1910s William F Buffalo Bill Cody On Horseback Bobcat Ranch Photo W/ Sisters #1

1910s William F Buffalo Bill Cody On Horseback Bobcat Ranch Photo W/ Sisters #1

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1910s William F Buffalo Bill Cody On Horseback Bobcat Ranch Photo W/ Sisters #1:

Exceptionally Rare and simply fantastic, 1910’s William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody unpublished and likely one of a kind, Large format Photograph of Bill Cody on horseback in front of his Bobcat Ranch on the Shoshone River and not far from his TE Ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming. This intimate Photograph depicts Cody leaning back across his saddle and speaking with the wife of a local Hunting Guide Sam Aldrich and his sisters Julia Cody Goodwin and Mary (Mae) Cody Decker who stand on the porch of the Cow Camp. This Photograph was the personal property of Buffalo Bill Cody and descended directly in the Cody family to his great-granddaughter Patricia Ann "Patsy" Garlow - granddaughter of Cody's daughter Irma.

This outstanding, very personal, Unmounted Photograph, taken at the Bobcat Ranch measures approx. 7" by 5". This Photograph, from The Cody Family collection, pictures Buffalo Bill seated on his horse which faces away from the Bobcat Ranch building. His sisters and Mrs. Aldrich stand on the porch of the Bobcat Ranch homestead and Cody turns back to speak with the women. Another saddled horse is seen to the left of Bill’s. Manuscript text on the back of the Photo (likely in the hand of Buffalo Bill’s wife Louisa or his daughter Irma Cody Garlow) reads simply “Boccat Ranch”.

The Bobcat Ranch was located on the confluence of the a creek named Ishawooa and the south fork of the Shoshone River. It was originally a homestead but when Buffalo Bill began buying more acreage to add to his TE Ranch, that acreage eventually included the Bobcat Ranch. For a while it was used by cowboys tending the TE Ranch herd but later was used by his sister Mae Decker and her husband Louis Decker who also managed the Irma Hotel for Bill. Later it was a Dude Ranch under the management of Carly Downing a former Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cowboy and Rodeo Performer until he lost the property to the father of U. S. Senator Al Simpson in 1933 as a result of foreclosure on a bad debt.

Provenance: This fantastic Photograph descended directly in the family of Irma Louise Cody Garlow, Buffalo Bill Cody's last surviving child. Buffalo Bill and his wife Louisa Frederici Cody (1843-1921) had four children but only their two daughters - Arta (1866-1904) and the baby Irma (1883-1918) lived to adulthood. Irma married Frederick Harrison Garlow Sr. (1880-1918) and had 3 children - Frederick Harrison Garlow Jr. (1911-1985); William Joseph Garlow (changed name to Cody) (1913-1992) and Jane Cody Garlow (1909-1987). When Irma and Fred Garlow Sr. died within three days of each other during the influenza pandemic of 1918, the three young children were cared for by their Grandmother Louisa, wife of Buffalo Bill Cody. Fred Garlow Jr. married Margaret Southerland and they had two children Patricia Ann (b.1948) and Mark Frederick (b. 1952).

In 2014 the bulk of the Cody-Garlow Collection was sold at sale with Patsy holding onto her favorite Photograph of Bill and performers from the Show. With Patsy’s death last year, we were luck enough to purchase some of the most intimate, one of a kind Photos of Bill Cody which we will be offering over the next few weeks in our weekly sales.

The Photograph offered here was the property of Patricia Ann "Patsy" Garlow, Buffalo Bill's direct great-granddaughter. It was the property of the Cody-Garlow family and was originally the property of "William F. Buffalo Bill" Cody. While the majority of the Photographs from the Cody-Garlow Collection spent most of the last half of the 20th century on loan to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center of the West, this Image was kept by Patsy and was among her favorites.

The famous TE Ranch, some thirty-five miles southwest of Cody, was established by Buffalo Bill as a horse and cattle ranch and a hide-away where he could spent all too brief periods of rest. In 1895, Buffalo Bill Cody was instrumental in the founding of the town of Cody, the seat of Park County in northwestern Wyoming. Cody first passed through the region in the 1870s. He was so impressed by the development possibilities from irrigation, rich soil, grand scenery, hunting, and proximity to Yellowstone Park that he returned in the mid-1890s to start a town. He brought with him associates for whom streets of Cody were named: Beck, Alger, Rumsey, Bleistein and Salsbury. The town was incorporated in 1901.

In November 1902, Cody opened the Irma Hotel, which he named after his daughter. He envisioned a growing number of tourists coming to Cody via the recently opened Burlington rail line. He expected that they would proceed up the Cody Trail along the North Fork of the Shoshone River to visit Yellowstone Park. To accommodate travelers, Cody completed construction of the Wapiti Inn and Pahaska Tepee in 1905 along the Cody Road with the assistance of artist and rancher Abraham Archibald Anderson.

Cody also established the Bobcat Ranch, located on the South Fork of the Shoshone River about thirty-five miles from Cody. When he acquired the TE property, he sent cattle from Nebraska and South Dakota. His new herd carried the TE brand. The late 1890s were relatively prosperous years for "Buffalo Bill's Wild West", and he bought more land to add to the TE Ranch. Eventually Cody held around 8,000 acres of private land for grazing operations and ran about 1,000 head of cattle. He also operated a dude ranch, pack horse camping trips, and big game hunting business at and from the TE Ranch. In his spacious ranch house, he entertained notable guests from Europe and America.

We have been unable to locate any examples of this Photograph in any Museum or Institutional collection and we believe that this is likely a unique, one of a kind, Family Photograph.

This rare and wonderful, 1910’s Western Americana / Buffalo Bill's Wild West Photograph is in very good condition. The Photograph itself is generally crisp and clean but with light edge wear and exhibiting sharp focus, strong contrast and rich, warm tonality.

An exceptionally rare and likely unique, 1910’s William F. Cody / Buffalo Bill's Wild West Photograph of Bill Cody on horseback in front of his Bobcat Ranch with his sisters Mae and Julia - an intimate, personal, family Photograph that was previously the personal property of Bill and Louise Cody - and a fantastic addition to any collection!!

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1910s William F Buffalo Bill Cody On Horseback Bobcat Ranch Photo W/ Sisters #1:

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