1959 Tonka, No.41 Boat Transport Truck In Orig. Box

1959 Tonka, No.41 Boat Transport Truck In Orig. Box

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1959 Tonka, No.41 Boat Transport Truck In Orig. Box:

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Toy Name: Tonka, No.41 Boat Transport Truck in Original Box Year: 1959 Description: Outstanding example of Tonka's classic pressed steel No. 41 Boat Transport Truck in near mint condition! Comes complete with all four boats, each boat having both of its original seats, both plastic outboard motors, original 1959 Tonka Look Book catalog, and its rarely found original box. Beautiful truck without any repairs or touch-ups.

Truck and trailer were painted metallic blue throughout. It has eight heavy tread solid rubber wheels with plated metal hubs. Front bumper and grille are plated steel with yellow plastic head lights. The cab has a clear plastic front windshield. All four boat support metal rods are present. Each one is tipped with its original white vinyl plug.

It has four decals; one on each cab door and one on each side of the trailer. All four are original and 100% complete. *Again, the boats, seats, and motors are all present and original.

All four main box panels have a repeated illustration of the Boat Transport loaded with its boats and motors. Catalog number, name and '59 logo were printed along side. The endflaps repeat the name and catalog number.

The original Look Book is 16 pages. The Boat Transport is shown on page 7. The order form on the last page was never filled out.

Size: Trailer 20". Cab 12". Combined 28". Boat 8¾". Condition: Superb near mint with glossy metallic surfaces throughout. No corner or edge wear (from rubbing against the box interior). No rust except for the wheel axles. No dents, dings, or scratches. The only point of wear on the entire toy is on the flat hitch section behind the cab. Most likely these were caused by the hitch peg. There are three small spot; just in front of the hitch hole, adjacent to the top and bottom edges of the support cross bracket. These are indicated by the three red arrows (about half way down the photos). Please note that the underside of the connecting trailer section has NO marks whatsoever. They are present only on the cab section.

The only remaining condition issue; each motor has a propeller with three blades. One blade on one motor is broken off and missing. The other propeller is complete.

In addition:
  • the front bumper and grill with plastic headlights are perfect without any wear or flaking.
  • The tires show no rim wear.
  • The metal rods holding the boats in place are perfectly straight. Each has its white vinyl protector on the end.
  • ALL 4 decals are 100% complete.
  • All four boats are perfect without any cracks, chips, or scratches. All 8 seats are present.
  • The red painted section on the motors has all of their original paint.
The box is in excellent+ condition. One end is still factory sealed. The open end is complete with all four flaps. The illustration of the truck is complete on all four panels. The edges are perfectly square without any wear. Although one corner has a shallow ding, none of them (the corners) have wear. One edge near the open end has some creasing and a small 1" tear which has been repaired (see 1st box photo). Half of the factory sealing tape on the open end flaked off leaving several small surface tears. The lower half of the words "Tonka Toys" is partially obscured by the sealing tape. It's not missing. Two rubs and a single, faint edge stain are present on one of the panels (see last box photo).

The Look Book is correct and complete. It hasn't any creases, tears, folds, or missing pages. It grades near mint.

*Technically the four boats should lie with the first boat under the support rod and against the two motors. This allows them to lay flatter with the metal rod laying behind the rear most boat. However, to avoid damaging the motors I've photographed the boats on top of the rods rather than underneath. Danny
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1959 Tonka, No.41 Boat Transport Truck In Orig. Box:

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