2011 Topps Baseball Cards Factory Sealed Hobby Box Series 2

2011 Topps Baseball Cards Factory Sealed Hobby Box Series 2

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2011 Topps Baseball Cards Factory Sealed Hobby Box Series 2 :

Selling a factory sealed hobby box of Topps 2011 series 2 baseball cards.

36 packs per box. 10 cards per pack. 60th Diamond Anniversary. Every Hobby Box contains 1 autograph or relic card.

Priced to sell and great value since free shipping.

offer confident thatwe will ship thisfactory sealed hobby boxFast and Safe.HIgh resolution photo conveys condition and details.

If there are any questions,please contact us.

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60 Years of Topps - 60 players chronicle the 60-year history of Topps with a reprint of one card from every year. Each card back narrates the story of that year's design as well as other interesting tidbits. Available in an Original Back Parallel version

New! Before There Was Topps - A 10-card review showcasing the world of vintage baseball culminating with the founding of Topps!

New! Diamond Stars - 25 of the greatest players of today fittingly honored on premium cards.

New! Hall of Fame Buybacks - Original Topps cards of Hall of Fame luminaries are randomly inserted into packs.

Diamond Duos - 30 cards pairing 2 players posing on one card.

- Autograph Relic Cards - Showcasing a reprint card and an autograph and relic. Numbered to 6. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
- Autograph Cards - Famous Topps cards reprinted and highlighted with an autograph. Numbered to 60
- Relic Cards - Collector favorites reprinted with a relic. Numbered to 60

Original artwork of the most iconic cards in Topps history including: 1952 Mickey Mantle and 1953 Jackie Robinson. Each sketch is an original ONE OF ONE Masterpiece and is signed by the artist. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.


- Autograph Cards - 40 legends and current stars with their signatures on cards noting the statistical category in which each places in the top 60 all-time or active leaders.
- Autograph Relic Cards - 20 of the subjects above will be showcased on cards with their signature AND a relic piece. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only! Available as a Platinum Diamond Parallel numbered to 10
- Jumbo Relic Cards - The highpoint of 20 subjects is commemorated with a jumbo relic swatch on cards numbered to 20. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
- New! Dual Relic Cards - 2 players on one card share the glory with 2 relic pieces. Numbered* to 50.
- Relic Cards - The achievement of 60 players, highlighted with a swatch. Available as a Platinum Diamond Parallel numbered to 10
- Insert Cards - 50 cards highlighting 50 accomplishments.

- Glove Leather Cards - Each card features a manufactured glove leather relic stitched with the name and number of a past and present hero of the field. 1 Per Hobby Case. 1 Per Jumbo Box. Hobby Exclusive! Available in Parallel numbered to 99 AND a ONE OF ONE Nickname Version.
- Diamond Duos - 15 cards pairing 2 players with 2 relics. Numbered to 50.
- 1965 Mickey Mantle Relic Reprint - Mantle's 1965 reprint Topps card featuring a piece of a game-worn Yankee jersey. Numbered to 65.

- Baseball Legends - 10 diamond legends from the past and their cut signature. ONE OF ONE!

Kimball Champions - The next 50-card installment featuring current and retired players on elegantly vintage-designed mini cards.

60th Anniversary On-Card Autograph Cards - Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a "Happy 60th!" All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each numbered to 60 card. Five players' cards will be inserted into Topps Baseball Series 2 as well as each baseball product throughout 2011.


TOPPS ATTAX - 50 of today's brightest diamond stars on collectible playable cards. One per pack!

Base Cards (330 subjects)
- 280 Veterans
- 30 Rookies
- 15 Teams
- 5 Record-Breakers

Base Card Variations - 25 retired legends share a card number with a current player.

NEW! Variation Parallel Cards
- Platinum Diamond Anniversary - The 50 variations from TOPPS SERIES 1 AND 2 paralleled with a sparkling Diamond Anniversary foil stamp along with "60 Years of Collecting"
- Canary Diamond Anniversary - The above as ONE OF ONE flawless cards.

- Platinum - The entire base set is paralleled with each card featuring a "60 Years of Collecting" imprint. ONE OF ONE!
- Black - "60 Years of Collecting." Numbered to 60. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
- Gold - "60 Years of Collecting." Numbered to 2011
- Printing Plates - The 1,320 plates used to make the 330 base card fronts. ONE OF ONE! Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
- Topps Silk Collection - 100 subjects from the base set on framed silk cards. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.

- New! Canary Diamond Anniversary - Flawless sparkling cards. ONE OF ONE!
- New! Platinum Diamond Anniversary - The base set paralleled sparkling with a Diamond Anniversary foil stamp. Inserted 1:4 packs!

2011 Topps Baseball Cards Factory Sealed Hobby Box Series 2 :

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