, 2015
Pascua Florida Day

April 3rd, 2015
Good Friday

April 4th, 2015
Holy Saturday

April 4th, 2015
First day of Passover

April 4th, 2015
United Nations' Mine Awareness Day

April 5th, 2015
Easter Sunday



1900 Beautiful Gustav Becker Wall Clock. Fully Restored And In Working Order For Sale

1900 Beautiful Gustav Becker Wall Clock. Fully Restored And In Working Order

Beautiful Gustav Becker Wall Clock Made Circa 1900. Fully Restored and in Working Order

This smart German Gustav Becker wall clock boasts a flawless finish and a careful restoration that have given it back its beauty and splendor. The clock has also been revised and adjusted to provide a perfect working order, chiming the hours and the halves. This is a clock made circa 1900 that is more than one hundred years old and boasts a timeless and stylish design. It is signed in the face and the movement and is a collector’s piece as well as a lovely decorative and functional item. The wooden and glass box is austere and balanced, and the clear veneer makes a nice contrast with the dark lathed columns and details. Gustav Becker brand was created in 1899, five years after the death of the prestigious clockmaker after whom it was named: Gustav Eduard Becker. In 1930 the brand united with Junghans and after the end of the II World War Gustav Becker clocks stopped being produced. Nowadays this name is a sign of quality and beauty, the features that made Gustav Becker’s clocks so famous and their maker rich and popular. Their prestige became so high that in 1875 Becker had over 300.000 orders from all over the world. His clocks won gold medals in many international clock fairs held in places such as Sydney, Amsterdam or Paris. The clock we can see in the images has a wooden box with glass front door. The pieces are delicately covered with mahogany veneer disposed in different directions to create a decorative and dynamic design. Two dark wooden columns flank the front glass door, both finely turn. The decorative detail located under the box is similar in style to the columns, and also the crowning piece. In the middle of this one we can see a mask-shaped brass detail. The clock’s face is white with black Roman numbers and bears the brand monogram (GB). The same letters, with a logo in the shape of a crowned anchor and the word Silesia (the city where Becker was born and where the company was established), can also be seen engraved in the movement. This striking clock from the beginning of the 20th century will stand out anywhere thanks to its lovely design, perfect condition and ancient age. A unique piece for a unique room. Measurements: Width: 380 mm. Height: 950 mm. Depth: 15 mm.

I think I left nothing in the description but if I forgot something, I'll be glad to answer any questions. offer with confidence. We are professional antique dealers.

For any questions about this or any other article you can contact me through or by calling +34 976 45 39 31. We are open from 9 am to 8 pm Madrid time.

Thanks for trusting me and enjoy !


My name is José Pascual, and I am an antique dealer located in Zaragoza, Spain, which is a medium size city between Madrid and Barcelona. If you have any question, send me an email and I will gladly answer you. Enjoy my articles and I hope we keep in touch.

Best wishes from Spain."

José Pascual Aznar

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Investing in antiques is always a nice way to profitable your money. Many collectors have became millionairs. If you are starting a collection, follow these important tips:

- If you want to invest in antiques, always choose original pieces and avoid reproductions. A reproduction loses half of its value in the same minute that you are purchasing it, while an original antique gains value each passing day. This is an original antique and its value will continue growing tomorrow.

- Read and learn about for area of interest: swords, clocks, phonographs, antique photos, old silver, technical antiques, typewriters... Invest in books as much as in your collection and learn as much as you can. If you keep your collecction catalogued, you will increase its value.

- Keep yourself informed about the market prices in your area of interest. There are many sources but mainly, visit as many fairs as you can, research in the Internet and read the final sales prices in the traditional sale houses.

- Finally... Collect antiques, not junk. It is always better a small collection with excellent pieces than a huge collection of junk, rusty irons and broken machines. Select your pieces. There is not a goal to reach, so take the pleasure in in the process of your treasure hunting. A collection should be something to enjoy, and there is many interesting pieces out there and very few time to enjoy them, so be selective with your choices.

If you follow these simple steps you will be in the correct direction to develop an excellent collection, whatever is your area of interest and, for me the most important of all, enjoying the process

Meanwhile, we are in touch.

Jose Pascual


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1900 Beautiful Gustav Becker Wall Clock. Fully Restored And In Working Order

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1900 Beautiful Gustav Becker Wall Clock. Fully Restored And In Working Order:

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