1906 New York Yacht Club Member Book Sailing Yachting America's Cup Newport

1906 New York Yacht Club Member Book Sailing Yachting America's Cup Newport

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1906 New York Yacht Club Member Book Sailing Yachting America's Cup Newport :

NEW YORK YACHT CLUB 1906. © 1906 Published by Knickerbocker Press, New York. 7" x 5½" hardcover. Illustrated with 42-page color section of Flags, photo frontispiece and yacht photo, cap ornaments in color, and foldout course chart. 412 pages.

Condition: Very Good. Exterior has little or no wear. Binding is firm. Text is clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. A museum-quality example of this rare 107-year-old New York Yacht Club book.

Provenance: This book apparently once belonged early 20th-century New York Yacht Club member Frank Lyman, owner of the yacht Rough Rider. The name ROUGH RIDER is stamped in gold on the front board. Although the ROUGH RIDER does not appear on the 1906 roster of NYYC member vessels, it is included on the roster of 1909 (I also have the 1909 NYYC member book).


This very rare book, published by the New York Yacht Club in 1906, contains the club's bylaws, rules, membership rosters, lists of vessels, color lithographs of members' pennants and other important yachting information. As the most prestigious of American yacht clubs, the New York Yacht Club boasted among its members famous men such as J. Pierpont Morgan, John Jacob Astor, August Belmont, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Sir Thomas J. Lipton, Elbridge T Gerry and others. These celebrated men and their vessels are all represented in this authentic turn-of-the-century book.

This 1906 book contains almost 50 lithographed color plates of member pennants for the different classes of vessels -- and even pennants for members who did not own yachts. There are fully 42 pages of member pennants. When you consider that each page features 24 individual pennants, that's almost 1000 member pennants illustrated here in full color! There are also color plates illustrating signal Flags and cap ornaments.

This book also features a rare foldout map of the "Courses Off Newport," not to mention black and white photos of the NYYC headquarters and the yacht Reliance.

In order to give you a full appreciation of this rarity, I have taken some extraordinary steps below. For the benefit of buyers who are historians, genealogists, etc -- and who routinely use books like this for specific research -- I have summarized the colorful member pennants and private signals that illustrate this book, along with the names of the vessels and owners they represent. This approach will give you some idea of the New York Yacht Club's membership in 1906, but also show you that the club roster was literally a social register of American high society during the gilded era. At the bottom of this page, you can see some of the Flag illustrations for yourself.

All of this is provided to help you make an informed decision when offerding. I hope you'll take a few moments to have a look.

Contents Are: Active Members * Addenda * Alumni Ass'n of U.S. Navy Challenge Cups * Amendment to Section 4216, Revised Statutes, Navigation Laws * Amendment to Section 4487 of the Revised Statutes, Navigation Laws * America's Cup * An Act to Incorporate the New York Yacht Club * Brenton Reef Cup * Bugle Calls * By-Laws * Cape May Challenge Cup * Compass Signals * Constitution * Flag Members * Honorary Members * International Code Letters of New York Yacht Club Vessels Arranged Alphabetically * King's Cup * Laws - Special Rules for Regattas * Life Members * List of Launches * List of Steamers, Auxiliaries and Power Vessels * List of Vessels - Schooners * List of Vessels - Single-masted and Yawls * List of Vessels - Single-masted and yawls with Auxiliary Motors * List of Steamers * Lithographs of Pennants and Private Signals * Names of Places * Navy Challenge Cups * Navy Members * New York Yacht Club Course Cups * Niagara IV Cup * Officers and Standing Committees, 1844-1905 * Officers and Standing Committees, 1906 * Racing Rules * Record of the America's Cup Races * Rules and Regulations Governing Challenge Cups * Rules for Foretelling the Weather * Signal Code * Sun Sets, New York Harbor * Table of Time Allowance * Tide Tables * Tonnage Tax on British Yachts after April 1, 1899 * Uniform and Dress * Yacht Routine

Illustrated Pennants and Private Signals Include:

Note: The names of the vessels appear in capital letters, followed by the owner's name.

