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200 Slab Coin Holders *choice Of 17 Diff. Size Inserts* For Sale

200 Slab Coin Holders *choice Of 17 Diff. Size Inserts*

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À votre service depuis 1986

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At your service since 1986

Due to the high demand of our coin supply products,Now, you can buy smaller quantity from Collections BP at the samelowprice and service quality. Thanks for making our products a success!

Item Description

200 Coin Holders Slab Style (8 boxes of 25)

We, and our associates atCollectionsBP, are the exclusive Canadian distributors for the Canadian coin holder sizes.



Example only, coin not included and this label is custom made

We are proud to offer you these new Slab Style Coin Holders for Canadian and US coins.


Clear archival coin slabs for Canadian and U.S. coins
Each slab can hold one coin
Outside holder dimensions: 2 1/8" x 2 7/8" x 5/16"
Snap together design
White foam insert with preset hole
Grading labels "Date" and "Grade" included
Individually wrapped
Comes in white storage boxes (25 slabs per box)
For this sale, choosefrom 17 different size inserts and mix & match upto8 boxes of 25 slabs per lot for a total of 200 coin holders. Minimum quantity of1 box (25pcs) per size selected. Want to get all sizes? buy a 500slabs lotand save on shipping costs!

** Note** Please give us your selection with your payment!

This is a box of 25 slabs.
For this sale, You can choose8 different sizes of 25 slabs each for a total of 200 slabs.

Look at our other sales and store inventory items for:
Lots of 5-12-25-50-75-100-200-500-1000 slab coin holders.
The more you buy, the less you pay on each slab Click here to see all our slab lots in "Buy It Now" Option! You need more coin holders? Please contact us. - If you are a coin collector, protect your investment and show your coins at their best with our professional looking coin holders without paying a fortune. - If you are an seller or a coin shop dealer, use our coin holders to give your coins a beautiful presentation. The presentation is important to sell coins faster.

Please let us know wich size(s) you want from this list (you can select up to8 diff. sizes)

Approx. Diameter Fits these Canadian coins Fits these US coins *Also fits other coins like 15.5 mm CAN./NFDL small silver 5 Cents US Half-Dime US 1 Dollar Gold ** 18.0 mm CAN./NFDL 10 Cents US Dime / Nickel 3 Cents US 2 1/2 Dollars Gold 19.0 mm CAN./NFDL Small 1 Cent US Small Cent 21.0 mm CAN. Large 5 Cents US Nickel / 20 cents 1875-78 NB/NS 1/2 cent and 5 Dollar Gold Can and US ** 23.3 mm CAN./NFDL 20 Cents US Half-Cent and 2 cents CAN. Well Worn 25 cent Grade from AG to F ** 24.0 mm CAN./NFDL 25 Cents US Quarter CAN. 100 Dollars 1976 22Kt ** 25.4 mm CAN./NFDL Large 1 Cent US Half Eagle 1795-1829 Some Half Penny Token From Canada ** 26.5 mm CAN. 1$ Loon and Nickel 50 Cents US SBA/Sacagawea/Presidential 1 Dollar CAN/US 10 dollars Gold / 20$ and 100$ Can Gold 14kt-22kt ** 28.0 mm CAN. 2 Dollars US Large Cent CAN. Half Penny Token and 175$ Gold Coin ** 29.7 mm CAN./NFDL Silver 50 Cents US Large Cent Early Issue Some Half Penny Token and 200$ Gold Coin ** 30.5 mm CAN. Gold ML 1 Oz US Half Dollar 1836-to date 32.0 mm CAN. Nickel 1 Dollar US Half Dollar 1796-1836 Smaller Canadian 1 Penny Token ** 34.0 mm CAN. 350$ gold coin US 20 Dollars Gold Larger Canadian 1 Penny Token** 36.0 mm CAN. Silver 1 Dollar 38.0 mm CAN. Silver ML 1 Oz US IKE / Morgan / Peace Dollar CAN Aviation/ Transport 20$ / olympic 5$ 76 and other coins 40.0 mm CAN Olympic 1988 20 Dollar US Eagle Silver 1 Oz CAN. 15$ Zodiac coins Blank Use as blank or cut custom hole Use for stamps and other items Roman coins, Bullion bar, etc....

