1903 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Mo Robertson Great Flood Trip East English In

1903 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Mo Robertson Great Flood Trip East English In

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1903 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Mo Robertson Great Flood Trip East English In:

I have no problem at all with anyone purchasing my item and reselling it, however my description that I’ve worked hours on is not allowed to be copied by anyone for the above purposes. The main reason I write this is because I was contacted about a listing where someone had copied my exact sale and tried to sell a diary that they didn’t even have. It ended up being a fraudulent sale and I’m thankful they caught it in time. Thank you so much for your understanding.



“3rd, Laura’s birthday, 17. She had some of her young friends here this evening and I furnished the music for them to dance. When I got tired Virginia took my place and did very well. The first time she has played for dancing. It will improve her time. I hope she will do more of it in future”


“2nd, Telegram from Nann this evening. May, Jack and I had lunch at E. B. T.’s at my invitation. At 3 o’clock we all went to hear the great composer, Mascagni at auditorium where he led the symphony or orchestra and several of his compositions were rendered. It was the finest thing I ever heard. Jack got orders for Washington. He has only 30 days leave.”


“5th, Mr. Lee Talbot came out with Dick this evening to supper. He is on a short visit here. Lives in Denver. It is 10 years since I have seen him but I knew him at once, so did Mary tho we were not expecting him. He is talking of buying back his old home….31st, May and Laura went to town. M. did a little shopping for me. Been working on my silk sacque, also on the afghan which I want to finish before I go east. Grace came out just after we finished supper this evening. Mrs. Kendan sent my skirt home with bill, $3.15, not altogether satisfactory. G. did not receive the package from N. I sent.”


“5th, Grace came out. Beverly stayed all night with Richard. He had on his new uniform of the 3rd Regiment which he lately joined and looks fine. Laura had Mildred over and some others and he spent this evening here also. Howard, Mary and baby were out this P.M….11th, Very hot. May and I went to the attic to get out some clothes. I changed my thick warm wear and put by some of my winter things in my trunk up there. Two gentlemen spent the evening with Dick. May and I put in the time playing “Solitaire” in my room. One of Laura’s boyfriends brought her a lovely box of flowers. Easter lilies, Lily of the Valley &c. Beautiful….20th, Dick’s birthday. A big banquet comes off here tonight. Democratic. Mr. Bryan and some other prominent Democrats are here. May and I went down to have my skirt fitted at E. B. T.’s this A.M. Came home to lunch in P.M. Laura went with us to the Milliners in Westport. She is to fix over my bonnet. Grace came out to supper. Had been there too…..26th, Pleasant and bright. Grace came out in the afternoon. She and I went over to Jeannie’s. She and Mr. Pence came over here a little while after we got home. Beverly stayed all night with Richard. Was down here to dinner. He lately joined the 3rd Regiment, one of the finest in the state. He told us he had been promoted to be regimental clerk.”


29th, The rain continues. May, Grace and I were invited to take luncheon with Jeannie. We went over between showers and had a lovely time. We have about decided not to leave until Tuesday on account of the floods everywhere and the unsafe conditions of the roads. Grace had my trunk sent out this evening. Tomorrow being a holiday….31st, Passed all night. Rivers still rising. 15,000 people are out of their homes. A dreadful flood is raging. Grace came out this A.M. Had to walk back, every car line in town is stopped. The water power is wrecked, no water in the house nor anywhere. Truly we are in the midst of a great disaster. Still raining. The U. depot has 3 ft. water. All trains are stopped!”


1st, No statement on the water. Gas is the only thing left on and the flood threatens that. The wholesale provision or grocery houses are under water and there is no meat packing houses, all submerged. May went to Sustig’s with Jeannie this A.M. to try and lay in a supply. Something’s are promised. Flood, famine and much sickness stares K.C. in the face. No trains running….2nd, The water is slowly falling. Things are looking brighter. Food is coming in from Chicago and other places and the danger from famine is past. The electric cars started up about 5 P.M. and there is some gas and water probably tomorrow. The worst is over. Dick and the rest went down to see the flood this A.M. I did not go. Mary is expected home this evening. Grace came out this A.M….4th, Still cloudy. Water going down slowly. R. came home yesterday P.M. Had had not sleep for 2 days and nights. It’s on the “Star” and the whole force had some thrilling experiences. I am trying to find something to make clothes for the needy children. Can’t go down town, not very well. Beverly as a member of 3rd Regiment has also had very hard duty patrolling and guarding property &c. Much fear is left for the health of the city. Short letter form Nannie in Philadelphia in route to Kentucky….16th, Left K.C. at 6:20 P.M. May, Nan, Howard came down to train. Mary and little Florence and Beverly to see us off. Had a good view in Harlem of the terrible effects of the big flood. Crossed the river at Quincy for 5 miles the track was under the water and each side there was 8 or 10 ft. deep. The moon was shinning and I had a good look at it….(She arrives in Chicago then Indianapolis where they stop and stay at the Grand Hotel then the next morning head out for English with a quick trip to Lexington)….23rd, Grace and I started this A.M. It cleared off but was cool. We got to Lagrange about 11 A.M. Took a room and had dinner there. Waited until 3 P.M. for the Lexington train. Arrived here 5:20 and had not been here but 15 minutes when Nannie came. Had a hard trip, is much sun burnt but well. Mr. Henry Bosworth called after supper. We are all at the Phoenix Hotel….

