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2-star General Us Army Test And Evaluation Command Challenge Coin Vintage Era For Sale

2-star General Us Army Test And Evaluation Command Challenge Coin Vintage Era

Major General

US Army Test and Evaluation Command

Challenge Coin 1.5"

(likely original vintage is1999)

NOTE: Another seller has the mate to this coinlisted (search: US Army Test and Evaluation Command Command Sergeant Major's Challenge Coin)


ATEC plans, integrates, and conducts experiments, developmental testing, independent operational testing, and independent evaluations and assessments to provide essential information to acquisition decision makers and commanders.


To determine the true capability provided to our warfighters through developmental, integrated, and operational testing evaluated in an independent and objective manner. We execute our mission in a collaborative environment. We invest in both our people and infrastructure. We seek the voice of our customer as we continuously improve in all aspects of our command to become more interdependent, affordable, effective, and efficient.

Maj. Gen. Genaro J. Dellarocco Commanding General, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command. He assumed the position October 2010.

Maj. Gen. Genaro J. Dellarocco shakes hands with SMA Chandler - "getting the business done"


On November 18, 1998, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army approved consolidation of developmental and operational testing. That decision led to the redesignation, on October 1, 1999, of the Operational Test and Evaluation Command (OPTEC) to ATEC.

Central to the consolidation was ATEC assuming overall responsibility for all Army developmental and operational testing. The Test and Evaluation command (TECOM) became a major subordinate command of ATEC and was redesignated the U.S. Army Developmental Test Command (DTC), with DTC headquarters remaining at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Also, the Test and Experimentation Command (TEXCOM) was redesignated the U.S. Army Operational Test Command (OTC), with OTC headquarters remaining at Fort Hood, Texas. The third ATEC subordinate command that was redesignated encompassed both the Operational Evaluation Command and the Evaluation Analysis Center, which were combined to form the new U.S. Army Evaluation Center (AEC), completing the earlier decision to move developmental and operational evaluation into a single, integrated command.

Under the consolidation, ATEC also received responsibility for installation management of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico; Dugway Proving Ground, Utah; and Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. On October 1, 2002, the respective Installation Management Activity regional office assumed that responsibility.

ATEC also took command of Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; Redstone Test Center (RTC) at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama; Electronic Proving Ground (EPG), Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC), at Fort Wainwright, Alaska; and the Tropic Regions Test Center (TRTC), headquartered at Yuma Proving Ground with testing in Hawaii and other locations.

Since its formation, ATEC has played a major role in Army Transformation. In December 1999, ATEC was in the field evaluating medium-weight armor at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the Platform Performance Demonstration; it conducted the Interim Armored Vehicle offer Sample Event at ATC; it compared the M113 and the Stryker at Fort Lewis, Washington, for Congress; and it conducted operational test of the Stryker in the summer of 2003 at Fort Knox.

ATEC's 9,000 military, civilian and contract employees are highly skilled test officers, engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers and evaluators that are involved in over 1,100 tests daily. ATEC's job is to make sure we send our Soldiers to war with weapon systems that work.

ATEC with 29 locations in 17 states, has an annual budget exceeding a half billion dollars. ATEC rigorously tests items of every description including everything from individual the National Missile Defense ground-based mid-course defense systems.

When working at ATEC, employees become involved with people of many disciplines and receive "hands on" experience with the most sophisticated and advanced technology in the world.

Our staff design and use highly accurate and precise instrumentation to test sophisticated military systems under controlled conditions at testing facilities located around the country. Newly assigned personnel become involved in important projects, working closely with a wide range of specialists from other Government agencies and industries.

Today ATEC is organized into developmental testing, operational testing and evaluation.

This Challenge Coin is not being described as “mint condition”, “authentic”, “real”, or “genuine”. It is listed “as is” “used condition”. Terms and details are described below. Photosin the description represent the current position holder only and may not be the actual individualor eraof this un-named challenge coin.

Authenticity, origin, condition & value are considered to be a speculation on the part of the buyer.

One can expect that this challenge coin appears brighter and shinier than it actually is due to the camera flash effect. One may expect that the coin appears larger and with finer details due to the zoom function effect of the camera. Please examine photos closely and ask questions and wait for a reply before you offer or buy.



The CHALLENGE COIN in the photos* is the same one you will receive.

*American currency coin(s) are for size comparison / reference only.

American currency coin(s) are not part of the sale!

Description of this Challenge Coin: - (obvious flaws and defects will be highlighted in red) – still this challenge coin is in “as is” “used condition” even if I do not highlight more subtle flaws – it likely has some minor edge wear, surface wear, scuffs, scratches, scrapes, dings, dents, divots, maybe bent, color/enamel loss, oxidation/patina, soiling and/or corrosion. Look closely at the photos and ask any questions you may have before you offer. Photos don’t always reveal every detail you may discover in person when examining the challenge coin. Therefore, this challenge coin is being saleed “as is”.

Less than perfect condition: This challenge coin is not new, not freshly struck nor recently produced. It has not been kept in its original condition or packaging and likely has been left loose, displayed and handled by more than one individual and/or stored unprotected with other such challenge coins. I am not the original owner nor do I know who has previously owned this challenge coin.

This Challenge Coin is what I believe to be an actual example of a commissioned and specially designed token created by honorable individuals within the described units, by commanders or those within the commands, by the VIP or staff of VIPs or Organizations for the express purpose of gifting such a token to a well deserving individual emphasizing and promoting esprit de corps at special events, ceremonies or circumstances as a personal unofficial act of gratitude by the presenters to those individuals deserving of such an honor.

That said, - be aware of what you are buying - as I am not an expert on the history of any individual challenge coins, nor of the true origins of this particular example of a challenge coin. Nor do I know the unit or individuals they represent. I do not know who manufactured this challenge coin or for what purposes it was actually manufactured for. My presumption and belief that this challenge coin is “…an actual example of…” may be entirely wrong. It may, in fact, be a reproduction or what is commonly known as “a junk coin”. If you have any doubts what-so-ever, please seek an expert out for advice before you decide to offer or not to offer.

2-star General Us Army Test And Evaluation Command Challenge Coin Vintage Era

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2-star General Us Army Test And Evaluation Command Challenge Coin Vintage Era:

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