200 Antique English Embroidery Patterns Designs Lessons

200 Antique English Embroidery Patterns Designs Lessons

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200 Antique English Embroidery Patterns Designs Lessons:

Learn 200 Art Embroidery Stitches!

Item Description

This listing is for the sale of one CD ROM Titled: Embroidery Lessons.This CD ROM contain 2 publications: 1. Instructions for 200 art embroidery stitches
2. Jacobean Embroidery
This CD ROM also include a 1912 reference to Jacobean Embroidery written by AF Morris Hands
Below are some sample images from this historical reference:

More details about this CD Publication:

200 pages in PDF file format

Filling stitches play an important part in embroidery. After forming the outline using chain stitch, back stitch or double running stitch, the in-filling stitches give live and depth to a design. It can be pretty challenging to come up with a variety of filling stitches indeed! This is where this little instruction manual on CD ROM comes in handy!

Discover 200 delightful embroidery stitches created M. E. Wilkinson circa 1912.There are “branching stitch”, small straight stitches forming foliage used in the representation of branching in natural needlework. There is cricket stitch, a filling stitch formed by straight stitches worked like cricket stumps, with five horizontal stitches capped with one vertical stitch. And there is dumb-bell stitch, with lines of vertical straight stitches flanked by individual links of chain stitch or daisy stitch. What great creativity Wilkinson had when dreaming up some of these stitches!


In this collection of embroidery stitches, I have endeavored to place before those artists who are interested in needlecraft an exposition of the most useful and artistic stitches that have formed a part of my own work during several years’ study and practice of art embroidery. Some of these will be familiar to needle-artists. Others will serve to exemplify how, in process of working, fresh stitches may be evolved from old ones, or how, when originality gains ground entirely new stitches become apparent and workable.

A point somewhat overlooked in art embroidery is the fact that each separate stitch is a design in itself. If this principle be fully recognized, the necessity for careful ad systematic study of the forms and functions of Embroidery Stitches will immediately become obvious to the student and worker.

Every endeavour has been made to ensure simplicity and point in the directions, and where possible, suggestions have been given for the application of stitches to useful purposes.

About the circa 1912 Jacobean Embroidery reference by Morris Hands.

41 pages in PDF file format.


Tudor Work.

Early 17th Century.

Details of Blue Crewel Work (the late Lady Maria Ponsonby's).

The uses of Stem Stitch and other characteristics.

Bed Hangings at Hardwicke Hall.

Groups of Fillings in which darning plays important part.

Bed Hanging from Powis Castle.

Characteristic Foliations and Late 17th Century Fillings.

Solid Crewel Work 18th Century including the Terra Firma and different birds and beasts.

27 Illustrations:

Strip of Tudor Work.

Group of leaves on cushions at Knole Park.

Group of light details in early examples.

Details from old example, carried out in dark blues, belonged to the late Lady Maria Ponsonby.

Detail of Foxglove design.

Colour plate—Detail from old Bed Hangings, dated 1696.

Detail from old Bed Hangings, dated 1696.

Large heavy leaf in work dated 1696.

Leaf showing seven different stitches.

Bed Hanging at Hardwicke.

Set of details (in colour) of Hardwicke design.

Set of details of Hardwicke design.

Group of Fillings.

Design of Bed Hangings at Powis Castle.

Characteristic leaf of best period.

Late 17th Century Fillings.

Fillings from Georgian copy of old example.


TO redeem the monotony of plain surfaces has ever been the aim of all the arts, but especially that of the needle, which being the oldest expression of decorative intention, has, from the earliest time, been very dependent on its groundwork for its ultimate results. This is particularly the case in embroideries of the type of what is commonly known as Jacobean, where the ground fabric is extensively visible, as it is also in that wondrous achievement, the Bayeux tapestry worked in coarse wools upon homespun linen and therefore quite miscalled "tapestry."

Inaccuracy in nomenclature is one of the stumbling blocks the student encounters, and the tendency of the day to classify "styles" by the restricted formula of monarchical periods is likewise misleading. No style is ever solely distinctive of one reign, or even one century, the law of evolution rules the arts as it does nature, there is always a correlation between styles in art and circumstances of existence that is productive of gradual changes of taste, therefore, pronounced evidences in design are, actually, the culminating point in a course of combined influences which have reached the period of individual expression.

Crewel work of the type of Jacobean, was the outcome of that earlier wool embroidery that even in the zenith of fame of the Ecclesiastical broderers still quietly went on its way.

In the middle ages, furnishing of rooms was scanty, and embroidered hangings, cushion and stool covers provided the necessary notes of colour and comfort; the wall hangings of the 13th century were of coarse canvas decorated with a design executed in wools.

It is curious how in English embroideries there has always been a predilection on the part of the designers for interlacing stems, and for the inconsequent introduction of birds and beasts.

About our CD ROM Publication:

CD ROM plays on your computer and is Windows and MAC computer compatible.

This is an easy to use computer CD ROM publication in the popular Adobe PDF file format which can be view by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.The PDF file is very easy to use. You can enlarge the pattern pages on your computer screen, you can also print out select pages you are working on in the size that is easy for you to read.

This CD ROM is elegantly packaged and makes a wonderful gift!

Customer Testimonials and Reviews:

Hi, I just want to tell you I received the CD today! I absolutely love your elegant packaging! I think I will get another CD to give as a gift for my best friend who is crazy about crochet! Sue H.

Dear folks at Patterns-on-CD, thank you for shipping the cd out so quickly. I am new at crocheting and I am finding the instructions very clear and easy to follow! Your CD is so easy to use. I can print out just the pages I am working on and scribble my notes on the print-out without worry. My dog chewed part of the pattern sheet I was working on, but no worries, I just print out another sheet! I am keeping the print outs in a 3 ring binder and even printed the lace images I like for the binder cover. Thank you for making this rare antique book available on CD ROM!

Debbie B.

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200 Antique English Embroidery Patterns Designs Lessons:

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