1908 Slide Rule Manual Circular Calculator Engineering

1908 Slide Rule Manual Circular Calculator Engineering

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1908 Slide Rule Manual Circular Calculator Engineering:

Item Description

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Slide Rule Manual, 1908.This is a CD ROM edition of a circa 1908 manual on how to use slide rules, presented in PDF file format.

Sample pages from this CD

This is a CD edition containing scanned images in PDF format of a circa 1908 slide rule manual by Pickworth.

Contains 123 pages with illustrations.

Presented in easy to view PDF file format.

Allows Zoom-in up to 300% to enlarge sections of the pages for easy reading.

Allows Printing of pages on your own printer.

Allows Copy and paste page image to other applications like a word processor or image editors.


The mathematical principles of the slide rule
Notation by powers of 10
The mechanical principle of the slide rule
The primitive slide rule
The modern slide rule
The notation of the slide rule
The cursor or use of the upper seales for multiplication and division
Continued multiplication and division
Multiplication and division with the slide inverted
General hints on the elementary uses of the slide rules
Squares and square roots
Cubes and cube roots
Miscellaneous powers and roots
Power sand roots by logarithms
Other methods of obtaining powers and roots
Combined operations
Hints on evaluating expressions
Gauge points
Examples in technical calculations
Trigonometrically application
Slide rules with log-log seales
Special types of slide rules
Long scale slide rules
Circular Calcutators
Slide rules for special calculations
Constructional improvements in slide rule
The accuracy of slide rule results
Slide rule data slips

Rocketbrain Review:

1908 - 100 years ago this year (2008), perhaps so far in the past we would presume our forebears to be primitives, eh?In fact, calculation tools, mathematics, knowledge of efficient algorithms and methods for computing common problems was nearly as sophisticated at today.

What was the peak of this applied computing technology?

SLIDE RULES ... linear, circular, wood, metal, paper, with sophisticated log scales and computational capacities abounded.

Custom rules for computations of all kinds in engineering and design were commonplace.

This book takes us from total innocence to a good knowledge of powers of ten (log) computation methods, slide rule design, both conceptual and mechanical, and takes us on a tour of the various kinds of slide rules and their advantages and uses.

A bit of history here, but mostly solid practical knowledge, just as it claims to be.

This is a sound instruction in slide rule use, design, history, and a pleasant instruction to bring even the novice up to speed in slide rule use.

Now perhaps I am a tad prejudiced here in that I still have slide rules hidden around the house, one in fact, hanging on the wall behind the computer, where I can reach it to prove to the uninitiated how easily the "old school" can beat out Mathcad or Mathematica at finding a solution to most common engineering problems. I usually win!

Simply put, there is something profoundly reassuring about having a device that allows you to compute most any problem and does not need batteries or a net connection to function!

Get used to using a slide rule and I bet you start packing it on hiking trips along with a mini-sextant just for the sheer joy of being able to do science and engineering and navigation without batteries!

From the pyramids to the SR-71, one form of slide rule or another has helped humanity create some of the most amazing architecture, science, and engineering the world has achieved to date.

You deserve to treat yourself to this body of knowledge.

User friendly PDF file format, the CD ROM is Microsoft Windowsas well as MAC compatible.

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1908 Slide Rule Manual Circular Calculator Engineering:

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