Schooners: AGATHA William S. Eaton * ALDA F. Marion Crawford * ALICE Ogden T. McClurg * AMERICA Butler Ames * ANDROMEDA Carleton W. Nason * ARIEL F.L. Leland * AVALON F.L. Leland * BETTY C.L.F. Robinson * BRUNHILDE John M. Masury * CARA II George E. Ide * CHANTICLEER John F. Harris * CHARMER Theophilus Parsons * COLUMBIA Joseph de F. Junkin * CONSTELLATION Francis Skinner Jr * CORONA Arthur F. Lake * CRUSADER II S.L. Husted Jr * DAUNTLESS Mrs C.L.F. Robinson * ECLIPSE Lawrence J. Callanan * ELMINA Frederick F. Brewster * ENDYMION George Lauder Jr * FLEUR DE LYS Lewis A. Stimson * GEVALIA T. O'Connor Sloan * GRAMPUS L.D. Armstrong * HILDEGARDE E.R. Coleman * IDLEWILD Edward A Sumner * INGOMAR Morton F. Plant * INVADER Roy A Rainey * IROQUOIS J.G. Neafie-Whitaker * KATHELMINA William J. Curtis * KATRINA James B. Ford * KIRIN Maximillian Agassiz * KISMET James Cockcroft * LASCA Robert P. Doremus * LATONA Henry C. Eno * LILLIAN WOODRUFF C.H.W. Foster * LUCILE Eddward A. Morrison * MARGUERITE Thomas H. Stillman * MARJORIE Frank L. St John * MAVIS Durbin Horne * MERLIN Ralph E Forbes * METEOR H.L.M. The German Emperor * MILADI S.H. Mason * MIRANDA Charles N. Nelson * MURIEL Charles Smithers * NAUTILUS Henry M Stockton, Edwin S Hooley * NEAERA A.M. Judson * NORSEMAN Herbert G. Squiers * PALESTINE Henry C. Tinker * POQUESSING Edwin Thorne * QUICKSTEP E.B. Havens * QUISETTA Samuel C. Davis * ROSEMARY Converse D. Marsh * SACHEM F.T. Adams * SAVANILLA J. Price Wetherell * SCIMITAR Eustis L Hopkins * SEA FOX Dallas B. Pratt * SHAMROCK Willard P Ward * SHENANDOAH Gibson Fahnestock * SITA Henry F. Noyes * SOUTHERN CROSS Edward F. Cole * TAORMINA William S. Eaton * THISTLE Robert E. Tod * VALMORE John M. Richmond * VENONA Robert Olyphant, R.M. Olyphant Jr * WATER WITCH David Banks

