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1st Darkseid+2nd_nice Bronze Age Lot_fine-vf+_superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen#134_dc1 For Sale

1st Darkseid+2nd_nice Bronze Age Lot_fine-vf+_superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen#134_dc1

<div style="text-align:center"><img border="0"><br><table style="text-decoration:none" target="_blank"><img height="27px" valign="middle" align="center"><font face="arial" size="2"><b><a target="_blank">elijahs23</a>
<img border="0"><br><a target="_blank"><img border="0"></a>

  • **PLEASE NOTE: Payment MUST be made within 3 DAYS!!! If you can't pay within 3 Days then PLEASE.. DO.. NOT.. offer!! Make sure that your CREDIT CARD is still VALID on Paypal / you have enough FUNDS in your PAYPAL ACCNT, etc. Failure to pay within 3 days will result in (1) you being BLOCKED as a buyer and (2) an buyer STRIKE against you that goes on your permanent record resulting in your account suspension. Sorry to enforce this, but I'm REALLY tired of Deadbeat/Delinquent buyers.
  • Also NOTE: Due to now incorporating Shipping cost into the total taxable amount in Seller Fees, I DO NOT ship Internationally anymore, sorry. Now on to the GOOD of STEELBronzeLot of KEY Books fr 1970 - 1972, 1ST Appearance of DARKSEID & 2nd DARKSEID! +SUPERBOY & SUPERGIRL! -- HISTORIC tales! Most FINE to VERY FINE+ RANGE You will get EXACTLY what is pictured. A GREAT VALUE that's PERFECT for any Collector or Fan! **Add theseKEYBooks to your DC Collection today! I have / will have more ACTION FIGURES, COMICS, TRANSFORMERS (Vintage G1 and New), and other Pop-Culture Collectibles in the coming weeks/month, so please check out my other sales. DETAILS: SUPER lot w/ TWO major Key Issues, both in MYLITES for extra Preservation/Protection! SUPERMAN'S Pal JIMMY OLSEN#134: 1ST Appearance of DARKSEID[1970] AND Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen#135 [1971] 2ND Appearance of DARKSEID. Darkseid is rumored to be the Villain if a Justice League movie is greenlit, similar to how Thanos (who is actually based on Darkseid) will be the Movie Villain in the 2015 Avengers sequel. Both issues are "King-Size KIRBY BLOCKBUSTERS!" written and drawn by the legend himself, JACK "The King" KIRBY with covers provided by icon Neal Adams (Batman)! Also included are Jimmy Olsen#'s 130 & 132 [1970] "The Computer-Man of Steel" & "When Olsen sold out Superman!" w/ covers by Curt Swan. SUPERBOY#189 [1972] "Curse of the Hangman's Noose!" feat. GENERAL ZOD & Phantom Zone criminals (Back-up tale "The runaway Superbaby!") and SUPERMAN#255 [1972] "The Sun of Superman!"Covers by Nick Cardy. Rounding out the lot is ADVENTURE COMICS#388 [1970] "The Romance Machine" & #423 [1972] "Treachery!" Great additions to any SUPERMAN Collection!

  • ShippingDetails:These books will be in your hands within 2-3 days via Priority Shipping PADDEDFlat-Rate Envelope which includes Tracking. You only pay EXACT shipping in my sales. It will be well-protected so it gets to you safely. I'll be happy to ship in a box if you'd like, but it'll cost more so message me post-sale otherwise I assume you want the Padded Priority Flat-Rate Envelope shipping.

  • CONDITION:Most issues are in the FINE to VERY FINE+ Condition range, I'd put Olsen#134 between FINE and FINE/VERY FINE [6.0-7.0]. It has a chip on the upper & lower edge of the back cover and what appears to be a moisture stain at the upper left of the back cover and a similar spot at the bottom edge of the inside front cover. Spine stress marks along w/ minor chipping at the bottom right corner of the front cover. Interior pages look Off-White. Staples are intact and spine is tight. Please examine pics 2-4. Interior pics of Darkseid are from issue#135 which (along w/ #132) is in the Very Good+ to Fine- range. The lower end books in the Good range would be the Olsen#130 and the Superman#255. Superboy and the Adventure Comics books are in the high end of the lot, @ 8.0-8.5 or better [VERY FINE to VERY FINE+] 1ST & 2ND DARKSEID and SUPERBOY books are in Mylites (included) for extra protection. All are Bagged & Boarded. Examine pics andMessage me if you have any questions at all. **PLEASE NOTE: I'm not a professional grader, just a collector of 30 years who grades conservatively using a CGC/Overstreet Guide. I am NOT guaranteeing any kind of CGC/PGX grade or otherwise, so please examine pics / ask questions before offerding since grading is always subjective.

  • I've got SOMETHING for EVERYONE so... Check out my other sales for MORE Goodies like CGC-Graded Comics, BOXED G1's, Toys, Comics, G1 BOXES, VARIANTS, and more!!
  • DON'T MISS OUT!! More CGC's / HOT Collectibles in my other sales...
  • A PERFECT addition to your Collection, so PLACE a MAX offer NOW! ...I don't know how many times someone's emailed me to tell me that they FORGOT to place a offer on an item they REALLY WANTED, so avoid regret (and snipers, downed / slow servers, etc) and PLACE A MAX offer NOW if interested.

