1951 Kolner, Cut-away Demo Prameta Mercedes In Orig. Box

1951 Kolner, Cut-away Demo Prameta Mercedes In Orig. Box

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1951 Kolner, Cut-away Demo Prameta Mercedes In Orig. Box:

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Toy Name: Kolner (British Zone, Germany), Cut-Away Prameta Mercedes Benz 300 in Original Box Year: 1951 Description: The Prameta series of clockwork wind-up autos were produced by Kolner, British Zone, Germany from c.1947 through 1954. This included a Mercedes, Opel, Jaguar and Buick. They were made of die cast metal, built solid, and exceedingly well engineered.

Kohler also produced a limited number of display cut-away versions of the toy. These were identical in size, shape, and function to the complete toy, with almost half of the entire exterior body removed. A straight horizontal centered cut reveals the hidden quality and complexity that went into its design. Yet despite the cut-away section everything works exactly as it would on an intact example. And it does work great!

This particular cut-away is bolted to its original die cast painted metal base. Frequently they're found loose. However, it's the first cut-away I've seen still in its original box...with original instructions, original key, and more.

Kolner produced their car in several colors like black, green, red, blue, and yellow. However, as in this case some of the most beautiful (and desirable) examples were chrome plated with blue tinted glass. The only problem with the plated version is frequently after nearly 60 years the finish tends not to "age" very well. They can develop a rough surface and flake down to the base metal. It's getting tougher to find one without these problems. Possibly because it remained in the box, this toy has none of the plating issues normally found. Only spotty, faint dulling can be seen when the surface is tilted. It's perfectly smooth and can't be detected by touch. I've graded it near mint+.

Storage inside the box would also explain how the tri-star Mercedes plastic hood ornament survived. Nearly every Prameta Mercedes I've seen has its hood ornament broken off and missing. This one is complete.

Most likely these toys were manufactured as sales demonstration samples. This would also explain why so few are found today. Being a sales demo model also explains why an unusual solid black metal Mercedes trademark tri-star stick pin was found inside the box. It was probably part of the original sales kit. It's only the second example I've seen.

Also included a very detailed double sided "instruction" sheet. It's different from those I've previously seen in terms of the amount of information provided. It intricately describes all functions, routine maintenance, and directions all in English. Typically these sheets are printed in English, French, and German.

And of course, also included is its unique three dimensional die cast metal policeman key which is highly sought after all by itself. A hole through the center of the base permits winding even when the car is mounted.

The two piece pressed paper box is marked only "section model" with a small applied label in three languages on the cover.

Size: Car Base x Condition: The car itself is in fantastic condition. Most likely because it's a display model it was seldom played with, if at all. The plating is all intact without any wear, scratches, dings, dents, rust, or flaking. It's actually one of the best condition chrome plated Prameta's I've seen. As mentioned it has only some faint, spotty dulling on part of the roof closest to the cut edge, and on the front hood just in front of the wiper. Again, it's very minor and can only be seen when tilted. The internal gears and housing seem to be in perfect condition; no cracks in the metal, dents, or scratches. And it still has its all-important original hood ornament attached. The tires haven't any rim wear. The motor works well. The painted die cast metal base also looks to be in pristine condition without any wear, scratches, etc., although the underside has a tiny scratch just to the right of the key hole. The plated policeman key hasn't any flaking, but it does feel slightly rough. The stick pin looks like it was never used. Grades NM+.

The box is just about perfect with 100% of its original label. Overall the edges and corners are square without any wear. No creases, repairs, or tears. Just a single 3mm extremely faded stain below the label. The box color is just very slightly darkened from age (yet still very light). Overall I've graded it near mint.

The instructions, although very brown and creased, are complete. Couple of small edge tears, but the paper is still all there.
Interesting facts about all Kolner Prameta vehicles.
  • the front turning wheels are synchronized with left and right turn signals; turn the front wheels and a red painted metal peg protrudes from the corresponding front fender
  • it has three forward gears, plus neutral and reverse
  • the body hasn't any holes or levers
  • only three levers underneath the car control all of its many functions
  • its primary technical feature is its ability to make irregular and unexpected curved automatic steering
  • the front axle rests in a central pivot so even when resting on an unleveled surface all four tires make ground contact
  • with the exception of the screws and springs, the car contains no iron or tin plate
  • the toy will run approximately 20 yards on a single winding
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1951 Kolner, Cut-away Demo Prameta Mercedes In Orig. Box:

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