1940s Strike 'em Dead Patriotic Feature "remember Pearl Harbor" Match Book

1940s Strike 'em Dead Patriotic Feature

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1940s Strike 'em Dead Patriotic Feature "remember Pearl Harbor" Match Book:

1940s Strike 'em Dead Patriotic Feature "Remember Pearl Harbor" Match Book

(fea3820) This Lion Feature match book is froma U.S. made anti-Japanese "Strike 'em Dead" Patriotic & "Remember Pearl Harbor" Match Book. The saddle is blank. The inside (last image) reads: Reardon Kregbs & Beran Advertising Typographers on Grant Avenue in San Francisco (California). Notice also the older San Francisco telephone number (Phone Yukon 1725) at the mid section on the inside. Each stick shows the same hatless Japanese soldier wearing glasses.

[From the AMCC WebSite: Feature -- A Lion Match Co. trademark for a match book containing wide match sticks that were printed with lettering, designs or a combination of both (not to be confused with printed sticks). The standard 30-stick size matchcover held 21 wide stick feature match sticks (referred to as 21-Feature) while the 20-stick size matchcover held 15 wide match sticks. Introduced September 1930.]

This Lion Feature Match Co. match book is MINT & UNSTRUCK with all the matches retained. You are viewing both sides and the inside/sticks of the ONE Lion Feature match book in this sale. Difficult to date exactly, but it is probably from the 1940s. (Note: On the image showing the sticks, the match book was held down by a piece of glass, therefore you see two edges on either side of the sticks. They are not part of the match book.)

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1940s Strike 'em Dead Patriotic Feature "remember Pearl Harbor" Match Book:

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