2 Antique 19thc Handcut Topaz Medieval Gem Of Long Life Earrings

2 Antique 19thc Handcut Topaz Medieval Gem Of Long Life Earrings

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2 Antique 19thc Handcut Topaz Medieval Gem Of Long Life Earrings:

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Two Antique Genuine Natural Siberian One Carat White Topaz Faceted Oval Semi-Precious Gemstones.

Two faceted ovals about 7mm * 5mm, about one carat each, mounted into solid sterling silver studs.


DETAIL:    During the medieval era topaz was believed to assure beauty, fidelity and long life, with the ability to heal both physical and mental disorders, and to prevent death.  When worn as an amulet, topaz was believed to drive away sadness, add intelligence and give courage.   Here are two gorgeous Siberian white topaz semi-precious gemstones. Like clear crystal, with much the same sparkle and luster of diamonds, these are excellent quality topaz gemstones, at a minimum eye clean. The gemstones were hand crafted and faceted by a 19th century Russian artisan, part of an heritage renown for the production of the elaborate gemstones and jewelry of the Czars of Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian Russia.   These are high quality, transparent, at a minimum eye clean, very attractive gemstones hand faceted in the same traditional manner as have gemstones been crafted in India for centuries. The color is quite remarkable, a delicate and gentle pastel lavender. Each of the two gemstones has been set into a sterling silver stud - not silver plated - but pure sterling silver. Though the gemstones are antique, and hand matched, the settings are contemporary.


  Under magnification the gemstones show the unmistakable characteristics of having been hand crafted.  The coarseness of the 19th century finish is considered appealing to most gemstone collectors, and is not considered a detriment, or detract from the value of a gemstone.  These characteristics are not only expected of hand-finished gemstones, most serious collectors consider such gemstones more desirable, possessed of greater character and uniqueness when compared to today's cookie-cutter mass-produced machine-faceted gemstones.  Unlike today’s computer controlled machine produced gemstones that approach flawlessness in a perfect finish, the cut and finish of handcrafted gemstones such as these are the legacy of an artisan who lived two centuries ago.


  These gemstones have great luster and sparkle, and to the eye are completely transparent, but one cannot say with absolute certainty that they are absolutely flawless.  True, the blemishes they possess are not visible to the naked eye, and the gemstones can be characterized at a minimum, to use trade jargon, as "eye clean".  To the eye they are indeed flawless; however magnified many times over as they are here, you might be able to pick out one or two slight blemishes within the gemstones, barely perceptible even at such high magnification.  Of course the same may said about almost any natural gemstone.  An absolutely flawless gemstone simply is not the rule in nature.  Most absolutely flawless gemstones will upon close examination be revealed to be synthetic.   You might also notice under magnification occasional irregularities in the cut and finish.

  Naturally these characteristics are not only expected of hand-finished gemstones, you must also consider that two centuries ago the mining techniques even theoretically possible, let alone commonly practiced, did not allow the ultra deep mining operations which are so commonplace today.  Keep in mind that two centuries ago mankind was more or less limited to surface deposits or near surface deposits of gemstones.  Higher quality gemstones which today are routinely mined from beneath hundreds of meters, even kilometers beneath the earth's surface, were simply inaccessible then.  For these reasons antique gemstones must be appreciated as antiques first, gemstones second.  The relatively superlative quality of contemporary gemstones routinely mined from deep beneath the earth's surface today were simply not accessible two centuries ago, or at least, only rarely so.  But for most, the unique nature and character of these antique gemstones more than makes up for the blemishes found within the gemstones, as well as the cutting irregularities common to handcrafted gemstones, all of which are by and large are only visible under magnification.



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We travel to Russia each year seeking antique gemstones and jewelry from one of the globe’s most prolific gemstone producing and cutting centers, the area between Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, Russia.  From all corners of Siberia, as well as from India, Ceylon, Burma and Siam, gemstones have for centuries gone to Yekaterinburg where they have been cut and incorporated into the fabulous jewelry for which the Czars and the royal families of Europe were famous for. My wife grew up and received a university education in the Southern Urals of Russia, just a few hours away from the mountains of Siberia, where alexandrite, diamond, emerald, sapphire, chrysoberyl, topaz, demantoid garnet, and many other rare and precious gemstones are produced.  Though perhaps difficult to find in the USA, antique gemstones are commonly unmounted from old, broken settings – the gold reused – the gemstones recut and reset. 


  Before these gorgeous antique gemstones are recut, we try to acquire the best of them in their original, antique, hand-finished state – most of them centuries old.  We believe that the work created by these long-gone master artisans is worth protecting and preserving rather than destroying this heritage of antique gemstones by recutting the original work out of existence.  That by preserving their work, in a sense, we are preserving their lives and the legacy they left for modern times.  Far better to appreciate their craft than to destroy it with modern cutting.  Not everyone agrees – fully 95% or more of the antique gemstones which come into these marketplaces are recut, and the heritage of the past lost.  But if you agree with us that the past is worth protecting, and that past lives and the produce of those lives still matters today, consider buying an antique, hand cut, natural gemstone rather than one of the mass-produced machine cut (often synthetic or “lab produced”) gemstones which dominate the market today.

  Our interest in the fabulous history of Russian gemstones and the fabulous jewelry of the Czar’s led to further education and contacts in India, Ceylon, and Siam, other ancient centers of gemstone production and finishing.  We have a number of “helpers” (family members, friends, and colleagues) in Russia and in India who act as eyes and ears for us year-round, and in reciprocity we donate a portion of our revenues to support educational institutions in Russia and India.  Occasionally while in Russia, India, Siam, and Ceylon we will also find such good buys on unique contemporary gemstones and jewelry that we will purchase a few pieces to offer to our customers here in America.  These are always offered clearly labeled as contemporary, and not antiques – just to avoid confusion.  We can set most any antique gemstone you purchase from us in your choice of styles and metals ranging from rings to pendants to earrings and bracelets; in sterling silver, 14kt solid gold, and 14kt gold fill.  When you purchase from us, you can count on quick shipping and careful, secure packaging.  We would be happy to provide you with a certificate/guarantee of authenticity for any item you purchase from me.  There is a $2 fee for mailing under separate cover.  Please see our "ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE."

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2 Antique 19thc Handcut Topaz Medieval Gem Of Long Life Earrings:

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