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New York's World Fair 1939-1940, 4 DVD Set! The 1939-40 New York World's Fair, located on the current site of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (also the location of the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair), was one of the largest world's fairs of all time. Many different countries around the world participated in it, and over 44 million people attended its exhibits in two seasons. The NYWF of 1939-1940 allowed all visitors to take a look at "The world of tomorrow."

In 1935, at the height of the Great Depression, a group of New York City businessmen decided to create an international exposition to lift the city and the country out of depression. Not long after, these men formed the New York World's Fair Corporation, whose office was placed on one of the higher floors in the Empire State Building. The NYWFC elected Grover Whalen as the president of their committee. The whole committee consisted of Winthrop Aldrich, Mortimer Buckner, Floyd Carlisle, John J. Dunnigan, Harvey Dow Gibson, Fiorello La Guardia, Percy S. Straus, and many other business leaders.

Over the next four years, the committee planned, built, and organized the fair and its exhibits, with countries around the world taking part in creating the biggest international event since World War I. Working closely with the Fair's committee was Robert Moses, New York City Parks Commissioner, who saw great value to the City in having the World's Fair Corporation (at its expense) remove and replace a vast ash dump in Queens that was the site for the exposition.

Promotion of this great event took many forms. In 1938, the Brooklyn Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees did their part to promote the upcoming fair with their jerseys. All players on those teams wore patches featuring the Trylon, Perisphere, and "1939" on their left sleeve. Howard Hughes flew a special World's Fair flight around the world to promote the fair in 1938.

This collection takes you through the 1939 Fair, from the begining to the end. You see the exhibits, the shows, and you feel like you were there. At the heart of this collection is the Medicus Collection. About 6 hours of silent footage that documents the journey of one man through the entire fair. You really feel like you are part of the action and that you are taking a step back in time. It is amazing to think that the footage shot here is about 70 years old. It almost feels as though you are watching life on another world. Surreal.

We also have a DVD on the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Please view our other sales for that listing.

This is a 4 DVD collection with footage of almost 7 hours in length. All DVD's contain a fully interactive Menu. The films in this collection is as follows:

DVD 1 New York World Fair

Various amateur films are edited and condensed to show what a day at the World’s Fair.

Silent, Color 10:32 New York World Fair 1939 Footage

Take a trip through the Views of the "World of Tomorrow."

Silent, Color 15:10 The Worlds Fair 1940

A stroll through the garden taking in all the scenery

Silent, Color 4:43 To New Horizons 1940

Definitive document of pre-World War II futuristic utopian thinking, as envisioned by General Motors. Documents the "Futurama" exhibit in GM's "Highways and Horizons" pavilion at the World's Fair, which looks ahead to the "wonder world of 1960."

Sound, B&W, 23:00 DVD 2, 3, and 4 Medicus Collection: Reels 1 and 2 on DVD 2, Reels 3 and 4 on DVD 3, and Reels 5 and 6 on DVD 4

As stated below, the Medicus Collection is an amateur silent movie that documents one man's travels through the 1939 fair. More than any other footage known, this set truly captures the flavor of the fair. More than anything available out there, this is critically considered the best footage made of the fair. Rare and unique, it is considered a work of art. About 6 hours long, it is quite easy to get "lost" in this collection. Just sit back, and take a stroll through a fair held 7 decades ago, and feel like you are right there. It is very surreal to watch how people dressed and behaved back then. Hard to believe it ever happened. It really feels like you are watching footage not only taken at another time, but in a different world. You feel like you are taking a secret look back into time. A collection to treasure. (note, there is some very mild and tame nudity on here, certainly tame by today's standards, but is included for its historical significance.)

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1939 New York Worlds Fair Expo. Rare Films, 4 Dvds -j18

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