Single Masted Vessels and Yawls: ADELAIDE George A. Adee, Philip H. Adee * ALBICORE Elliot Johnson * ALERA Alphone H Alker, James W. Alker * ALTAIR Cord Meyer * ALTRURIAN Frederick A. Haight * ANOATOK W. Gould Brokaw * ARABIAN Robert Winsor * ARGONAUT S. Floyd Clarke * ASPIRANT H.W. & A.G. Hanan * ASTRILD Henry Lane Eno * ATAIR J Edward Meyer, George C. Meyer * ATALA R. Floyd Clarke * ATHENE F.B. Mackay * ATHLON John D. Probst * BAT Edgar T. Scott * BEN A.Y. & P.G. Stewart * BIJOU John N. Luning * BRITANIA H.R.M. King Edward VII * CAPRICE T.George Dodworth * CARA MIA S. Wainwright * CARLITA Oliver Harriman CARLITA F.C. Swan * CARMITA Robert L. Forrest * CHALLENGE Wallace T. Foote Jr * CHEEMAUN William C. Hall * CHEROKEE James Laughlin Jr * CHIQUITA Ashton C. Clarkson * CLEONA George Bullock * COCK ROBIN John P. Elton * COLUMBIA J. Pierpont Morgan * CONSTITUTION August Belmont et als * CRICKET Herbert M. Sears * DAGON James Beard * DAHINDA William Butler Duncan Jr * DORIS S. Reed Anthony * DORWINA W.H. Langley * EELIN Gordon Dexter * EFFORT F.M. Smith * EGRET Lenox Smith * EMPRESS August Heckscher * ESPERANZA H.G. Havemeyer Jr * ESPERITO Frank B. Cleland * EURYBIA Charles Fryer * EVELYN John Hitchcock * FLIGHT Edward Morrell * FREDONIA D. Braman * GAMECOCK Edmund Q. Trowbridge * GARDENIA A H Morris * GERHILDE Charles Robinson Smith * GHOST Paul E. Stevenson * GLORIA James Ross * GRACE H.G. Timmerman * GRAYLING Robert Toland * GULMARE J.E. Dwight * HALAIA A.J. Drexel Paul * HESTER Cleveland H. Dodge * HUMMA Robert W. Emmons 2d * HUSSAR W. J. Gordon * IBIS O.D. Iselin * INIA Barclay Ward * IROLITA E.W. Clark Jr * ISOLDE Frederick M. Hoyt * JANET Francis R. Adriance * JESSICA M.R. Schuyler * JIG STEP Frederick J. Havens * JOKER George F. Dominick * JUANITA Stephen C. Hunter * JUBILLE Charles J. Paine * JULNAR Harry E. Converse * KESTREL E. Burton Hart * KHAMA Seymour J. Hyde * KOTIC Richard M. Hoe * KRAKEN Nathaniel Hathaway * KUWANA John B. Trevor * LADY MARY Nelson W. Aldrich * LARIKIN Robert Bacon * LASCA Charles M. Taintor * LEDA S.H. Mason * LINNET Amos Tuck French * LODONA E.J. Greacen * LOTAWANA John M. Knapp * MABEL Effingham Lawrence, Rene La Montagne * MAID OF MENDON Eugene S Willard * MAID OF MEUDON W.D. Guthrie * MANATEE H.L. Willoughby * MEDA A.H. Morris * MEEMER R.C. Nickerson * MILICETE Sidney Lanier Smyth * MIMOSA II Edward F Cole * MIMOSA III Trenor L. Park * MINEOLA Wm Ross Proctor * MINERVA Arthur H. Clark * MINX Howard Willets * MIRA Charles Lane Poor * MIRTH II G. & J.W. Beekman * MOHECAN John A. Burnham Jr * MONTECITO W.W. Tompkins * NAUTILUS H.W. & A.G. Hanan * NAVAHOE George W. Watjen * NEOLA J. Berre King, E. Dimock King * NEOLA II George M. Pynchon * ORIOLE Lyman Delano * PALADIN Walter C. Hubbard * PELLEGRINA Robert Toland * PETREL H.V.R. Kennedy * PETREL Myron M. Parker * PHANTOM H.G.S. Noble * PHRYNE Henrq Clark Rouse, C.W. Wetmore * PINTAIL August Belmont * PLEASURE Theodore C. Zerega * POCAHONTAS John C. Sharp Jr * PONTIAC J. Arthur Beebe * POSSUM Robert B. Seward * PRAXILLA John Parkinson Jr * QUAKERESS II William Frazier Harrison * QUEEN MAB Lucius H. Smith * RAINBOW Cornelius Vanderbilt * RAJAH W.C. Johnson * RELIANCE C. Oliver Iselin * REVERIE Frederick G. Bourne * ROSALIE Henry C. Parmelee * SAGOLA Andrew O. Bancker * SAUNTERER Thomas H. Smith * SCUD A.J. Cassatt * SENGA E.H. Shethar * SENTA Thomas M. McKee * SHAMROCK III Sir Thomas J. Lipton, Bart K.C.V.O. * SHARK F. Lothrop Ames * SIBYL George G. Williams * SIGMA W. Hamilton Busk * SISTAE John B. Rhodes * SPALPEEN Robert M. Riddle * SPASM J Berre King, E. Dimock King * STALWART B. Farquhar Curtis * SUZANNE Franklin M. Singer * SWANNANOA Stephen Loines * SYBARITA W. Gould Brokaw * SYCE Cyrus Field Judson * TABASCO W Barklie Henry * TERN John Hyslop * THISTLE C. Eckert * TIGRESS Joseph B. Morrell * TRIVIA Harold S. Vanderbilt * VIGILANT William E. Iselin * VIRGINIA W.K. Vanderbilt Jr * VISION G.W. Van Vredenburgh * VIVIAN II S. Edward Vernon * VORANT II George J. Bascom * WAHTAWAH Joseph F. Stillman * WASP Gordon Dexter * WEETAMOE H.F. Lippitt * YANKEE H.L. Maxwell * YOUNG MISS David L. Whittemore * XARA George W. Scott

