1912-20 Handwritten Diary Sanderson Camden Nj Shipping Scrapbook Delaware River

1912-20 Handwritten Diary Sanderson Camden Nj Shipping Scrapbook Delaware River

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1912-20 Handwritten Diary Sanderson Camden Nj Shipping Scrapbook Delaware River:

“This book was found by Cyril G. L. Sanderson March 10, 1913 aboard the old passenger steamer Vision while in the yard of the Cramer Wrecking Co., Cramer Hill. The vessel was only in 3 feet of water and listing heavily to port. She looked as if her owner had left her there to rot, along with many other old time sailing and steam vessels. C. G. L. Sanderson, 433 State St. Camden New Jersey. August 4, 1915.”

“THIS BOOK ILLUSTRATES 27 SHIPS (there are many more then that by the time he finishes his scrapbook) THAT ARE AT BOTTOM OF THE SEA.”

“Crew List July 1st, 1912 (Vision)

Horace H. Weeks, Master.

John Williamson, Mate.

Anderson, Engineer.

Allen, Fireman.

Cline, Seaman.

Perry, Seaman.”

“June 29th, 1912 Camden New Jersey,

Eleven o’clock A.M. passed inspection and went through fire and boat drill in presence of the Inspector of Steam Vessels. Obtained temporary pass and prepared to leave Quigley and Dorps shipyard. Ordered steam for three o’clock P.M. Backed out of yard 3:20 P.M and landed at pier head to repair final valves in engine room.”

“July 1st,

Rudy Island 4:45 A.M. Fine weather. Ebb tied. Ship John 7:05. Cross ledge 8:05 A.M. and through Cape May channel. Moderate sea. Arrived and anchored at Sewell, Cold Spring Inlet 11:00 A.M. Lay aground one half hour before low water and until one hour after flood tide.”

“July 6th,

Left Schellinger’s Landing 10:15 with party of four passengers on board. Steamed down to Sewell’s Point and anchored for one half hr and then ran out to McCries Shoal and fished until 3:45 P.M. Returned and landed passengers at Schellenger’s landing at 5:15 P.M. Fine clear weather. Wind southerly. Had fire and boat drill 4:15 P.M.”

“July 17th,

Steamer laying off Schelenger’s Landing. Crew at ships duty. Owner and Master in Philadelphia for papers….July 18th, Owner and master went to Brighton for permanent papers. Owner returned and master remained awaiting collectors return. Vision at Schelenger’s Landing. Crew painting and cleaning.”

“July 26th,

10:10 A.M. Dropped in to pier for party. Got them on board and stared in getting away. Man got overboard. Stopped to pick him up. Boat drifted on shore. 2:00 P.m. got off and went to fishing banks with 6 passengers. 6:30 P.M. arrived back to Sewell’s Point and made fast for the night and filled water tanks.”

“August 3rd,

Comes in with fresh N.W. winds. Crew getting coal on board. 10:40 P.M. started out for the fishing banks with 10 passengers. In coming up the harbor at 5:15 P.M. struck obstruction on the bottom breaking the wheel. 5:45 P.M. landed passengers and hauled into float to fill tanks. 10:30 tanks filled. Lay at the float for the night.”


“July 2nd, 1915

Bought our 16 foot canoe on the second day of July in the year nineteen fifteen; 7:20 P.M. shoved our canoe over from dry docks in Mitchell’s boat house. Pete took bow and I took the stern. We paddled up the creek (Coopers Creek) as far as Market St. Bridge then turned around and went past boat house and out into the Delaware River and over as far as the Reading Ship Building Co. and went in docks no. 1 where ocean tug Lykias was tied up for repairs. The Captain was trying out the search light and played it on us for a few minutes and asked how it looked. Then paddled out of docks to the large passenger steamer “President” and wrote our initials and date above the waterline on the port bow then turned up street and paddled to wharf. Tied up at 9:15 P.M.”

(He has a long passage about how they were passed by the large passenger steamer “Columbia” and that it covered them with a spray of water coming from her port paddle. Then on to Piney Point.)

Another trip that summer

“August 22nd,

…..4:30 landed at our old camping place opposite Bordentown (or to be exact on the map) opposite Kinkora N.J. between Bordentown and Florence N.J. Took a little swim then had our supper as we were very hungry. 6:15 P.M. pitched tent and hauled canoe out of water. 7:00 P.M. went to bed but could not sleep on account the mosketoes which pestered us to death so sat up for awhile and looked at the moon which was full and just rising. The sketters got so bad that we could not get a bit of rest so we decided to get in the canoe and drift down in the moon light 8:30 P.M. packed everything in canoe and laid our canvas and carpets on the bottom of the canoe so as one of us could sleep. I took the stern and Pete layed in middle of the canvas so I just paddled enough to keep her in the middle of the river and watch out for other ships ahead but the night was calm and clear and I didn’t mind sitting up all night and steer rather than land and be pestered with meskeots. So we just drifted along. 12:00 midnight I saw the Trenton ship Springfield, starboard lights ahead so I altered our course as we did not have any light aboard. We soon passed along side safely and soon was far astern. I began talking to my companion but he seemed fast asleep. The night was very clear and calm and occasionally I had to take a few strokes to keep me awake.”

“August 23rd, 1915

2:15 A.M. I could plainly see that we were drawing near Bristol PA. by the lights on shore and the moon grew yellow and large in the west. Then all of a sudden it sunk from view behind a thick cluster of clouds. 3:30 A.M. My companion awoke but soon slid off asleep again till night now grew very damp and chilly. Soon I could not make out the land on our sides for a thick fog had rose around us. Realizing our danger in the middle of the river, I quickly began paddling hard for the shore. Clouds after clouds of mist crept softly by us and soon I found I could see the lights on shore. I took good care to stay close to the wharfs and drift down. Here my companion woke up and not knowing where we were at first, until I informed him. 5:00 A.M. the sun began to rise and the mist cleared up. We were then opposite Burlington N.J. We kept on drifting till we came to Beverly N.J. then the ___grew some-what stronger. Pete then got in the bow and we paddled down river till we came to Delano N.J. and landed at 7:00 A.M. where we let our blankets come out and had breakfast and stayed till 8:30 A.M. Then got in canoe again and paddled down stream with tide. 11:30 passed Laconey PA…….”

Handwritten items such as diaries and letters are never usually in mint condition. I try and describe my items the best way I can and post as many photos as I can. If a diary is tough to read for me I always say so in the description. If it is in bad condition I also say so and I usually describe the condition at the end of my descriptions. I have never, or I should say rarely, had a handwritten piece be in mint condition and there is a very good reason for that; they are made of paper, they’ve been carried around sometimes for 100’s of years and have been opened and shut hundreds if not thousands of times. So, please keep all of this in mind when purchasing diaries and letters from me..

MY BLOG: I’ve decided, finally, to start a blog site using the diaries in my personal collection. Over the years I’ve got so many amazing people emailing me asking me to share from my own personal collection of antique diaries. I’ve been trying to develop a web site but that is taking time so I thought I’d do this first and also facebook. There is also a page on the blog where I’ve written about why I collect. You can search for the blog by putting into one of the search engines (such as Google) the name; sallysdiaries (no apostrophe and all one word).

1912-20 Handwritten Diary Sanderson Camden Nj Shipping Scrapbook Delaware River:

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