1972 Schwinn Apple Krate Stingray Disc Brake Bike

1972 Schwinn Apple Krate Stingray Disc Brake Bike

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1972 Schwinn Apple Krate Stingray Disc Brake Bike:

1972 Schwinn Apple Krate

Rear Disc Brake Bike

Rare. Only a couple years that they put disc brakes on these bikes.

Serial # BH 096376

I am selling my 2nd owner bike. The original owner was my cousin who lived in Chicago Ill.

This bike is a Schwinn Chicago Bike. The front emblem has Chicago on it. See Picture

I have owned the bike for the past 36 years. The bike was riden a lot when I was young and worked very well. After I quit riding it has sat in a shed since then. It has been through 3 moves and still looks and rides good.

I have listed 12 pictures and have 8 more that if you want to see them, I can email you the pics. The pics is can send you is a view of the back of the bike, right handle bar, left handle bar, bar under seat post, nicks and scratches on frame, the crank and the new OE grips I have but have not installed. I bought the grips on .

The rear tire is a 20 x 2.125 and has Schwinn Stingray. Tire is not a slick but I have never changed it. It should be OE

Front tire is a 16 x 1 3/4 and has Scwinn Supperior. Also an OE tire. Tires and Tube sholdl be OE. They hold air but will go flat overnight.

The shifter cable is in good condition and the shifter and derailer work great still. I just aired up the tires and my son rode the bike to make sure the gears change and they do. He likes the bike but he would rather go dirt biking so I

bought him one. I don't have the time and money to restore this bike since he wats to go dirt biking. It is in really good shape. Not Great shape but with a new seat would look good.

The rear brake cable is missing since it broke years ago. the front brake cable plastic covering has cracked and looks bad but front brake still works.

The seat frame is good but the covering is gone along withmost of the padding. The made in USA tag is very worn. Seat needs to be redone.

The rear reflector is missing, disc brake frame to lever bolt missing. This bike did not come with a speedo, turn signals, tool bag or headlamp.

The rear sissy bar/left rear shock is broken and would need new bar and shock.

The frame does have nicks and scratches on it from use. The red appears to be a candy red instead of a fire engine red. The chain gaurd is in good condition compared to what I have found on .

The rear fender is in great condition and the front is in great condition except a dent on the front center of fender (see pic). The chrome is not pitted. The chrome on the handle bars are ok. There are scratches and marks on the bars from flipping bike over to work on it as a kid. Only if I knew then what I know know. The chrome on the forks, springer front end, shifter and cranks are in good shape. The chrome on the wheels are on good shape. There is a slight surface rust/discoloration where the spoke go into the wheels.

The upright bat the seat post fits in has the screen printed Shwinn emblem, The bike store sticker anda City of Northglenn, CO registration sticker I got at the Fir Department when I was young. We did this incase the bike was stolen and recovered it would show whos bike it was. I didn't try to remove these stickers. You might want to try butI think theyadd to the age of the bike.

No Rusting of the frame anywhere. Great solidbike. With a few parts replaced like seat, sissy bar with shocks and rear brake cable this bike would be fun to ride in parades, around town or displayin store fronts, bars or man cave.

After cleaning bike up to post on hadsecond thoughts about selling but Iwant this biketo go to someone that willgive it more love and fix it up.

Please ask questions before offerding since I don't except returns. I doubt you will be unhappy with this bike. I willship it via UPS with tracking number and insurance.

1972 Schwinn Apple Krate Stingray Disc Brake Bike:

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