Steamers, Auxiliaries and Power Vessels: ADMIRAL George B. Sheldon * ADROIT Alfred G. Vanderbilt * AILEEN Edwin Gould * AKELA Henry A. Bishop * ALAMEDA J. Donald Cameron * ALCEDO George W.C. Drexel * ALERT W.D. Hoxie * ALETES III Robert C. Fisher * ALICE F.D. Underwood * ALICE Joseph R. De Lamar * ALICE Julien T. Davies * ALLEGHENY John H. Flagler * ALLURE Henry D Norris * ALOHA D.W. & A.C. James * ALPHA George Marshall Allen * ALSACIENNE W.T. Van Brunt * ALVINA Alexander S. Cochran * AMAJA Adelbert H. Alden * AMRITA Emil Heuel * AMRITA W.G. Titcomb * ANEMONE Charles L. Tutt * ANITA George B Wilson * ANONA Paul J. Rainey * APACHE Edmund Randolph * APHRODITE Oliver H. Payne * AQUILO William P Eno * ARCTURUS H. Stuyvesant * ARDEA Clarkson Cowl * ARELAR Clarence H Eagle * ARGO George W.C. Drexel * ARIADNE Henry W Putnam Jr * ARROW Edward F. Whitney * ARTEMIS Frederick G. Bourne * ASOR Mulford Martin * ATLANTIC Wilson Marshall * ATREUS George W.C. Drexel * ATRICILLA W.B.P. Weeks * AUGUSTA II W. McMaster Wills * AURORA D.L. Pickman * AVA Walton Ferguson * AWIXA William L. Brooks * AZARA Chester W. Chapin * BARNACLE Ernest R. Connett * BARRACOUTA James A Garland * BELLEMERE Samuel T Shaw * BETHULIA Talbot Aldrich * BONITO Louis Fitzgerald * BUCCANEER Leonard Richards * CACHALOT J.M. Macdonough * CACHALOT Richard T Wainwright * CACIQUE Frederick W. Paramore * CACTUS Charles E Proctor * CALANTHE J. Arthur Hinckley * CALUMET Charles G Emery * CALYPSO Roswell Eldridge * CALYPSO Richard C Veit * CANDIDA John L B Mott * CARMEN C.A. Starbuck * CARMINA Charles Fletcher * CAROLA II Leonard Richards * CAYUGA Thomas W. Slocum * CELT J Rogers Maxwell * CHARAVL Walter Hawxhurst * CHEEMAUN James H. Olyphant * CHEROKEE S.H. Vandergrift * CHICHOTA Edwin Gould * CHRISTABEL Walton Ferguson * CIGARETTE William H Ames * CIRCE Charles Longstreet * COLONIA Frederick G. Bourne * COLUMBIA Walter Graeme Ladd * COLUMBIA J Harvey Ladew * COMET W H Langley * CONE Ernest B. Dane * CONQUEROR F.W. Vanderbilt * CONSTANCE W. Amory Gardner * CONSTANT A.J. Moxham * CONTINENTAL A. Bedell Benjamin * CORINTHIA J.A. Mollenhauer * CORANTO A.E. Austin * CORONA Henry A. Laughlin * CORONET III Joseph E. Fletcher * CORSAIR J. Pierpont Morgan * COURIER B.F. Keith * COYOTE E.B. Webster * CRUSADER Robert J.W. Koons * CYNTHIA Merrill B. Mills * CZARINA Charles S. Bryan * DAWN John S Newberry * DIANA Percy Chubb * DIANA C. Eckert * DIANE William Crozier, U.S.A. * DODGER Harold I. Pratt * DOHERTY'S Description * DOROTHY John J. Phelps * DREAMER Charles W Lee * DUCHESS Leonard J Busby * DUQUESNE James Gay Butler * EDITHA J H Hanan * ELADIO August Heckscher * ELECTRA Elbridge T. Gerry * ELFRIDA W Seward Webb * ELLIDE E Burgess Warren * EL PLACITA Morris K Jesup * ELREBA Henry Darlington * ELSA Miss Elcise L. Breese * ELSA II Evans R Dick * ELSA II Charles B Alexander * EMBLA John T Williams * EMERALD F Lewis Clark * EMERALD M Orme Wilson * EMPRESS Thomas H Wheeler * EMROSE Andrew W Rose * ENCHANTRESS N.L. Macready * ENTERPRISE Frank L Perin * ERIN Sir Thomas J Lipton, Bart K C V O * ERL KING A E Tower * EVERGLADE Robert M Thompson * FANITA John B Simpson * FELICIA Jesse H Metcalf * FLORENCE Alphonse M Alker * FLORETTE Alphonse H Alker * FLYING CLOUD James Laughlin Jr * FLYING DUTCHMAN I E Palmer * FREELANCE F.A. Schermerhorn * FRIENZA James E Martin * GADABOUT Edward M Fulton * GALATEA E L Ford * GAMBOLIER Augustus Smith * GENESEE James Sibley Watson * GIESHA A Bleecker Hanks * GITANA II Baroness J. de Rothschild * GLEAM Henry H. Melville * GRAYLING C.K.G. Billings * GRETCHEN J.E. Reyburn * GREY FOX Lewis Herzog * GRILSE John T. Pratt * GUNDREDA Winslow S. Pierce * GUNILDA W.L. Harkness * HADAJR Henry Darlington * HAIDA Max G Fleischmann * HALF MOON Franklin D Roosevelt * HAUOLI Frank M Smith * HELEN Clarence M Rusch * HELENITA Frank J Gould * HIAWATHA Julius Fleischmann * HOBO J. Insley Blair * HOPE Herbert M Sears * IDALIA Eugene Tompkins * IDLER Henry T Sloane * IGNITA Ernest E Lorillard * ILLINI Edward Field Goltra * IMPERIA L & R B Cranford * INDOLENT J.C. Rhodes * INGA C.H. Mathiessen * INIA John H Rutherford * INTREPID Lloyd Phoenix * INVINCIBLE Charles T. Barney * IRENE A.R. Peacock * IRIS James K Clarke * IROQUOIS Le Grand C Cramer * ISIS W.S. & J.T. Spaulding * ITUNA Frederick H Stevens * JATHNIEL Charles M Pratt * JOSEPHINE Peter A.B. Widener, George D Widener, Joseph E Widener * JULIA John H Sanderson * KAMOOR Harrison B Moore * KANAWHA H. H. Rogers * KATHERINA John F. Baudonine * KATRINA Louis F. Houblein * KID William C Lane * KISMET F.S. Smithers * KETHOH Roswell Eldridge * KLATAWAH Edson Bradley * LADOGA John S. Kennedy * LAGONDA L.G. Fisher * LA MASCOTTE Frank C. Havens * LAURA Max C Fleischmann * LAVROCK W.J. Matheson * LESBIA W. H. Bromley * LEVANTER Alfred Marshall * LEVANTER G H Vandergrift * LILIAN E N Dickerson * LIMIT Guy Norman * LINTA Walter Luttgen * LITTLE SOVERIGN M C D Borden * LLEWELLYN Henry W. Hogins * LORENA Amzi L Barber * LOUDOUN Lewis Nixon * LURLINE Theodore D. Buhl * LYSISTRATA James Gordon Bennett * MAGNET Latham A Fish * MAGNOLIA Henry Belknap * MARGARET Isaac E Emerson * MARGARET II Isaac E Emerson * MARGARET John H Rutherford * MARGARITA Anthony J Drexel * MARIETTA Robert N Carson * MARION Hugh J Chisholm * MARIQUITA Charles J.S. Miller * MARIROSA Julien T Davies Jr * MARJORIE Frank L St John * MASPETH Christian M Meyer * MAY Alex. Van Rennsselaer * MAY Clarence A Parsons * MAYITA Charles B. Mason * MELUSINA John A Burnham Jr * MERMAID Charles Sooysmith * MERMAID J. Pierpont Morgan Jr * MINGA Walter E Duryea * MINNEHAHA Henry I. Barbey * MIRAGE Cornelius Vanderbilt * MIST Edward Morrell * MOHICAN J Borden Harriman * MONIMIA George McK. Brown * NAHMA Mrs. Robert Goelet * NANITA Clifford V Brokaw * NARADA Henry Walters * NARWHAL G.H. Osgood, Charles Osgood * NATKA John C Tatum * NAVAJO George C Sherman * NAUTILUS Garrett B Linderman * NEAIRA Charles A. Gould * NEEDLE Ernest B. Dane * NERITA Livingston L offerdle * NIAGARA Howard Gould * NIAGARA IV Howard Gould * NIRODHA James E Childs, Waldo F Clement * NIRVANA W.R. Sands * NOKOMIS W H Nichols * NOMA William S Leeds * NOMADE F.M. Carnegie * NORMAN Frank Tilford * NORMONA Paul G Thebaud * NORTH STAR Cornelius Vanderbilt * NORWOOD W.B. Chisholm * NOURMAHAL John Jacob Astor * NOVIA George H. Van Vleck * NUSHKA Joseph E Hoadley * ONAWA Clarence H Eagle * ONEIDA E.C. Benedict * ONONDAGA S M Roosevelt * ORIOLE Joseph M Hoadley * ORION Arnold Thayer * OSWEGATCHIES Edson Gradley * PALMER F.K. Sturgis * PANTOOSET Albert S Bigelow * PARTHENIA Harry E. Converse * PASTIME F.H. Walker * PEERLESS C.W. Harkness * PIONEER