1929 Handwritten Diary Nashua Durham University Of New Hampshire Nh History

1929 Handwritten Diary Nashua Durham University Of New Hampshire Nh History

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1929 Handwritten Diary Nashua Durham University Of New Hampshire Nh History:


This incredible diary is just PACKED FULL of entries and they are easy to read!
The diary did not scan real well, but if you use the magnifier,
you can see that it is very readable.
I really loved reading this diary,
the young college guy who wrote it was quite a character!
And he expressed his feelings,
which is unusual to find in a young mans 84 YEAR OLD handwritten antique diary / journal / manuscript book
was written by ayoung man whose namewas CHARLES WELCOME GILLETTE
and his home was in
Some of the entries were written while he was attending the UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE

Charles was born on December 30, 1907, and died in February of 1989.
His parents were Ada B. Burkinshaw & Charles L. Gillette.
He was born in Muscogee, Georgia, and he was an only child.
He married Iva Marlene Marshall on June 24, 1944.He mentions many many locations in his diary entries, some of them are:
Dover ~ Rochester ~ Durham ~ Haverhill ~ Townsend ~ Baboosie Lake ~ Brockton ~ Epping ~ Manchester ~ New Market ~ Alton Bay ~ Lowell ~ Littleton ~ Chelmsford ~ Silver Lake ~ Wallace Grove ~ Nashua ~ Wells Beach ~ Midford ~ Pepperell ~ Dunstable ~ Wilton ~ South Lyndeboro ~ Marblehead ~ Lynn ~ Salem~ and there are so many others!This is a VERY RARE
Personal Window Into
NewHampshire& American History !!!
The diary was written during the Great American Depression whenCharles was 21 years old,
and he must have been a small fellow as he weighed only 110 pounds.
He loved to run and was a member of the cross country track team in college,
he didn't do very well and often finished near the end of the pack,
but he did do his best and kept trying to do better!He really wanted to find a girl,
and he attended many dances in hopes that he would find someone ....
Oh, there was "Peanut", a girl whom he really liked & he was told by a friend that she liked him too
but her mother did not like him so he didn't see Peanut very often.
And then she started to date his friends, so he gave up on her.
He danced with girls at the dances and his friends would set him up on dates,
but no one seemed to be "the one".
But he kept trying to find her!Charles had an incredible fascination with airplanes and dreamed of becoming a pilot.
He took rides in lots of planes and even saw one crash!
He writes of what it was like to ride in a plane and the sights he saw, etc.
While I'm not an aviation buff, I really found his entries about this very interesting,
as airplane flight was still a relatively young invention in 1929
(The Wright Brothers carried their first passenger in 1908).What I especially loved about this diary were his long detailed entries
and his way of writing.
I felt like I was right by his side through his adventures ...
I was excited for him when he took airplane rides,
I felt bad for him when he writes of wanting to buy cars that he can't afford,
and of girls breaking dates and rejecting him at dances.
And I was cheering him on as he ran cross country in track meets
and got warm fuzzy feelings when his teammates urged him on and ran by his side
when he didn't think he could run any more.
And there is so much more to this diary!
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE ARE A VERY SMALL PART OF THE DIARY, THERE IS MUCH MORE TO READ!" .....Lavalee told me he was going to Boston today to take his physical exam. He's taking the flying course at Manchester with Hilliard. Lucky boy! Felt pretty lazy for some reason or another, could hardly keep awake. After dinner started to read Moby Dick again. Had a cigar and it nearly made me sick ..... Found out I lost my registration card somewhere so went looking for it - Didn't tell folks - I had gone to police station down home to see if I could get a sort of permit, but they couldn't do it. Advised me to take a chance, so I told Pa about it. He didn't seem to be very mad but I guess he'll worry til he gets home ..... Studied Pelman, read in Modern Aircraft. After supper got out about 7:30, so bummed to Dover. Rode with a French girl and her mother. Couldn't see the girls face, but think she was pretty nice. Her mother talked with me all the way over, she was nice too. They came from New Market and offered me a ride back if they got out when I did. Went to see "Clara Bow" in "Dangerous Curves". It wasn't like the title at all, but I liked it ..... A beautiful day, tho it started in by showering in the morning. I left my slicker parked on a seat in the classroom between classes while I went to the library to read the paper. Some darn guy in the class found a small padlock with which he padlocked my slicker to the seat. After they had gone, I found a screw driver and managed to get my slicker (to) fall free from the seat, but the padlock is still on it. I'll have to use a hacksaw, I guess ...... Today we had convo at one oclock. A woman impersonator and his partner. They were pretty good. Did not realize the woman was a man at first until "she" started to play the piano. The veins in "her" arms, the amount of muscle, the Adams apple, all confirmed my theory. The voice was not true for a woman either. He took off his wig just before intermission, so I guessed right ...... I went down to Brads and bot a Jantzen bathing suit. It's a one piece with shirt, but it looks like a two piece with red and white stripe jersey and blue trunks, and imitation of a belt printed in the yarn. Looks and fits well ...... Left here about 8:15 for Rochester. Got Val and Peanut and we stopped for a fellow named George, then went to Wells Beach. We arrived at the Casino just at intermission, so we went down on the beach and walked a ways. Then we went in to the dance. I danced twice with Peanut, once with Val and once with a girl there. She said she was from Somersworth. Cute kid and a darn good dancer too. Dance over about 11:45. I drove fairly slow going back and of course Peanut assumed her usual attitude when riding with me ...... The mill shut down from 8:30 to 9:15 to let the employees out to view the Los Angeles, a big Navy Dirigible. It was down between Nashua & Lowell when we first saw it, and came slowly, passing over Nashua at 9:05. It turned and headed for Fitchburg, seeming to fly right over the mill. It was up about 1000 feet and traveling very slowly, little more than drifting. A wonderful sight! ..... Went over for the girls. They were ready and waiting so we went over to Alton Bay. Danced and watched movies at the same time. The movies were uninteresting tho. We took a walk along the shore and noted that the moon was big and bright - Freddie got a lot of loving tonite, but I didn't pluck up courage enough to even kiss Peanut once, I never have yet! ..... We expected Barnums to arrive, they did arrive soon after 6, just as we were starting supper. We all had supper together, then Beulah & I took the Essex and went to a show in Manchester. It was "Fast Company", all talking and very good. After the show we stopped in and had some ice creams, then we started for Milford. She wanted to smoke so I bought some and we smoked. Turned in at Baboosie Lake. There was a dance but the last number was just being played so we didn't dance, walked down by the Lake, etc - Got in about 3 a.m., Mother waiting and said Mr. & Mrs. Barnum and my father had gone to Manchester looking for us. They got back about 3:45, kinda cross, but much relieved ..... Went down for Gene, took along my bottle of Apple Jack - Gene and I took the car, got some gas. He drank some of the stuff. We went to Manchester, and every few minutes he drank a little. It was pretty strong for him. We went into a place and ate, doughnuts and coffee and ice cream. He wanted to pick up a couple of women who were old enough to be our mothers. We didn't pick them up tho' ..... Got ready and went to the Fresh. Reception. The upper classmen had to wait outside awhile til the Fresh. got there, but soon we got in - Dancing started, so I went down and danced with a freshman. Don't know who she was, but she was o.k. Got part of a cut-in-dance with Louise Pillsbury. The floor was much too crowded for comfortable dancing. I didn't dance anymore tho at intermission I offered some ice cream to Rachel Winslow (who was alone) and asked her to dance. She refused the ice cream and said she wasn't dancing anymore. I left about 10:45 with Talman, who was just about disgusted with the conditions as I was ..... After dinner talked with Al and Talman in the Commons. Rachel spotted me right off so she and her girlfriend got a table next to ours. Coming back from the P.O. with Talman, we met them. When I looked into her eyes, I had, shall we say, a funny feeling. Al was walking down just in front of them and he reported that she said nice things about me. She told her girlfriend (in Al's hearing) just what I'd said and done at the reception Friday night. Ain't that interesting? ..... Mr. Crosby, Ralph Crosby's father, was killed yesterday in a head-on collision of two trains at Hancock N.H. Crosby was engineer of one, and Chapman of Hudson of the other. He was to blame and he was also killed as was one fireman. That's pretty hard on Ralph ...... I was down with Alec while he was getting ready to go to Portsmouth to visit his girlfriend. He told me something of which I've had suspicions before, namely, that Peanuts mother doesn't care for me very well. He doesn't know why, nor do I. He says that Peanuts likes me all right, but it's her momma. Now I wonder what's her objection? I must find out ...."SOME OF THE MANY NAMES HE MENTIONS IN HIS ENTRIES ARE:
Henry Harriman ~ Robert Augustine ~ Lenard Moore ~ Nolan Hickel ~ Dean Taylor ~ Madeline Hurd ~ Gene & Robert Slavin ~ Hanscomb ~ Waite ~ Capt. Gilmore ~ Prof, Huddleston ~ Bernie Shedd ~ Bill Kennedy ~ Shep Cohen ~ Beulah Barnum ~ Normal Small ~ Clarence Underwood ~ Bill Clark ~ and others.

