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2 Subliminal Hypnosis Photographic Memory Recall Focus Focusing- Brain Wave Tech For Sale

2 Subliminal Hypnosis Photographic Memory Recall Focus Focusing- Brain Wave Tech

Activate your unlimited powers with subliminal programming!




Please Note: This collection is for the 2 CDs listed above, but if you would like to select different CDs or create your own 2, 5 or 10 CD collection, please contact me and I can create your own listing so you can mix-and-match to substitute your own selections.

  • PROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND with state-of-the-art subliminal messages
  • TUNE YOUR BRAINWAVES with brainwave entrainment tones
  • CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE for lasting positive results
  • Harness the unlimited powers of your subconscious mind
  • AMAZING RESULTS using advanced subliminal hypnotic techniques and BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT TECHNOLOGIES


Product Condition: 2 Brand New Subliminal Audio CDs - Never Used!

Product Description: These amazing subliminal brainwave entrainment CDs will program your mind for instant positive results, simply by listening to this CD! All CDs use state-of-the art brainwave entrainment technology to tune your brainwaves to specific frequencies that are conducive to maximizing your results and turbo-boosting your progress. The professionally crafted subliminal messages were created by a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) and professionally trained Certified NLP Practitioner.

Please note that the subliminal programming is not consciously heard by the human ear. All subliminals are embedded within a soothing ocean soundscape. You will only hear the relaxing sounds of the shoreline waves while a non-stop barrage of positive inaudible suggestions and affirmations are effectively re-programming your subconscious mind.

These cutting-edge SUBLIMINAL BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT CDs will change your life for the better. Read more and you'll see that these CDs are everything that you are looking for and more!

These amazing SUBLIMINAL BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT CDs are a truly life-changing psychoacoustic audio tools that you can use to create lasting positive results.

You can enhance your life with these brand new cutting-edge subliminal audio programs!


Subliminal progamming has been used for years to produce MIRACULOUS RESULTS. Read below for more details about subliminal messages.

Now is your chance to get the most advanced subliminal brainwave entrainnment CDs on the market.

Your subconscious mind regulates your physical body regenerating every cell in the body, always re-growing and regenerating healthy cells. It controls all aspects of your consciousness by influencing all behavior at a cellular level. Wouldn't you like to harness this unlimited potential ?

Using the powers of subliminal hypnosis you can program your subconscious mind to create amazingly positive changes.

Plus, the more you use these subliminal CDs, the more results you receive.

It is that simple! It is like nothing else available on the market.

You really need to experience it to believe it!



Subliminal Messages: Your subconscious mind has the power to change your life for the better. Everyone has heard about the classic experiment when subliminal 'popcorn' messages were flashed during a movie preview, and what happened? Popcorn sales increased. Even though nobody consciously saw the subliminal messages, they still reacted to the stimuli. The human brain is an amazingly powerful tool. By feeding your subconscious mind with positive subliminal messages, you can harness the powers of your subconscious mind to accomplish anything that you desire.

Hypnosis: Hypnosis works even when not consciously heard at audible levels, as is the case with this subliminal CD. It has been scientifically proven even under the scrutiny of a hard-nosed empirical science based on material realism. DATELINE NBC recently tested many weight loss techniques and their experiment found that hypnosis was more effective than the other diet programs tested! It works for weight loss and it works on just about anything else from changing bad habits to programming your mind for success. You can harness the powers of your mind to achieve anything, literally. Now is your chance to personally experience what amazing results are possible for you. These subliminal brainwave CDs were recorded by a professionally trained Certified Hypnotherapist.

*Please note that this collection contains SUBLIMINAL CDS so there is no audible hypnosis on any of our subliminal programs. All of the subliminal programming is silently embedded so all you will only hear is the soothing sounds of the ocean or the silence of the silent ultrasonic track.

NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming: NLP is a system of verbal and non-verbal models that can be used to gain influence and achieve success more easily by using a person's natural instincts to your advantage. The psychological tendencies of human beings have been analyzed and organized into a system of communication types and technique. You can use NLP to create instant rapport, to persuade, to control the actions of others and to program yourself for positive results. You can personally experience the power that it can offer you. The amazing success of NLP over the past few years is based on one significant finding. It produces results. These subliminal CDs were recorded by a professionally trained Certified NLP Practitioner.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology: All of our psychoacoustic CDs contain specifically designed audio tones that are mixed into the soundscape. Using binaural beat technology, your brainwaves will naturally tune to these embedded carrier frequencies. The principle of entrainment is a scientifically proven law of nature. If you hold two similarly tuned tuning forks near each other and strike one of the tuning forks, the other tuning fork will also vibrate in unison at the exact same wave frequency! This tuning is exactly what happens when listening to these brainwave entrainment CDs. Your brain acts like a resonance chamber and synchronizes its brainwaves to match the audio stimuli of embedded carrier frequencies containing in the background soundscape of the CD. This brainwave entrainment technology makes our subliminal CDs far superior and far more powerful than any other products on the market. You can tune your brainwaves to specifically selected frequencies, simply by listening to these Subliminal Brainwave Entrainment CDs!

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I have the utmost respect for your privacy. You will never receive any further emails or solicitation from me because you already know where to find our products, right here at . Also, my response is automated so YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A response FROM ME unless you want me to leave you a response. If you do want response, just leave me a positive response and I will leave a positive for you too.


  • Kudos on the Brilliant CD!
  • I don't know how it works but I am already noticing results...
  • Very powerful stuff...Keep up the good work!
  • I love this CD! Thank you so much for another quality product.
  • I sleep with it on all-night just like you suggest. I also have been in a great mood lately and really confident too.
  • Thanks a million for offering this item. It is exactly what I needed.
  • I have tried almost every other subliminal and brain wave product on the market, and your CDs are the best.
  • I have never heard of NLP before but I am already seeing results...
  • Great CD. You really hit the nail on the head with this one.
  • I am so happy to report that the CD is actually working!!!

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2 Subliminal Hypnosis Photographic Memory Recall Focus Focusing- Brain Wave Tech

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2 Subliminal Hypnosis Photographic Memory Recall Focus Focusing- Brain Wave Tech:

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