George E Chisholm * POLYANTHUS Herbert M Howe * PRISCILLA George H Worthington * PRIVATEER R A C Smith * PURITANA S O Richardson Jr * RAMBLER Pliny Fisk * RAMBLER W Dixon Ellis * REPOSO Robert C Black * RESOLUTE John W Masury * RESOLUTE H.S. Rokenbaugh * REVONAH F.W. Wurster * RHECLAIR Daniel G Reid * RITA Marion Story * RIVIERA Frederic Gallatin * ROAMER N.G. Herreshoff * ROAMER H C Roome * ROSALIE Edward W. Hooker * ROSEBUD John J Phelps * RUFFHOUSE A.R. Whitney * RUSSARA Noah Palmer * SACHEM II F T Adams * SAFA EL BAHR F L Leland * SAGAMORE Edward Clinton Lee * SAGHAYA Howard C Smith * SALLY GROWLER H.L Terrell * SANIBEL W Astor Chanler * SAN TOY William L Marshall * SAPPHIRE John Pierce * SAPPHO J Harry Alexandre * SARANAC George W Quintard * SATELLITE August Belmont * SAYONA F C Swan * SAYONARA W Lanman Bull * SCAT Frederick G. Bourne * SCIOTO Riley Miles Gilbert * SCIMITAR Augustus B Hart * SCOUT August Belmont * SCULPIN II Frank L Sheppard * SEABELLE H.A. Seymour * SEA FOX Ogden T McClurg * SEA OTTER H L Willoughby * SEA URCHIN Robert M Riddle * SEMINOLE John N Robins * SENECA D Herbert Hostetter * SENECA George Mercer Jr * SENECA E B Webster * SHAWNEE Caleb G Evans * SHEPHERDESS S F Houston * SIEGLINDE G B Hopkins * SIESTA Francis H Clergue * SIESTA Francis M Whitehouse * SIGMA S C Reynolds * SKIBO Mrs Lucy G Carnegie * SKYLARK James L Hutchinson * SPORT Rollins H Wilbur * SQUIB B S Guiniss * STRANGER F Elliott Lewis * SUNBEAM Seth Low * SURF C.K.G. Billings * SURPRISE Dumont Clarke * SURPRISE William F Herring * SWIFTSURE N.G. Herreshoff * SYLVIA Daniel Bacon * TARANTULA K Vanderbilt Jr * TARO Orlando F Thomas * TAURUS J.H. Hanan * TECH T C Du Pont * TEKLA Alexandre Fabbri * TEKLA Howard Willets * THE DUCHESS Warner M Leeds * THE LIMITED Albert C Bostwick * THETIS S Reed Anthony * THETIS Hiram W Sibley * THORA J P Donavan * TILLIE F. L. Osgood * TRINGA William M Lovering * TRIONYX Charles McLaughlin * TRUANT T H Newberry * TUNA John L Inglis * TURBESE A Schwarzmann * TUSCARORA Walter Jennings * TWINKLE E H Weatherbee * UMBRINA II John Elton Wayland *
UNO S M Whitlock * UTOWANA Allison V Armour * UVIRA John P Rhodes * VALIANT W K Vanderbilt * VANESSA J H Ware * VARUNA Eugene Higgins * VAYU Francis B Doughty * VEDETTE M C D Borden * VENCEDOR A V de Goicouria * VENETIA Morton F Plant * VERGANA Frederick S. Flower * VERGEMERE Albert C Bostwick * VESTA Lewis Herzog * VIKING Jarvis B. Edson * VIKING James D Smith * VIKING Parker Syms * VIM J A Mollenhauer * VIOLA Roy A Rainey * VIRGINIA F W McCullough * VIRGINIA Isaac Stern * VISION J Edward Addicks * VISITOR W Harry Brown * VITESSE Brayton Ives * VIVA Edward Eyre * VIVE Augustus C Smith * VIXEN John D Archibold * WACONDAH Charles Hayden * WACOUTA James J Hill * WADENA J H Wade * WANDERER H A C Taylor * WAKIVA Lamon V Harkness * WARRIOR F W Vanderbilt * WATAUGA F W Humphreys * WATURUS Randal Morgan * WAYFARER J.M. Goetchius * WAYFARER John Hays Hammond * WEENT John T Pratt * WENONA General J A Johnston * WHIM. WHAM. Henry Lewis Slade * WHITE SWAN H Edward Ficken * WILD GOOSE Herbert H White * WING AND WING Frank W Fletcher * WITOCO W T Colbron * WYANDANCE James B Baker * XYLOPHONE John Jacob Astor * YACONA H Clay Pierce * ZARA Harrison B Moore * ZEELAND Harrison B. Moore * ZINGANEE W H Moore * ZORAYA Miss Atala W Thayer

