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20x9 Black Moto Metal Mo965 8x6.5 -12 Rims Gladiator Qr900-mt 35x12.5x20lt For Sale

20x9 Black Moto Metal Mo965 8x6.5 -12 Rims Gladiator Qr900-mt 35x12.5x20lt

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20x9 Moto Metal MO965 Wheels with 35X12.5X20LT Gladiator QR900-MT Tires *Wheel pictures are meant to show the style of the wheel. Boltpatterns and Lip Sizes may vary. *Tire Pictures are meant to show the style of tire. Sidewll and Tread width may vary. Attention: This is custom mounted and balanced package, and it may take up to or around 7 business days before the product leaves our building. In most cases, we ship all within days of receiving payment, but some packages require additional handling time. Please ask for further details.

Direct Line is an Authorized Dealer of Moto Metal & Gladiator. We have this listing for a full set (4) of Black 20x9 Moto Metal MO965 Wheels with 35X12.5X20LT Gladiator QR900-MT Tires.

All Wheels and Tires will come MOUNTED and BALANCED with CENTER CAPS

Warranty: The product carries a Manufacturer Warranty only. Direct Line does not offer any additonal warranties. Contact us for more details.

If this listing has ended and you wish to find it again Click Here. If no results display please contact us for availability information.

Brand Moto Metal Model MO965 Finish Black Size 20 x 9 Part Number MO96529080312N Boltpattern(s) 8x6.5 Offset -12 Hub Bore 125.5 Backspacing 4.53 Load Rating 3600 2002-2007 CHEVROLET AVALANCHE 2500
1988-2000 CHEVROLET C-2500
1988-1998 CHEVROLET C-3500
2000-2000 CHEVROLET C-3500
1997-2012 CHEVROLET EXPRESS VAN 2500 -3500
2013-2013 CHEVROLET EXPRESS VAN 2500-3500
1989-1998 CHEVROLET K-2500 8-LUG
2000-2000 CHEVROLET K-2500 8-LUG
1988-1998 CHEVROLET K-3500 PICKUP 4WD
2000-2000 CHEVROLET K-3500 PICKUP 4WD
2006-2008 DODGE RAM 1500 8LUG
1994-2013 DODGE RAM 2500
1994-2013 DODGE RAM 3500
2013-2013 FORD E-150
2013-2013 FORD E-250-E-350
2011-2012 FORD E-SERIES E150
1992-1993 FORD E-SERIES E250 -E350
1995-1997 FORD E-SERIES E250 -E350
2000-2001 FORD E-SERIES E250 -E350
2003-2004 FORD E-SERIES E250 -E350
2010-2012 FORD E-SERIES E250 -E350
1992-1998 FORD ECONOLINE E250 -E350 VAN
2000-2010 FORD ECONOLINE E250 -E350 VAN
1988-1997 FORD F-250 F350
1988-1998 GMC C-2500 PICKUP 8 LUG
2000-2000 GMC C-2500 PICKUP 8 LUG
1988-1998 GMC C-3500 PICKUP
2000-2000 GMC C-3500 PICKUP
1989-2000 GMC K-2500 PICKUP 8 LUG
1988-1998 GMC K-3500 PICKUP 4WD
2000-2000 GMC K-3500 PICKUP 4WD
2000-2000 GMC SAVANA VAN 2500
2012-2013 GMC SAVANA VAN 2500
1997-2011 GMC SAVANA VAN 2500 -3500
2012-2013 GMC SAVANA VAN 3500
2000-2010 GMC SIERRA 2500
2000-2010 GMC SIERRA 3500
2000-2000 GMC SIERRA HD 1500 8LUG
2005-2005 GMC SIERRA HD 1500 8LUG
2005-2005 GMC SIERRA HD 2500 2WD -4WD
2008-2009 GMC SIERRA HD 2500 2WD -4WD
2000-2006 GMC YUKON 2500
2012-2013 GMC YUKON 2500
2013-2013 NISSAN NV 1500 S-SV
2013-2013 NISSAN NV 2500 HD S -HD SV
2013-2013 NISSAN NV 3500 HD S -HD SV
*Vehicles enclosed with * came with different size tires. Please contact us if you are uncertain about the fitment
-In order to clear the posted tires, your vehicle may require modifications (including, but not limited to: leveling kit install, lift kit install, trimming, etc..), contact us if you wish to confirm fitment. We're experts on lifted fitments! Durun Terrain Grabber MT Federal Couragia MT Fuel Mud Gripper MT Kuhmo KL71 MT MT Baja MTZ Nitto Mud Grappler MT Nitto Trail Grappler MT Toyo Open Country MT Falken Wild Peak AT MT Baja ATZ Nitto Terra Grappler AT Toyo Open Country AT2 -If you would like a quote with any of the above tires please contact us. Brand Gladiator Model QR900-MT Size 35/12.5/20 Part Number 193250352 Load Rating 121 Speed Rating Q Max Load/Pressure 3195@65 Tread Depth 1/32" 18 Inflated Diameter 34.7 Inflated Width 12.5 UTQG Rating Load Index E Ply Count 10 Sidewall BSW -Due to the difficulty in obtaining year, make, and models from our customers post purchase, lug nuts are NOT included. Please contact us prior to purchasing the sale if interested in obtaining lugs, along with your year, make, and model, and we'll be happy to add them to the listing, pre-purchase for a minimal cost. -Most 2002 and newer vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Please contact us if you wish to obtain pricing to have these installed by our techs, and we can add them to the sale. -Financing on has never been easier. Up to 6 months interest free if paid in full. There are only 2 questions asked in the approval process! If you wish to apply, simply click "see terms" in the "Bill Me Later" section (Highlighted in the Image Above) right under "Buy it Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons at the top of this listing. You will then be prompted to log on to your PayPal Account. After that you will only need to enter your birth date and the last four of your SS #. Approval only takes seconds! It's that simple!

-We accept PayPal, Debit Cards, & Credit Cards. Payment is due within 10 days of the end of the sale. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, but in most cases this time period will be much shorter (check out our response!)

-The posted shipping price is to the contingent 48 US states. Please contact us if you're outside of this area, and wish to obtain a shipping quote. We're super competitive to most countries throughout the world.

-We frequently ship to countries all over the world. Please note that unless otherwise specified, SD Wheel Corp shipping covers freight only. If applicable, additional fees (brokerage, duties, etc.) are collected locally and are not included in the price paid. Have questions? Please ask in advance.

-Our pick-up location is located in Addison, IL. If you’d rather pick up your set in person (and save on shipping), just let us know and we’ll schedule a time. Note that IL sales tax will apply.

-We issue full refunds, less shipping, on wheels returned in the condition in which they were received. Wheel only purchases must be unmounted, brand new, and in factory boxes. Wheel and tire packages must not have been installed or driven on. Anything returned that is not in the aforementioned condition will be subject to refusal or a restocking fee of up to 20%.

-All refunded items must be approved prior to being returned. Please contact us through email, or at 800-317-0483 for a return authorization. Refunds must be requested within 30 days of original receipt of merchandise. Once approved, all items must be returned within 14 days. Money will be refunded in the same manner in which original payment was made. Once product is returned, please allow 14 days for receipt of funds.

20x9 Black Moto Metal Mo965 8x6.5 -12 Rims Gladiator Qr900-mt 35x12.5x20lt

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20x9 Black Moto Metal Mo965 8x6.5 -12 Rims Gladiator Qr900-mt 35x12.5x20lt:

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