1944 Bangor And Aroostook Railroad Co. Stock Certificate Unique Moose Vignette

1944 Bangor And Aroostook Railroad Co. Stock Certificate Unique Moose Vignette

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1944 Bangor And Aroostook Railroad Co. Stock Certificate Unique Moose Vignette:

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1944 Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company Stock Certificate

Issued and signed. Olive green, 10 share certificate. Amazingvignette of a large moose! Early WW2 era issue!

Bangor and Aroostook Railroad

TheBangor and Aroostook Railroad(reporting markBAR) was aUnited Statesrailroadcompany that brought rail service toAroostook County, Maine. Brightly painted BARbox carsattracted national attention in the 1950s.[1]First-generation diesellocomotivesoperated on BAR until they were museum pieces.[2]The economic downturn of the 1980s coupled with the departure of heavy industry from northern Maine forced the railroad to seek a buyer and end operations in 2003.

HistoryThe company was incorporated in 1891 to combine the lines of the formerBangor and Piscataquis Railroadand theBangor and Katahdin Iron Works Railway. It was based inBangorand lines extended from there 1894. The line was extended from Houlton toFort FairfieldandCaribouin 1895. A parallel branch line was extended from Oakfield toAshlandin 1896. A branch was built from Caribou toLimestonein 1897, and the main line extended from Caribou toVan Burenin 1899. The Ashland Branch was extended toFort Kentin 1902. A southern extension was completed in 1905 through Northern Maine Junction Bay. The Medford Cutoff from Packard to South Lagrange was completed in 1907; and a branch was built fromMillinocketto a new paper mill inEast Millinocket. Rails were extended up theSt. John Riverfrom Van Buren throughMadawaskaand Fort Kent toSt. Francisin 1910; andMapletonwas connected toStockholmandPresque Isleon the main line, and to Squapan on the Ashland branch. An international bridge was constructed over the St. John River between Van Buren andSt. Leonard, NBin 1915 to connect with theCanadian Pacific RailwayandNational Transcontinental Railway(later merged into theCanadian National Railway).[3]

BAR began hauling potatoes in heatedbox carsin 1895.[4]Potatoes provided a stable income source through the great depression, and provided 50% of the railroad's revenue followingWorld War II.[5]BAR had the 2nd largest United States railroad-ownedreeferfleet (afterSanta Fe) during the 1950s.[6]BAR made an arrangement withPacific Fruit Expresswhereby PFE reefers shipped Maine potatoes during winter months and BAR reefers carried California produce during the summer and autumn.[7]While potatoes started moving by truck following completion of theInterstate Highway Systeminto northernMainein the 1960s, what actually resulted in the railroad losing its potato business forever was thePenn Central Transportation Company(PC), whose interchange service became so bad during the winter of 1969–70 that a large portion of the 1969 potato crop was spoiled by freezing when car heaters ran out of fuel. The claims process against PC was not resolved prior to PC's bankruptcy declaration the following June. As a result, several potato farms went out of business; and those that survived distrusted rail service and never returned to using the railroad.[8]

Inbound chemicals and outbound paper from mills on thePenobscot Riverat Millinocket and East Millinocket were major revenue sources for the BAR from 1900.[9]Another paper mill was built in Madawaska in 1925.[10]Pulpwood and wood chips to the paper mills became increasingly important as potato loadings declined.[11]The remote port facilities at Searsport were a preferred loading point for ammunition duringWorld War II;[12]and BAR transported heating coal and aircraft fuel toLoring AFBforStrategic Air Commandbombersthrough theCold War. BAR painted 2,500box carsin the red, white and blue colors of the US Flag during the 1950s. A less expensive oxide red paint scheme with large white reporting marks was adopted during theVietnam War.[13]

EMD GP38Q BAR 357 switches a potato packing plant in Ucon, Idaho, 2002.Routes of the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. Magenta routes are in service as of 2006 while red routes are abandoned.Newspaper ad for tourism to Maine via the B&R, from 1921.

The line from Brownville Junction toKatahdin Iron Workswas abandoned in 1922, but the rails remained in place until 1933.[14]BARpassenger trainservice ended in 1961.[15]Bus service, which began in 1936, continued with buses lettered for Bangor and Aroostook running onGreyhound Linesschedules between Aroostook County andNew York City'sPort Authority Bus Terminaluntil 1984.[16]The Greenville branch was dismantled from 1962 to 1964.[17]Several Aroostook County segments were abandoned when potato traffic disappeared in the 1970s. In 1995, the BAR was acquired byIron Road Railways. In 2002, the company was declaredbankrupt, and in 2003 its lines were sold toRail World, Inc., which incorporated them into the newly-formedMontreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway.

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The certificate shown is the certificate you are offerding on. Stock certificates are old paper documents, and as such, may have cancellations, tears, stamps, pin holes etc.

1944 Bangor And Aroostook Railroad Co. Stock Certificate Unique Moose Vignette:

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