As I mentioned earlier, this diary is PACKED FULL OF ENTRIES!
And his penmanship is very neat and easy to read too!
The entries begin on July 6, 1929 and end on December 1, 1929
and there are 141 pages completely filled from top to bottom with writing!
The diary measures approx. 4" X 6 3/4",
and it is in very good condition with no loose or missing pages, and no bad odors.
It is a WONDERFUL Slice of Americana !!!

The Towns / Cities / Villages / CommunitiesLocated InHillsborough County, NewHampshireAre:
Amherst ~ Antrim ~ Bedford ~ Bennington ~ Brookline ~ Deering ~ Francestown ~ Goffstown ~ Pinardville ~
Greenfield ~ Hancock ~ Hillsborough ~ Hollis ~ Hudson ~ Litchfield ~ Lyndeborough ~ Manchester ~ Mason ~
Merrimack ~ Milford ~ Mount Vernon ~ Nashua ~ New Boston ~ New Ipswich ~
Pelham ~ Peterborough ~ Sharon ~ Temple ~ Weare ~ Wilton ~ Windsor

Adjacent Counties Are:
Merrimack County ~ Rockingham County ~ Essex County MA ~ Middlesex County MA ~
Worcester County MA ~ Cheshire County ~ Sullivan County


** PLEASE NOTE ** - Unlike many other sellers, I do not sell my diaries outside of the USA.
It greatly saddens me, as I know it does many of you,
when I see these one-of-a-kind American treasures being sent away to other countries.I try to do my part by keeping the diaries and the invaluable historical information that they hold
right here in America where they belong!
I believe that those who have written these incredible diaries would have wanted it this way.Those of you who offer on my sales have the advantage of offerding only against USA buyers,
rather than against buyers from all over the world, so you have less competition to win great diaries!I'm so thankful for those of you who are patriotic and feel as I do,
the comments of support that you have been sending to me are very much appreciated!
My sincere thanks to those of you who offer on the diaries that I offer for sale!

If winning buyer does not, I reserve the right to cancel the transaction.
I only ship to USA addresses.

Payment through Paypal is expected within 3 days after the sale ends,
unless other arrangements are made prior to offerding.
Michigan residents are required to pay 6% sales tax.

1929 Handwritten Diary Nashua Durham University Of New Hampshire Nh History:

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