1939 $1 Lincoln Gold Proof "so-called Dollar" +ngc Proof+ Rare

1939 $1 Lincoln Gold Proof

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1939 $1 Lincoln Gold Proof "so-called Dollar" +ngc Proof+ Rare:

MIDWEST MONEY CO. sale -- 1939 $1 Lincoln Proof Token This sale is for an extremely scarce 1939 Gold Lincoln "So-Called" Dollar Proof Coin. [HK-493 DeLorey-49] This is a very unique find for collectors of U.S. So-Called Dollars, Tokens and U.S. Gold Coins! It is very uncommon to find any of these1939 Gold Lincoln "So-Called" Dollar Proof Coins, as they issued less than 500 of them! This item has been well preserved—Coinhas beenSlabbed, Graded and CERTIFIEDas grading as PROOFby the NGC. (Cert #:3463246-003) Buyers and buyers can offer comfortably, knowing the coin has been properly labeled, described and certified as showcasing PROOF STATE qualities, with strong surfaces and notable overall presentation. Coin has been noted by NGC as showing it has been Improperly Cleaned. Remaining luster may therefore be unnatural and not original mint appearance. But, by all means, this is a fairly well kept, and fairly well preserved coin, with PROOF STATE presentation of detail, and specifically, raised detail elements, with strong, near original, visibility and display of some minute and individual detail and flourish within the obverse bust of Abraham Lincoln facing left, with overall strong facial characteristics and separated hair lines. Reverse shows strong detail elements, with nearly all small detail elements prominent within the surrounding wreath, and, again, with raised, clear text, and overall excellent visibility displayed. Surfaces show minor to mild scratches and contact marks. Rim has been very well preserved and shows no significant distraction, abrasions or misshaping. Coin is 1.75 Grams (some publications list it as 1.85 Grams) of Gold, with a diameter of 15mm. Coin was issued by Coin Dealer Thomas L. Elder for the 1939 New York World's Fair.This is a tremendous coin—It is very rare to find a1939 Gold Lincoln "So-Called" Dollar Proof Coinand buyers and buyers can proceed confidently, knowing that this coin carries the credibility and standards that NGC guarantees with their Certification.
This is a great opportunity to own an extremely uncommon1939 Gold Lincoln "So-Called" Dollar Proof Coin. We urge you to examine the pictures of the actual item to get a better idea and understanding of both the item's specifics, and its current condition. offerding for the item will start at just $1! We currently accept Paypal as our preferred form of payment. We will ship worldwide.
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1939 $1 Lincoln Gold Proof "so-called Dollar" +ngc Proof+ Rare:

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