My reputation is FLAWLESS (100% POSITIVE response + Numerous Praise speaks for itself) SO offer w/ CONFIDENCE!! As a buyer, you should expect nothing LESS! I ship FAST and VERY SECURE, too!! (Again, check response)

  • NO TRUMPED UP CHARGES HERE! Winning buyer pays only EXACT Priority Shipping. **PLEASE BE AWARE that Payment MUST BE MADE WITHIN 3 DAYS!!** Sorry, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

***Remember, I COMBINE SHIPPING to save you $$ so check out my other COOL COLLECTIBLES on sale!!*** PLACE MAX offer NOW to avoid LOSING/waiting 'til the last minute and missing out! Please feel free to email me any questions that you have about the item(s). As you can see, my response is FLAWLESS so offer WITH CONFIDENCE! *NOTE: I am NOT a professional grader and I describe items as honestly and accurately as I can. All item(s) have been stored in a cool area inside a smoke-free home.

  • Thank you very much for viewing my sale page and I wish the best to all buyers! Check out my other sales HERE for more COOL Collectibles, VINTAGE and NEW, ALL at great prices! So be sure to bookmark my seller‘s list so you don‘t forget to stop by! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING offerDING AGREEMENT BEFORE PLACING offerS. WINNING buyer IS AUTOMATICALLY BOUND TO THE FOLLOWING buyer pays for EXACT Shipping, as shown in Shipping Calculator. Domestic shipping charges start at $4.95 depending on package weight, package size, and shipping location. IDO NOT ship International. PLEASE do not make payment until I send your INVOICE which indicates your PURCHASE TOTAL INCLUDING SHIPPING COST! Sorry, NO personal pick-ups. I ONLY SHIP Domestic PRIORITY MAIL. Please email all critical questions BEFORE end of sale. As a WINNING buyer, you’ve read and comply with ALL sections in this CONTRACT.

  • PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS WHICH ARE LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED IN MAIL since it's out of my control. Contact me for info on Insurance, if you desire it. In addition, I will NOT be responsible for shipping items to addresses which are not CURRENT, so please make sure addresses are UPDATED on !

  • I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL as per policy (MUST be a VERIFIED Paypal member with CONFIRMED address!) PLEASE REMEMBER: I CANNOT accept your Paypal payment if you have UNVERIFIED member status and/or an UNCONFIRMED shipping address. You MUST be a VERIFIED Paypal member with a CONFIRMED shipping address AND you MUST be paying with a bank account, Paypal account, or credit card. All ineligible offers will be cancelled immediately!

  • **Payment MUST be made within 3 days of sale’s end or I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH WITH NECESSARY ACTIONS in accordance with POLICIES and PROCEDURES!! So, PLEASE take offerding seriously, it saves BOTH OF US a lot of time and grief. Sorry, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO EXCEPTIONS. I describe items completely & accurately therefore ALL sales are FINAL. So PLEASE READ ITEM DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY!!
  • I will leave positive response upon successful payment transaction. As a common courtesy, PLEASE do the same for me. Failure to do so will put you on my “EXCLUSIONâ€� list and will prevent further business between us. I will work out any problems to the best of my ability in a timely and just manner. Life can be unexpected, and I'm willing to work through such situations to avoid a negative outcome in our transaction. Thanks again and Happy offerding!

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    1st Darkseid+2nd_nice Bronze Age Lot_fine-vf+_superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen#134_dc1

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    1st Darkseid+2nd_nice Bronze Age Lot_fine-vf+_superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen#134_dc1:

  • Vintage Superman,
    Vintage Superman, "half A Superman" 1970 No 223

    Superman # 326.327.329.330 Fn- (1978 Dc) 4 Comics. picture
    Superman # 326.327.329.330 Fn- (1978 Dc) 4 Comics.

    Superman #389 (nov 1983, Dc) picture
    Superman #389 (nov 1983, Dc)

    Superman #346 (apr 1980, Dc) picture
    Superman #346 (apr 1980, Dc)

    Comic Presents Superman And Plastic Man # 39 ( Nov, 1981, Dc ) picture
    Comic Presents Superman And Plastic Man # 39 ( Nov, 1981, Dc )

    Dc Superman & Black Lightning # 16  picture
    Dc Superman & Black Lightning # 16

    Superman & Vigilante # 92 ( 1986, Dc ) picture
    Superman & Vigilante # 92 ( 1986, Dc )

    Superman Family: February, 1982 - # 215 - Supergirl, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen  picture
    Superman Family: February, 1982 - # 215 - Supergirl, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen

    Superman #368 (feb 1982, Dc) picture
    Superman #368 (feb 1982, Dc)

    Action Comics #406 (dc, 11/71) Fn/vf Swann/anderson-c/a. Nice  picture
    Action Comics #406 (dc, 11/71) Fn/vf Swann/anderson-c/a. Nice