* Check the hole sizes of our coin slabs, they probably fit many other coins from around the world!!
** Even if the holes are not the exact coin sizes, it is possible for you to manually reduce or enlarge the hole sizes from -1mm to +2mm, depending on the hole size insert.

Here are examples of storing and presenting your coin collection in coin slabs:

We also sell stands, pages and sleeves to help store, display and protect the coin holders


Coin Holder Sticker (one Roll 1,000)
Even though our coin holders stay together without stickers, you can use them to increase their resistance or to know that they have not been opened. It is easy to know if a sticker has been removed and put back.
We also offer the possibility to replace the generic sticker symbol with a custom symbol like the logo of your business.*
*Some conditions are applicable.

Also take a look at our Power Label Maker software to easily make cutom printed labels!

Click here to get more details about PLM.

By offerding or using the Buy It Now button you accept these conditions:


We accept : Paypal (in Canadian funds )

Quebec residents must add 5 % of G.S.T. and 9.5 % P.S.T. (total of 14.975%)
Ontario, New Brunswick and NFDL residents must add 13% of H.S.T.
Prince Edward Islandmust add 14% of H.S.T.

Nova Scotia residents must add 15% of H.S.T.

All other Canadian residents must add 5 % of G.S.T.

All prices are in Can$, For US buyer, Paypal will automatically convert your US$ to Can$, when you will do your payment

Shipping & Handling

Canada (WITH Storage boxes)
Shipping to Quebec or Ontarioadd C$16.00 before taxes.
Shipping to other provinces add C$21.00 before taxes.
Insurance included. Regular airmail. Tracking number.
U.S.A.(WITH Storage boxes)
Shipping to U.S.A.add C$28.00 forExpedited parcel. Insurance is included.(Delivery delay 5-10 Days)

International (*WITHOUT* Storage boxes)
Other Countries add C$50.00 via surface mail(Delivery delay 8-12 weeks)

*WITH* Storage boxes Shipping toInternational destination e-mail us for quote.

P.S. If you are not ready, to await until 12 weeks for the delivery of your parcel, please, DO NOT BUY! We do not have any control, on the delivery period for the international parcels. Airmail is available, but at much higher price.*Shipping discounts for multiple items, please email for informations*

Return Policy

We offer a 10 days satisfaction garantee, shipping& handling costs are not refundable.

About US

Be confident with your offers, we have been in the business for nearly 25 years. We always give a good service and we invite you to look me at the top for more informations. Don't forget to visit our store for alot more coins and paper money at low prices!

200 Slab Coin Holders *choice Of 17 Diff. Size Inserts*

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200 Slab Coin Holders *choice Of 17 Diff. Size Inserts*:

1973 $5canada Olympic 1976 Kingston And Sailboats Silver 5 Dollars Grade 67 Iccs picture
1973 $5canada Olympic 1976 Kingston And Sailboats Silver 5 Dollars Grade 67 Iccs

1973 Canada $10 Silver Olympic Coin picture
1973 Canada $10 Silver Olympic Coin

Canada 1982 $1 Regina Bull Skull  Silver Proof  picture
Canada 1982 $1 Regina Bull Skull Silver Proof

Canada 1983 $1  Cu Ni Proof  Canoe picture
Canada 1983 $1 Cu Ni Proof Canoe

Canada 1964 25 Cents Caribu 80% Silver Choice Uncirculated  picture
Canada 1964 25 Cents Caribu 80% Silver Choice Uncirculated

Canada 1980 50 Cents Specimen Uncirculated Cu Ni picture
Canada 1980 50 Cents Specimen Uncirculated Cu Ni

Canada 1982 10 Cent  Cu Ni Proof  Ship picture
Canada 1982 10 Cent Cu Ni Proof Ship

Canada 1983 $1 Silver Proof Proof Edmonton World Games  picture
Canada 1983 $1 Silver Proof Proof Edmonton World Games

Canada 1984 $1  Cu Ni Proof  Canoe picture
Canada 1984 $1 Cu Ni Proof Canoe

Canada 1984 10 Cent  Cu Ni Proof  Ship picture
Canada 1984 10 Cent Cu Ni Proof Ship