25th, Letter from Lily while at breakfast. I answered this afternoon. During the morning Nannie got a carriage and we drove out to see Henry Clay’s home Ashland. Also to the Mansfield Farm to see “Octavio” a famous racer, from there to the Racetrack. Saw them training fast horses. Mr. H. B. came for Nannie to go and look at some horses this P.M. The day was glorious. The finest time I’ve had in years…..”



“28th, Minnie and I went over to C. this A.M. She to see about getting sacks for the grain and coal for the steam thrasher which is coming tomorrow. I did a little shopping. In the evening we entertained Smith C.M. and his wife and children. Minnie and Katie and Ottie at a picnic supper on the porch, a decided success. All enjoyed it. The C.M.’s leave for the west tomorrow morning….29th, Got up before 5 A.M. and helped M. wash up the dishes from last nights party. She had a woman to come and help with the dinner &c. About 16 people here with teams &c. M. had letter from Frank, does not say when he is coming but seems better. I had letter from Vera for K.C. and 2 papers. Oats and wheat not turning out very well around here.”


21st, Letter from May this A.M. All well. Richard still in Colorado. Minnie and I went up to English. Kathleen went to a lawn social up at B. T. Robertson’s. Went with Lena Smith, her father took them. The best time she ever went without Minnie to a party.”


“9TH, Miss Nammie Robertson and a son of Jim Wyatt’s were married today. Minnie, Frank and Kathleen went to wedding. All were invited. Will Heath stopped in on his way down from there and made engagement to return this evening with Annie Gullion to spend evening. The bride was a daughter of Ben Thomas Robertson’s an old neighbor….25th, The girls report this A.M. a very swell reception. Mostly town people out. Everything in latest style. They did not get home until 2 A.M. G. and I went to town this P.M. I got a winter sacque and took it to Miss Hambre to make. G. is also having some sewing down there. Was dark when we got home except for light of a new moon.”


“28th, A perfect day. Looks like Indian summer. Am glad it is warm. Mininie had letter from Dick in answer to one she wrote him about Western U. He writes he is not strong after his recent illness. I wish I was at home with him. Says the house will not be moved for 2 weeks. We must try and get off next week.”


5th, Last night Dr. Webster called the girls, both like him very much. I did not see him. We left Beech Grove this morning. M. took me in buggy. G. N. and K. went in wagon with Mr. Gram on the trunks. Got to C. about 11 o’clock. Grace got something in her eye. Went to have it removed and when we got our lunch at Café G. Hotel it5 was after 1 P.M. as our train left at 2 we did not have time to see Aunt Louise.”


“18th, Cold. Lily sick in bed. Bad news of Aunt Laura’s health. Everybody seems sick. I am glad we are here with Lily. Aunt Laura’s doctor told her she was threatened with Bright’s disease and she is much worried….22nd, Letter from May enclosing a few lines from Dick. It will be sometime before they will be ready for me. We could not leave Lily yet anyway and I expect to see her up and well before I go. Mrs. Bowman of Cleveland was here this P.M.”


Handwritten items such as diaries and letters are never usually in mint condition. I try and describe my items the best way I can and post as many photos as I can. If a diary is tough to read for me I always say so in the description. If it is in bad condition I also say so and I usually describe the condition at the end of my descriptions. I have never, or I should say rarely, had a handwritten piece be in mint condition and there is a very good reason for that; they are made of paper, they’ve been carried around sometimes for 100’s of years and have been opened and shut hundreds if not thousands of times. So, please keep all of this in mind when purchasing diaries and letters from me..

MY BLOG: I’ve decided, finally, to start a blog site using the diaries in my personal collection. Over the years I’ve got so many amazing people emailing me asking me to share from my own personal collection of antique diaries. I’ve been trying to develop a web site but that is taking time so I thought I’d do this first and also facebook. There is also a page on the blog where I’ve written about why I collect. You can search for the blog by putting into one of the search engines (such as Google) the name; sallysdiaries (no apostrophe and all one word).

1903 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Mo Robertson Great Flood Trip East English In:

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