24x Pro-coustix Sonarflex Professional Acoustic Treatment Studio Foam Tiles

24x Pro-coustix Sonarflex Professional Acoustic Treatment Studio Foam Tiles

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24x Pro-coustix Sonarflex Professional Acoustic Treatment Studio Foam Tiles :

Pro-coustix Sonarflex Professional acoustic foam panels ideal for Pro and Home recording studios
(24 tiles)*****Order today before 8pm for next day dispatch via Interlink Xpress*****

The convoluted profile used in our tiles has been relied on for decades in the music industry for one reason The complex dimple & cone profile cannot be reproduced any CNC machine.

Our convolution machines produce an extra tight convoluted profile purpose designed to maximise the sound absorption and dispersion giving you a superior crisp sound!

Get ready to hear the difference our professional tiles will deliver!

Effective for
  • Improving and vocal clarity
  • Flutter echoes
  • Reverberation
  • Reflection primary & secondary
  • Mid to High Frequency standing wave treatment
  • Modal issues

Made from a high-grade 30Kg/M3 open cell acoustic foam these Sonarflex acoustic foam panels are precisely profiled like no other tiles in this price range.

See, hear and feel the difference

Not all acoustic panels are equal and that is true with these Sonarflex acoustic foam tiles.

As soon as you lay your hands on these tiles you will realise why they are in a league of their own when compared to other common solutions sold on .

The first thing you will instantly appreciate is our convoluted profile is a very tight profile with a fine pitch designed to power through sound waves. Other alternatives on have a much wider/flatter profile better suited to packaging than acoustics. This fine profile allows us to pack in more than two and half times the number of convoluted cones and dips than the standard 12” panels effectively offering twice the absorptive and reflective surface area of typical 12” tiles. Believe it or not these tiles boast of over twice the number of cones and dips found in common 15” panels found on resulting in a reflective surface that is greater than what you would get from other 15” tiles.

This focus on increasing the panel’s surface area means these tiles effectively obliterate any high frequency sound waves incident on them by presenting several deflection surfaces resulting in a livelier sound. Further more the increased number of dips trap air in them forming resonant chambers broadening the spectrum of absorption in the medium frequency range. Medium to high frequency waves stand no chance!

UL94 HF1 Fire rating
You've probably not given thought to the fire rating of the foam you are purchasing. Well worry not because we look after that for you. All our foam tiles are made from foam that is certified tested to UL94 HF1 this is a high fire rating the minimum recommended for sound deadening foams. UL 94 HF1 is higher than the requirements of the furniture an furniture regulations and is the most stringent of the UL94 tests.The last place you want foam that is not suitably fire rated is in a studio containing all the equipment in a modern home studio. Our promise to you is that we will Never stock any acoustic foam that is not UL94 HF1 or higher.

Our game changing sonarflex cones.

Each tile is Size 305mm x 305mm x 40mm

Profiled to 30 rise x 20 base

Area: 1 pack covers 24ft2 or 2.23M2
Polymer Type: Open cell polyether
Colour: Dark grey
Density: 30Kg/M3
Temperature resistance: -30 to +110 degrees Celsius
Fire resistance:
Thermal conductivity: 0.036 W/m.k
Acoustic absorption properties
0.65 @1000KHz - 0.95 @ 4000KHz

Why us?

Hyped up acoustics is one of the very few acoustic specialists on . We do not deal in furniture grade foam or inferior grades of foam passed off as acoustic foam. Because we are not stuck with tons of foam to shift we can be very picky when selecting the grade of acoustic foam we sell both in looks and performance.

Acoustic Foam

Purpose made acoustic foam consists of an open cell structure, which enables the foam to disrupt the transmission of sound incident on it. Sound waves have to navigate millions of air chambers in the foam gradually losing energy and reducing the significance of any waves that may bounce off the surface the foam is mounted on. This quality found in acoustic open cell foam unfortunately isn’t present in closed cell or semi open cell foam as well as furniture grade foam.

Returns Buy with confidence!

We have nothing to hide, we will tell you all you need to know about our foam including colour and density! We will answer any questions you have and our listings provide actual close up shots of our products so that you know you are getting the real deal!

In fact we are so confident you will love the quality of our products that we will offer you a full refund for any foam we supply that doesn’t meet your expectations within 7 days from date of delivery. The product will be unused and still in it’s original packaging. All we ask is you pay to ship the foam back to us.

Unfortunately as foam that has been exposed to the elements including strong sunlight and excessive handling shows we cannot give you and infinite return period (though we would love to).

International buyers please include your phone number to aid with delivery. Packages will not be sent until a contact number has been received.

Suggested use Mixing room/Studio
This pack is provided to give you an out of the box solution to treating the surfaces of your studio. To treat early reflections and immediately realise the benefits of these tiles you will need to apply 2 vertical 2x3 panels on the left and right side of your listening position between your ears and the speakers. Place a horizontal 2x3 panel behind the console centered behind the screen. Place a horizontal 2x3 panel above your mixing position (the cloud) aligned to the two side vertical panels. That's it you will be amazed at the effectiveness of these monster tiles.Recording booth
In a recording booth you need to deaden the sound as much as possible as such start by lining the walls behind the singer from waist up. IF you have additional foam you can cover the bottom of the walls. As vocals rarely reach low frequencies you will not have any problems with low frequency treatment as such you will not need any bass traps.Audio visual equipment
Experiment with positions to the left and right of the front speakers using a 2x3 panel and a horizontal 2x3 panel on the back wall opposite the front speakers. Remember to place a 3x2 cloud about 18% of the distance between front speakers and the back wall.A little more about sound in general.
Absorption?Open cell foam has been proven to exhibit good sound absorption characteristics especially at the medium to high end of the frequency spectrum. The convoluted structure of these foam tiles optimally designed air pockets exhibits dual action on any incident waves. First the waves hitting the peaks and troughs of the foam panels will get deflected in several directions weakening them, whilst the portion of the waves that penetrate the foam will get absorbed.?This dual action means that you almost totally eliminate echoes from the top end of the frequency spectrum.??To lower the frequency of absorption you can always double up the foam pads so that you have a thicker pad and place them in pairs along the walls of your studio or listening room.? Really low frequencies are hard to eliminate and would require gigantic blocks of foam to completely absorb the sound incident on them, however with the right combination of positioning, foam pads and acoustic panels you can reduce lower frequency distortion. Frequency & Sound
Every sound created that you can hear or not hear is created from the resonance of the material creating the sound. Every material resonates in a particular manner and at a particular frequency (number of times a second or Hertz(Hz). The human ear is capable of hearing sound from about 50Hz right upto over 20KHz although with age this level drops to about 10KHz.??Whilst most music will consist of a broad spectrum of audible and inaudible sound, Speech and vocals are known to generally consist of two levels of frequency the lower range of about 1KHz for vowels and the higher 3KHz for consonants. Thanks for looking if you would like to ask us a question about anything acoustic just drop us a note.??

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24x Pro-coustix Sonarflex Professional Acoustic Treatment Studio Foam Tiles :

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