Launches: ALMA Halsey H Cheney * ALOHA W H Watrous * ANATA John W Slater * CAMILLLA J R Hegeman * CARMENCITA David Howard Lyon * CATCH ME James E Martin Jr * COLUMBINE Charles M Gould * CORINTHIA John Moller * CITUS George Bullock * CRICKET E Remington Nichols * CYRIC E Burgess Warren * ELEANOR III A S Williams * EOS F W Belknap * EXPRESS George H Wilson * FROLIC D Bradford Blossom * GYPSEY Edward H Snyder * HALCYON Chauncy Marshall, Arthur Gibb * HEBE Eugene L Bushe * HELVETIA II Columbus O'D. Iselin * HIAWATHA William Macy Walker * HISSEE E L Willoughby * IDLEWILD C. Frederick Kohl * ILDICO Charles Henry Davis * INDRA George Bullock * JAVELIN Charles W Lee * KARA W R Herrick * KEWAIDEN W H Granbery * LA MASCOTTE Frank C Havens * M.A.G. Chauncy Marshall, Arthur Gibb * MARGUERITE Wallace Downey * NEETMOK * NAUTCH GIRL Livingston offerdle * ORIOLE G M Hutton * PROGRESSO John Jacob Astor * RAPIDO Clifford V Brokaw * ROAMER W G Titcomb * ROCKET C B Seely * RUSH G Howland Leavitt * SPARTAN Frederick Berg Jr * SEA SHELL H L Maxwell * SUIS MOI Gilbert M Plympton * SUNSHINE G W Vredenburgh * SURPRISE James Baird * TRUANT E J Berwind * "V" Charles Henry Davis * VANISH E D Morgan * VENTURE J Murray Watts * WOLVERINE Clarke A Miller * WONDER George G Stow

