1900's International Harvester Catalog Collection On Dvd

1900's International Harvester Catalog Collection On Dvd

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1900's International Harvester Catalog Collection On Dvd:


A wonderful collection of 1900's International Harvester catalogs. A total of 78 catalogs, books, almanacs and manuals! This collection provides an early history of the company, catalogs cover machinery both represented by, and manufactured by IHC. This collection includes over ALMOST 3000 pages and hundreds of illustrations provide a rich insight into both the IHC company and as well as early farming practices. International Harvester can be traced back to the 1830s, when Cyrus Hall McCormick, an inventor from Virginia, finalized his version of a horse-drawn reaper. The reaper was demonstrated in tests in 1831 and was patented by Cyrus in 1834. Together with his brother, McCormick moved to Chicago in 1847 and started the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. The McCormick reaper sold well, partially as a result of savvy and innovative business practices. A 1902 merger between the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and Deering Harvester Company, along with three smaller agricultural equipment firms: Milwaukee; Plano; and Warder, Bushnell, and Glessner (manufacturers of Champion brand) created the International Harvester Company. FORMAT FOR THIS ITEM: All files are in .pdf format
Catalogs Include: :: 1900 Belle City Threshers :: 1900 Cotton King Disk Harrow :: 1900 Deering Catalog :: 1900 Dixie Wonder & Handy Andy :: 1900 Empire Corn Drills :: 1900 Flying Dutchman Plow :: 1900 Hoosier Broadcast Sowers :: 1900 IHC Corn Planters :: 1900 IHC Cultivators :: 1900 IHC Ensilage Cutters :: 1900 IHC Feed Grinders :: 1900 IHC Moguel Kerosene Tractors :: 1900 IHC Hay Presses :: 1900 IHC Moguel Gasoline Tractors :: 1900 IHC Moguel Oil Tractors :: 1900 IHC Moguel Oil Engines :: 1900 IHC Pull Power Hay Presses :: 1900 IHC Rake Hay Loader :: 1900 IHC Side Delivery Rake :: 1900 IHC Spraying Outfits :: 1900 IHC Stalk Cutter :: 1900 IHC Sterling Threshers :: 1900 IHC Titan Gasoline Tractors :: 1900 IHC Titan Oil Engines :: 1900 IHC Titan Oil Tractors :: 1900 IHC Titan Tractors :: 1900 IHC Tractor Disk Harrow :: 1900 IHC Windrow Hay Loaders :: 1900 International Stalk Cutter :: 1900 Kentucky Grain Drills :: 1900 Keystone Gearless Hay Loader :: Kentucky Broadcast Fertilizer :: 1900 Keystone Steel Frame Windrow Hay Loader :: 1900 Keystone Tillage Implements :: 1900 Lily Cream Seperators :: 1900 Little Pitts Steal Thresher :: 1900 Low Cloverleaf Manure Spreaders :: 1900 Low King Manure Spreaders :: 1900 McCormick Catalog :: 1900 McCormick Corn Machines :: 1900 McCormick Tillage Implements :: 1900 Mogul 8 - 16 HP Oil Tractor :: 1900 Mogul Kerosene Tractor :: 1900 New Racine & New Nelle City Threshers :: 1900 New Southern Disk Harrows :: 1900 Osborne Tillage Implements :: 1905 Auto Buggies & Wagons :: 1909 International Tractors :: 1910 Corn King Manure Spreaders :: 1910 Dairymaid Cream Harvester :: 1910 IHC Feed Grinder :: 1910 IHC Victor & Famous Gasoline Engines :: 1912 IHC Mechanical Irrigation :: 1913 Deering Corn Machines :: 1913 Primrose Cream Seperators :: The Disk Harrow :: 1914 Meadows White Flint Granite Mills :: 1914 P&O Traction Engine Plows :: 1915 IHC Hay Presses :: 1919 IHC Moguel Gasoline Tractors :: 1924 McCormick Deering Machinery of British Columbia :: 1910 The Golden Stream Book :: 1910 For Better Crops :: 1911 Story of Bread :: 1911 IHC Almanac & Encyclopedia 1911 IHC Almanac & Encyclopedia :: 1912 Binder Twine Industry :: 1912 The Cattle Tick :: The Story of Twine :: For Better Crops in the South :: 1913 Harvest Scenes of The World :: 1913 Osborne Farm Annual :: 1917 Home Canning by The Cold Pack Method ~ 1919 Better Country Schools for Missouri :: AND MORE...........

Bonus Collection:

:: Harvester Catalog Cover Collection
50 pages.

A tribute to International Harvester, a wonderful collection of over 50 of there most unique catalog covers and ads! These images provide a wondeful insight into the trials and tribulations of early farming life, and present an unusual persepective to early farm life, some of the ad images would not pass todays strict advertising standards!!


Catalog & book pages in our collections are in .pdf format {Unless otherwise stated}, so you can easily view, copy, print, as you see fit. Please note the product format in the above description. You may use our scanned images for research or school projects, all pages are originally scanned at 300 DPI or more. View directly in Adobe Reader - perfect for reprinting in newsletters, magazines or art projects, use as clip art in any graphics program, scale it, edit it, print it to suit your needs. Image and photo collection disks are intended to be used on any computer/software program capable of viewing .gifs & .jpgs. CD is not intended for TV DVD Player viewing, thru some newer models do offer this option. Audio books and Old Time Radio Shows are typically available in .MP3 format, usually on DVD disk to offer you the most shows on the least amount of disks. These files may be recopied to CD for play back on your home or automobile audio system. Please verify your equipment to ensure disk will in fact play on your device. The format of each product is listed in the above description. Before offerding on this item, please note the shipping location. We ship from multiple locations, CD/DVD's are shipped immediately ~ usually the SAME day we receive payment. Custom vintage giftware is Special Order, and will ship factory direct - during the busy holiday season please allow 10 to 14 days production time BEFORE item is shipped. Shipping ~ Save on shipping, purchase additional items and pay only $1.00 for each CD/DVD! Please wait for invoice prior to remitting payment - we are happy to combine your purchases to save on shipping costs. Did you know that many of our reproduction catalog covers are now available on great gift items such as posters, mouse pads, clocks, jewelry and more? Please check out the VLR on store to see all these all original gift items. Most of all, a big THANK YOU for your interest in our products. Any questions or concerns please contact us via messaging system, we will usually respond within a few hours.

1900's International Harvester Catalog Collection On Dvd:

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