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1965-66 Ford Mustang 5x Led Gauge Cluster Light Kit For Sale

1965-66 Ford Mustang 5x Led Gauge Cluster Light Kit

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1965-66 Ford Mustang 5X LED Gauge Conversion Kit

After three years of research and development, HiPo Parts has developed the ultimate LED Gauge Cluster Lighting Kit. This kit uses bulbs that are custom manufactured to our specifications to provide the optimum lighting for your vintage gauge cluster. Our custom 5X bulbs kits use LED bulbs that feature 5 specially designed LEDs that are frequency tuned for optimum color and have a multi-angle design that provides maximum light output when installed in gauge clusters. That means each illumination bulb in the gauge cluster is replaced with 5 high-intensity LEDs for optimum lighting results. These are not just off the shelf bulbs thrown into a kit. Our 5X bulbs were specifically designed and are built for our gauge cluster lighting kits to our exacting standards. If you want the best for your vehicle, our 5X LED kits are the best kits on the market. Compare the differences and you will agree.

This kit will fit ALL 64 1/2, 65 & 66 gauge clusters (part# BG6566FM-STD-5X)

This kit uses custom LED bulbs to create a BLUE/GREEN color for a factory look.

This kit will fit gauge clusters with the horizontal speedometer or the round 5 gauge GT style clusters.

Our 5X kits are our premium gauge lighting kits. Each kit includes specially designed cluster illumination bulbs that use 5 Super Bright LEDs per bulb! The bulbs in this kit are custom designed to emit light that will produce an exact color match that will satisfy the person who wants to retain a stock appearance with brighter light. This is the ultimate way to upgrade the lights of a vintage vehicle to modern lighting standards without changing the stock color of the dash lights. Below is a photo of one of our kits installed in a 1966 Mustang gauge cluster.

Click here for information on factory Gauge Light Color in Ford Vehicles.

How do our LED lighting kit compare to other lighting options? Using a lumens gauge (light meter) we compared the light output of stock incandescent bulbs to our regular LED gauges kits and to our 5X LED bulb kits. The results of those tests can be found in the table below. The table also provides answers to many common comparison questions that we receive from our customers. Remember to look for the HiPo Parts logo to be sure you are getting a genuine HiPo Parts LED lighting kit for maximum results.

This is a complete 12V LED lighting kit that replaces all of the lights in your instrument cluster with ultra bright LED bulbs. Our 5X LED bulbs are a direct replacement for stock incandescent bulb and provide 4-5 times more light than those incandescent bulbs used by the factory. These bulbs are direct replacements for the bulbs in your dash. No wiring modifications are required to make them work! It is an easy as changing a few light bulbs.

Our 5X Gauge Cluster LED Kits include the following items:

  • 5X LED Gauge Illumination Bulbs for optimum results
  • Super Bright LED Turn Signal Indicator Bulbs for increased life and instant on performance
  • Super Bright LED High Beam Indicator Bulb for increased life and instant on performance
  • Super Bright LED Warning lamp Bulbs for increased life and instant on performance
  • Detailed full-color instructions and installation diagrams that show the proper placement and orientation of each bulb for optimum results

Each kit includes detailed installation instructions with photos that help you properly disassemble your cluster and install this kit with ease. The kit includes all the LED bulbs required to change every bulb in your gauge cluster, not just the illumination bulbs. This includes bulbs for the turn signals, warning lamps, etc., so all the bulbs are upgraded to LED for long life and reliable service. The instruction booklet also includes detailed gauge cluster circuit board schematics to show the circuits for all the lighting in your cluster, so you can even bench test the cluster with a 12V power supply before reinstalling it in your car.

How does it look? Well, just look at the photos. Notice how the gauges are clear and easy to read. You will also notice that this kit restores the original blue/green gauge color that was used by the factory. The stock bulbs and the blue filters in these old clusters have faded and discolored over the years causing the light to be dim and have an incorrect color. This kit will not only brighten the cluster and make the gauges easier to read, but it will also return the correct blue/green color that your dash had the day it left the factory.

Why use LED lights?