Private Signals - Non Yacht Owners: John G Agar * Charles B Alexander * F V Alexndre * Lars Anderson * Daniel Appleton * Joseph J Asch * John Aspinwall * H D Auchincloss * J W Auchincloss * Samuel P Avery * Henry D Babcock * Charles W Bailey * Joseph T Bailey * T B Baldwin * Robert F Ballantine * Maturin Ballou * David Banks Jr * John D Barrett * John C Barron * A Bandouine * Alfred N. Beadleston * Truman Beckwith * Perry Belmont * William H Bennett * J G Heresford * James C Bergen * Horace Binney * C Ledyard Blair * Watson F Blair * Sylvester L blood * Benjamin Blossom * T Dennis Boardman * Louis J Boury * George S Bowdoin * F Brandreth * James L Breeze* James H Brealiz * Alexander Brown * Clarence E Brown * Harold F Brown * John A Brown Jr * Vernon H Brown * John R Buchan * C P Buchanan * William Buchanan * Commodore J H Bull, USN * Daniel H Burdett * Clarence E Burke * H D Burnham * E C CAmmann * Amory S Carhart * Henry Guy Carleton * John Cartledge * J Gardner Cassatt * George H Chase * H Durant Cheever * John D Cheever * H G & R Cheney * George Chesterman * Frank F Chrystie * Robert S Church * Alexander S Clarke * E Clinton Clarke * G K Clark Jr * A DeWitt Cochrane * A W S Cochrane * Sydney Jones Colford * Price Collier * T G Condon * George A Cormack W F Costenbader * Jameson Cotting * John D Crimmins Jr * Frank M Cronise * William M Crow * Lewis B Curtis * Samuel T Cushing * Eric B Dahlgren * H C Demming * L C Demming * Elbert Haring Dickinson * Edward V Douglas * George A Dixon * George Drakely * D LeRoy Dresser * John R Drexel * W Butler Duncan * W West Durant * F S G D'Hauteville * George Milvern Eddy * Daniel Edgar * Richard M Elliot * A V H Ellis * Ralph N Ellis * James Elverson Jr * J M Ellsworth * A B Fairchild * W S Fanshawe * E M Farnsworth * Paulding Farnham * Daniel B Fearing * Charles J Follmer * Henry Stuart Fleming * James Francis * Alden Freeman * George A Freeman * S Barton French * Edward L Fuller * H C Fuller * Mortimer B Fuller * Charles T Garland * William R Garrison * W Whitehead Gilfillan * Robert Goelet 2d * Malcolm Graham Jr * Robert A Granniss * Robert Graves * Stanley Greacen * Irving Grinnell * William Lawrence Green * Frederick A Guild * Franklin L Gunther * W S Gurnee * L T Haggin * H Melville Hanna * E H Harriman * Alfred C Harrison * R B Hartshorne * G G Haven * George T Hilton * Richard Lewis Howell * Alfred W Hoyt * Gerald L Hoyt * Percy S Hoyt * Charles L Hubbard * S T Hubbard Jr * E W Humphreys * Archer M Huntington * Chas L Hyde * Adrian Iselin * Ernest Iselin * A Wendell Jackson * Leonard Jacob Jr * Robert Jacob * Hugh M Inman * John Jamison * Arthur O Jennings * Frank Bowne JOnes * Willard H Jones * Richard Kalish * S Nicholson Kane * Thomas H Kelly * Arthur Kemp * William Kent * John W Keogh * Henry S Kerr * John C King * W Nephew King * Ira A Kip Jr * W A Stewart * Walter Graeme Ladd * R H Laimbeer Jr * Francis G Landon * Newbury D Lawton * Frank R Lawrence * James A Lawrence * John G A Leishman Jr * L Cass Ledyard * Eugene Lentilhon * Jefferson M Levy * Garrett B Linderman * E H Litchfield * G Weaver Loper * Louis L Lorillard Jr * J F Loubat * John F Lovejoy * A Augustus Low * Girard C W Lowrey * Clarence H Mackay * Alexander Maitland * William Manice * J Willis Martin * John R Maxwell Jr * Henry May * William May * J M McCurdy * Robert H McCurdy * W Harry McGill * E L H McGinnis * Thomas A Mcintyre * R K McMurray * Charles G Meyer * Richard H Mitchell * C Fabyan Monroe * Clarence Moore * A J Morgan * George D Morgan * John B Morgan * R R Morgan * E Rollins Morse * Thornton N. Motley * Augustus W Mott * Jordan L Mott * Charles D Mower * William Murray * J V S Oddie * Herman Oelrichs * William H Osgood * E M Padelford * Almeric H Paget * S S Palmer * Edgar Palmer * Clarence A Parsons * Stephen Peabody * Henry Pearce * F. S. Pearson * W E Peck * William Halsey Peck * Stephen H P Pell * Frederic C Penfield * George W Perkins * David C Percival Jr * McLaurin C Pickering * John J Pierrepont * Franklin A Plummer * George D Post Jr * R Burnside Potter * S C Powell * R M S Putnam * Tarrant Putnam * Emmet Queen * George C Rand * A H Renshaw * E S Renwick * John M Richmond * Francis B Riggs * Edward Moore Robinson * William Robinson * William Rockefeller * Archibald Rogers * G L Ronalds * Mefford Runyon * Henry A Rusch * William M Russell * Sidney H Salomon * William Salomon * John H Sanderson * H Hayden Sands * Herbert L Satterlee * J E Schermerhorn * L G Schroeder * Philip Schuyler * Walter J Sears, USN * Robert Sedgwick * Horace See * N Melman Shaffer Jr * Bernard M Shanley Jr * Stewart Shillito * Edwin B Sheldon * H L Shippy * C H Simmons * W D Sloane * D Henry Smith * Henry Erskine Smith * Henry F Smith * J Henry Smith * J D Sparkman * James Speyer * John H Starin * Charles H Stebbins * Charles Steele * Edwin A Stevens Jr * S B Stevens * P C Stewart * Robert R Stewart * James A Stillman * Anson Phelps Stoker * George A Strong * J Montgomery Strong * Henry O Sturges * Ralph A Sturges * George W Swett * J Frederick Tams * W H Thomas * J Walter Thompson * Jonathan Thompson * Henry D Tiffany * Henry G Tobey * H A Van Liew * W Spencer Vernam * C F Vingut * W A Wadsworth * Edward H Wales * Henry C Ward * Charles Seabury Ward * John Gilbert Ward * Sidney F Ward * Eugene R Washburn * James M Waterbury * J Beavor Webb * Charles N Welsh * Edward Lowber Welsh * Gordon Wendell * William Boerum Wetmore * Charles H White * W R Whitner * A R Whitney Jr * Arnold Wood * Charles C Worthington * Robert Kemp Wright * W DeForest Wright * Hunter Wykes


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1906 New York Yacht Club Member Book Sailing Yachting America's Cup Newport :

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Homer The Odyssey (1961) The Iliad (1974) Boxed Set, Robert Fitzgerald Books

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