1930s Rca Victor Radio Service Sign, Fireball Streamliner W/chrome, Gorgeous For Sale

Here is a fantastic sign from the 1930s. ( I don't the exact date but I do know where it has been hanging for the past forty years -- in MY basement workshop!) The sign and the chrome and the glass are all original. And it is beautiful. It is 26 inches long and 3 and 3/4 inches high by 3 and 1/2 inches front to back. It works perfectly and uses a standard Fluorescent lamp that is still available. (F20T12 lamp.) It is the famous Fireball Streamliner made by the Ohio Advertising Company. (See label on back of sign in the last photo in my collage.) I took pictures with all the lights off so you could see how well it lights up. The one picture where you can also see some background stuff and the sign is lighted, I took with some room lights on but no overheads. The ones where the background is fully black were taken with all the lights off. There is no flaking off of lettering. Yes, you can find chips in the brown case, but nothing that distracts from the overall beauty of this piece. The sign looks terrific when lit and terrific when off as well. The chrome is great. A few scratches can be found on the sign, but nothing beyond a little wear and tear. It will ship in a box I made for shipping the sign. Box is 34" by 9" by 9" and weighs 12 pounds with sign packed inside. It will cost the buyer $20 to ship by Fed Ex Ground, home delivery. (I know Fed Ex is slightly higher, but their handling of delicate items is superior and they do pay claims if handling goes awry.) We pack thing extremely well. See our 2400 positive responses for honest selling and excellent shipping and you can offer with confidence. Many thanks for looking.

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