  • Retain that factory appearance which increases the value of your classic car.
  • Our 5X LED lights appear 4-5 times brighter than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED lights last about 100,000 hours. That is more than 20 times the life of most incandescent bulbs. Example: if you use your dash lights for 4 hours a day for 365 days a year, they would last for about 68 years!
  • LED lights produce nearly no heat, which can damage delicate instruments and melt plastics. LED lights are cool to the touch after hours of use. Don’t try that with an incandescent bulb!
  • LED lights require very low amps to operate saving your power for your other accessories.

Note: results may vary slightly depending on the condition of your vehicles electrical system. As such, a vehicle with the electrical system in top condition will yield the best results. Installers should verify that the vehicles electrical system is operating at a constant 12V DC current level to achieve the best results.

Don’t forget to add our Fluorescent Red Gauge Needle Paint to your order!

This is a must have item for any gauge cluster restoration. Painting your gauge needles is one of the biggest improvements you can make in how your dash looks at night and during the day. Even if your needles still appear to have the correct color, the fluorescent pigment that makes them glow at night has faded over the years. Restore the factory glow of your gauge needles with our specially formulated fluorescent paint! Also available in WHITE, GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE, and PINK.

Click the photo and it will take you to the listing!

If you have questions about this product, please ask. We will be happy to assist you. We also carry kits for other 65-73 Mustangs, Mercury Cougars, Ford Trucks, and other Ford vehicles. If you are looking for a specific kit that you do not see please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. This kit is great for all 64-66 Mustangs including a Shelby GT350 & GT500, 289 HiPo, 260 4V, Convertible, 2+2, Pony GT, or GTA cars.

Interested in a different look for your dash cluster? We also carry our 5X kits in other colors as well. If you want a custom look, we can provide kits to change your dash light color to Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green as well as the factory Blue/Green lights. Please see our other items of contact us for more info. Thanks for viewing our listing.

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Shipping Information: Shipping & handling on this item is fixed for all customers Worldwide and based on their locations. If you are in the US, you may select from USPS First Class or Priority Mail Service. International orders will be shipped via USPS First Class International service. We cannot control customs delays! Please be patient if you order is delayed by customs in your country! International customers who want a faster service should contact us for a quote. Upon shipment of orders, all customers are sent an email message containing all package details, including a delivery confirmation number (if available), if an email address was provided with the payment. Please retain this message until your order arrives! If you are the winner on multiple items, we will combine them where possible to save you shipping money! See our Combined Shipping Discount Policy for more details.

Combined Shipping Discount Policy: We will combine shipping on multiple item purchases to save you money where possible. In order to qualify for these discounts, the item must be paid for together and shipped together. If you are making a purchase from more than 7 different sales at once, please contact us for shipping BEFORE placing your order. In some cases, the size of your order may prohibit us from shipping the items together and require a custom shipping calculation.

To receive a discount, simply purchase the items you want on . If does not automatically calculate the shipping at the correct discounted rate, please contact us BEFORE paying for your items and we will send a corrected invoice.

Shipping discounts are calculated using the item with the highest shipping cost plus the follow shipping discounts for additional items:

CDs = +$1.00 per item
LED Bulb Kits = + $1.00 per item
Gauge Needle Paint = +$0.50 per item
Large LED Light Bulbs = +$1.00 per listing
Small LED Light bulbs = +$0.50 per listing

Example: If you buy a CD, an LED Light Kit, Gauge Needle Paint, and 10 small LED bulbs (from the same listing), you will Pay $4 S/H for the CD, plus $1 for the LED Bulb Kit, plus $0.50 for the paint and then $0.50 for the bulbs for a total shipping cost of $6.00.

We have tried to keep our shipping costs simple and easy to calculate to make the buying process more efficient. If you have questions please ask. We do our best to provide a high quality efficient shipping service at a fair cost to our customers.

Payment Information: Paypal is a preferred method of payment and will allow you to have your purchase in hand fast! Payment in full is due within 5 days from the end of the sale! If you are not a Paypal user, you may also call us at 989-448-4640 (9am-4pm EST Mon-Fri) to pay directly using your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Please have your sale number ready before you call. As per 's new policy, we can NOT accept payments by mail any longer. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1965-66 Ford Mustang 5x Led Gauge Cluster Light Kit

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1965-66 Ford Mustang 5x Led Gauge Cluster Light Kit :

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